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Adobe Photoshop is the tool of choice for many designers and artists.  Photoshop can be used for almost every little task that involves graphic design. It is one of the finest pieces of software available on the market when it comes to digital image editing. A great attribute of Photoshop is that you can extend it with additional brushes, patterns, shapes, and more.

In this massive collection of resources, you’ll find all sorts of resources including: tutorial sites, Photoshop Brushes, patterns, Photoshop Actions, showcases/collections, and much more.

Photoshop Tutorial Sites

1. Psdtuts+

Psdtuts+ is a weblog and Photoshop site that features high-quality Photoshop tutorials. On Psdtuts+, you’ll find tutorials such as “Creating a Touching Story Scene in Photoshop” and tips and tricks like “Using Adobe Kuler to Enhance Your Photoshop Color Workflow“.

Psdtuts+ - screen shot.

2. Tutorial9

Tutorial9 is a website that publishes excellent Photoshop tutorials such as “Draw a Classy 3D Poker Chip in Photoshop” and “Render a Realistic CD in Photoshop“.

Tutorial9 - screen shot.


PSDFAN publishes high-quality tutorials, Photoshop freebies, and interviews with designers and artists.

PSDFAN - screen shot.

4. Photoshop Ninja

Photoshop Ninja is a site dedicated to Photoshop. It shares tutorials and tips such as “Opening Photoshop layered files as merged files“, “Creating overlapping text layers“, and “Why is my Photoshop layer style or effect not working?“.

Photoshop Ninja - screen shot.


PSHERO shares Photoshop tutorials in categories such as Graphic Design, Photo Effects, and Tips & Tricks. Check out the Gallery View to see a quick thumbnail style view of PSHERO’s content.

PSHERO - screen shot.

6. You Suck at Photoshop

You Suck at Photoshop is a funny – but very educational – video series of Photoshop tutorials. This screencast series includes tutorials on topics such as the Clone Stamp tool and manual cloning and the Patch tool and levels.

You Suck at Photoshop - screen shot.

7. PSD learning

Started on June 2008 by design student, Ross Aitken, PSD learning shares Photoshop tutorials, news/announcements, and design showcases. You’ll find Photoshop tutorials such as “Clean Web Template Design” and “Setting a Plane on Fire“.

PSD learning - screen shot.

8. Luxa

Luxa presents great Photoshop tutorials such as “Tattoo Coming to Life” and “Phoenix Hair Effect“.

Luxa - screen shot.

9. Loon Design: Tutorials

Loon Design, a design weblog, has a Tutorials category that regularly features tutorials on Photoshop such as “Grunge Web Design” and “Creating A Professional Magazine Web Layout“.

Loon Design: Tutorials - screen shot.

10. Photoshop Tutorials

At Photoshop Tutorials, you’ll discover great, in-depth Photoshop tutorials such as “Perform Laser Eye Surgery on a Photo with Photoshop” and “Street Dance Illustration“.

Photoshop Tutorials - screen shot.

11. PSDtop

PSDtop features high-quality Photoshop tutorials from all over the net.

PSDtop - screen shot.

12. PS Lover

PS Lover indexes Photoshop tutorials from all over the web (currently has over 12,000 listed tutorials), arranged into categories such as Web Design & User Interface Design, Photoshop Basics, and Photo Manipulation and Effects.

PS Lover - screen shot.

13. Photoshop 101

Started in 2004, Photoshop 101, a member of the MotionXL network, indexes Photoshop tutorials into categories such as Image Effects and Text Effects.

Photoshop 101 - screen shot.

14. Good-Tutorials: Photoshop Section

Good-Tutorials, the largest source of tutorials on the web, has a huge Photoshop section that has a ton of tutorials.

Good-Tutorials: Photoshop Section - screen shot.

15. Photoshop Roadmap

Photoshop Roadmap shares tutorials on Photoshop, as well as Photoshop brushes and plugins. Tutorials are organized in categories such as Animation and Interactivity and Photo retouching.

Photoshop Roadmap - screen shot.

16. Photoshop Star

Photoshop Star publishes Photoshop tutorials such as “Creating Taxi Text Effect” and “Old Style Photo Effect“.

Photoshop Star - screen shot.

17. Planet Photoshop: Tutorials

Planet Photoshop, a site that shares Photoshop-related tutorials, resource, and reviews, has a fairly large tutorials section that features tutorials such as “Text on a Path” and “3D Billiard Balls“.

Planet Photoshop: Tutorials - screen shot.

18. Pixel2Life: Photoshop Tutorials

Pixel2Life, a site that features tutorials of various types, has a Photoshop Tutorials category with lots of indexed tutorials.

Pixel2Life: Photoshop Tutorials - screen shot.

19. Voidix

Voidix shares various types of tutorials and has a category on Photoshop Tutorials which includes tutorials such as “Fire Text” and “Crystals effect“.

Voidix - screen shot.

20. Vunkysearch

Vunkysearch is a fast Photoshop tutorial search engine.

Vunkysearch - screen shot.

21. Photoshop Contest: Tutorials

Photoshop Contest, a site the hosts contests pertaining to Photoshop, has a tutorials section that has user-submitted tutorials like “Making Snow” and “The Peel Effect“. They also have a Video tutorial category.

Photoshop Contest: Tutorials - screen shot.

22. Abduzeedo: Photoshop

Abduzeedo, a weblog by Brazilian designer, Fabio Sasso, has a Photoshop category that houses tutorials and news on Photoshop.

Voidix - screen shot.

23. PSD Vault

PSD Vault is a Photoshop tutorial site that writes about things like designing a floating Eiffel Tower in Photoshop and creating a vintage car poster. They also regularly give away design-related freebies.

PSD Vault - screen shot.

24. Worth1000: Photoshop Tutorials

Worth1000, a site by Aviary, has a Photoshop Tutorials section that has excellent tutorials such as “Lighting a Giant Elephant” and “3D Water Scapes from Scratch“.

Worth1000: Photoshop Tutorials - screen shot.

25. Photoshop Lab

At Photoshop Lab, you can find tutorials, as well as tips, tricks and news, on Photoshp. Check out the tutorials section where you’ll find tutorials such as “7 Things Photoshop Does Automatically“.

Photoshop Lab - screen shot.

26. Tutorialman

Tutorialman indexes Photoshop tutorials in categories such as Layouts and Digital Art.

Tutorialman - screen shot.

27. Photoshop Lady

Photoshop Lady rounds up the best online Photoshop tutorials.

Photoshop Lady - screen shot.

Photoshop Tutorial Collections

28. 50 Great Photoshop Tutorials for Clever Beginners

This roundup by Psdtuts+ shares Photoshop tutorials for beginning-level designers.

50 Great Photoshop Tutorials for Clever Beginners - screen shot.

29. 40 Icon Tutorials for Photoshop

In this collection from Vandelay Design, you’ll discover forty tutorials on designing icons in Photoshop.

40 Icon Tutorials for Photoshop - screen shot.

30. Adobe Photoshop: 50+ High Quality .PSD Files and Tutorials

This post on Noupe features over fifty Photoshop files and tutorials.

Adobe Photoshop: 50+ High Quality .PSD Files and Tutorials - screen shot.

31. Best Photoshop Tutorials, Brushes and Textures of February 2009

This is a roundup of tutorials, brushes, and textures from February 2009.

Best Photoshop Tutorials, Brushes and Textures of February 2009 - screen shot.

32. 70+ Sexy, beauty and glamour Photoshop tutorials

You’ll find over seventy beautification Photoshop tutorials housed in this roundup.

70+ Sexy, beauty and glamour Photoshop tutorials - screen shot.

33. 60+ High Quality and Free Photoshop Tutorials

In this article, you’ll discover over sixty high quality and publicly-available Photoshop tutorials.

60+ High Quality and Free Photoshop Tutorials - screen shot.

Photoshop Brushes

34. Brusheezy

Brusheezy is a place for digital artists to download and vote on free Photoshop brushes.

Brusheezy - screen shot.

35. PSBrushes

At PSBrushes, you’ll find plenty of downloadable Photoshop brushes organized in categories such as Abstract, Fractals, and Grunge.

PSBrushes - screen shot.

36. Brushking

Brushking indexes tons of Photoshop brushes into categories such as: Vintage, Grunge, and Splatters.

Brushking - screen shot.

37. features a ton of Photoshop brushes, arranging them into categories such as ornaments, nature, and human. - screen shot.

38. Obsidian Dawn: Brushes

Obsidian Dawn has a section on Brushes that has a collection of awesome Photoshop brushes.

Obsidian Dawn: Brushes - screen shot.

39. Qbrushes

Qbrushes shares high-quality Photoshop brushes indexed into categories such as Swirls, Splatter, and Objects.

Qbrushes - screen shot.

40. Fbrushes

Fbrushes currently has over 4,000 brushes and 200 brush sets, intuitively partitioned into categories such as Retro and Water Color.

Fbrushes - screen shot.

41. Designersbrush

Designersbrush has a ton of Photoshop brushes.

Designersbrush - screen shot.

42. Gfxfever

Gfxfever, a site for web designers, features Photoshop brushes such as “Decoration brushes” and “Acryl brushes“.

Gfxfever - screen shot.

43. Getbrushes

Getbrushes is your guide to free and downloadable Adobe Photoshop brushes on the web.

Getbrushes - screen shot.

44. Inobscuro: Brushes

Inobscuro, a site on digital art, has a section on Photoshop brushes.

Inobscuro: Brushes - screen shot.

45. Photoshop Brushes from Adobe

The official Adobe site has a collection of Photoshop brushes that you can download.

Photoshop Brushes from Adobe - screen shot.

Photoshop Patterns and Styles

46. Free4photoshop

Free4photoshop features free patterns, Photoshop styles, as well as brushes.

Free4photoshop - screen shot.

47. Designerpie

Designerpie shares freebies, including Photoshop patterns, styles, and pre-made gradients.

Designerpie - screen shot.

48. Free Photoshop Patterns

Free Photoshop Patterns – as the site name implies – features free, downloadable Photoshop patterns.

Free Photoshop Patterns - screen shot.

49. Photoshop Patterns from Adobe

The official Adobe site has a collection of Photoshop patterns that you can download.

Photoshop Patterns from Adobe - screen shot.

Photoshop Brush, Gradients and Pattern Collections

50. 100 Awesome High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

This is a one-page collection of high-res Photoshop brushes by Photoshop Roadmap.

100 Awesome High Resolution Photoshop Brushes - screen shot.s

51. Splatter and Watercolour Brushes For Photoshop

Smashing Magazine released this set of brushes as a free download.

Splatter and Watercolour Brushes For Photoshop - screen shot.

52. The Ultimate Collection Of Free Photoshop Patterns

This Smashing Magazine article rounds up the best Photoshop patterns available online.

The Ultimate Collection Of Free Photoshop Patterns - screen shot.

53. 50 Free Photoshop Pattern Sets

This gallery-style post with clickable thumbnails features 50 free Photoshop pattern sets.

50 Free Photoshop Pattern Sets - screen shot.

54. 498 Photoshop Background Patterns, and so much more

Close to 500 Photoshop background patterns are featured on this post.

498 Photoshop Background Patterns, and so much more - screen shot.

55. 300+ Vintage Style Textures and Photoshop Brushes

Over 300 vintage-style textures and brushes are showcased in this Design Reviver post.

498 Photoshop Background Patterns, and so much more - screen shot.

56. Web 2.0 Gradients

If you’re a fan of the “Web 2.0 Gradient” look-and-feel, check out this wonderful post by Dezinerfolio.

Web 2.0 Gradients - screen shot.

57. 15 Sites to download Free PSD files

This list shares 15 sites where you can download PSD files for free.

15 Sites to download Free PSD files - screen shot.

Photoshop Actions

58. The Ultimate Collection Of Useful Photoshop Actions

Written by Six Revisions (hint: the site you’re on right now) founder and chief editor, Jacob Gube – this Smashing Magazine article showcases some of the best Photoshop Actions on the net.

The Ultimate Collection Of Useful Photoshop Actions - screen shto.

59. 124+ Free Photoshop Actions to Boost Your Designs

In this post, you’ll discover over a hundred free Photoshop actions that’ll improve your workflow, including actions for creating vintage photos and film strips automatically.

124+ Free Photoshop Actions to Boost Your Designs - screen shot.

60. 400+ Time Saving Photoshop Actions

Design Reviver features over 400 actions that will save you time, including and for giving photos a Polaroid effect.

400+ Time Saving Photoshop Actions - screen shto.

61. Free Auto Tilt-Shift Photoshop Action

This free Photoshop Action tries to apply the Tilt-Shift Photography effect on your images automatically.

Free Auto Tilt-Shift Photoshop Action - screen shot.

Photoshop Plugins

62. 720 Free Photoshop Plugins And Filters

Over 700 free Photoshop plugins and filters are showcased in this post.

720 Free Photoshop Plugins And Filters - screen shot.

63. List of Top 10 Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins

This list on CGIndia features their top ten free Photoshop plugins.

List of Top 10 Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins - screen shot.

64. 25 of the Best FREE Photoshop Plugins and Filters Resource Sites

This Speckyboy-written post features sites where you can download free plugins and filters for Photoshop.

25 of the Best FREE Photoshop Plugins and Filters Resource Sites - screen shot.

65. Couple of Free Photoshop Plugin

Tutorial blog shares two excellent Photoshop plugins.

Couple of Free Photoshop Plugin - screen shot.

66. Free Photoshop Plug-ins Collection

Webresourcesdepot rounds up an awesome showcase of Photoshop plugins.

Free Photoshop Plug-ins Collection - screen shot.

Tutorials on Extending Photoshop

67. How To Make A Photoshop Brush

This tutorial on Bittbox walks you through the process of creating a Photoshop brush.

How To Make A Photoshop Brush - screen shot.

68. Photoshop Tutorial: Creating custom pattern

Learn how to create a custom pattern in Photoshop by following along Hongkiat‘s tutorial.

Photoshop Tutorial: Creating custom pattern - screen shot.

69. Photoshop Shapes: Create Your Own Photoshop Custom Shapes

This tutorial by teaches readers how to create a custom Shape in Photoshop.

Photoshop Shapes: Create Your Own Photoshop Custom Shapes - screen shot.

70. Create A Photoshop Action To Watermark Your Images

Learn how to make a Photoshop Action in this tutorial.

Create A Photoshop Action To Watermark Your Images - screen shot.

Do you have a resource we missed?

If your favorite Photoshop resource site isn’t here – sound off in the comments and let us all know about it.

* Article edited by: Jacob Gube

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Thanks a lot, Kawsar! Everyone should know about PSD tuts. Their tutorial content is based around a better original concept and thus more interesting.

Doing tutorials is the best way to learn Photoshop.

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Hi! This is a great list and thanks for considering The Photoshop Roadmap as an Excellent resource.
I would like to point you three more resources:
1- PhotoshopMosaic ( This site displays Photoshop tutorials’ in a mosaic of preview thumbnails. It is like a tutorials, brushes and patterns candy store.
2- Photoshop Essentials (http://www.photoshopessentials). Although you mentioned a tutorial from this site, Photoshop Essentials is perhaps the best beginners Photoshop web site of all. They offer a membership section too.
3- Photoshop Support ( Again, you mentioned a tutorial from them, but they offer a lot more than that. Loads of Photoshop news, tips and tutorials from the best Photoshop writers. If you want to buy a book about Photoshop, chances are that it has been featured at this site with tutorial samples to read and try.

Hope this helps and thanks again for mentioning my site!

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weekly 30 minutes podcast – tutorials, news, interviews

Another option is

They have a quiet a few video tutorials.

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Thanks so much for including my blog post! I would be glad to write a guest post for you blog.

John Malcolm Mar 23 2009

Seems to concentrate mainly on the photomanipulation side of things. There are a whole host of sites that lean more towards creating images from scratch – digital painting. ConceptArt forums have a lot of information on using Photoshop this way, and some great inspiration too.

Jacob Gube Mar 23 2009

@Michael Garmahis: Message me for more info.

chaoskaizer Mar 23 2009

amazing collection, thanks for sharing.
here’s another one from deviantart

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Claire Mar 25 2009

An almost silly amount of resource. This will keep you in the know and occupied forever! I checkout out a few, and found some really inspiring ideas. Really likeing the Tutorial 9 one, got some real nifty design tricks in there that take 2 seconds, yet look so effective. :).

Jacob Gube Mar 25 2009

@Tom Ross: See… I told you on Twitter I’ve been a long time fan of PSDFAN. :)

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I’m going to be redesigning it (half way thru, but paid work keeps getting in the way…boo!) shortly and launching a whole new area, which I hope my visitors will find useful.

All the best, andthanks for the awsome collection – good work!

James Sanders May 29 2009

Nice list in one place. Just like to mention another of my more favorites as well. It’s not just photoshop, but it is all things adobe. Layers Magazine – The how-to magazine for everything adobe. They do have a tutorial area which will lead you to the adobe photoshop tutorials at

Ioanis Jun 14 2009

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Great roundup :) It is really helpful to have such lists to refer to. This could save some designers a fair amount of time. It’s great to have all the useful info in one place. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Holy crapppppppppppp this is a definite bookmark. This will be incredibly perfect for my website. I’m making a website where I do photo effects and manipulations for people and ever since I started using Gimp and then Photoshop, I’ve just been blown away and overwhelmed by all the resources and amazing tutorials. If I had the time, I would go through and do every tutorial I love. And then there’s other awesome stuff to learn like Illustrator and After Effects and 3d modeling… >.> I would have to agree with most people, doing tutorials is the best way to learn Ps, or any other software. I LOVE YOU. This collection of 70 leads to over 10,000 stuff I need to look at so bye…

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John Chan Jun 18 2011

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I spend lot of effort to hand-pick each tutorial so that only the best tutorials are added to the list! Also – we have quite a bit of high quality tuts if you do a search in our directory. Hope this helps!

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