Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

If you are looking to learn about grungy metal, glass, water, clouds, fire, wet ink Photoshop text effect tutorials, you will find some by reading up on these tutorials. Try to play around with settings and colors on each of these to end up with your own look and feel.

Hopefully you find something that inspires you, plus maybe a trick or two on how to do something a bit different from what you’re used to. Here the best Photoshop tutorials for making text effects.

This is a follow up to a post that was published a while ago called 30 Beautiful Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials that you should also check out.


1. Wooden Type Treatment

Wooden Type Treatment

2. Remarkable 3D Text

Remarkable 3D Text

3. Cool Wet Ink Typography Effect

Cool Wet Ink Typography Effect

4. Copper Text Effect

Copper Text Effect

5. High Quality Metal 3D Text

High Quality Metal 3D Text

6. Vanity License Plate

Vanity License Plate

7. Transparent Text Effect with Fresh Grass

Transparent Text Effect with Fresh Grass

8. Retro Text Effect

Retro Text Effect

9. Torn Paper Edges

Torn Paper Edges

10. Gooey Text

Gooey Text

11. Starry Text Effect in Photoshop

Starry Text Effect in Photoshop

12. Patriotic Text

Patriotic Text

13. Ice Text Effect with Photoshop

Ice Text Effect with Photoshop

14. Stylish Retro Text Effect

Stylish Retro Text Effect

15. Colorful Glow

Colorful Glow

16. Semitransparent Amorous Text Effect

Semitransparent Amorous Text Effect

17. Eroded Metal with Photoshop

Eroded Metal with Photoshop

18. Horror Style with Dirt and Splatter

Horror Style with Dirt and Splatter

19. Papercraft


20. Grungy Metal

Grungy Metal

21. Luminous Glass

Luminous Glass

22. Burnt Wood

Burnt Wood

23. Abstract Text Effect

Abstract Text Effect

24. 3D Layered Text Effect

3D Layered Text Effect

25. Metal Text Under 12 O’clock Spot Light

Metal Text Under 12 O'clock Spot Light

26. Folded Typo

Folded Typo

27. Cloudy Text

Cloudy Text

28. Glowing Text in Space

Glowing Text in Space

29. Patch on Clothes

Patch on Clothes

30. Easy Neon Style

Easy Neon Style

31. Jelly Fish Delight

Jelly Fish Delight

32. Advanced Glow Effects

Advanced Glow Effects

33. Maddening Text Effect – Unlimited Variations

Maddening Text Effect - Unlimited Variations

I hope you enjoy these tutorials and find them useful. Thank you for reading!

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About the Author

Hilde Torbjornsen is a graphic designer/freelancer from Norway. She owns the website Designer77 and is especially interested in Photoshop, Illustrator, freelancing and photography. Follow her on Twitter: @hildy77.

This was published on Apr 29, 2010


Rajiv Apr 29 2010

The last one is a complete rip off of the genuine tutorial written by 10Steps :

Geez! Don’t you guys search the web well enough. I fail to notice how you can call these the ‘Best’. They are certainly good, but not the best. It shows that you haven’t searched the web properly and just wrapped this one up the last minute.

Also, a little description about the process of achieving the text effect would have been better. You guys have to seriously work on your list posts. Sorry to say this guys :(


Daniel Low Apr 29 2010

Last one on the list above is pirated copy of Fire Text effect, and very poorly executed.

Original is here

No arguments, as regular tutorial readers we all know.

Simon Apr 29 2010

Love these, literally never grow tired of viewing, even those that have done the rounds many times :)

Belinda Apr 29 2010

The semi transparent amorous text one looks really cool but I’m getting a 403 error?

Nice. You can also find most high quality text effect tutorials on

Jacob Gube Apr 29 2010

@Rajiv: I’m hearing what you’re saying. We’ll try better next time. I’ll contact Hilde and see if we can replace the last one (Realistic Scorching Fire Effect), but I’m taking it down because I agree that it’s too close to the ones you all have linked to.

@Belinda: I just checked now and it works. Try it again and see if you get the same error.

@Ray: Great resource, thanks Ray.

WebGuide4U Apr 29 2010

thanks for the share as i’m working on designing a new header of my blog and these text effects will help me out in adding the effects. thanks for the sahare

Rajiv Apr 29 2010

@jacob Thanks a lot, Jacob. I am sorry if I went a bit off track there. As a regular reader, I expect nothing less than the best, from SR, so I had to let out my argument here. I sincerely hope this paves a way for improvement of the articles and nothing else. Thanks for the immediate reply and Good luck!

Kelly Justin Apr 29 2010

nice collection of tutorials….great effects

awesome post…loved the tutorials

IOM Design Apr 29 2010

Wow… some great text effects here!

I’m really liking the cloudy text and the 3D metal text under 12 o’clock spotlight.

Thanks for this.

Jordan Walker Apr 29 2010

The burnt wooden one is really neat.

Jacob Gube Apr 29 2010

@Rajiv: No need to apologize at all. If you feel like an article should be better, you should call us out on it. This lets me know what works and what doesn’t for the Six Revisions community.

When you say this:

As a regular reader, I expect nothing less than the best, from SR

That’s good. Your expectations will only make us better.

I have an open line to all Six Revisions readers: You can always email me with your thoughts and suggestions and criticisms, but I also read the comments, so that’s also a good way to communicate with me.

Gracias por los tutoriales, soy diseñadora y me interesa este tipo de trabajos.
sigueme en twitter en @erikadesing

Cardview Apr 29 2010

Great collection! Thanks!

Thanks for this list. I’ve been looking for a tutorial for a specific look that I found here (#8)…not the retro aspect, but just the text affect w/the raised outline (if that makes sense). Thanks again!

Beben Apr 29 2010

always give a great on post…
i love smashing network…:p

zoe4ever Apr 29 2010

great Effect Tutorials for texts.

thank you for the tutorials.

Daniel Low Apr 30 2010

@Jacob: Thanks for the replacement, although it’s just another work from that copycat. That fellow is well-known for replicating others’ articles and tuts. I meant no disrespect to SR, but instead as a regular fan, I’m trying to raise this topic so as to prevent future happenings. Thanks again.

Kaushik Apr 30 2010

Another great collection.

That’s a lot of tutorials, I like the wooden text, thank you.

Jacob Gube Apr 30 2010

@Daniel Low: We didn’t replace it. That tutorial was already there in the original list, although you are right, it is by the same site as the one that we had to take out. As far as I know, that tutorial hasn’t been copied from another tutorial. I can see why you’d like it replaced though.

Anyone else care to weigh in on this?

Grün Weiss Apr 30 2010

tutorials !!! Great !!! more please, thx

Pablo Apr 30 2010

Excelente!!!!! Sin lugar a dudas son los mejores tutos que vi en la red con respecto a efectos de texto en photoshop. Muy buena publicacion y Felicidades!!!

Nocturnal Apr 30 2010

I’m really trying to find a good, sound tutorial that goes over the subtle light gray to white gradient text. I’m not sure if this falls under shiny, plastic or what but I always see it and it’s such a common thing and I can never seem to replicate it. Just replicating for the sake of doing it, not for real designs just to copy. Thanks.

Tushar Roy Jul 08 2010

cool. i will like to check all.

astral Jul 21 2010

cool tutorial thanks!!!

jiriwan Jul 21 2010

that is a lot tutorials,i like the wooden text,thank you.

Jesper Nielsen Oct 15 2010

Thanks for the read, Hilde. I especially like the tutorial with the 3D text and the one with the glow effects. It is always an inspiration when people far more talented at something than yourself share their work.

Brett WIdmann Nov 18 2010

This is a great collection of tutorials. Thanks for putting these together.

Laghaim Feb 11 2011

Thank you.

Marcell Purham Feb 27 2011

Very good collection of tutorials. Sorry to see didnt make the cut :(

Nargile Apr 12 2011

Thank you vey much,nice share

Reality Dodge Jul 17 2011

Not really interested in taking part in the debate of what belongs on this list and what doesn’t. Just wanted to say thanks and bookmarked.

Brian Jul 22 2011

Great list, thanks for the share

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