7 Free Books That Will Help You Become More Productive

Do you want to produce more in less time? These free ebooks contain a wealth of insights, tips, and strategies for achieving high levels of productivity.

Book cover of The Productivity Manifesto

The Productivity Manifesto

By . 24 pages.

In this short ebook, Nathan Barry — a designer, book author, entrepreneur, and Six Revisions contributor — discusses the productivity habits and techniques that have enabled him to focus and create "on another level".

Book cover of Focus


By . 121 pages.

From the book’s description: "Focus is about finding simplicity in this Age of Distraction. It’s about finding the focus you need to create, to work on what’s important, to reflect, to find peace."

Book cover of Mind Hacking

Mind Hacking

By . 112 pages.

Mind Hacking uses analogies and concepts from computer science to help us analyze and enhance our way of thinking.

Book cover of Productivity: How to Get Your S*!% Done

Productivity: How to Get Your S*!% Done

By . 47 pages.

This free ebook is a compilation of short essays about being productive. The essays are written by bloggers.

Preview of GTD For Hackers

GTD For Hackers

By . 18 pages.

Getting Things Done (GTD for short) by David Allen is a bestselling book about a personal productivity system developed by the author. GTD For Hackers, an online book by Lars Wirzenius, a self-labeled "computer geek", is a guide on how the GTD system works.

Book cover of Getting Real

Getting Real

By . 92 pages.

This free ebook discusses a philosophy for building web apps more effectively. However, I believe that the insights, concepts, and techniques found within this book can be applied to things beyond web app development. For me, Getting Real is a methodology for working productively. It’s about focusing on the right tasks and priorities. It’s about being aware of the things that waste our time so that we can improve our way of working.

Book cover of The Little Book of Contentment

The Little Book of Contentment

By . 112 pages.

From the book’s description: The Little Book of Contentment is "A guide to becoming happy with life & who you are, while getting things done."

This was published on Oct 26, 2015


denny Nov 05 2015

I have read ‘focus’ and I think it is excellent.

Just curious – have you read all of these listed, and if so, which would you recommend as a first read?

    Jacob Gube Nov 07 2015

    Hi denny. Yes I have.

    It’s hard to recommend which one to read first. I think it’s really about where the person is, what the person wants to achieve, and, quite simply, which book the person finds most appealing. I would recommend reading several books on productivity, as each author has unique wisdom to impart to his/her reader.

    One thing I so suggest, if it’s possible, is to read the Getting Things Done book by David Allen first, and then using GTD for Hackers as supplementary/review material. The latter can shed some new light to the techniques and concepts discussed in the actual GTD book that can make you appreciate the GTD system more. GTD for Hackers, to me, is kind of like an opinionated synopsis of the Getting Things Done book.

    If you liked focus, another book I’d like to point you to is The ONE Thing. It’s an easy read, and highlights the importance of focusing on the most important tasks to get maximum results (e.g. working smart instead of working hard).

Mohammad Tahir Nov 29 2015

I am a big fan of Nathan Barry, I love his blogs posts and books. He grew his business to six figures with in few years. I have been reading Nathan for long time. :-)

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