20 Beautiful Vintage Photoshop Brush Sets

Vintage designs has gotten very popular over the past years, and it seems the trend keeps on going.

In this round-up, you’ll find 20 vintage Photoshop brushes you can download for free. There are over 300 individual vintage brushes here, so you will have a broad choice of brushes to apply onto your designs.

Each brush set was first tested, and the images you see below are previews of what to expect from each brush pack.

1. Darger-esque (23 brushes)

Darger-esque - preview.

2. 1920s ladies by 500ml brushes (7 brushes)

1920s ladies - preview.

3. Vintage Hands (15 brushes)

Vintage Hands - preview.

4. Vintage Models (11 brushes)

Vintage Models - preview.

5. Retr0 Brushes (30 brushes)

Retr0 Brushes - preview.

6. Old Maps (11 brushes)

Old Maps - preview.

7. Newspaper ads from the 60s (12 brushes)

Newspaper ads from the 60 - preview.

8. 1940 Cosmopolitan brushes (48 brushes)

1940 Cosmopolitan brushes - preview.

9. Vintage Movie Posters (16 brushes)

Vintage Movie Posters - preview.

10. Vintage brushes (12 brushes)

Vintage brushes - preview.

11. Vintage Birds (20 brushes)

Vintage Birds - preview.

12. Vintage polaroid brushes (14 brushes)

Vintage polaroid brushes - preview.

13. Vintage grunge brushes (17 brushes)

Vintage grunge brushes - preview.

14. Alice in Wonderland brushes (20 brushes)

Alice in Wonderland brushes - preview.

15. Old Newspaper (16 brushes)

Old Newspaper - preview.

16. Old Paper Brushes (7 brushes)

Old Paper Brushes - preview.

17. Vintage Lady (6 brushes)

Vintage Lady - preview.

18. Film and old projectors (5 brushes)

Film and old projectors - preview.

19. Vintage pics (8 brushes)

Vintage pics - preview.

20. Birdcages (16 brushes)

Birdcages - preview.

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Mirko Humbert is a freelance designer from Switzerland. He shares his thoughts about his passion on his graphic design blog, Designer Daily, and also runs a CSS gallery called CSS Orgy. To connect with Mirko, you can follow him on Twitter.

This was published on Mar 4, 2009


I kind of love how photoshop brushes have become the new icons. I have a client who loves Victorian themed things, some of these brushes might actually catch her attention.

Sankar Datti Mar 05 2009

Nice collection.

I love vintage sets. Thanks Mirko

WebUnicorn Mar 05 2009

thank you for this collection

Laurel LaFlamme Mar 05 2009

What a fantastic collection of work! Hugely cool pics and you can download for free – awesome! Thank you very much.

cool brush! thank you :-)

Timothy Mar 05 2009

The Alice in Wonderland set is crazy. Crazy awesome.

Mark Aplet Mar 05 2009

Those are awesome! Really liked the lady’s and film projector set! Great collection!

For any that might be interested, I have a set of vintage postal stamp brushes that I created that are also free to download. Hope people can find them useful.

HeriNXI Mar 05 2009

they are great brushes, but maybe i don’t need them right now :)

Brandon Oelling Mar 05 2009

I LOVE … LOVE … LOVE these!


Sudheer Mar 05 2009

Cool n nice brushes…Vintage collection’s are always good

ProjectCenter Mar 05 2009

Excellent for any retro-type projects that come up.

Hyeran Mar 05 2009

very nice brushes!
Thank you:)

Kathi Mar 06 2009

Thanks! (:

Kayla Mar 06 2009

Very nice, can’t wait to download on my own computer!

Belljar Mar 07 2009

nice brushes!

Oliver Mar 07 2009

Nice Collection! Thanks for putting all these together.

Alex Trup Mar 11 2009

Beautiful brushes, I wonder though, does anyone know what kind of copyright (if any) applies to these brushes? Are the images used no longer copyrighted? Can you use them in your own designs without fear of repercussions?



This is the best collection of vintage anything I’ve ever seen. Thanks.

Jen N Mar 17 2009

These are amazing!

Michelle Mar 18 2009

I am wondering the same thing as Alex. Are these brushes copyrighted?

Michelle Mar 18 2009

Spoke too soon. I see that after selecting some of the brushes that each individual has copyright information. Just needed to dig a little deeper.

SoHee K Mar 25 2009

Very nice brushes!
Thanks :)

becky Apr 05 2009

Fantastic! Thanks! I am just learning to do the digital/hybrid thing & can’t wait to work with all these vintage brushes!!!

illustee Apr 10 2009

wow i love this set …
from seoul

fatih nalçacı Apr 21 2009

WOW ! Excellent for any retro-type projects that come up.
they are great brushes, but maybe i don’t need them right now :) thanks

innie Apr 22 2009

thanks !! your work is what i really want.!

David Jun 17 2009

Very Nice, I like them. specially Vintage arts

trish Aug 16 2009

thanks! these are great.

Tiffany. Nov 05 2009

Nice Collections ,thanks!!

roxxstarr Nov 20 2009

i can’t seem to find the files to download… help!

shashi Dec 05 2009

I am just learning to do the digital/hybrid thing & can’t wait to work with all these vintage brushes!!!

rebeca Mar 18 2010

thank you, these are great

pinks Apr 08 2010

I like vintage.
very beautiful.

Meadowfete Aug 02 2010

Love the vintage birds. Wouldn’t have come across that on my own. Thank you!

Ken Damrau Dec 31 2010

Gorgeous. Inspired. I hope I can do them justice.

designbastard Feb 11 2011

cool, thanks. I made some to, you can download my vintage brushes on :

FreeLancer Oct 07 2011

Vintage collection’s are really nice!

very nice sets, some of’em are awesome for retro rockabilly works =)

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