30 Excellent Resources for Graphic Design Freebies

You can find a variety of useful and creative graphic design resources on the web the offer downloadables such as stock photos, textures/patterns, brushes, icons, and fonts that designers have decided to share with others in the community.

In this article, you’ll find some of the best websites to visit for graphic design resources.

Stock Photos

Flickr: Creative Commons

Flickr - screen shot.

Flickr, the premier site for online photo-sharing and the hangout of many designers and photographers, has a section called Flickr: Creative Commons that allows you to quickly view user-submitted images that have a Creative Commons license.


morguefile - screen shot.

morguefile contains user-submitted stock photographs contributed by many artists. morguefile has a terrific organization scheme and thumbnail preview for quicker searches. Also check out morguefile’s very active forums to find tutorials and to converse with artists that are members of the site.


stock.xchng - screen shot.

stock.xhchng (also known as SXC) is a very popular photo-sharing and stock photography site with over 380,000 stock photos. And if that wasn’t enough for you, they also have a tutorials section that covers photography/graphic design topics. - screen shot. is another excellent photo-sharing site for designers and photographers. The community boasts almost 14,000 members and over 3,000 photographers ensuring that you’ll have more than plenty of high-quality stock photos to sift through.


everystockphoto - screen shot.

everystockphoto is a search engine for free photos. It currently indexes close to 5 million photos. You can sign up for a free user account so that you can take advantage of nifty site features such as the ability to save collections of photos for future reference.

Textures and Patterns

CG Textures

CG Textures - screen shot.

CG Textures is an excellent texture site created by 3D artist Marcel Vijfwinkel. CG Textures is structured to help you quickly find types of textures such as Grunge and Nature textures, but if you’re looking for something/someone specific, use the Advanced Search for more specific searches.

Squidfingers / Patterns

Squidfingers / Patterns - screen shot.

Squidfingers / Patterns is a collection of useful and intricate patterns that you can use as repeating CSS backgrounds or on print work. Squidfingers / Patterns is the work of graphic designer and programmer extraordinaire, Travis Beckham.


TextureKing - screen shot.

TextureKing is a fast-growing, high-resolution texture repository maintained by creative agency, REH3design. There are currently over 300 stock textures – usually available at 1,600 x 1,200 pixels. TextureKing is currently working on giving users the ability to submit their own textures to share.

Image * After

Image * After - screen shot.

Image * After is a large collection of free photos and textures. The site provides images and textures that are available for personal, as well as commercial, purposes.

Lost and Taken

Lost and Taken - screen shot.

Lost and Taken is a blog-style repository of copyright-free stock textures created and maintained by photographer and writer, Caleb Kimbrough. Lost and Taken takes requests and suggestions, so if you can’t find something – try to send in a suggestion.

Brushes and Vectors


BrushKing - screen shot.

BrushKing offers a wide array of Adobe Photoshop brushes, all free for download. The site currently archives over 4,000 brushes and over 200 brush sets.


PS - screen shot.

PS shares beautiful and high-quality brush sets organized in a variety of categories such as the Patterns category and the Drawings category. If you’d like to see the full collection of brushes, check out the All Brushes category.

Vecteezy and Brusheezy

Vecteezy and Brusheezy - screen shot.

Vecteezy is a site that indexes free vector graphics by some of the top graphic designers in the world. Vecteezy also allows users to submit vectors to be indexed. Vecteezy has a sister site called Brusheezy which indexes free Adobe Photoshop brushes.

QVectors and QBrushes

QVectors and QBrushes - screen shot.

QVectors shares and showcases free, high-quality vector images and artwork from around the web. QVectors has a sister site called QBrushes which highlights top-notch Adobe Photoshop brushes. - screen shot. is an online gallery that features free vector graphics by talented graphic artists. The vectors showcased on are available for personal and commercial use.



Iconfinder - screen shot.

Iconfinder is a search engine specifically for icons, developed and maintained by Glassbox. Iconfinder also has a tag cloud page so that you can visually see the most popular keyword tags.

Free Icons Web

Free Icons Web - screen shot.

Free Icons Web is an index of over 15,000 high-quality and free icons for graphic and web designs, as well as icons for the desktop. If you’re looking exclusively for icons in GIF format, check out the GIF Icons section.

Icon Archive

Icon Archive - screen shot.

Icon Archive currently hosts 22,000 high-quality desktop and web icons. They have over 800 icon sets from close to 200 icon designers. Some categories on the site include Business Icons, Computer Icons, and Vintage Icons.

IconBuffet Free Delivery

IconBuffet Free Delivery - screen shot.

IconBuffet, an icon foundry that sells icon artwork for web designs, has a variety of free icons in the IconBuffet Free Delivery section. Their icon sampling includes sets such as Retro Snow and Tonkawa Tiles.

Fonts - screen shot. is a repository of public domain, freeware, shareware, and demo fonts from some of the top font designers and foundries. With excellent organization and searchability features, it’s a great resource to visit for free fonts. Check out the Top 100 to see the most popular fonts on the site. - screen shot. is another excellent resource for top-notch, high-quality free fonts. The site currently indexes over 8,000 freeware fonts. You can find the most popular fonts by going to the Top 100 Free Font Downloads page.

Better Fonts

Better Fonts - screen shot.

Better Fonts has a large collection of free fonts organized alphabetically and in several categories that include Retro fonts, Graffiti fonts, and Handwritten fonts. The site’s unique feature is that they provide live previews of all the fonts so that you can test the fonts before downloading and installing them.

General Resources – User-submitted, Search, and Blogs


deviantART - screen shot.

deviantART is the premier community for graphic artists. The downloadable graphic design resources are from community members and you will find absolutely everything in deviantArt, including vectors, brushes, textures, and much more.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons - screen shot.

Wikimedia Commons is a media file repository that takes user-submitted publicly-available and freely-licensed media content. Wikimedia currently hosts over 3.7 million individual files organized several ways such as by topic (i.e. Art and People) and by type (i.e. Photos, Symbols, and Drawings).

Creative Commons Search

Creative Commons Search - screen shot.

The Creative Commons Search by the Creative Commons organization is a search engine for CC-licensed media files. It allows you to search various sites (such as Flickr and Google) all in one convenient spot.

Freebies from BittBox

Freebies from BittBox - screen shot.

Designer Jay Hilgert offers a host of freebies on his design blog, BittBox. He has a regular post series called "Free Texture Tuesday" (here’s one of them) where he shares useful textures every Tuesday.

Freebies from Blog.SpoonGraphics

Freebies from Blog.SpoonGraphics - screen shot.

Graphic and web designer Chris Spooner offers a host of freebies along with useful and informative blog posts on the topic of design. You’ll find a variety of freebies such as the wildly popular Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set and Wavy Vector Ribbon graphics.

Freebies from PSDTUTS

Freebies from PSDTUTS - screen shot.

PSDTUTS, a site that gives Photoshop tutorials and information, has a growing freebie section submitted by a wide variety of designers. Among the things you can find from PSDTUTS are high-res texture packs and Photoshop brushes.

Freebies from Smashing Magazine

Freebies from Smashing Magazine - screen shot.

Smashing Magazine, a weblog dedicated to designers and developers, has a freebies section that includes a variety of freebies exclusively released for them. You can find icon sets, Photoshop brushes, buttons, and vectors – amongst other things.

Freebies from GoMediaZine

Freebies from GoMediaZine - screen shot.

GoMediaZine, a community for designers, has an excellent Freebies section that has vectors and free Photoshop brushes.

Where do you go for freebies?

If your favorite freebie site isn’t on the list or you have opinions on the resources above – why don’t you share it with us in the comments section.

Six Revisions freebies

I’m not vain enough to include (i.e. "to pimp") Six Revisions among those excellent resources above, but in case you were wondering, you can also find a few freebies in the Six Revisions Freebie section.

Additionally, you can check out the Six Revisions Flickr Sets for free high-resolution stock textures and objects.

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This was published on Jan 11, 2009


loswl Jan 11 2009

Excellent list, some of my favorites are there,..and some :o)

Angie Bowen Jan 11 2009

Some great resources here. I love Go Media’s freebies and Lost and Taken’s textures!

Exljbris Font Foundry has some beautiful free font.

And, just to give my own stuff a little bump, Arbenting does weekly freebies. :D

Jeremy Jan 11 2009

Awesome post! thanks so much for gathering all this together.

Raymond Selda Jan 11 2009

Thank you for this article. I’ve been using stock.xchng.

insic Jan 12 2009

nice list stock.xchng, deviantart and psdtuts are really useful.

Great post! Thanks for sharing!


Colorburned Jan 12 2009

My site has some great vectors, textures and tutorials

Sacha Jan 12 2009

Great list ! I created a Google custom search engine that searches most of those and more:

excelent roundup! we all love free stuff! :D +del

Farid Hadi Jan 12 2009

Thanks for sharing this list Jacob. You could also check out for.. icons =)

Scott Petrovic Jan 12 2009

Great list I am alsways looking for more websites with photos/patterns/brushes. Another one I go to is . Not everything is free there, but it has quite a bit that is.

Thomas Jan 12 2009

Thanks for featuring BrushKing. We try to keep the good work :)

adrienne Jan 12 2009

thanks for this article – really useful stuff – i already knew about some such as dafont, but the others will come in handy too! :)

Jeff Finley from Go Media Jan 12 2009

Nice list, flattered to be included.

Creativity103 Jan 12 2009

If you are looking for something really unusual, either to cut and paste into a design or to use as inspiration then have a look at

We currently have 4000+ free images, textures and backgrounds; some exclusive to the site, and many contributed by our users.

I am truly appreciate of this list, its quite extensive and the links are quality… your awesome for sharing such a cool list.

Thank you

Hubby Jan 13 2009

excellent list – contains most of the ingredients for a great website

Matt Sweeny Jan 13 2009

for sure morgueFILE is one of my favorites not only for graphic design pet projects but professional photographs are outstanding there too! Great list!

Peter Nilsson Jan 13 2009

Great list and thanks for sharing! Very nice reading and many useful tips. Thanks..

Dietmar Jan 13 2009

My favorite for fonts is definitivly although there are a lot of trash…

Jacen Jan 13 2009

This list is ridiculously useful! Fav’d in my reader and sent an e mail to all my designer friends.
Thanks for the greatness!

Achmad Bisri Jan 13 2009

Great list for sharing :) . I created a digg style website that only for freebies link, mostly is graphic design and web design freebies.


Dainis Graveris Jan 14 2009

Lovely list, actually deviantart is my favorite link there – never stops to surprise me with great stuff and friendly community! :)

Branson Jan 15 2009

Nice to see some new sites on there, especially the stock image ones. Its lists like this that keep me coming back!

Sean Nieuwoudt Jan 16 2009

Thanks, great list!

Jacob Gube Jan 16 2009

@Colorburned: Definitely, you’re site’s great.

@Branson: Thanks, I’m glad these articles are useful to you, and I’ll keep writing them as long as you keep reading them. :)

Edgar Jan 16 2009

Thank you. This list will come in handy.

JF Verville Jan 19 2009

Great list, thank you so much!

India Jan 20 2009

very useful links! Thank You very much.

Phelan Riessen Jan 21 2009

Great list! Another texture background site I use is

John milton Jan 29 2009


I truly appreciate the design list in this site, i think they are great.

These list are very good references for design agency as well as for a freelancer web and graphic designer.


WildStrawberry Mar 15 2009

Amazing list! Great work :)

Another great one for PS brushes which is little know is

FreeStockImages Apr 26 2009

Quite a useful list for, looking through.

Most of them are really known ones, though i’ve found some new to me.

From myself i may add a list of graphic design resources i am using for myself and building it for the public too.

I would add for free vectors, Adobe illustrator templates and lot of other stuff.

Ovi Dogar Jul 01 2009

As title says, excellent resources!

Keep up the great work!

Govi S Nov 13 2009

Thanks so very much…. its very useful links

A brand new high quality free stock photo site: Check it out!

Vahid Feb 27 2010

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These are great! Thanks for sharing. Just started out!

Nice collections thanks

Icons developer Sep 22 2010

Most of your discussion is really interesting and quietly informative. Especially those topic, keep up the good post and I will keep visiting here.

Hi, I would like to share my favourite texture resource site:

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I’d like to suggest my website for free textures

Adrian from IconsPedia Mar 22 2011

Great resources. To bad we didn’t made it in the list :)

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magnificent post, very informative. I wonder why the other specialists of this sector do not notice this. You should continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!

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