40 Beautiful and Very High-Resolution Wallpapers

Beautiful and Very High-Resolution Wallpapers

Do you have a boring desktop wallpaper? Are you tired of looking at the same, old desktop wallpaper? Well, here’s the remedy. This collection contains beautiful, high-quality and high-resolution (at least 1900x1200px) wallpapers. I hope you will find several wallpapers to refresh and invigorate your workspace.

1. Stonehenge


2. Bamboo


3. Dragonfrog


4. Laniakea Sunset

Laniakea Sunset

5. The Monastery

The Monastery

6. Krump It

Krump It

7. Stand Alone

Stand Alone

8. Sahara


9. Magenta Morning

Magenta Morning

10. Without Darkness

Without Darkness

11. Romantic Cottage

Romantic Cottage

12. Croatian Boat

Croatian Boat

13. Lazing Leopard

Lazing Leopard

14. Spring Is Coming

Spring Is Coming

15. Torrent


16. Jiangnan


17. Light


18. Abstract


19. Construction


20. Muriwai Gannet Colony

Muriwai Gannet Colony

21. Meow


22. Azure Serenity

Azure Serenity

23. Blupper wallpaper

Blupper wallpaper

24. Couches / Layers

Couches / Layers

25. Smarties HD

Smarties HD

26. Background


27. Audi R8 Gold

Audi R8 Gold

28. White Cherry

White Cherry

29. Cloud Minimal

Cloud Minimal

30. SNZ – 19

SNZ - 19

31. Bokeh Lightning

Bokeh Lightning

32. Tabac


33. HeadShot


34. New York

New York

35. Gazed Upon By Angels In Their Flight

Gazed Upon By Angels In Their Flight

36. Abstract


37. Pier To Nowhere

Pier To Nowhere

38. Sunset


39. Ocean Colours

Ocean Colours

40. All Alone In This World

All Alone In This World

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About the Author

Tomas Laurinavičius is a blogger and designer from Lithuania who’s currently studying Multimedia Design & Communication in Denmark. Check his work at his personal portfolio site and follow him on Twitter.

This was published on May 23, 2010


Kaye Media May 23 2010

great pictures!!

one or two nice wallpapers but on the whole i think these are a little too polished and cheesy. thanks though. :)

dattai May 23 2010

very cool

Thanks a lot ,Tomas !

esranull May 23 2010

very nice photo thanks a lot

i agree- the pictures are so photoshopped and fake looking that i wouldn’t want to have to stare at them every day.

maykon May 23 2010


Claudia May 23 2010

Some of these are very delicate, some really bright; an interesting list, thank you =)

Lee Peterson May 23 2010

I’ve had #7 up on my screen for months. When closing all windows after a really long day of design, it’s a nice, peaceful reminder of how the simple things in life make all the difference.

LOVE #37!! I think it’s time to change it up. :)

Great collection! Thanks for sharing.

wazime May 23 2010

those are great, thanks for sharing.

Gutscheine May 23 2010

Awesome Collection. Last one is now my new desktop background :)

fl0wy May 23 2010

Wow I really like this! Thanks for sharing!

A zip file with all the pics would be nice :)

Aminul Islam Sajib May 23 2010

Amazing photos. Where do you get them from? Would you please tell me that?

Adrian May 23 2010

No 27 is deleted. Nice collection.
Thanks for sharing.

Jamal May 23 2010

Great collection! No. 7 is my favorite.

Cliff May 23 2010

I agree with what a couple guys were saying – great photographs but not all great wallpapers.

That dragonfrog is so cool though!

KarlMarx23 May 23 2010

Wow! these photos are really stunning indeed!

Kaushik May 24 2010

Great collection. Thanks.

Eko Setiawan May 24 2010

Very amazing picture, it inspires my creativity.

Scott May 24 2010

Very nice collection – “Pier to Nowhere” is spectacular

Student Brands May 24 2010

Thanks for cool pictures, I hope to be back soon. Thanks again

Sajib Sarkar May 24 2010

Nice Pics I really feel well to share with those. Thanks for this collection.

Smashing Buzz May 24 2010

beautiful collection for my LCD screen. thanks

pakaworld May 24 2010

not too bad. I think i will give you 64 over 100% for this post. I know some are not good wallpapers.

Jordan Walker May 24 2010

Nice, those are all stunning wall papers.

I-kandy May 24 2010

Excellent wallpapers. This is a nice collection.

unknownkadath May 24 2010

hate to be that guy, but the “Smarties” picture is actually a candy called “Spree”.

Whoknows May 24 2010

All these photos are from a site called

massagewarrior May 25 2010

Loved the pics. Great wallpaper. Inspires the creativity in all of us. Would louv to C more.

Engrape Financier May 25 2010

Awesome Collection. Last one is now my new desktop background

Yaritza May 25 2010

This pictures are awesome i cant decided for one.I love Pier to Nowhere.

sugarbabe May 25 2010

great pics. its nice to have a variety of savers to look at. the more the merrier! thanks!

Vinish Parikh May 26 2010

Great collection :)

Jason May 26 2010

Awesome images….Thanks for sharing!

bern5 May 26 2010

Thanks for the wallpapers I have downloaded a few for my computer. Bern

kvosesly4va May 26 2010

Awesome! All of them!

Design Hippo May 27 2010

Great selection. A feel a new look desktop on the way…

Ishank May 27 2010

Awesome !! Just downloaded all the 40 wallpapers.

Robyn Berry-Luke May 28 2010

These are amazing and different, thanks for these – more please….Cheers

Danijel Gajan May 29 2010

Stunning wallpapers! Thank you Tomas for sharing this with us :)

Nagobonar May 31 2010

Stunning and inspiring..

inspiring great,great pictures!!

Albert K Reid Jul 13 2010

Wow I found this very interesting!

Tushar Jul 27 2010

Very beautifual

Not much I haven’t seen many times before.

shiva gurung Sep 04 2010

great i havent sen such beautifel pictures.very beautiful.

Aghust Sep 05 2010

cool & amazing pictures. thx 4 share..

Phyza Sep 05 2010

Oh my! I love the headshot wallpaper and the other stunning one is smarties :D I am loving those bunties and wanna eat them lol..
Btw great collection you have !!

Rammesh Perumal Sep 14 2010

I love it, beautiful & stunning wall papers. I just bookmark to appreciate your work. well done.

Sarra Sep 16 2010

woooooooooooooow it’s very wonderfull

I like it:)

Thought I’d cite your sources for you.

bryandav Sep 23 2010

Really? This person puts up pretty pics for free with no spyware or viruses out of the goodness of their heart, and they’re “too Photoshopped”??? Ungrateful bastards.

On behalf of the unworthy of your talent, I would like to say thank you and nice work.

Fatima Oct 08 2010

Awesome collection and great source of creative inspiration.

moosa Oct 10 2010

i really want this type of pictures on my desktop.
thanks. i got want i want.
really good job.

David Hardwick Photography Oct 10 2010

Very interesting photographs. Nice collection and would make good desktop wallpaper.

vikas sood Nov 07 2010

awsome pictures.thanks for sharing

Nice of him to put them up and glad so many seem to like them. I’m not ungrateful but have to say whether you like these or not depends on your taste in photos. I also find the colors garish and fake looking, which is why I don’t like photos that have been overly photoshopped either. I prefer palettes that actually occur in nature so I don’t see anything here that appeals to me to use as wallpaper even though I can appreciate that they are pretty and to some other folks’ taste. I’d love to see a similar gallery of nature photos that are less staged and not retouched. Nature is gorgeous on its own without human help.

Bryan Greifinger Dec 03 2010

These are very good……..High Res is now much more common on laptops….mine included….Would appreciate more WOW factor with brighter colors and color combinations…..the limit of WOW can be pushed further……Thank you!

Kay BeaR Dec 03 2010

Enough of a variety that most everyone can find something they appreciate. Thanks

World best wallpapers

Christopher Jan 27 2011

Excellent pictures…… the hi res.I could only dream to be in these places.

Ahsan Feb 01 2011

thanks for those lovely wallpapers!

ALVINA Feb 11 2011

world beautiful wallpapers…….

You are the best you and wallpapers

Zubair Feb 19 2011

I like all these wallpapers to much.

komal Feb 28 2011

very nice pics thoms i just love your pics veeeeeeeeeeeeeery beautiful very attractive keeeeeeeeeep it up

Farjad Mar 03 2011

nice wallpaper but now please
change these all………

ganesh kumar Mar 06 2011

I love it, beautiful & stunning wall papers. I just bookmark to appreciate your work. well done.These are very good……..High Res is now much more common on laptops….mine included….Would appreciate more WOW factor with brighter colors and color combinations…..the limit of WOW can be pushed further……Thank you!

samar May 08 2011

awesome collection dude . and thanks for sharing

superb collection

Nauman May 18 2011

i like this collection much

Dilawar Mehr Jun 01 2011

very nice funy beautiful pic

Sameer Jan Jun 15 2011

hey, cool wallpapers, i like it………….

Pokkisam Jun 16 2011

Awesome collections, Especially all are HQ

m.qaiser jhang Jun 17 2011

very nice coooooooool pictures.changa fair.

nainona Jun 23 2011

wahooo, what a bunch of awesome wallpapers, ty! i’m in love with the one of the leopard :D

imran akhtar Jul 05 2011

my faverit atr wallpaper nature


myathlaaung Jul 17 2011

very beautiful

Thank you for your web.

kevan raju Jul 21 2011

wow…vry nyc….

jaafar hameed from irak Aug 03 2011

very beautiful & vantastic

rizwanali Aug 10 2011

how beautiful, lovely and amazing wallpaper

soooooooooooooooooo nice and beautiful

Yuvraj Sep 03 2011

Some of the images are really awesome… Overall good collection.

DEVANSH Sep 05 2011

most beautiful wallpapres

raghav Sep 11 2011

amazing wallpaper

khalid mansoor Sep 15 2011

really very impressive

sanjay savani Sep 16 2011

verry nice & mindblowing

neeaj Sep 18 2011



FAISAL AHMED Oct 04 2011

Nice Wallpaper….

riya shah vassan Oct 10 2011

very nice images.i like it all.

md neyaz Oct 12 2011

what a wallpaper these are?????////////////////

junaid ahmad Oct 15 2011

what a great wallpapers

uthiravel Oct 19 2011

very super

zawhlaingtun Oct 20 2011

I like this photo

litow Nov 26 2011

Look nice. but no where near “very high res”

most beautiful wallpapers

gaga34 Jun 15 2012

Thanks, some are really incredible.

soha irfan Jun 17 2012

so beautiful.Through these type of sceneries we come to know how our nature is so gentle and beautifu & inspiring.Anyone can be inspired with it.:)

ancajasjc Jun 17 2012

really nice looking, amazing images =D

fahimomar Aug 31 2012

veeeeeeeeeeeery booooooooooooooooooring pics

İt’s very wonderful ;)

Armin Sep 02 2012

fantastic wallpapers.
Thanks a lot Tomas.

Zahid Jani Sep 03 2012

That’s All Very Beautiful and Very Nice that i like

Mohammed Fayez Oct 06 2012

wonderful wallpapers

Teneti Oct 10 2012

I surely admire those images and I love it because it a beautiful places and also attracted to everyone I hope


dark king Mar 14 2013

Very Nice
Thanks u

awesome ;)

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