40 Beautiful Free Icon Sets

Some of the best things in life are free. When it comes to icons and icon sets, there are many talented designers and artists that choose to provide beautiful and useful icon sets for commercial and/or personal usage.

In this collection, you’ll see 40 beautiful, free icon sets that you can use in a variety of ways (websites and/or your desktop). In total, you’ll find close to 3000 invidual icons showcased in this article.

Note: It’s important to read the fine-print before using any icon sets; some may have restrictions for commercial use (or require that you give credit to the designer).

Yoritsuki icons

Yoritsuki icons screen shot
35 icons – Download (PNG and ICO)

Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set

Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set - screen shot.
14 icons – Download (PNG and JPG)


rounder_png - screen shot.
43 icons – Download (PNG)

eico 1 year

eico 1 year screen shot.
17 icons – Download (PNG, ICO, and ICNS)

Wifun Icons

Wifun Icons screen shot.
6 icons – Download (PNG and ICO)

3D Cartoon Icons Pack

3D Cartoons screen shot.
111 icons – Download (PNG, ICO, and ICNS)

3D Cartoon Icons Pack III

3D Cartoon Icons Pack III - screen shot.
205 icons – Download (PNG, ICO, and ICNS)

De Freu

De Freu screen shot.
41 icons – Download (PNG)


Practika screen shot.
11 icons – Download (PNG)

Dellipack 2

Dellipack 2 screen shot.
15 icons – Download (PNG)

Finance and Applications

Finance and Applications screen shot.
29 icons –Download 1 (PNG and ICO) | Download 2 (EPS vectors)


Heart screen shot
22 icons –Download (PNG)

The Leaves Fall

The Leaves Fall
11 icons –Download (PNG and PSD)

Icon Set

Icon Set screen shot
27 icons – Download (PNG and ICO)

DeskMundo Live Icons

DeskMundo Live Icons screen shot
8 icons – Download (PNG)

FRESH Add-on

FRESH Add-on screen shot
59 icons – Download (PNG, TIFF, ICN, ICO)


Milky screen shot
131 icons – Download (PNG)


Bright! screen shot
148 icons – Download


Sweetie screen shot
182 icons – Download (PNG and PSD)

Social Web Buttons

Social Web Buttons screen shot
20 icons – Download (PNG)

Social Bookmark Iconset

Social Bookmark Iconset screen shot
12 icons – Download (PNG)

ecqlipse 2

ecqlipse 2 screen shot
123 icons – Download (PNG)


HydroPRO screen shot
23 icons – Download (PNG)

Circular Icons

Circular Icons screen shot
100+ icons – Download (PNG)

Shopping Cart Icon

Shopping Cart Icon screen shot
1 icon – Download (PNG)

Paper Clip

Paper Clip screen shot
1 icon – Download (PNG)


iConPack screen shot
18 icons – Download (PNG)

V!Va Icons

V!Va Icons screen shot
9 icons – Download (PNG)

Scrap Icons

Scrap Icons screen shot
18 icons – Download (PNG)

Blueset icons

Blueset icons screen shot
8 icons – Download (PNG)

UMI Icons

UMI Icons screen shot
10 icons – Download (PNG)

Black Neon Agua

Black Neon Agua screen shot
270+ icons – Download (various formats)

openPhone Icon Pack

openPhone Icon Pack screen shot
12 icons – Download (PNG and ICO)

Free RSS Feed Icons

Free RSS Feed Icons screen shot
6 icons – Download (PNG)


Feedicons2 screen shot
33 icons – Download (PNG)

credit cards pixel icon

credit cards pixel icon screen shot
5 icons – Download (PNG)

Function Icon Set

Function Icon Set screen shot
128 icons – Download (PNG)

Mini Pixel Icons

Mini Pixel Icons screen shot
320 icons – Download (GIF)

Silk Icons

Silk Icons screen shot
700 icons – Download (PNG)

Web Application Icons Set

Web Application Icons Set screen shot
20 icons – Download (PNG)

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This was published on Nov 2, 2008


Patareco Nov 02 2008

Nice mashup once again! Some will be very handy!

Danh ba web 2.0 Nov 03 2008

Great Icons for me. Thanks you very much
Keep up the good work !

Chris R. Nov 03 2008

Awsome collection! Thanks alot

koellmania Nov 03 2008

nice start in this week, yeah thanks!

Chary Nov 03 2008

Wow wonderful collection!!!

Quite useful icons, Really amazed by seeing them all in single page…

Keep it up!!

Wouter Van den Neste Nov 03 2008

Real nice icon sets! Keep up the good work!

Rishi Nov 03 2008

Great collection, will be using some of these…Thanks

bristow47 Nov 03 2008

Awesome stuff, thanks very much for sharing!

David Nov 03 2008

Great !…this is great!

Donna Payne Nov 03 2008

What an extensive resource! Thanks six revisions!

Craig Farrall Nov 03 2008

Nice list of great icons, I do love icons on websites, so this is a good roundup, DUGG!

p@r@noid Nov 03 2008

amazing collection..downloading alll of them..!!


Vivekanand Nov 03 2008

This list is awesome enough, actually I am waiting for the same to grab :)

manilenio Nov 03 2008

thanks for this very useful post!

arslion Nov 03 2008

nice collection

Liezzzje Nov 03 2008

Thx a lot for these beautiful Icon Sets! Surely will use some of these ;)

AMAZING! What a excellent list

Noura Nov 03 2008

It’s great to see the amount of creative effort that goes into the design of icons. The Milky icon set is pretty appealing to me.

australia-iphone-unlocking Nov 03 2008

These rock cheers!

burt (italian) simpson Nov 03 2008


Alan Prosser Nov 03 2008

Amazing icons, I particularly like the Wifun set. Nice, thanks for the post :-)

reizencroft Nov 03 2008

WOW. Nice sets. Thanks a bunch!!

panele Nov 03 2008

great – i love it

Dawid Nov 03 2008

WOWW… Nice Icons. Thank You!

Kristina Nov 03 2008

Thanks for this great icons , especially like
“The Leaves Fall” ;))))

Hisham Nov 03 2008

This is great collection, very good.. and thanks for sharing!

auntiejep Nov 03 2008

very cool site – thanks for the lead!

stelt Nov 03 2008

Can i have them in SVG format please ?

Matthew Ray Nov 03 2008

Sexy sets! Thanks!

ayampanggang Nov 03 2008

really cool icons, thanks for compiling them! :D

Didn’t realize there was so many new sets I’ve missed. Thanks for the mention of function set. Appreciate it.

giuseppe Nov 03 2008

how can i load the icons in .png format???

insic Nov 03 2008

I Like them all. thanks for posting

Umoor Nov 03 2008

Great selection! Thanks for the sharing!

Timothy Nov 03 2008

Good stuff.


Derek Nov 03 2008

can someone tell me how to use these? thank you so much.

Bored Nov 03 2008

these are awesome. i love that sweetie set and the other sets by that same guy

David Bradley Nov 03 2008

The hand-drawn doodle icons are just soooooo cool. As are the crumpled stickers.

great collection, very helpful. Thanks

Shanna Nov 03 2008

Lots of forbidden links and suspended accounts. Might want to look into that.

baobaz Nov 03 2008

wow.. these icons very awesome.
Thank u.

wonderful, useful, beautiful.

Praveen Nov 03 2008

Great job. Nice to see everything on one page.

Stu McLaren Nov 03 2008

This is a wicked collection – thanks for sharing. There are so many ways to use icons and downloading these is so much faster than creating my own.


Income Tax India Nov 03 2008

This is great, Thanks !!

Jim Lally Nov 03 2008

Is that it?
Where are the rest of them?

bangbouh stock Nov 03 2008

Great icon resource. Thanks!

ntopics Nov 03 2008

Wow these are great!
Its cool to make the
screen look attractive
and colorful with
new icons.

thanks from tony

tormento19 Nov 03 2008

But how can I set an Icon on Win!?

Res Tanch Nov 03 2008

Man, these are really nice, thanks. Dugg!

Icon people Nov 03 2008

I dont use icons, i hide them

One I like a lot and use often and think you missed:

Daniel Nov 03 2008

Thanks! This is a great collection!

Bionanotechnology Nov 03 2008

Absolutely wonderful! Thanks very much for these icons! I’ve been looking around to find something like this… and here they are – all in one place! You rock!

Dainis Graveris Nov 03 2008

oh amazing icon roundup – lovely, bookmarking this one!

WIlson Oliveira Nov 03 2008

Awesome and handy. Thanks. The milky icon set is down though. Can someone share it?

moldova Nov 03 2008

Very nice packs! thanx a lot

Cristian Nov 03 2008

Excelente, buena seleccion

Doctor PC Nov 03 2008

I’ll take some of them :D

mrgtb Nov 03 2008

very nice, always amazes me the quality of some icons out there. How do they produce such quality.

irene Nov 03 2008

how do i put them on desktop???

Tom Ross Nov 03 2008

Great list! I’m a bit gutted that I released my own icon set after this post was made though… (

Grayson Nov 03 2008

I’m a bit surprised Louie Mantia didn’t make this list! Check out his icons here:

Very clean, refined style, I like his work a lot.

Farshid Nov 04 2008

Wow! I love them all. Thanks.

can i put these icons on my websites?
hope there’s no copyright infringement involved

silvio farias Nov 04 2008

buenisimo gracias

Arjen Nov 04 2008

Thanks for sharing this! Absolutely amazing collection of icon´s you´ve got here!

Sunil Gupta Nov 04 2008

Those are awesome and will be very useful dude.

Thanks a lot!

Michael “The Copy Polisher” Millman Nov 04 2008

What a great collection. I was referred over by @PerryBelcher via Twitter.

Thanks so much for all the work it must have taken to gather these up and assemble this page.

Much appreciated!

@MichaelMillman ~ Twitter

alejandro kuri pheres Nov 04 2008

Thank you artists.

Andrea Nov 04 2008

Thank you very much !

Evan L Nov 04 2008

Nice! Thanks for sharing! Dugg.

Wow, definitely bookmarked. Thank you.

Chenlaing Nov 05 2008

wonderful collection!!!

nice collection. thanks

thanks a lot! Great collection

Georjina Nov 05 2008

Perfect! I needed a bit of eye candy for my blogs and these will fit the bill nicely.

Thank you

Rachel Nov 06 2008

I can’t believe that these icons are free…they are gorgeous. Thanks for taking the time to round these up and post them. :)


biyified Nov 07 2008

superb just cant get enough of this icon.. They work like magic. In designing

Paula Tejando Nov 07 2008

F A N T A S T I C !!!

Dwight Zahringer Nov 07 2008

These are great icon sets – thanks for posting them!

janet mestas Nov 07 2008

very beautiful icons

Affordable Web Design Nov 07 2008

great collection thanks alot

Michi Nov 08 2008

Wow, wonderful sets. Thanks!

shashi Nov 08 2008

nice collection..

Diego Herrera Nov 08 2008

Really nice set, wil be using these I think,


szuman Nov 09 2008

nice icons. Thanks

brenth Nov 09 2008

Very nice collection.

Will surely download some for my desktop

Might want to check this copyright infringer. They’ve published this article in it’s entirety. Seems they’re publishing a lot of other people’s articles without permission, including images.

windy Nov 10 2008

thank U!!

Some cool items there, definitely usable.

E-maniacs Nov 11 2008

Huge collection

rejidesigner Nov 12 2008

Cool collections!

Bhusan Shrestha Nov 14 2008

Nice ‘n’ Awesome Collection Thanx

Kevin Nov 14 2008

absolutely nice collection..

Awesome Collection. Great Work.

Sangesh Nov 15 2008

Thanks, these are great icons for all. Thanks you very much

IT Freak Nov 15 2008

Thanks a ton for this cool collections!

You rock man.

Aaron Nov 16 2008

thanks for the valuable icons information about these applications over the Internet to very useful I find it truly amazing piece types of artwork is forms application over the Internet to help build a steady down line of followers.
As a licensed professional massage therapist I to use these website

These are great! Thanks a lot.

Nokia Photos Nov 17 2008

Excellent collection, mate! Well done!

One of the best things ever invented… nice and thanks!

Dwayne from Probably Sucks Blog Nov 17 2008

Wow. Absolutely speechless. What an excellent hoard of icons.


siteniz Nov 18 2008

Very nice collection.

Bokolo Nov 19 2008

Like 3D Cartoon Icons…

Harshit Shah Nov 20 2008

Thanks. This is really very good list.

super coool!!

Dreams Nov 21 2008

Nice set of icons.

Ahmad Abozaid Nov 22 2008

WOW! that is really enlightening!

Graphic Tee Nov 22 2008

what!? these icons are amazing, Why didnt i find this way earlier??

kiran Nov 24 2008

Wonderful collection.Thanks!

AnbroK Nov 26 2008

Very nice collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SallyJo Friess Nov 26 2008

I could not down load a lot of them, it would say you have reached your bandwidths

SallyJo Nov 26 2008

thank you for the ones I could down load, have a great one

Phao Loo Dec 01 2008

cute icon sets. I like because Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set because it is absolutely eye-catch with hand drawing.

George Dec 02 2008

Thank you!

projectgrfix Dec 03 2008

very nice looking icons! Thanks

Michele Dec 13 2008

Wow, what a nice refreshing sight to see. I’m always looking for new ways to make a statement when I’m designing … whether for business or personal use. These without a doubt will be more than useful … they are inspiring. I may even decide to make a few sets that feature them just for the fun of it. Like I said they do inspire me. Keep up the great work on this site because it is one that I tend to visit often.

patembe Dec 20 2008

Wew, what a great icons!
Thanks. :D

kevin Dec 24 2008

Good friends I hope are well… I am something new in this and wanted to know since I make him to install these packages of so good icons?

Sandeep Dec 29 2008

Amazing!! Thanks

Gabriel Jan 16 2009

Wow excellent icon collection. I’ve neve seen such diversity, I’m grabbing some of them for my projects. Thanks.

conan Jan 19 2009

You put a lot of hard work into this. I’m going to research some of these sets. Some of them are also available for download or for editing at – you might find it interesting, it’s a big collection of free icons along with an editor that lets you alter any icon or just draw your own from scratch and publish. Thanks for these links!

conan Jan 19 2009

btw there’s an exact copy of this article with credit to six revisions but marked “written by diego” at – dude you’re popular …

Alicia Jan 22 2009

What a wonderful resource. I love the sharing among designer on the web. Such a nice big family! Thanks!

Cindy Sue Causey Jan 24 2009

Absolutely knocked my socks off (and I’m not wearing any)..! Loved the iConPack.. Got kind of a “Messy Marvin” effect going there..

Looking forward to all else you share.. :)

Geoserv Jan 28 2009

These are absolutely fantastic, it’s amazing how talented some people are.

aoeking2 Feb 03 2009

thanks very much

Chuck Feb 08 2009

What a great collection. Thank you for sharing. This page is now in my favorites.

very cool – will use one or two of these for sure – many thanks Sx

Tamara Feb 17 2009

Thanks for sharing! These will come in handy. :)

luban Feb 26 2009

how to apply these icons?

ProjectCenter Feb 26 2009

I like the Social Bookmark Icon set. The iConPak seems like it would only look good in a larger format. As far as the Hearts go, I can just imagine some Office-Space-cake-baking-like lady using those way too much in her emails. :)

J. Satheesh Kumar Mar 09 2009

Thanks! Nice Presentation ICONs

Shyanne Mar 09 2009

The best collection ever! I really appreciate that! THANKS!

Cristi Mar 09 2009

This icons are the most beautiful that i have ever saw.

Randhir Singh Mar 10 2009

Great ! This saves a lot of work to make the design stuff work. Thanks so much.

sivas Mar 13 2009

very good, thanks

Roger Mar 14 2009

Really nice collection of icons.

Website Designers India Mar 25 2009

I have downloaded a few more and using them in lot of my work. Thanks a ton.

thanks for sharing :)

awesome Mar 27 2009

coolhhh icons….

loved your collection

Scarf*oo Mar 29 2009

Thanks! I was just looking for the file types icon set!

Terry Mar 31 2009

I love these…love the social bookmarking icons.

Clifford Apr 16 2009

Nice collection. Thanks for the share

Thanks for this nice collection!

p.s:”Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set” link is missing

Matthew Sapaula Apr 24 2009

These are really good icons… this at least is a cool collection to spice up your blog.

Rudolf May 12 2009

Hey, i only wanna know what kind of graphics program you use to create such great icons???

Partha May 19 2009

Ultimate collection!

Emanuil May 19 2009

Great collection! Useful.

Alex White Jun 06 2009

Can I show you one more nice set of icons??
Here it is. h t t p://
It`s free as I know! Enjoy!

Diseño Web Jun 08 2009

Great Icons set! I like it, specially the Social Bookmark and Social Web Buttons Icons set. Thanks!!!

Varly Glad Jun 11 2009

I cant say that they are vere special, but anyway looks interesting.

kanmik9 Jun 26 2009

This is awesome stuff.keep up the good work!

Allison Jul 02 2009

These are awesome! I know I’ll be using them soon, especially the paper clips.

Thank you so much for this great share.

Kre8iveminds Jul 15 2009

Fantastic! This is simply a great collection,

WhyCenter Jul 25 2009

I haven’t seen such a great collection for a long time. Thanks a lot!

Are you insane? This is fantastic!

Iconfish Aug 10 2009

Great compilation thanks for putting it together

Roberto Blake Aug 10 2009

These are some very sweet looking icons. You can tell that they spared no time working on most of these, even though they are free they are still very professionally done.

Incredible collections thanks for sharing. My site got new look.

Mudza Sep 02 2009

woow….nice icon compilation, all icon is very high quality.
i like it, and bookmark it…..thanks..

קורסים Sep 15 2009

Some icons on this list are just amazing! thanks!

patrick Sep 18 2009

woow. Now this is serious stuff. thanks lots

Mehmet Oct 06 2009

nice thanks

tonier Oct 09 2009

Dude … you save my times!!!! I Wish … I know it earlier …

diseño web Oct 16 2009

very nice, thanks!

Top Ten Reviews Nov 02 2009

Excellent list of icon sets. I am looking for icon sets for a new project. Wish I could find some travel icon sets because the new project is based on Travel and Tourism. Anyone can suggest some travel or transportation icon sets?

Prashant Nov 05 2009

hey nice collection i used in my site social application site. :)

John Campbell Nov 19 2009

Great collection, some really nice sets here.

Brad Pyne Dec 09 2009

Great collection, thanks for sharing!


sokjong Dec 28 2009

thank you so much..

Gr8Fox Dec 29 2009

Awesome collection dude.

spletne strani Jan 10 2010

cool stuff here. and i just ‘accidently’ googled to this blos, nice post, thanks

Nice collection. Specially these Iconpack, it looks a lot like origami icons.

hamed Jan 18 2010


i love this collection i want to save this for future use. :)

thank you

Penrote Jan 20 2010

Nice design! Love it! Thanks!

Frank freddy Feb 05 2010

WOWW… beautiful Icons. Thank You!

seyahat Feb 27 2010

Ow ow ow very very good…..Thanks

FarhanSheron Mar 01 2010

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thanks alot. please add many more for free download.

Juancho Mar 27 2010

great stuff! i like the icons over dark background, for my website :) thanks!

tarih Mar 31 2010

very good, thanks

Tweengky Apr 03 2010

That’s Kewl! Thanks :)

David Apr 07 2010

I found a great icon set at lowest price:

Cheapshock Apr 20 2010

Nice hand drawn icon set. I like it.

bhu1st Apr 27 2010

thanks. really nice collections :)

shafiul Apr 30 2010

really thakfull collection

Sachin Gupta May 04 2010

It’s a great collection of icons. It’s really helpful for the designers point of view.

Jackal May 10 2010

Excellent, cheers.

Daniel May 10 2010

Thanks a lot!
Nice icon sets.
I’ll probably be using some of them.
Keep it up.

This is a superb collection. I love the way the web distributes such great content for free. It’s really is the only place of real altruism.

wayfarer Jun 01 2010

WOW !!
icons is good , Thanks

Raviray Jun 19 2010

Thanks its aswome, good collection its very useful and thanks ones again

Patrick Jun 25 2010

This collection is looking so great. Wonderful. Thanks Patrick …

thanks, i love

KishoreKumar Jul 10 2010

The Icon was very Beautiful. Thank u for giving in this free icon. good job. congratulation… KishoreKumar-YoungPrince.

John Paul Jul 19 2010

Thanks for sharing, this is a GREAT icon collection!!!

Ravi Ahuja Jul 26 2010

Hey great icon set some of them are very useful for my next project. Thank you

Vishnu @ Sysfun Aug 05 2010

Dear, downloaded almost all.. may be i can use some of them in my site.. Thanks a lot..

Wow! Great selection of icons all in one place. I’ve bookmarked and will be coming back for more.

davide scalzo Aug 06 2010

Thanks! very useful icon, i will definetly use some of them! thanks for sharing

Emmanuel Signorino Aug 11 2010

Very cool !! Thanks a lot for this

Jared Detroit Sep 02 2010

I love the handdrawn icon set. Really unique and cool. I’m definitely going to use that for a current project.

david kimberley Sep 08 2010

thanks for bringing all these under one page!

~Romil Sep 09 2010

Used one of them, nice collection. Thanks.

~bowner Sep 20 2010

Very cool collection. Thanks for posting!

eğlence Sep 24 2010

Thanks Good icons

Amazing collection! Thanks very much!

maroon Oct 02 2010

That is alot of great social media icons. cheers

Billy Barker Oct 04 2010

If you’re looking for app development toolbar icons for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch than check out this new set of 270 Toolbar Icons for iPhone 4 Retina Display. Download 30 icons for free here:

Gina Schmidt Oct 10 2010

Nice icon collection. Thanks for useful post.

That is alot of great social media icons. cheers
Amazing collection! Thanks very much!

Rhonda Oct 16 2010

These are some great icon sets. I see a couple of them that I can use for later. Thanks!

hafizmd Oct 28 2010

Such a good works here. Thanks for sharing these icon sets.

patrik Nov 04 2010

These are some great icon sets,Nice icon collection.

maggiey Nov 23 2010

great collection

tomas Nov 27 2010

Buen aporte. gracias

Scott Nov 27 2010

These are some really good free icon sets. I will have to use some in my future web designs. Thanks!

dontbehzad Nov 28 2010

Hey great icon set some of them are very useful for my next project. Thank you

Very cool collection. Thanks for posting!

Aidan Boyle Dec 09 2010

Very nice selection. I can think of some cases I’ll use these already. I think some of these weren’t on iconfinder too!

كول Dec 11 2010

Thanks for the useful topic and thank you for the effort made to add these are the icons and I will make some beautiful icons, which brought with us on my site Thanks

Thanks for the sweet icons.

sedayemassal Jan 05 2011

Very nice,thanks for beautiful icons.

Shanna Jan 05 2011

Just found this page again. Why didn’t I bookmark it the first time?

Thanks for the icon. I love the hand-drawn icons. I need some great hand-drawn for my new project. List was helpfull, so thanks a lot and kind regards from Germany.

Markus Jan 17 2011

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for!

Wow, nice icons. My favourite is that japan style!

George Feb 14 2011

Thanks a lot. I just used one to my website @

Fabulous sets thanks.

My Favourites – Japan Set, 3D Cartoon Icons Pack III.

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for!

kwon sungwoo Feb 22 2011

thank you so much! have your good time and bless you!
i want

Susan Feb 28 2011

Thanks! I needed some of these icons!

thanks !
these sets are awesome !

Excellence icons, Thanks!

Amazing sets! Thanks a lot!


QuanVuan Mar 26 2011

High quality icons.
I will use it on my website.
Thank alot.


hanabi Apr 06 2011

thanks for sharing ^^
it’s so cute and nice
I love it :x



Great archive. Thanks

There are all of these comments because this collection is timeless. I come back every so often for a new project, thanks for all of this.

Brahim May 12 2011

Thanks a lot, very good work.

David May 16 2011

I like this, you can get free icon and stock icon :

Informator May 18 2011

Awesome sets. But there is one problem with them :> I cant see licence before download ;/ Anyway its nothing against wasting time to find out free icon sets.

Khanh Jun 04 2011

Awesome collection,

But I believe that you forgot another awesome free icons set at :

Check it and you won’t be regret.

Terry Jun 06 2011

I definitely agree that the best things in life are free. Your post is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Great stuff I have found on your website. I will bookmark for future reference. Keep up a good job!

Era Huante Jun 06 2011

I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was curious what all is needed to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet smart so I’m not 100% certain. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Appreciate it

Ramki Cyfrowe Jun 10 2011

Very nice collection, but the most important all for free to use :> but … not for commercial use for free (mostly). ANyway it’s good inspiration to buy some of them to commercial project design. Thanks!

Ludy Goodson Jun 22 2011

Nice icons!

Bryan Salva Jul 05 2011

Thanks for sharing, Great list

Wow – I like the really simple ones. Kinda funny how icons have changed.

Shanna Jul 12 2011

Thanks! The Practika icons are exactly what I was looking for.

steff Jul 13 2011

thanks for another beautiful and free icon set Jacob… like i said before it’s hard to stay away from these icons they’re so addictive! i think i will need some therapy as soon as possible.. ;)

Allan Aug 25 2011

Thanks voro the icons! These are verry helpfull!

Allan Aug 25 2011

Thanks for the icons! These are verry helpfull!

ishan Aug 29 2011

i have read this and its very helpful information

Where Sep 01 2011

An amazing set! Thanks a bunch.

Mike B Sep 05 2011

Great set of icons. I like IconPak.

Nadeem Ahmad Sep 11 2011

this is very usefull and beautifull icon.i think it is not for only me.Everyone who needs to Icon

Nadeem Ahmad Sep 11 2011

I can not express how good it

blackbelt Sep 29 2011

great thanks, these rule.

Damodar bashyal Oct 02 2011

That’s nice collection. Thanks for sharing.

jay rock Oct 25 2011

really sexy! i like those alot

iconiclook Nov 08 2011

thanks verey much your work and effort. These icons are a great help for me right now…you saved me a lot of time.

zegwei Nov 15 2011


nancy grace Nov 17 2011

Thanks for the good icons. very useful.

Andrew Nov 22 2011

thx for sharing this amazing stuff!!!

Parth Jun 15 2012

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