40 Excellent Resources for JavaScript Coders

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Are you an advanced JavaScript coder looking for more sites to sharpen your coding prowess? Maybe you’re a web designer wanting to double as a developer (or at least know enough to add a bit of rich content into your designs). Either way, if you’re looking for more information on the topic of JavaScript, the following resources are worth a gander.

Reference, Resources, & Tutorials

DevGuruDevGuru – JavaScript Quick Reference

DevGuru provides an extensive list of JavaScript syntax, alphabetized similar to a glossary for easy scanning and searching. - Javascript Cheat – Javascript Cheat Sheets

A roundup of 10 JavaScript cheat sheets in one place; includes cheatsheets for frameworks such as jQuery and Prototype.

Google Groups - comp.lang.javascriptGoogle Groups – comp.lang.javascript

If you’re looking for a community of JavaScript’ers comp.lang.javascript is an active and helpful community of developers.

jQuery for DesignersjQuery for Designers

jQuery for Designers is geared towards designers who want to learn about the jQuery library to add more dynamic content in their designs. - Free Online JavaScript – Free Online JavaScript Books

In this collection, you’ll be able to download 5 excellent e-books on the topic of JavaScript, all for free.


Although not purely a JavaScript resource, DZone regularly features articles, tutorials, resources, and news about JavaScript.

W3Schools - JavaScript TutorialW3Schools – JavaScript Tutorial

W3School’s section on JavaScript offers beginning to advanced JavaScript topics.

15 Days Of jQuery15 Days Of jQuery

Straight off the home page, 15 Days of jQuery has "Fantastic tutorials and example code that takes you from zero to hero in no time flat".

The "Mootorial"The "Mootorial"

//clientside’s tutorial on the mootools framework has a built-in console for you to try out JS code.

Premade Scripts/Code


A collection of downloadable DHTML scripts. AjaxDaddy provides a demo for the featured scripts.

Another site with a collection of DHTML and Ajax code, similar to AjaxDaddy.

JavaScript KitJavaScript Kit

Here, you’ll find downloadable scripts, as well as tutorials and guides on JavaScript.

Dynamic Drive JavaScript code libraryDynamic Drive JavaScript code library

DHTML scripts organized into 16 categories including Calendars, Image Effects, Links & Tooltips, and more.

Yet another place to get your fix of DHTML/Ajax scripts. They also have a fairly nice and straight-forward Ajax basics tutorial.

4umi useful Javascript4umi useful Javascript

A "database" of useful scripts and code snipplets that are updated fairly often.

Articles & Blog Posts

The Most Complete AJAX Framework and JavaScript Libraries List(124+)The Most Complete AJAX Framework and JavaScript Libraries List(124+)

The title pretty much says it all — it’s a huge list of JS frameworks/libraries.

The seven rules of unobtrusive JavaScriptThe seven rules of unobtrusive JavaScript

This excellent article outlines seven things to keep in mind when trying to develop unobtrusive JavaScript solutions.

How simple is making your javascript unobtrusive? Easy as PieHow simple is making your javascript unobtrusive? Easy as Pie.

A basic introductory article on "unobtrusive JavaScript.

The Top 40 Free Ajax & Javascript Code for Web DesignersThe Top 40 Free Ajax & Javascript Code for Web Designers

A list of scripts geared towards web designers (i.e. not a lot of manual coding involved).

How to choose a JavaScript frameworkHow to choose a JavaScript framework

Outlines a few considerations when deciding which JS framework is right for you.

Efficient JavaScriptEfficient JavaScript

An article on quick tips for optimizing your JavaScript code.

Ten Javascript Tools Everyone Should HaveTen Javascript Tools Everyone Should Have

A list of JS code snipplets recommended to have in your coding arsenal; among them are numeric sorting and working with cookies.

Serving JavaScript FastServing JavaScript Fast

Optimal tips for serving/loading your JavaScript libraries quickly.

The Great Browser JavaScript ShowdownThe Great Browser JavaScript Showdown

A comparison of the top 4 web browsers (IE7, Firefox 2, Safari 3.0.4, and Opera 9.5) when it comes to handling JS.

Quick guide to somewhat advanced JavaScriptQuick guide to somewhat advanced JavaScript

A guide on Object-Oriented JavaScript coding.

Blogs & News

John Resig - BlogJohn Resig – Blog

John Resig is the creator/lead developer of jQuery and author of "Pro Javascript Techniques".

Ajaxian - JavaScriptAjaxian – JavaScript

Ajaxian is a news site about Ajax and Rich Internet Applications. Over 850 stories have been tagged under the JavaScript topic.

Snook.CA - JavaScript CategorySnook.CA – JavaScript Category

Snook.CA is Johnathan Snook‘s site on the topic of web development. He writes about JavaScript, as well as other web dev topics.


Ajaxlines provides news and resources on the topic of Ajax. It currently has 140+ posts tagged under JavaScript.


QuirksBlog is part of JavaScript guru/web developer Peter-Paul Koch‘s His book ppk on JavaScript is an excellent book to own.

Ajaxonomy - BlogsAjaxonomy – Blogs

Ajaxonomy is a wonderful resource for JavaScript’ers interested in Ajax and other web technologies. It has many posts tagged with JavaScript.

Ajax Bestiary - A JavaScript Field GuideAjax Bestiary – A JavaScript Field Guide

Ajax Bestiary is a regularly updated blog on JavaScript.


Awesome Frameworks/Libraries

Prototype JavaScript frameworkPrototype JavaScript framework

Prototype was one of the first popular frameworks. Several libraries and frameworks are based on Prototype (or still require it).


jQuery is lightweight, elegant, and touted as one of the easiest JS frameworks to use.


My personal favorite.

The Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI)The Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI)

A big and extremely robust JavaScript toolkit by Yahoo!.


JavaScriptMVC is a relatively new but very promising framework that offers a lot of unique components and features not found in other frameworks.

A robust effects library that’s been used by top websites such as Digg, Feedburner, and Apple; requires the inclusion of Prototype.

Ext JSExt JS

Another solid framework; it does have a restrictive license for commercial purposes. Check out the Web Desktop demo.


MochiKit is a robust library that offers a lot of utility functions and effects classes.


Dojo is another framework to consider. visit the Spotlight section on the website to see real companies using Dojo.

Additional Resources

Author’s note – April 16, 2008. After the publication of this article, I recieved several recommendations from readers about additional resources that didn’t make the list. I’d like to add even more excellent JavaScript resources worth taking a look at. I’ll add more as suggestions come along.

Got any other resources you’d like to share with us? Make sure to talk about it in the comments section!

This was published on Apr 10, 2008


Sarah Apr 11 2008

This is a great list.

The list is very useful, thanks for sharing.

Sean O Apr 16 2008

Suggested Addition:

The Learning jQuery blog is a great, regularly-updated resource:

Rey Bango Apr 16 2008

Hi, one site that you may have overlooked as a top jQuery learning resource for this article:

is Learning jQuery ( It’s managed and maintained by jQuery team member Karl Swedberg. Would you mind adding it in?

Aybar Apr 18 2008

very good work ;)
thank you

Aybar Apr 18 2008

very good work ;)
thank you

Marco Apr 22 2008

This list is really useful!

Peter May 10 2008

very useful post.

Furkan May 24 2008

Very good post.

cancel bubble Apr 01 2009

I’d like to suggest adding some books to this list, in particular:

JavaScript The Definitive Guide (Flanagan)
Pro JavaScript Design Patterns (Harmes/Diaz)
Dom Scripting (Keith)

If you’re looking to learn *core* JavaScript (which you should be), these books are must haves.

Another JavaScript library suggestion – dhtmlx library (, a set of ready Ajax components for building feature rich web interfaces.

thank you man very good

Hiphop Nov 02 2009

I’d like to suggest adding some books to this list, in particular:

JavaScript The Definitive Guide (Flanagan)
Pro JavaScript Design Patterns (Harmes/Diaz)
Dom Scripting (Keith)

If you’re looking to learn *core* JavaScript (which you should be), these books are must haves.

Skidoosh Nov 19 2009

For anyone who’s interested I’ve published V2 of my jQuery reference from one of the articles featured on here. I don’t work there any more so it’s not maintained. If you want to have a look at that it’s here: I’ll be updating it for 1.3 in a few days.

Hip Hop Nov 22 2009

I’d like to suggest adding some books to this list, in particular:

JavaScript The Definitive Guide (Flanagan)
Pro JavaScript Design Patterns (Harmes/Diaz)
Dom Scripting (Keith)

If you’re looking to learn *core* JavaScript (which you should be), these books are must haves.

Satya Prakash Dec 01 2009

There are few like listapart, which are left. These sites provide original resources.

indir Dec 22 2009

thank you la lae! If you’re looking to learn *core* JavaScript (which you should be), these books are must haves.

Lucas Oct 13 2010

Here you have another site, with a lot of ajax examples
Ajax Examples

Nayan Nov 10 2010

nice composition thanks

Dilip Feb 17 2011

Very nice list.

Akash May 15 2011

Nice Collection Thanks :)

Farhan Ali Jul 22 2011

I am using jqplot lib to draw graph but it taking to much memory and due to that my browser get hanging any Idea to optimize it ??

Đuro Oct 13 2011

This is one more tutorial website:

It has many web technologies tutorials including JavaScript. Nice examples too. I used it a lot in the beginning of my work.

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