50 Beautiful Free WordPress Themes

There are many talented designers out there that choose to provide WordPress themes for free. Most of the time, the only small favor they ask you is that you attribute the design to them and link back to their site (a very reasonable request).

In this collection, you’ll find 50 excellent, high-quality, free WordPress themes. These themes range from being elaborate and colorful to being clean and simple so that you may find one that suits your design tastes.

Note: Be sure to check out the license of the theme for restrictions in usage (if any) and it’s always good (and very much appreciated) to attribute the designer even if they don’t explicitly ask you to.

Color Paper

Color Paper - screen shot.

Demo | Download

Cellar Heat

Cellar Heat - screen shot.
Demo | Download

Simply Ornate

Simply Ornate - screen shot.
Demo | Download


Agregado - screen shot.
Demo | Download

Notepad Chaos

Notepad Chaos - screen shot
Preview | Download

WordPress Fun

WordPress Fun - screen shot.
Preview | Download


Infinity - screen shot.
Preview | Download

Outdoorsy Theme

Outdoorsy Theme - screen shot.


Curious - screen shot.
Demo | Download


Brightness - screen shot.
Demo | Download


japan-style - screen shot.
Demo | Download


BizTheme - screen shot.
Demo | Download


SCRUFFY - screen shot.
Demo | Download


Aspire - screen shot.
Demo | Download


Pixeled - screen shot.


Wilderness - screen shot.


SuperFresh - screen shot.
Demo | Download


WP CODA - screen shot.
Demo | Download

Vikiworks V5

Vikiworks V5 - screen shot.


MyWall - screen shot.
Preview | Download


Firebug - screen shot.
Demo | Download


Illacrimo - screen shot.


iTheme - screen shot.
Demo | Download


Tigerpress - screen shot.
Preview | Download


Mahiwaga - screen shot.

Photo Clip

Photo Clip - screen shot.
Demo | Download


Dilectio - screen shot.


Typebased - screen shot.

The Original Premium News

The Original Premium News -screen shot.


Snapshot - screen shot.


Portfolio - screen shot.
Demo | Download

Mimbo 2

Mimbo 2 - screen shot.
Demo | Download


ColdBlue - screens hot.


Sharpfolio - screen shot.
Demo | Download


Yoghourt - screen shot.


BlogBus - screen shot.
Preview | Download


Ashford - screen shot.


SubtleZen - screen shot.


Vistalicious - screen shot.

Small Magazine

Small Magazine - screen shot.
Preview | Download

Sp142 theme

Sp142 theme - screen shot.
Demo | Download


Chronicles - screen shot.


DailyPress - screen shot.

Portfolio Press

Portfolio Press - screen shot.

WordPress Magazine theme

Wordpress Magazine theme - screen shot.
Preview | Download


Brilliance - screen shot.

Simple Balance 2.0

Simple Balance 2.0 - screen shot.
Demo | Download

The Unstandard

The Unstandard - screen shot.

Modicus Remix

Modicus Remix - screen shot.
Demo | Download


Lightning - screen shot.
Demo | Download

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This was published on Nov 10, 2008


Umoor Nov 10 2008

First themes are not available “403 – Forbidden” :(

Cobus Bester Nov 10 2008

Hi! Great collection of themes! Thanks for featuring Scruffy here :)

insic Nov 10 2008

nice themes.i love them all. i used brightness to my site.

Greg Johnson Nov 10 2008

It’s always great to see WP CODA on “best of” lists, cheers!

CODA BLUE was released only a couple hours ago if you want to make the addition. It includes the PSD this time around!

wilderwein Nov 10 2008

Do you have package of all these themes? I don’t want to download it one by one

shyboy Nov 10 2008

I like Mimbo theme! it is very confortable!

Fubiz Nov 10 2008

Perfect compilation!

Dainis Graveris Nov 10 2008

yeah, free themes always comes handy :) thanks for the list, bookmarking this one! :)

Mohamed Nov 10 2008

Cool collection, loved most of them!

Chris Loftus Nov 10 2008

Great compilation some really good themes. Love the notepad styles.

Leesy Nov 10 2008

Nice list but none of those were new to us. For example, any reader of Smashing Magazine would have seen the first 7 (and some others after those)

Chris Morin Nov 10 2008

LOVE these… will definitely be using one and linking back to you soon.. Bookmarking now!

Michael Nov 10 2008

I hadn’t actually seen any of them. Currently playing with Magazine and Color Paper. I have a preference for newsy-type themes.

Antonio Nov 10 2008

Check this one too, there are some others cool and fresh styles here!!!

Midla Nov 10 2008

Cool list, definitely bookmark worthy.

really loved the themes, haven’t seen any of em yet. definitely gonna take full advantage of this site. bookmarked!

skullpat Nov 10 2008

Yep nice list !!


Mickael Pinto Nov 10 2008

Thank’s for this list of themes, I have found what I search today…

Danh ba web 2.0 Nov 10 2008

Wonderful post. Thanks you very much
You can see more:
Keep up the great work. I like your blog, it’s very useful

Susan Nov 10 2008

Many I’ve seen before, but Cellar Heat is a new one.

Here’s something new: two clean and minimalistic themes byModula.

Modula. Obviously. My bad.

Rajeev Edmonds Nov 10 2008

Some new themes in this collection. I can see some new magazine style themes. Thanks for sharing.

Lawrence Anderson Nov 10 2008

Great collection.

But, It might be nice (for the contact creators) to not provide direct download links to their work.

Paulo Sacramento Nov 10 2008

Excellent themes. Thanks!

Tal Galili Nov 10 2008

Thanks for the links – great list (and fun to see an updated one)


Great compilation of themes.


ntopics Nov 10 2008

Really beautiful WordPress themes.
It makes a difference to have a
visually attractive blog.
Hope most comply with W3C.

thanks from tony

Affordable Web Design Nov 10 2008

Very nice list i like the designs alot thanks

Fabryz Nov 10 2008

I must quote Leesy =)

Indra Nov 11 2008

all is great, hard to choose

Imran Nov 11 2008

wow….. great.

insic Nov 11 2008

i love the notepad chaos just downloaded it. thanks.

Rishi Luchun Nov 11 2008

Love these, my site was originally based on the Vikiworks V5, but I have tweaked it quite alot so it looks different now. his Infinity one is quite impressive as well.

Technologix Nov 11 2008

Thanks !

Simply Ornate is forbiden …..any link for donwload? I love it

Tschai Nov 11 2008

Impressive themes indeed: currently using a widgetized version of The Unstandard at

And 1150 diggs? Even more impressive!

Ozcan Nov 12 2008

Some very nice looking themes here.
Thanks for putting it on the one page.


nice list!

Great it’s good for inspiration!

Dietmar Nov 12 2008

I like most of the themes. They are both inspirating and you can also have a look, whoe the authors managed things! Very useful.

This collection is awesome! Some great themes and I can’t wait to start using some of them. Thanks.

Maverick Nov 12 2008

Very good list ! Gonna bookmark it for future use :)

Alejandro Nov 13 2008

esta muy buena la coleccion ya estoy descargando muchas gracias

Dulce Nov 13 2008

Hi! Thanks for including Mahiwaga in the list. You might want to update the download link and add a demo link pointing to the original author’s website. We will appreciate it. Thanks.

Connie Nov 15 2008

I whished the template-writers would start to use language-variables

it is a real shame that you have to edit 6 or 8 files with the same textsplitters just because the designers do not realize that there are more than 1 language out there…

please, start to use the language-file-snippets!!!!!

Ordillicopods Nov 17 2008

i want to share my free wordpress theme here.



Rosario Nov 19 2008

Worth staying in your blog for more than an hour :)

Subscribed to Feeds !

balachandar Nov 19 2008

some of the themes hosted in this url were *not* available for download.

how can i get them?

Jacob Gube Nov 19 2008

@balachandar I’ll see what’s up with those, but you can find a download link to the files by going to the WordPress theme pages (clicking on the name of the WordPress theme will take you to the page).

Duran Nov 19 2008

On the “Forbidden” links, just copy the shortcut URL, then remove the “.zip” section to just enter the directory, then right click on the file and “Save target as”…

its really cool!!!

Benny Ang Nov 20 2008

Nice and Cool WordPress Theme, Keep your creativity

Asilee Nov 21 2008

The one that I want, the link doesn’t work. Is there a way you can find or fix that link so I can download it? The one I want is called “infinity”. Feel free to message me. Thanks.

Janice Nov 21 2008

I’ve spent the last 2 nights looking all over the internet for a theme I haven’t seen a hundred times. So glad I came across this list. I found what I was looking for. Thanks!

Adrian Nov 26 2008

The whitespace usage in the ‘DailyPress’ theme is great.

denbagus Nov 27 2008

thank a lot, i have looking for themes ,now i found my favourite theme

Seen Zone Nov 29 2008

Thank you very much.

Sankeerth Dec 01 2008

Very nice themes…. thanks for the excellent list.

hmm, i need to write 100 beautiful free wordpress theme to compete with this articles..
good list

Straderade Dec 12 2008

I love these type post. Bringing out some top quality themes in a user friendly post. Thank you for your time in this post and I will be checking back for more informative post!

Robertas Dec 19 2008

To be honest this is a great list of even GREATER themes :) One of the best ones out here on the internet

Terry Dec 21 2008

GOOD JOB! So beautiful,excellent!!!!

JaMilancha Dec 23 2008

Nice collection!

KronicDreamer Jan 01 2009

Great selection… i decided on typebased as my main theme, and i am tweaking it as we speak :) ty

tasarhane Jan 20 2009

Very nice themes

letras Jan 20 2009

very good..

trace Jan 29 2009

Sadly, some of these themes are not GPL or if they are they are violating the GPL license conditions by injecting encrypted sponorship code into the theme templates. It would be good to have a notice letting people know which are truly “free” as opposed to those that are stealing advertising from you. That way your readers can decide for themselves if they want to support that kind of thing or not. Personally I don’t. I don’t mind linking back to the designer but it is not legal to enforce conditions that involve promoting spam sites, other businesses or any other random business or website without paying for the advertising. I boycott any theme authors who engage in this underhanded practice.

Adrin Jan 31 2009

really, i impress it.

Amanda Jan 31 2009

Very impressive list. All the themes are beautiful and unique in their own way. Thank you! =0)

Shibani Feb 02 2009

Wonderful collection :)

jobucks Feb 03 2009

im really impressed with your collections of wordpress themes.

Infrascape Feb 04 2009

really this is good , good collection.

Yashu Feb 04 2009

Really Fantastic WordPress themes. I impress it.
Really I am searching for Themes, now I found it.
Thanks for the excellent list.

dootv Feb 09 2009

wow , huge collections for me,it ‘s beatiful wordpress themes,
i already download,and i will use it in my blog,thanks you

EinbauStrahler Feb 22 2009

Nice and clean templates.
Thanks for sharing this collection.

Mark G. Mar 05 2009

This is a great list. I can add some more from where there are so many other cool themes. I like it clear and simple. :)

Madmouse Blog Mar 11 2009

Always nice to find a collection of themes like this. I am designing my own themes this year and also releasing free WordPress themes to the public.

Sonia Khan Mar 26 2009

im really impressed with your collections of wordpress themes.

Great ! Thank you

Not Delia Apr 06 2009

Excellent collection, thanks. I like the Notepad Chaos idea – that could be just right for a new site I’m planning.

dwane johnson Apr 09 2009

i love the notepad chaos and want to download it but it says 403 forbidden when i click on it :(
any idea on what to do?

Bogdan Botezatu Apr 14 2009

Excellent resource! While I was aware of some of these themes, some other absolutely stunned me. Great compilation, I’m waiting for an article with your plugin recommendations!

CSSJockey Apr 27 2009

Here’s another highly customizable feature rich free wordpress theme..

Check this out:

vector4u May 09 2009

Thanks for the great list.
I already downloaded my favorites, Infinity

bladeofmind May 15 2009

thanks so much for the useful list, I am very new to this kind of blog so it takes a lot of time for me to get the nice theme.

gonna make a link from my web to here to share good theme for other.

Virgilriz May 21 2009

Notepad Chaos theme is the best!

nitendra Aug 10 2009

Awesome themes are available , difficult to make selection. wordpress fun themes best for my blog site.

David Parsons Aug 14 2009

a great post! I just might use one of these for my own blog.

kamal Sep 02 2009

Nice post here…awsome free WP themes
great jobs

sayuru Sep 27 2009

this is coooooooooooooooooooooooool……………..


Rook1970 Oct 16 2009

I recently started making themes for WP. Here is one I made that I think turned out well:

Kimberly White Oct 23 2009

I love the “WordPress Magazine Theme.”

It’s so helpful to have this list, because searching through WordPress with keywords is a coin-toss.

I just started using “PrimePress” by Ravi Varma on my site, and so far, it’s the cleanest, best-looking, and best supported theme I have tried.

Heather Nov 09 2009

There are some beautiful themes on here, and not the usual WP themes you see all the time. Thanks!

wp themes Nov 12 2009

I am happy that one of my themes listed here. Thanks for the list. All of the themes are really perfect.

Franck Silvestre Nov 17 2009

Never came across those themes. Thank you.


Never came across those

TerryAnne Nov 20 2009

Love the themes. SubtleZen is gorgeous! Looking forward to the newsletter.

geomark Nov 25 2009

As trace said above, some of these themes have hidden links and encrypted content. That is nothing short of sleazy. There is a useful plugin that will spot this sleazy practice called TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker) available here

Install the plugin and run it to check any themes you have uploaded before you enable them. And don’t use the ones with hidden link and encrypted content.

Mr.Mix Dec 04 2009

really i love the collection thanks a lot !

Rosewing Dec 09 2009

what a huge list, thank to server us with this..

thats why im using wordpress for my blog, cos people like you.



thank u so much

patlat Dec 13 2009

Thanks for the great list.

Jenny Dec 19 2009

Hey, nice post. :) Thanks for the interesting info.

Daniel Ditgens Jan 13 2010

Hey. Thank you for this inspiration.

Scott Jan 15 2010

Hi Great post thanks for sharing. The designs are awesome inspiration.

Lance Jan 21 2010

Great set of themes. BEst collection in one place I have seen yet. You have made my search a lot easier. Thanks!

clicknepal Jan 27 2010

Nice Theme! Very nice and useful for many blogger

crpols Jan 27 2010

Wow, I have never seen such great themes for free. Thank you.

weeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jan 29 2010

A great collection
Really cool themes

love these styles. i went for the green wildlife for my mama blog. thanks!

Modicus Remix looks great here on this page but awful in reality, why is that? Did they modify it? too bad :(

Tola F. Mar 11 2010

Very nice… will most likely be coming here to pick a theme or two, especially the photo clip one. thanks

Robyn Mar 15 2010

Amazing list of free themes.

No one should have an excuse for having an ugly site when there are so many free beautiful themes.

BlogTem Mar 23 2010

wow… nice themes. I really like simple balance 2.0


bapakmu Apr 03 2010

Check out my premium collection at . Oh .. and it is fully free…
The file is available to download anytime. with average size more than 9 Megabyte. Thats show it is premium template. :D

Very nice… will most likely be coming here to pick a theme or two, especially the photo clip one. thanks

love these styles. i went for the green wildlife for my mama blog. thanks!

Thanks for sharing these themes. They are really beautiful.
I chosed one for my website and i really like it.

gozjtm713 Apr 24 2010

wow, what a fantastic themes! Thanks. It is useful for me to select the wp themes.

Thanks you for sharing a very very great themes. ! I really love Firebug !

Greattechno May 13 2010

thanks for list…

Sagive May 15 2010

Cool :) great list, took that brown template.. 10x man

Kawita May 17 2010

Thank you from my side also..this is very suitable for my website.

nuManaGa May 18 2010

good themes.

jalonsoa May 19 2010

Great list of themes. Some of ’em doesn’t work though… I recommend a couple to a colleague who are willing to start up his own blog. Thanks!

The only one i liked wasn’t available for download! What a pile of nonsense!!!

pondicherry Jun 17 2010

thanks , this theme inspired me , anyway i use this ,thanks once again.

Nur Mohammad Jun 27 2010

Extraordinary post, specifically the themes are awesome.

Nur Mohammad Jul 13 2010

I used some of them. Some are almost professional but not all. I think the admin should care about it that, keep a little collection, but they must be extreme for the wp theme seeker. Thank you.

I love the snapshot and iTheme probably the two best in my opinion.

nice design…

WpNull Jul 26 2010

good selection of templates, designers need to have equal

backpacker Jul 26 2010

Great looking themes and all in one place. Thanks for saving me a heck of a lot of time!

tobiCOM Aug 08 2010

Nice seection! Most like the simple Themes

YaWeZ Aug 28 2010

Thanks nice themes

Thanks for the brilliant list of the theme love it :)

robbie Sep 04 2010

Amazing themes, thank you so much.

msn show Sep 12 2010

thanks , this theme inspired me , anyway i use this ,thanks once again.

so boring and useless.

gretz Sep 17 2010

Love it…anyway!

Halen Sep 20 2010

Beautiful templates, all of them are best in the graphic work.

Sarah Jones Sep 23 2010

Yes, most beautiful templates

Freddy Chin Oct 06 2010

It’s a great collection. It’s really helpful for the designers point of view.

davide scalzo Oct 19 2010

I m new to wordpress an this is really a good collection to get started. Thanks for sharing

Dekpress Nov 04 2010

Thank you very much, it is very beautiful theme.

Atomatar Nov 14 2010

Hi, fine collection exhibited here, now whats next is: Content!!

All the best

Pho Phyu Nov 26 2010


very nice themes…
thanks you so much…

Mathias San Miguel Nov 26 2010

Nice Themes, but some of the links (A lot of them) doesnt work

irsolo Dec 21 2010

hey thanks…… fantastic

BosHan Jan 03 2011

i will consider to start using wordpress..

Arun Kumar Jan 11 2011

Thanks for the posts

Prashant Jan 12 2011

Nice Themes…I really liked it great work…

Rali madhusudhana chary Jan 12 2011

I am saying heartily thanks.
Now i will start the blog posing.

Awesome and excellent collection of templates.

Web Design Stuff Jan 14 2011

Great collection. thank you. bookmarked.

Wilfried F. Voss Jan 20 2011

I’m always searching for new WordPress themes for writers and authors, and I found some very good samples here. Thanks!

AfterU Jan 21 2011

Thank you greate theams!

steve marshall Jan 23 2011

Great list of themes…these are awesome..some were pretty inspiring for some custom ideas…

thanks! i can use this!

love’ very nice

vivin Feb 12 2011

thx a lot ! I’ll use one of them for my blog

Daissi Feb 15 2011

I like ColdBlue theme. It has nice ‘cold’ color combination

Excellent post with list of all the free themes. I like Agregado theme as i used this theme on my website some time ago. I love it…

nice wordpress theme list. i searched allot for these themes thanks for these excellent themes.

Dessign Feb 26 2011

This list is from 2008 but some of those wordpress themes still look good, If you make amazing design it hold its value for long time,

Arjuna-X (google it) is also a fabulous WordPress template.

Susan Feb 28 2011

Out of these, I like the wp theme “infinity” the best.

what a beautiful list of themes – i’m so glad i found you – i can add to my directory of themes for futures use

apu_aja Mar 22 2011

thanks a lot, for links too

Marc S. Peron Mar 27 2011

Very nice work. However,, I am looking for a 3 column layout dwith two sidebars next to each other on the right side with white content background and a blue or green color. I’ll keep looking.
Thank You

Vrdnik smestaj Apr 15 2011

Thanks for very nice wordpress themes…

Sokobanja Apr 24 2011

Excellent post, thanks for the nice explanation, I really like

Md. Hemonto Haider Apr 29 2011

truly magnificent collection

Apartmani May 02 2011

Thanks for the best WordPress themes on internet!!!

Linesh May 11 2011

Nice post , Thanks for sharing :)

Vamshi May 18 2011

These templates would really help budding designers in long way…. Thank you for sharing with us

navjot Jun 07 2011

Absolutely fantastic collection, the website has been bookmarked. Cheers

G.N.R.S.U Jun 14 2011

some themes can not download at all !!!

A lot of functional and modern themes that fit into many sites. Thank you very much

Snave Wehttam Jun 28 2011

Great themes, perfect for a wide variety of sites. Thanks

Majalah Jun 29 2011

Mimbo 2 is one of the best wp theme for magazine style. I use it on my news site

Santhosh Jul 11 2011

You have given too many good option; thanks for this problem of plenty! Many of the themes are cool..

apu_aja Jul 14 2011

thanks for themes, many options for my blog

Wesley Jul 15 2011

Lots of good options. I will download the iTheme and the Ashford.. very nice.. free too… Got to love that!! Thanks, Wesley

anandy Jul 16 2011

great collection of themes

Raghavendrabsrg Jul 21 2011

download links not working!!

kaushal Jul 27 2011

such a great collection please continue ur work thanks for this

interesting themes ever!!!!!
but i am still new on wordpress, and i dont have any idea how to import those themes into wordpress blog.
please..could any one help me. what’s the next step?

panax Aug 07 2011

thanks for themes, many options for my sites

Sonia Aug 14 2011

Really awesome themes. I am going to use one of these theme.

Barsha Aug 24 2011

Illacrimo theme is very beautiful.
Minimal design but very colorful

sunclara Sep 02 2011

The Original Premium News
it best theme style
Thank you so much again for This theme.

I have a web CSS template, Can anybody covert its into wordpress theme. pls reply

Je Suis Vert Sep 03 2011

Thanks for sharing these templates, they look very beautiful and free!

Abdul Gafur Sep 11 2011

Thanks for this..
you’re awesome!!

DWI JO Sep 20 2011

Great template,, thank you.

Gunungkidul Handayani Sep 20 2011

Now i am switch to simply ornate,, your theme list is awesome.. :)

Awesome themes! Thanks a lot

Melissa Sep 22 2011

Thanks for these great themes :-)

TutsPress Sep 30 2011

amazing list. Thanks for the templates.

dimmi Oct 04 2011

Woow… this is Beautifull thems!

Marios Oct 06 2011

Its great to see WordPress themes from 2008 in 2011, what a big difference, but some of them I still like it,

Daniel Oct 16 2011

Awesome themes. I love the theme called ‘iTheme’ and might apply the current version (v2) to one of my sites. Thanks for this post!

Jokesmantra Oct 18 2011

Very Nice Post.Thanks….

Enqer Oct 19 2011

wow! thank you!

Vremenska Nov 07 2011

Thanks, I install 4 from this list!!! Great work!

suren Jun 13 2012

The themes are just awesone
But I am looking for themes with a large slide show on the home page, I am new to wordpress so can you suggest some?


Kundan Sep 02 2012

I like tigerpress and itheme.these two are best suited to me

ace maxs Oct 09 2012

I download it ..
Thanks, nice collections

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