50 Stunning and Beautiful Desktop Wallpapers

If you spend a lot of time on your computer, you probably want to make it a friendly place. A gorgeous desktop wallpaper will personalize your interface and can inspire you creatively.

In this collection, you will find 50 beautiful desktop wallpapers handpicked for just you. You can never have enough wallpapers – and if you’re feeling like your desktop needs a face lift, check these out.

1. Stabilis


2. Blue paper robot

Blue paper robot

3. Rising sun

Rising sun

4. The Pirate Bay Wallpaper

The Pirate Bay Wallpaper

5. Feeding time

Feeding time

6. BrikThulhu Rising

BrikThulhu Rising



8. Check that shit out

Check that shit out

9. smile


10. Chroma


11. N. Design’s wallpapers

N. Design's wallpapers

12. The Dream City

The Dream City

13. Desert Dawn

Desert Dawn

14. Aethyos


15. Vintage polish matchbox

Vintage polish matchbox

16. the pirate bay wp

the pirate bay wp

17. This is the Day

This is the Day

18. Movers and Shakers

This is the Day

19. Los Lollis

Los Lollis

20. All things into position

All things into position

21. Good Design stays in focus

Good Design stays in focus

22. Graffiti Wall Paper

Graffiti Wall Paper

23. The Alphabet you can make pancake with

The Alphabet you can make pancake with

24. Ah Question?

Ah Question?

25. Untitled Wall III

Untitled Wall III

26. Simpsons OSX wallpaper

Simpsons OSX wallpaper

27. 7th and Broadway

7th and Broadway

28. City


29. Fake Jungle

Fake Jungle

30. Chu Kiss Beso

Chu Kiss Beso

31. Heart gaming

Heart gaming

32. What a night

What a night

33. Run away together

Run away together

34. Brush fun

Brush fun

35. My Bokeh

My Bokeh

36. Psyco HotDog

Psyco HotDog

37. Twitter wallpaper

Twitter wallpaper

38. Champignons


39. Purple Veins

Purple Veins

40. Splash


41. Green Apple

Green Apple

42. Gears


43. Love of Black Sand

Love of Black Sand

44. Dirty Envelope

Dirty Envelope

45. Standing in red

Standing in red

46. Scanned-Busted


47. Anglerfish


48. KittySune Noir

KittySune Noir

49. BeaniePet


50. Save the Planet

Save the Planet

Which one’s your favorite?

Let us know if you installed one of these in the comments – we’d like to know your design taste.

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About the Author

Mirko Humbert is a freelance designer from Switzerland. He shares his thoughts about his passion on his graphic design blog, Designer Daily, and also runs a CSS gallery called CSS Orgy. To connect with Mirko, you can follow him on Twitter.

This was published on May 5, 2009


Alexandra Jau May 05 2009

Seen som of them before…But I really like the two with Pirate-themes. And Stabilis is fabolus.

Nice thanks for sharing

HieuUK May 05 2009

Thank for the collections, my favorite is the “Rising sun”. Quite impressive light effect. I love the Simpsons, unfortunately, it’s a quite simple.

defcon May 05 2009

awesome :)
and now for dual monitors :)

Jordan Moore May 05 2009

Hey Mirko,

The third link needs fixed, it’s currently linking to the second one.

Great roundup, I’ve added a few to my wallpaper folder :)

Nice post, thanks! I’ve been looking for some nice wallpapers to grace my desktop, and I chose #1, #7, #12, #29, #40. Also, I picked up a wrong link in #10 ‘Chroma’ at the time of this post, either their site is down, or just that location is down, who knows.

Thanks for the great post! I find myself spending an increasing amount of time on SR, :).

Jacob Gube May 05 2009

@HieuUK: That one’s my favorite as well; I’m using it on my laptop.

@Jordan Moore: That was my fault, not Mirko’s, oops! I fixed it now, sorry for the inconvenience.

@Matt: Wow, great, you picked out a lot! And hey, nothing wrong spending time here at SR! :)

Curvball May 05 2009

Nice collection, Blue Paper Robot is classic.
You can get a few Apple-realted walls (the fireapple collection) over here:

thank you so much for including mine in this wonderful collection! a couple a faves
17. This is the Day, 11. N. Design’s wallpapers, 40. Splash, 46. Scanned-Busted
i plan on enjoying!
thank you again

Roberto May 05 2009

Nice. Thanks for sharing. They are all so good, I just don’t know which one to use first. I think it will be homer :)

Kawsar Ali May 05 2009

Nice selections. Angel is the best one here!

Horia Dragomir May 05 2009

Great list and thank you!

Still, where’s the Windows themed wallpaper?

taylan May 05 2009

awesome! Thanks a lot, beautiful collection.

Matthew Heidenreich May 05 2009

great collection! Will definitely take a look at some of these

Callum Chapman May 05 2009

Great collection! I’m now using number 3 ‘Rising Sun’. Thanks!

DarkZeratul May 05 2009

Boy! I was in awe about 15 min after seeing “Love of black sand” (43). It’s sad and beautiful… Numbers 26, 37, 39 and 40 deserve an honorable mention, but they are several stages below Number 43 :)

Kakasab May 05 2009

thank Mirko…. its awsome

Claire Web May 06 2009

My fav has to be the mushroom one. Thank you for these lovely designs :)

Ashely Adams May 06 2009

They are all so beautiful and cover such a wide range of aesthetics that choosing one is very difficult. But here are the ones I particularly liked –

Love of Black Sand
Untitled Wall III
My Bokeh

Honorable mentions – Gears, Desert Dawn.

Thanks for sharing.

Great list… thanks. Love the Homer/OSX one

k4ch0 May 06 2009

Great collection!!!

Mykeura May 06 2009

Wow… excellent collection man.

Thank you, very much for the Information Resources.

SneakyRogue May 06 2009

Wow, thanks a lot for the feature (No.25 Untitled III)


Owein Herrmann May 06 2009

#17 This is the Day

Chetan Madaan May 06 2009

Amazing Collection.

Adrian May 06 2009

Wow, I wish i could make these!
My favorites are the first one and “What a Night”.

Jay August May 06 2009

I always feel so uncreative if I pick the first in line of such resources, but I REALLY like the Stabilis wallpaper :)

Jacob Gube May 06 2009

@SneakyRogue: Thanks for dropping by and for creating and sharing Untitled III (the was my favorite name out of the bunch – I end up naming my stuff “untitled” too).

@Jay August: That’s one of my faves too (and why it’s placed up high on the list).

Michelle Chae May 06 2009

Amazing Collection.

G. Od May 07 2009

“Save the Planet” is most liked me. I will use it.

Naushaba J.Quraishy May 07 2009

these wallpapers are quite good but specially “This is the day” & “Love of black sand” are FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Navdeep May 07 2009

Beautiful wallpapers… I saved almost everything on this list!

bob chavel May 09 2009

very unique and nice floorplan if i do say myself

Osman May 10 2009

I love them! Thank you!

Aethyos is cool and looks very complicated

Jorge Santos May 11 2009

Number 45 is great!

mint~ May 12 2009

Number 2 is great!

Willem Pirquin May 12 2009

Thanks for finding me!
It’s very motivating!


muhammad Tufail May 13 2009

I love ‘save earth’ wall paper we should think about it.


sadaqat May 13 2009

stablise is best one. good work done by your website.

thanks for shareing that beutiful wallpapers.I like very much

Able Parris May 24 2009

Grateful to have two of my wallpapers featured here. (#18 and #23)

It’s a great showcase.

Sabine May 26 2009

I opted for Aethyos! Cool! Bookmarked this page because there are dozens I like!

Laith May 26 2009

Stunning? No
Beautiful? Yes, just some of them.
Thanks for sharing.

Smoothoperator May 28 2009

Your designs are quite nice. Thanks for sharing them. Like some of the others who have left comments, I too have saved a couple for wallpaper use.

honour chick May 29 2009

very beautiful wallpapers. all downloaded and saved! ;)


Deepak kamboj Jun 13 2009

This Desktop is realy nice.Thanks,

Dario Gutierrez Jun 17 2009

Excellent list and nices wallpapers.

najam Jun 21 2009

normal but not good these wallpapers are normal batter

its nice but not excellent pic.

Shahbaz Jun 28 2009


Jaspal Singh Jul 02 2009

wonderful collection of wallpapers

Anwar Hussain Jul 05 2009

This is a bad download.

Ah Nice. I like the Pirate Bay one. I had to include it in my collection. I have a fixation on dark, simple, minimalistic backgrounds. Can’t explain why.

Mian Saleem Aug 09 2009

Wow, I like. I think there is nothing good than it. so beautiful and heart throb

Atheyos is just mindblowing!!!! thnx a lot buddy….

Ertan Sep 06 2009

I like these wallpapers.

nagarjuna Sep 15 2009

these wallpapers are very nice

Blaberize Sep 16 2009

This round up rocks! Most of them are well-selected but the ‘Rising sun’ wallpaper strikes me, I love it. Thumbs up and bookmarked!

Cara Dixon Oct 14 2009

Some of these are brilliant and provide great inspiration. I particularly like #3 – the design is amazing!

alomost all de wallpapr are gud bt last one is rearly nice

Niazullah Khan Nov 03 2009

these are very unique pictures i really apreciate it very much .
thank you

soban Nov 27 2009

very worrest collection

Sue L Nov 29 2009

I chose the champignons. I don’t know why I chose that over all the others, really. Maybe it was the appeal to my love of nature, or love of old things. I loved the clean, detailed “inked” drawings of the insects and toadstools. Very nicely done

Tahir Hamid Dec 12 2009

The W.p. at Serial No.03 and 13 are heart-touching.

NIAZ AMIN Dec 12 2009

I chose the champignons. I don’t know why I chose that over all the others, really. Maybe it was the appeal to my love of nature, or love of old things. I loved the clean, detailed “inked” drawings of the insects and toadstools. Very nicely done

#@ND$OM @NGEL Jan 27 2010

! like this wallpapers.

Sheikh Habib Feb 22 2010

thanks for choise me wall paperI loved the clean, detailed “inked” drawings of the insects and toadstools. Very nicely done

tariq rehbar Mar 12 2010

mind blowing
keep it up

alveena Mar 30 2010

i choose splash
otherwise very worst collection

nayan kolhe May 03 2010

Its just lovey,really lovely collection……
dont give up!!!!!!!!!!

Alexa May 12 2010

Here you can find nice Windows themed wallpaper.

sajjjad May 14 2010

all wallpapers are amazing, very nice

maham May 18 2010

all r not gud

Shirley May 23 2010

I’ve just installed one from your 40 Beautiful Grunge Style WP collection.

But I might be back for My Bokeh and Good Design Stays in Focus. Also like Purple Vein and Scanned-Busted.

junaid siddiqui May 26 2010

it was a brilliant pics and we must thank to our god who blessed us with great gifts of nature

Mateos May 27 2010

the feeding time one is so sick. i would want that in a t-shirt form haha

Larry Jun 23 2010

Hi , I found one more page with high quality free computer desktop wallpapers . All wallpapers are in 1024×768, 1280×960, 1280×1024, 1280×800, 1440×900, 1600×1200, 1680×1050, 1920×1200 or 1920×1440 resolutions.

good very simple wallpapers

saadi Aug 28 2010

not v impressive natural scenes are matchless.

Afifa Hashmi Aug 29 2010

i i really appreciate them all


sneha Sep 10 2010

wel dese are very stunning n very hap!!!!!!! too gud wrk do keep sharing………….

sharif Nov 03 2010

i like the smile with the blood on his face. and thanks for sharing

SMART GIRL Nov 27 2010


mushtakh khan Jan 10 2011


Prabhat khandelwal Jan 15 2011

Great viewing!!

awesom dude……its diferent,share more plz…thanks

afifa Jan 16 2011

fantasy and beautiful

asiya Jan 28 2011

these walpapers are not so stuunig but they are very colourfull and bright

soofia Jan 28 2011

these walpapers are so so so beautiful and stunning i like them very much

Scarao Feb 20 2011

Nice, I really like these. I just started using Windows 7 (upgraded from XP) And have been enjoying the wallpaper switcher feature. Haven’t had much to use though.

M I K E Mar 01 2011

your wallpaper contributions are really cool thanks brother

ABID HUSSAIN Mar 12 2011



Number 03 is great.

Really awesome list, and I’ve found one more with great wallpapers:-

r.pasupathy Apr 05 2011

very nice

kageni Jun 01 2011

i loved my bokey no.35

I just hate this wallpapers………

karsang Ghale Jun 19 2011

Really nice pictures….. i love this designs … lovely… keep design another more picture like this…

anil unde Jun 30 2011

beutiful wallpapr

anil unde Jul 15 2011

beutiful nature

IRSHAD AHMAD Jul 21 2011

very beautiful.i love it

Gargi Jul 29 2011

Its all r soooooooooo beautifulllllllll……….no coments

Karthik Jul 29 2011


SHANKAR Aug 12 2011


vetrivel Sep 01 2011

its very nice


shivani Oct 09 2011

dey are fine but nt dat gud

most of them were just fine, not that beatiful and not at all stunning

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