Cheat Sheets for Front-end Web Developers

Cheat sheets are helpful to have around because they allow you to quickly remember code syntax and see related concepts visually. Additionally, they’re nice decorative pieces for your office.

In this article, you’ll find 23 excellent, print-ready cheat sheets for HTML/HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including MooTools and jQuery).

So go ahead – print out your favorites and pepper your workspace with these wonderful references.


1. HTML Help Sheet

HTML Help Sheet Screenshot

2. HTML Cheat Sheet

HTML Cheat Sheet - Screen shot.

3. HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet

HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet - Screen shot.

4. XHTML Cheat Sheet v. 1.03 – PDF

XHTML Cheat Sheet v. 1.03 - screen shot.


5. CSS Cheat Sheet (V2)

CSS Cheat Sheet (V2) - screen shot.

6. CSS Cheat Sheet

CSS Cheat Sheet - screen shot.

7. CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet

CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet - screen shot.

8. CSS Level 1 Quick Reference – PDF

CSS Level 1 Quick Reference - screen shot.

9. CSS Level 2 Quick Reference – PDF

CSS Level 2 Quick Reference - screen shot.

10. CSS2.1 Quick Reference Card – PDF

CSS2.1 Quick Reference Card - screen shot.

11. CSS2 Reference Guide – PDF

CSS2 Reference Guide - screen shot.


12. JavaScript Cheat Sheet

JavaScript Cheat Sheet - screen shot.

13. Addison-Wesley’s JavaScript Reference Card – PDF

Addison-Wesley's JavaScript Reference Card - screen shot.

14. JavaScript and Browser Objects Quick Reference

JavaScript and Browser Objects Quick Reference - screen shot.

15. The most common DOM methods at a glance – PDF

The most common DOM methods at a glance - Screen shot.

16. JavaScript Quick Reference Card/Cheatsheet

avaScript Quick Reference Card/Cheatsheet - Screen shot.

17. mootools 1.2 cheat sheet

mootools 1.2 cheat sheet - screen shot.

18. jQuery Cheatsheet

jQuery Cheatsheet - screen shot.

19. jQuery 1.2 Cheat Sheet

jQuery 1.2 Cheat Sheet - screen shot.

20. jQuery Visual Map – PNG

jQuery Visual Map - screen shot.


21. RGB Hex Colour Chart

RGB Hex Colour Chart - screen shot.

22. The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet

The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet - screen shot

23. The WordPress Help Sheet

The WordPress Help Sheet - screen shot.

Hope you picked up a cool cheat sheet or two. If your favorites aren’t on the list, don’t forget to share it with us in the comments.

This was published on Jul 7, 2008


Abhinav Singh Jul 07 2008

Excellent and useful. Looking forward to more from here :)

Meanwhile for interested web developers, I have a few blogs here

Steven Snell Jul 07 2008

Nice collection Jacob. These could come in handy (I guess that’s the idea).

Easily the most useful post I’ve read today. Thanks!

Jamal Jul 07 2008

Awesome, very useful!

Damn you’re good at putting together useful collections like this. I’ll definitely refer to this in the future. Thanks!

Vipul Limbachiya Jul 08 2008

Thank you very much for sharing…. Its gr8 collection! Thanks again

Defcon Jul 08 2008

Tnx alot dude!
i saved them all! :)

Swapnil Sarwe Jul 08 2008

Hey Thanx for the awesome list of cheat sheets, Looking forward to use it more often to speed up my development.
Gr8 work. I am adding it to for future reference and sharing it with friends

NasirJumani Jul 08 2008

#1 and #7 are really the godsend for me….Many thanks….stumbled! :~)

khaty Jul 08 2008

a very useful post.. thanks! hope to see more. :-)

Kunal Jul 08 2008

Great collection! Was looking for CSS cheat sheet! Thanks!

Vardaan Jul 08 2008

Ultimate Resource !!! missed one Prototype CheatSheet, here –

PNG Image –

Jacob Gube Jul 08 2008

Hey everyone – thanks for the positive feedback! I’ve got a lot of these printed out and pasted all over my work area. I find it useful because when you’re surrounded with your work, you might see something that you haven’t seen before (such as an easier way to do a certain task).

Daniel Jul 08 2008

Thanks, man.
This will help me a lot for pimping my blog.
Keep it up!

Kévin Dunglas Jul 08 2008

Another interesting cheat sheet for web developers concerning security: XSS security Cheat Sheet :

And another collection of cheat sheets (Rails, PHP, Javascript, CSS, Apache, …):


Abhisek Jul 08 2008

Awesome. Very useful, indeed.

Alexandre Jul 08 2008

Very useful resource, stumbled. But, it’s a lot of stuff. I would be freaked out if surrounded by this huge amount of paper. MFG, it’s a lot of things to learn.

Thanks for this great collection!!

Ashish Patel Jul 08 2008

i m workning in SAP. so, it is not useful to me at all. But i will send it to my friends. It may be useful to them.

Dan Collins Jul 08 2008

Top collection, thank you very much!

Siavash Jul 08 2008


Michael Castilla Jul 08 2008

Thanks for including my WordPress Help Sheet! Great post :)

Heather Jul 08 2008

Excellent resource! Thanks!

johnny rodriguez Jul 08 2008

kewl, bookmarking them as we speak.

Jason Bartholme Jul 08 2008

Great list. Two of the CSS cheatsheets are posted on my wall already.

Darryl B Jul 08 2008

Love it! Thanks a lot for getting this put together.

handy Jul 08 2008

Nice…. thanks.. :)

Jacob Gube Jul 08 2008

Hey everyone,

If you have pictures of your workspace decorations (including a cheat sheet wall if you have one), post a picture and share it with us.

I’ll start it off with a picture of my cheat sheets:

I have the MySQL, JavaScript, and mod_rewrite from ILoveJackDaniels (now called Added Bytes) by Dave Childs. I also have the PHP cheat sheet on another side.

Dave Child Jul 08 2008

Thanks Jacob :)

My server is having trouble with the referred traffic from Digg. If you can’t get the cheat sheets from there, there’s a simple file mirror at

Worthless Jul 08 2008

Great reminder.

cool, thanks a lot

Anthony Damasco Jul 08 2008

Amazing list, thanks

Myles Jul 08 2008

Nice collection. Here are some helpful cheat sheets for flash/flex developers.

Timothy Long Jul 08 2008

Solid list. Covers all the fundamentals.

Jon Steenbergen Jul 08 2008

Thanks, I was looking for some good jQuery cheat sheets!

Jacob Gube Jul 08 2008

@Dave Childs: First, thanks for putting these wonderful cheat sheets together (even the WoW cheat sheet which my non-developer friends found awesome as well!). Second, if you want, we can offload some of the cheat sheets onto my server as an alternate download link. Just let me know.

Indra Jul 08 2008

This is real handy! Thanks for these sheets :)

Jdzzle Jul 08 2008

i’m actually not very impressed. you have multiple sections for xhtml but still there’s no mention of the xhtml essentials. no mention of the difference between div and span, (block vs inline) and how important it is to set the width and height. i can find what i need faster if i google it. the javascript reference only seems to touch the tip of the iceberg too.

Valentino Jul 08 2008

Great sheets. With this and the Firebug add-on for firefox, I’m set.

Loren Jul 08 2008

Beware that these are not for learning, they are for *reference only* if you (generally) already know what you are doing.

I mention this because the first one I looked at, #13, has several errors (some of which may only be obvious if you are familiar with JS already). Can’t speak for the rest.

Rochester Web Design Jul 08 2008

Great list, need one for mysql in there, or just SQL in general.

chris Jul 08 2008

Wonderful list! I wish I had these back in college.

this rocks

Mithun Sreedharan Jul 08 2008

Much thanks for sharing!

Srinivas Jul 09 2008

This is really usefull…

Awesome! These will be a great help!

Excellent info…many thanks.

What about PHP? Do you have a good site like this for PHP?

What about Powerscript?

Jimmy G Jul 09 2008

Thanks for showing the GoSquared Help Sheet first, and the GoSquared + WPCandy Help Sheet too.

You might also want to check out our CSS Help Sheet (and even add it to the list if you want)

Thanks for a great post, really valuable.

Welcome to Paradise Jul 09 2008

I liked the cheat sheets for html, xhtml, css, the rgb hex color chart, seo and wordpress help sheets as well.

Did I mention all or most of them … :)

Thanks for these.

Dejan Cancarevic Jul 09 2008

very nice collection, thank you!

came in right in time – thanx :-)


Carlos Eduardo Jul 09 2008

Great list.

Very very usefull links for Front End Developers…

Thank you for posting it :)

CloudedVision Jul 09 2008

Great stuff! Grabbed the JQuery cheat sheet. Jul 10 2008

Great post. Thanks so much !

Skys0 Jul 10 2008

Extremely useful, Thanks !

timbury Jul 10 2008

Excellent collection! Thanks!

Erik Pettersson Jul 10 2008

Amazing list of Cheat Sheets, total resource!

war-o Jul 11 2008

I hate PDFs. Though it’s a good list.

Gurpreet Singh Modi Jul 11 2008

Absolutely amazing! A very helpful resource collection!!!

Gaurav Jul 11 2008

Very good keep it up. Thanks a lot.

Thanks. Very useful…!!!

Kashif Jul 11 2008

Excellent work

Very nice collection you have there. Thanks for sharing man!

Joey –

Jason Jul 12 2008

Great collection for different resources.

XHTML Character collections:

Maggie Wolfe Riley Jul 15 2008

I was going to tell you about all the great cheatsheets on, but when I went there, it redirected to addedbytes, where most of the cheatsheets in this article are from. Well, addedbytes is a much better domain name, no matter how much you love JD – ha!!

Thank you very much, Jacob. It’s really very useful! :)

Tijmen Jul 16 2008

Great list, very usefull :)

biran Jul 16 2008

.Net people check out this post on Jquery style .net validators.

patrickd Jul 18 2008

thanks for the stuffs!
very useful..
keep it coming..

Really helpful. A great time saver.

PluT0 Jul 24 2008

quite well useful, any know where is the place to download the complete cheatsheet in one rar or zip file for all above.

ahbas Jul 27 2008

cool collection..

WebFusion Aug 02 2008

Great list man, really useful and complete.
Thanks for sharing.

orecoryday Aug 02 2008

Thanks !

paresh Aug 03 2008

great, thanks for sharing.

Velvet Blues Aug 04 2008

Thanks. These are very useful… It would be cool to download them all at once.

Affordable Web Design Aug 04 2008

Cheat sheets…mmm so tasty. Thanks for posting these quick references! I always seem to forget the simpler ones – doh!

Abhinav Singh Aug 08 2008

Here is yet another post from me for the front end developers, on how to speed up the loading of their websites and hence enhancing their user’s experience:

lucky Aug 08 2008

You’ve got something for everyone. Could use some cheat sheets for Flex and Flash, though. Thanks a lot for posting these.

Other Man Aug 12 2008

Thanks dude

CompassPoint Web Design Aug 26 2008

These are fantastic… I have added them to our collection. Thank you!

stelt Sep 08 2008

Nice, but you’re missing SVG

kevin Sep 08 2008

Any cheat sheets on RubyRails?

Vijay Sep 08 2008

I am a fan of cheat sheets… and this site takes the Michael phelps persona…

Keep up the good work


Calvin Gilbert Sep 08 2008

I would like to see some Ruby cheat sheets as well.

Aniza Sep 11 2008

very cool indeed!! Keep up the good work

DeMoehn Sep 13 2008

Extemely Georgous!!!
Very great stuff, I think I like to print them all and decorate the whole room with them^^

Daisy Morgan Sep 28 2008

For Ruby cheatsheets try searching delicious for

ruby cheat
ror cheat

and you’ll find plenty to choose from.

very nice collection

Sara P Oct 23 2008

Nice collections for my vault and keep up the good work. Your blog very informative.

Carlos @ VPSmedia Oct 24 2008

Great article, this will come in handy with our new design ;)

Andrew Oct 30 2008

This article is really useful for me. Thanks.

MK (Casey) van Bronkhorst Oct 30 2008

Stunning – glad to have seen this now. Thanks for tweeting it within earshot.

North Sydney Web Design Oct 30 2008

Hi Great resource, these are a great help. I’m designing a new site now so will use the cheat sheets.

I’ll be posting more web design articles on my Web Design Blog

Great collection of goodies

Roman Ozana Nov 06 2008

Impala Nov 13 2008

Thanks SixRevisions team for the cheat sheet.

Prof. Wurst Nov 26 2008

Thanks for sharing! Helps me a lot!

Wiliam Dec 08 2008

Great collection. Thanks… :)

Damn you’re good at putting together useful collections like this. I’ll definitely refer to this in the future. Thanks!

scirad Jan 04 2009

Nice work!

The thing I have never liked about downloading and printing a disparate set of cheatsheets from the net is the lack of consistency in presentation and the fact that I keep loosing them. My searches for just a set of printed cheatsheets in book form have thus far been in vain. Now it looks like there is an alternative. These guys – are offering a whole lot of cheatsheets in book format.

Indigold Jan 23 2009

@ scirad – Visibone [] also do booklet-form cheat sheets.

Nonetheless, thanks to the author of this post for providing a useful collection of cheat sheets.

ArjunanMunuswamy Mar 03 2009

Really useful cheat sheet for begineers also. It is a gift to me. Thanks

Musafar Mar 05 2009

Very useful resource, Thanks :)

Jack Fisher Mar 10 2009

very useful list thank you

citizen Vern Apr 07 2009

Thanks thanks a million thanks!

Grant Apr 13 2009

Thanks. Very good stuff

Artover May 07 2009

Wow… so nice! Thanks a lot.

Whatsacoder Jun 14 2009

This is one hot stuff!!! thank you very much for this… thank you thank you… I’ll be trying this and have this hacks configured

lijas Jul 10 2009

its very usefull and easy understanting

Robert Jul 15 2009

Damn, I had no idea there were so many of these. Thanks for the collection.

8apixel Aug 02 2009

YAY! so glad i found this page! love it! just about O.D-ed on all the choices! haha. Thanks!!

Aroma Aug 22 2009

Amazing this is the best collection of all times. Well done and thanks for all the hard work.

Kral Oyun Sep 15 2009



BayAreaRed Sep 27 2009

As a first year student working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Web Design & Development, I was thrilled to find these! I have used “cheat sheets” for all sorts of subjects in college and I’m happy to see web designers have this resource too.

I have a 2″ binder with ALL my cheat sheets in it – in protective plastic covers! (I’m so anal…)

How about cheat sheets for Mambo/Joomla, and maybe even Information Design?

good resources thanks i will definitely put to good use.

Nikita Sumeiko Dec 18 2009

Very useful cheats. Thank you very much!

Aravind Jan 24 2010

This is really…nice collection and it’s very useful….Thanks a lot

Nikita Sumeiko Jan 30 2010

Yeah, I like this collection too. Really nice one!

septianw Mar 02 2010

yeah, love it!!!
thanks to share.

Rukai Mar 06 2010

Yes! So useful for me !
I mean I will use thouse often !!

munir ardi Mar 07 2010

I like all, thanks for share buddy

pinrangblog Mar 18 2010

very helpfull, thank you

Chicago Apr 08 2010

Oh hell yeah! This get a bookmark right away! Thanks a ton these. CSS ninja in the making.

There is a new wonderful cheatsheets website!

Sauge May 26 2010

hi, i just download all of them, they’re useful for me, thank you, Good Files.

Mike Zeng Jul 13 2010

Very useful resource… Thanks for sharing!

abdel Aug 24 2010

thanks and great job , thanks for sharing : :))

Chicago Sep 14 2010

Excellent post. I already use some of these but the other ones are truly a treasure. Bookmarking this right away:)

VIVROCKS Sep 18 2010

oh wow! thats some serious effort. :hatsoff:

Numous Sep 24 2010

U blog mke me smile ^_^. thxs for this cheat sheet resource

Robert W. Oct 11 2010

This is fantastic. Especially love the CSS Shorthand sheet! Thanks for the great resource!!

Surfedia Oct 22 2010

What a great resource, I’ve been trying to develop something like this for me, but always keep missing the pieces… much appreciated!

Sugar Free Jan 07 2011

Great post, instant bookmark for me. I provide SEO for clients and am always being asked HTML and CSS questions. Now I have the answers…superb!

Wyrdbeard Jan 18 2011

Great resource – many thanks!

Bob Esponja Jan 26 2011

Great Jquery cheat! thank you! Wp cheats links are not working. please if somebody have them and can upload them, will be very helpfully.

This icons are really usefull. Thanks! Feb 15 2011

hanks and great job , thanks for sharing : :))

Regis Chapman Mar 23 2011

Very nice article. I’ll definitely link to it!

Mohammed Mar 29 2011

thanks so much it is valuable

hanabi Apr 06 2011

thank for valuable information
I already use some of these but the other ones are truly a treasure
thank you so much

Ernest Wells May 13 2011

This website is mostly a walk-by means of for all of the data you wished about this and didnít know who to ask. Glimpse right here, and also youíll undoubtedly discover it.

ghansham Jun 30 2011

million thanks for sharing such effective learning material

Joyeria Contemporanea Jul 19 2011

Already use some of these but the other ones are truly a treasure..
thank you

Mariann Jul 29 2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This is a very full-featured list. Even though its older, it is still very helpful. Thanks!

Vikas Rattan Aug 25 2011

most in use

Its vy esy 2 understnd…
thnx 4 providin…..

Andreas Oct 04 2011

Awesome resource. Thank you.

Imagenes Linkmesh Oct 15 2011

Hehe, thank you very much appreciated!

Calgary Web Oct 08 2012


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