30 Creative and Unique Free Fonts

30 Creative and Unique Free Fonts

Everyone love free fonts. If you want to be a bit different, you can use these creative fonts to make sure that your designs will stand out.

Note: Before using any fonts on your projects, it’s important to read the licensing agreement!

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1. MDRS-FD01


2. Labrat


3. TYPORM01 Round ans Square

TYPORM01 Round ans Square

4. SquaretypeB


5. Knarf art font

Knarf art font

6. Velocity


7. Synthetique


8. Amputa Bangiz Standard TTF

Amputa Bangiz Standard TTF

9. Giant Head

Giant Head

10. Snickles


11. Times New Yorker

Times New Yorker

12. Vintage




14. Parallello

Parallello Font

15. Karabine


16. Infected


17. Facet


18. Drift Type

Drift Type

19. Multistrokes


20. Cat Basah Kental!!!

Cat Basah Kental!!!

21. Que FONTita

Que FONTita

22. Confessions


23. Madredeus


24. Vtks Revolt

Vtks Revolt

25. Exus Pilot

Exus Pilot

26. VAL


27. Outlaw


28. Kilogram


29. Ballpark


30. Orial


Which ones are your favorite? Did you discover any new fonts that you downloaded and will use in your design projects?

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Tomas Laurinavičius is a blogger and designer from Lithuania who’s currently studying Multimedia Design & Communication in Denmark. Check his work at his personal portfolio site and follow him on Twitter.

This was published on May 16, 2010


Rocky May 16 2010

wow really unique and beautiful fonts

saidyavuz May 16 2010

very good post thanks lot

HowToPlaza May 16 2010

Thanks for sharing this great collection of free fonts.

Raisin* May 16 2010

i like it. Thanks you^^

Teena May 16 2010

Love it as always. Thanks.

JonathanB May 16 2010

Ty so much for sharing. Love number 4 “SquaretypeB”.

Sayyes May 16 2010

Like it so much ! thanks !

Lil' Peekr May 16 2010

This is the best collection I’ve seen in a while — very unique set great choices, thanks Tomas.

amazing collection

Great post Thanks a lot!

like this one, thanks

James May 16 2010

Nice collection of fonts. Squaretypeb looks wicked! Thanks for sharing!

PSDMaterial May 16 2010

just co0l

skyje May 16 2010

Excellent list of fonts, thanks for sharing

Houssem T. May 16 2010

realy nice and usefull

Erik Kubitschek May 16 2010

The Labrat set would make for some nice typography, I could see it as the logo for a WordPress typography based site.

Zofty May 16 2010

thanks, great post.

irfan ahmed May 17 2010

wOOoow awesome thanks for sharing … keep it up tomas

tografix May 17 2010

i think that the most beautiful are: Velocity and kilogram. thanks Tomas for sharing these.

Ted Thompson May 17 2010

Some great fonts, Que FONTita is my favourite. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! I like 18 & 30.

Jordan Walker May 17 2010

Nice, thanks for the round up of fonts.

HowToPlaza May 17 2010

Nice font collection! Bookmarked :-)

These are cool. I’ve come across several free fonts lately, and I can honestly say I like these a lot. Thanks!

FALOB May 17 2010


FALOB May 17 2010

Like it!

Jonathan May 17 2010

Mercy Buckets!! Nice collection!
I especially like Snickles!

Thank you!!!

Najam Siddiqi May 18 2010

these are really creative fonts

Helmuts May 18 2010

Nice list. fonts for fun.

elaine May 18 2010

this is great. thank you very much.

Keith May 18 2010

#4 is sweet. Thanks.

Charm May 19 2010

Great post Thanks a lot!

Bruce May 19 2010

these are really creative fonts

I love Orial.
Great post. Thanks.

Consultor Valencia May 19 2010

some fonts are very common but these are very useful.

Nathan Archibald May 19 2010

Great list of fonts. I’ve only seen a few of these out there. I’m really digging Velocity and Vintage!

Good list. Thanks for sharing.

pakaworld May 20 2010

Great posting. I like the all of them. Thank you for it.

Sqweeziz May 20 2010


cheto May 22 2010

this good one, I am new here, I wait that it serves me as a lot of east forum, to another thing one doesn’t swim so of English je je all I will translate it in the google thank you

Some very useful fonts in this collection. Thanks

Radwa May 27 2010

Really like these fonts… thanks for sharing!

Tiyo Kamtiyono May 29 2010

Good fonts, especially squaredtypeB


Ericlokow Jun 05 2010

Nice thank´s

Fernna Jun 10 2010

it look so cool!!!


thank u

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muchas gracias! buena recopilacion de fuentes! todas buenisimas!

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Thank you

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creative and unique.. wild idea.

Bunny Mar 19 2011

Awesome fonts.. thanx a lot.

Shreya Apr 01 2011

All of them r very nice..!!

Mundo Ecologico Apr 29 2011

Thanks for this post, “Infected” is really cool!!

anjelina May 03 2011

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Bingo Jun 28 2011

So good, Thank you very much

Thank you so much! :)

kungnang Jul 14 2011

Thanks so much,veru useful creative fonts Thank you thank you.

gunjan Jul 18 2011

brilliant. simply amazing. these fonts r creative, stylish and elegant. may god bless you with loads of success.


karthikeyan Oct 12 2011

great post, grt fonts,thanks for the share

wazabb Oct 22 2011

thank you, it’s so cool

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GOOD ! like it so much :D

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