50 Fresh Design Blogs You Should Be Reading

The last year or two has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of new design and development related blogs breaking out in to the community. In this article, you will see a list of fresh and new design blogs worth subscribing to and reading. Our goal here is to help you discover a few sites that you might not have heard of before.

50 Fresh Design Blogs That You Should Be Reading

Of course, we’ve left out the staples and the big boys such as Smashing Magazine, Abduzeedo, et al. because you’re likely already familiar with them.

1. Design Informer

44. Design Informer

Design Informer is an excellent weblog by Jad Limcaco, a web designer from Long Beach, California. Design Informer shares articles, tutorials, and freebies for designers.

2. DesignOra


DesignOra is a website for creatives that covers a wide range of topics. They also offer step-by-step tutorials for designing awesome stuff. The site is regularly updated so you’ll get a constant stream of great content.

3. Onextrapixel


Onextrapixel (more commonly known as OXP) was opened to the public on the 14th of April, 2009. It was started by two enthusiastic Singapore-based designers/developers. On OXP, you’ll find inspiration sources, tutorials, freebies, tools and various other articles.

4. Three Styles

Three Styles

Three Styles is aimed at web developers and designers, bringing them the latest trends and tutorials. Topics range from excellent designs for inspiration, high quality tutorials (from Photoshop to jQuery and everything between) and free resources.

5. ideasonideas


ideasonideas is a design blog by Eric Karjaluoto, who discusses design, brands and experience.

6. Inspired Magazine

Inspired Magazine

Inspired Magazine (more known as InspiredM) was opened on the 2nd of March, 2009. It offers all kinds of design goodies, such as articles, freebies and inspiration.

7. Inspect Element

Inspect Element

Inspect Element offers high quality articles, tutorials and also features a ‘best of the week’ series which includes links of the week and wallpapers of the week.

8. Blog of Francesco Mugnai

Blog of Francesco Mugnai

Francesco Mugnai is a freelance graphic designer who runs a design blog on the side. You’ll find articles about advertising, Apple, business cards, graphic design, design inspiration, WordPress and tutorials.

9. Design Boom

Design Boom

DesignBoom is huge design blog, posting about everything design from graphic design to illustration, from art to architecture. They also run regular competitions and own a shop.

10. Position Absolute

Position Absolute

Position Absolute is run by a dedicated team to bring us the best content about everything that concerns web development. The blog was opened to the public on the 23rd of January, 2009.

11. Circlebox Blog

Circlebox Blog

Circlebox Blog is my home. I blog about all things design with a pinch of photography and business-related articles. I opened the blog live to the public on June the 25th, 2009.

12. The Web Blend

The Web Blend

The Web Blend is a community for designers, developers and tech junkies that keeps you current with a summary of the latest in web related news and trends. Users can vote for their favorite articles to see them displayed on the front page.

13. Folio Focus

Folio Focus

Folio Focus is a design blog dedicated to showcasing beautiful web-based portfolio designs. It is updated on a regular basis (usually daily) and is sometimes updated several times per day. A great source for portfolio inspiration.

14. Blog Design Heroes

Blog Design Heroes

Blog Design Heroes is a blog dedicated to showcasing fresh and modern blog theme designs. It’s a great source of inspiration when designing or redesigning a blog and is updated almost daily.

15. Type Inspire

Type Inspire

Type Inspire is a design blog dedicated to showcasing beautiful typography and text effects used in both print and web design. It’s (again) updated almost daily.

16. Siiimple


Siiimple is yet another design blog dedicated to showcasing a particular style of work. This time, showcasing simplistic web design. The site is regularly updated making it a superb place to visit for inspiration.

17. Bevel and Emboss

Bevel and Emboss

Bevel and Emboss is a blog powered site offering free web templates and icon sets that are simple to use, free to use (and modify) and require no linkback.

18. Web Designer Help

Web Designer Help

Web Designer Help is a blog dedicated to web designers, offering free resources, interviews, tutorials, inspirational showcases and competitions.

19. Script & Style

Script & Style

Script & Style is an archive for web developers and designers. Users can submit their own links, and browse others to help you grow as a designer and developer.

20. D-Lists


D-Lists is a blog dedicated to compiling lists of the very best in design, from advertising to web design. It’s administered by Michael Wilson and was opened on the 4th May, 2009.

21. Cats Who Code

Cats Who Code

Cats Who Code is a weblog dedicated to web development, with a focus on programming languages, blogging tips, web design and WordPress. Jean-Baptiste Jung, a Belgium based web designer and developer, runs this awesome site.

22. Design Blurb

Design Blurb

Design Blurb provides web and graphic design tutorials, resources, tips and links on a regular basis to the design community.

23. Tutorial Board

Tutorial Board

Tutorial Board offers high quality tutorials for graphic design, motion graphics and visual effects. The site aims at offering the highest quality tutorials on the net with real world production issues and working solutions.

24. Marco Folio

Marco Folio

Marcofolio is a blog by Marco Kuiper. The blog offers many categories including art and design, programming, fun stuff and tutorials.

25. [f5]


[f5] was opened in July 2009 and is regularly updated with daily creative inspiration. If you’re suffering from the dreaded design block, this is a great place to visit.

26. Little Box of Ideas

Little Box of Ideas

Little Box of Ideas was opened in February 2009 and is owned by Sneh Roy. The blog offers contests and giveaways, freebies such as brushes and icons, inspiration, interviews, resources, reviews and tutorials.

27. Nouveller


Nouveller is a design-related blog by Benjamin Reid, a web developer from UK. Being a side project, the blog isn’t updated as regularly as it could be, but when it is, you’re bound to learn something new. Categories include competitions, downloads, inspiration, jQuery, photography and tutorials.

28. Designussion


Designussion is a blog dedicated to design discussions, inspiration, brand identity, freebies, showcases and tutorials. It is updated on a regular basis with 2-3 posts per week.

29. Creativity Den

Creativity Den

Creativity Den is owned by Liam McCabe and was started because of his love for design. The blog offers various articles, tutorials, resources, round-ups, interviews and freebies.

30. Web Developer Plus

Web Developer Plus

Web Developer Plus is a web development and design blog providing tips, tutorials and advice on how to design and develop great web applications. Topics range from PHP/MySQL to AJAX, Javascript and jQuery, and HTML/CSS to WordPress tweaks.

31. Creative Opera

Creative Opera

Creative Opera is a blog aimed at new designers and individuals that love good design. It is full of useful information, creative inspiration and lively discussion.

32. Minimal Exhibit

Minimal Exhibit

Minimal Exhibit is a blog dedicated to showcasing minimalistic and simplistic web designs. It is usually updated on a daily basis and is a great source of inspiration for all kinds of designers and artists.

33. From The Couch

From The Couch

From The Couch is an online video show, presenting interviews, site reviews, theme reviews, news about Obox Design, tutorials, the reality of running a small web company and much more.

34. Cart Frenzy

Cart Frenzy

Cart Frenzy is a blog dedicated to showcasing the latest and freshest trends in online shopping cart and eCommerce design.

35. Design Snips

Design Snips

Design Snips is a blog dedicated to showcasing snippets (thumbnails) of design to produce a wall of inspirational work, allowing the user to click and view the full design.


XHTML-CSS-CODE is a blog devoted to design, development, html, xhtml, css and creativity. It was made live to the public on the 21st of June, 2009.

37. DesignNewz


DesignNewz is an archive site that features articles, resources ans tutorials written by designers and developers from all over the design community.

38. Line25


Line25 was a new project of Chris Spooner’s this year (owner of Spoon Graphics). The blog is a drawing board of creative web design, a place where ideas and inspiration are drafted out into articles, tutorials and roundups of cutting edge web design.

39. Bit Rebels

Bit Rebels

Bit Rebels is a blog focused around fun, on the edge and relevant subjects and categories such as design, events, gaming, geek, lifestyle and movies.

40. Freelance Shack

Freelance Shack

Freelance Shack is a blog that covers every aspect of a freelancers life, from marketing to inspiration and pricing to clients. The blog was opened in September 2009.

41. Paper Leaf Design & Photography Blog

Paper Leaf Design & Photography Blog

Paper Leaf is a creative husband-and-wife duo who regularly blog to build a rich resource of tips, articles, inspiration and important information for designers, photographers and clients.

42. Scarlet Bits

Scarlet Bits

Scarlet Bits is a brand new project created by Marco and Iris. They headed out to bring the web design and development community new and exclusive freebies, tips, tutorials and important news from the niche.

43. Blue Blots

Blue Blots

Blue Bots is a design blog showcasing trendy inspiration, freebies, tutorials and resources from all over the web.

44. Red Bilby Blog

Red Bilby Blog

Opened to the public in October 2009, the Red Bilby Design blog is one of the newest on this list. It offers inspiration, interviews, tutorials and various other design-related articles.

45. Smashing Share

Smashing Share

Smashing Share is by Waheed Akhtar, a web designer from Dubai. The blog was founded in August 2009 and was started to share free web resources with designers and developers.

46. Echo Enduring Blog

Echo Enduring Blog

Matt Ward opened the Echo Enduring Blog as part of his company in June 2009.

47. PSDeluxe


PSDeluxe is is an ultimate delight for all Photoshop enthusiasts. It’s armed with a huge pool of information regarding the tools and tactics of Photoshop.

48. Webitect


A web design and development blog targeted at freelancers, Internet entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers, developers and webmasters of all sorts. They are focused on making you a better webmaster.

49. Slodive


Slodive cover topics such as design inspiration, web development and unique Photoshop tutorials.

50. letscounthedays – Notebook

letscountthedays is the portfolio of Shay Howe, a Chicago native and a freelance web/user interface designer. His portfolio site has a blog section (which he refers to as his notebook) that publishes content that you should definely read.

Missed your favorite fresh design blog?

The comments is always a great way to discover even more great sites. So if you know of a fresh, off-the-beaten-path website that we didn’t mention, please share it in the comments.

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This was published on Feb 13, 2010


Shay Howe Feb 13 2010

Callum very nice round up! Thank you for including my blog, I really appreciate it.

You do a great job with Circlebox Creative yourself! Keep up the good work.

Jeff Archibald Feb 13 2010


Thanks for including Paper Leaf in this list – much appreciated. There are a ton of great blogs in this article; I’ve bookmarked a bunch and am looking forward to going through them.

Mahmoud Feb 13 2010

Great post, Callum! Thanks.

Sean Geng Feb 13 2010

Nice list! I’ll be sure to follow them.
Hopefully one day we’ll make the list:

Michael Wilson Feb 13 2010

Wow! Thank you so much for adding D-Lists. I’m honoured to be among some excellent design blogs. My day has been made

Codesquid Feb 13 2010

Thanks for this list! I already knew of about half, but the rest I will check out!

Great collection. Here is one more!

Steve Zelle Feb 13 2010

Processed Identity is a new site you may be interested in. The site explores the creative processes used to develop visual brand identities. It includes case studies, articles and discussions about logo design.

Smashing Share Feb 13 2010

Hey Callum, Nice post and thanks for including Smashing Share.

Gustavs Feb 13 2010

Very useful article, however could’ve skipped a few sites. Sometimes less is better. :)

Gonzo the Great Feb 13 2010

Well Callum, looks like you’ve missed a great new and fresh blogging site!

Cheers & Ciao …

Omer Greenwald Feb 13 2010

Thanks for posting this! I really didn’t know most of these blogs

Alex Kessinger Feb 13 2010

Seriously, no OPML, come on, help a brother out.

Mike Smith Feb 13 2010

I take it that the designnewz site screenshot was taken before? It’s got mistletoe on it :)

I like the article though. Some good blogs I haven’t seen around and will be subscribing to.

Tomas Feb 13 2010

Awesome list. What about ?

Brian Lovin Feb 13 2010

Solid collection, too bad Elite By Design didn’t make the list! Maybe next time ;)

thanks for sharing, some of them I didn’t know.
Actually I recently decided to read less blogs and spend more time actually putitng what I read into practice.

Jacob Gube Feb 13 2010

The comments are where it’s at, thanks for adding more links in this post!

@Alex Kessinger: Can Six Revisions readers expect to see an article written by you soon! It’s been a while!

Webtoolfeed Feb 13 2010

Great article, you forgot a good one

Mathew Carpenter Feb 13 2010

Great article, Callum. Hopefully in the future, @addtodesign will be featured in a similar post.

Matt Ward Feb 13 2010

Awesome list! Some really great blogs on there! Thanks so much for including the Echo Enduring Blog! That’s awesome!

johny Feb 13 2010

Nice list !! But how cud you forget to add ??

This site gains good traffic rank in just one month… im its regular reader..

Nyways thanks for the list :)

Bryan McAnulty Feb 13 2010

Awesome list. Haven’t heard of some of these yet.

For those who are interested in another new design blog, check us out at

Also right now we are holding a business card giveaway for anyone looking for some fresh and free business cards.

Lou Sparx Feb 13 2010

Hey guys, PLEASE add to the list as it’s my first month and could really use some help.

Thank you,

Alex Kessinger Feb 14 2010

@Jacob Gube funny you ask, I just started something this afternoon its rough, but I will send you a draft when I get it in a good state.

Alex Kessinger Feb 14 2010

not perfect but her is an opml of the feeds easy to import into your feed reader.

Shane Jeffers Feb 14 2010

Thanks for including Three Styles Callum! Great list here!

Chris Thurman Feb 14 2010

Great list Callum! Also be sure and check out

Matthew Heidenreich Feb 14 2010

some great ones there, feel i should be on the list too, but oh well ;) great share…thanks!

jared thompson Feb 14 2010

great list of blogs, you should definately head over to design juices :)

Yagnesh Ahir Feb 14 2010

Hey Chapman, thanks for sharing such a nice list of design blogs. I have also started writing the design blog a month back, hope i someday I will find my blog in some post like this ;) . Keep Posting.

Richie Feb 14 2010

Great List… how about :)

Mihai Feb 14 2010

If you are into interior design and architecture you should definitely check

Adrian - 7creative Feb 14 2010

Great list. I’ll need to update my feed reader.

anita Feb 14 2010

The trouble with lists is…

that the first two items I clicked on began with “10 best…” and “7 great…”

ahh too many to look at. I can’t keep up… a new design blog starts every week. Thanks for the list though. Some I’ve not seen before.

binocle Feb 14 2010

Nice list, thanks… but why 50?
IMHO it would be more interesting to pick 5-7 very good particuliar sites that might catch interest, instead of throwing 50… my2c

Vincent Feb 14 2010

Do we really need that many design blogs/sites? I have noticed that the majority of design blogs do not offer original content, but borrowed; you visit one blog and see something, then you visit another one and you see the same thing… If you are someone who’s going to start yet another design blog, my advice to you is to focus on your own original material/content. If you do that, and the content is great, you won’t need any promo; people will find you!

Sertac Aydogdu Feb 14 2010

Thanks for your sharing. these are the amazing blogs.

Noel Wiggins Feb 14 2010

Typeinspire will change my life.

How about The Design Inspiration?

Robert Feb 14 2010

Excellent list, is another new site that looks promising.

Codesquid Feb 14 2010

If anyone would like to drop in to any comment on some articles that would be really cool. Hope to get featured on a list like this one day!

Jacob Gube Feb 14 2010

@Alex Kessinger: Great, can’t wait!

Marcell Purham Feb 14 2010

Great list of blogs! Sorry to see Webdevtuts didn’t make the list

Francesco Feb 14 2010

Great post and…thanks for including Blog of Francesco Mugnai :)

Tom Kenny Feb 14 2010

Thanks for featuring Inspect Element (although that’s the old logo).

h1brd Feb 14 2010

Hey, thx for putting up ScarletBits on the really cool list :)

Eko Setiawan Feb 14 2010

Some blogs, I have often visited, but many are new to me.
Thanks for share..we hope that maybe someday, our blog can be a reference for others..
Keep working hard and smart :)

Marco Feb 15 2010

Whoah – what a list! Already following/subscribed to most of them, but a couple on here are new. I’ll make sure to check them out too.

Thanks a lot for including Marcofolio – glad you like my blog!

Cre8ive Commando Feb 15 2010

Nice list. Here is yet another web design blog you may be interested in: (yes, it’s mine ;-))

BigM75 Feb 15 2010

great collection of design blogs, thanks

Callum Chapman Feb 15 2010

No problem for including you all in the list, guys. You all have great blogs – keep up the good work! :)

Pete White Feb 15 2010

feed reader updated. very useful looking list : )

BEBEN Feb 15 2010


sarah Feb 15 2010

Great post and very interesting list.
We are a new italian/english community to webdesign with sources of inspiration, tutorial and freebies.

I hope you like our work.

vikas ghodke Feb 15 2010

Nice list wat about

Jordan Walker Feb 15 2010

yeah that is a nice list of design blogs.

Illustration Toolbox Feb 15 2010

Great post just wanted to add one more.

Decave Feb 15 2010

Here’s one more –

Shurandy Thode Feb 15 2010

Great list Callum. Following most of them already. Thanks for sharing though

Design Informer Feb 16 2010

WOW! #1 on the list? I’m sure it’s not in any particular order but thank you so much for featuring Design Informer.

I was looking for Design Instruct, the awesome new tutorial site by Jacob but it’s not here. :)

Jean-Baptiste Jung Feb 16 2010

Thanks for including CatsWhoCode in the list. Lots of great blogs there!

Ricardo Gimenes Feb 16 2010

Hi Callum,
Why did you use part of blog (top corner) as an icon, smashing magazine network link? You didn’t mention behind the websites, there’s no problem, I just want to know ;) Cheers.

Themeflash Feb 16 2010

Thanks Callum,

Great list but you miss my blog that should consider in this list.

Nick Parsons Feb 17 2010

Hey Callum, great post and thanks for including Webitect! I’m definitely going to subscribe to some of these.

Lucas Cobb Feb 18 2010

Awesome post. Here is mine: – for everything design related.

Vicki Feb 19 2010

Wow I’ve just added almost all of these to my feed reader! Thanks for the great list. I don’t think my site is worthy of an addition as it’s still very new and these sites listed are so very good, but…here it is anyway!!



Wow, nice list

Manda Szewczyk Feb 23 2010

Whoa! I am completely HONORED to be on this list!! And, you’ve given me many awesome new blogs to add to my reader! Thanks so much for putting this together Callum – it’s great to see so many newer design blogs in one place. How could I have missed some of them? This post has been bookmarked!!

Charlotte Feb 23 2010

Thank you for featuring Onextrapixel. Great list here Callum!

andrewbenardski Feb 24 2010

Some blogs are new for me, thanks for share! And here is mine – Inspiration for creativity.

Imran Subhani Feb 25 2010

Nice collection but you missed one i.e. yes you are right… its run by me ;) lol

Stanley Diaz Feb 25 2010

Awesome list! Definitely bookmarked. Some of these blogs are new to me, but if they made the list I’ll definitely be sure to check them out. Thanks man.

PelFusion Mar 02 2010

i think you missed PelFusion :)

Designerfoo Mar 03 2010

Great list :) Booked marked some of them, thanks!

smartuts Mar 21 2010

i really love this list..

fireRox Apr 09 2010

thanks for this awesome list.

Louis Gubitosi Apr 12 2010

hey Callum, thanks for adding The Web Blend!

erdem Jul 19 2010

i love this stuff!!
thanks a lot and stay creative.
greetings from bremen

Phoenix Sep 16 2010

Nice compilation here, Callum! They really present good resource.

Hey, Great collection you got here. You should consider to add in the list though.

Great! These themes are new and helpful basis. Kudos! Keep it up.

Macy Jones Nov 08 2010

Great top 50 design blogs chart;

Nisha Shah Nov 23 2010

Nice Collection.Big thanks for sharing.

NetGemini Nov 25 2010

Dear All

Career opportunities in SEO, SEM, Web Analyst, All JOBS in INDIA

Manoj Nov 29 2010

Is there a way to see how the pages that have been indexed are ranked without having to type it in at Google and then start searching ?

Paola Lozano Dec 28 2010

Nice collection!, thanks a lot!

Geoff Rogers Jan 02 2011

Fantastic collection – very inspirational! Thanks for sharing :)

brilliant list. keep up d good work.

good collection of design blogs, thank you

Freddy Fario Feb 17 2011

Michael Stewart Feb 23 2011

Hi Callum

The Interactive Design Institute are just starting up a blog. Have at look at:


Thanks for going to the effort of posting stuff like this. I’m going through some design block right now and this was great inspiration.

Saqib Khan Sep 01 2011

some of the best collections of designed which can be used anywhere. If a person really analyses the collections surely will not have to go anywhere for the selection of the designs. great work.

Jornes Sep 06 2011

It’s great sharing! =)
Awaiting for the next part..

mopu887 Sep 08 2011

Extremely cler site, thnkyou for this post.

Annabel Oct 07 2011

This is a great collection – thank you for compiling. Lots to be inspired by ..

Here’s another site i found that others may be interested in. Its a design and lifestyle blog that is updated daily with some super interesting stuff.

Queen Oct 25 2011

Thanks for going to the effort of these themes.. It was great inspiration.

Adept Nov 19 2011

Cool :) thanks for sharing collection…

great list, big fan of design boom.

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