Design Instruct: A New Tutorial Web Magazine for Designers

As we near the second year anniversary of Six Revisions, I (along with my brother Ike) have launched our latest web project, Design Instruct, a web magazine that aims to teach designers and digital artists useful techniques by way of detailed and step-by-step tutorials.

Design Instruct: A New Tutorial Web Magazine for Designers

You can read more about our goals for Design Instruct in the Chief Editor’s Welcome post.

What You Should Check Out

We invite you to have a look around the site and connect with us in various ways.

You can subscribe to the Design Instruct RSS feed so that you can get site content updates through your feed reader.

You can follow us on Twitter (@designinstruct) where we’ll share site news, updates, special Twitter giveaways and contests for designers, interesting links, and inspiring Tweets.

We also have a Facebook page that you can become a fan on, as well as a Flickr Group pool for sharing your Design Instruct inspired works.

What You Can Do to Help

The easiest way to help us with Design Instruct is by sending out a Tweet to your network to share the news to your friends and followers.

You can click on the following link below to send out the tweet:

You can also show your support by subscribing the RSS feed, following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Last but not least, we’d love to know your thoughts on how to improve Design Instruct, and what you want to see in the future. If you find bugs (we’re sorry), we’d love to know about them as well. You can contact us or leave comments on the Chief Editor’s Welcome post.

Thank You Six Revisions Community

I want to thank you all for the support that you’ve given Six Revisions. It’s almost been two years since I started this website, and I couldn’t have imagined that we’d all be here where we are now.

It’s been a wild ride from the start, and I hope you’ll stick around for the journey. I also hope that you continue to show your support by joining my brother and me at Design Instruct!

About the Author

Jacob Gube is the Founder and Chief Editor of Six Revisions. He’s also a web developer/designer who specializes in distance-learning education, front-end development, and web accessibility. If you’d like to connect with him, head on over to the contact page and follow him on Twitter: @sixrevisions.

This was published on Jan 26, 2010


Marc Shake Jan 26 2010

Aaaand – added to my feedlist. As the quality of postings is so great here (and as I still don’t even manage to create a nice template for my site) I am anxious for reading more :)

kevin Jan 26 2010

Sounds interesting but is there a difference with sixrevision ? I dont seem to see any. Am also wondering, what is the purpose of being a “fan of…” on facebook ?

Anyway, good luck with the project ;)

Bleyder Jan 26 2010

Cool! Good luck!

Jim Gaudet Jan 26 2010

Hey Jacob,

Great work at 6 revisions. I have been a subscriber for a long time now so I am sure Design Instruct will be great..

Good luck,

Jordan Walker Jan 26 2010

May have to subscribe to that as well.

iMatt Jan 26 2010

Very nice! I`ll definetly visit it often for inspiration and some new ideas. Because you know how they say: We learn the whole life!

Great design, congrats!

Richie Jan 26 2010

Great work, Jacob. I wish you the very best with Design Instruct.

Zak Groner Jan 26 2010

The site looks great, I’ve added to my bookmarks toolbar, and will be checking it daily. Good luck!

Jeremy Jan 26 2010

I love it!
Too bad that I didnt find you before my project start up…
Orders for those great quality of desing is yours for sure!

Matthew Heidenreich Jan 26 2010

interesting, will be sure to check it out

Jacob Gube Jan 26 2010

Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging words. The response thus far has been phenomenal and I have no one else to thank but the support and camaraderie of the design community. It’s an honor to be a tiny part of this wonderful global group of people.

ThePixelDiva Jan 26 2010

Great Site! Will absolutely share with my students. Thanks

I have followed Six Revisions for quite some time now.

I’m curious, what’s the difference between this new website and Six Revisions? Don’t they technically provide the same thing? If I were to randomly submit a great tutorial, how would you choose which website you would share it from?

Jacob Gube Jan 26 2010

@Rob: That’s a great question.

I think publishing the web design tutorial first can cause confusion. Design Instruct is for designers, visual arts workers, and digital artists: web design is a part of that, sure, but so is print design, processing photography, designing a t-shirt, and many things that don’t fit the scope of Six Revisions, which is a site for web designers and web developers (people who make websites).

If you submit a Web Design tutorial, it’s up to you where you want it to be published. But if you were to submit a tutorial on designing a vector logo, then it’s more appropriate on Design Instruct.

Also, Design Instruct is centered around step-by-step design tutorials while Six Revisions focuses on articles and “blog posts”, with the occasional web design or web development tutorial.

Jan Cavan Jan 27 2010

Congratulations on your new site, Jacob! The design looks great!

Tomas Jan 27 2010

Congrats Jacob. You’re doing amazing work with SixRevisions and DesignInstruct looks promising and professional blog. Now you have another new subscriber, follower and Facebook fan. Good luck!

PelFusion Jan 27 2010

nice to see you growing dude :)

sonnydesign Jan 27 2010

Congratulations and good luck! for sure this will be another successful website

ThisIsInspired Jan 27 2010

I look forward to reading Design Instruct… I’ve enjoyed Six Revision a lot and have no doubt the same quality and readability will carry over to your new site.

Thanks Jacob, sex Revisions, et al. :)

Awesome! Sounds like a site I would definitely visit daily as I am no guru yet, and really appreciate detailed tutorials to get “hands on” instruction.

Unfortunately, almost all of the images (there are a few exceptions) are being blocked out by Websense. :( Seems odd for a site like that, but whatever. Looks like I won’t be visiting from work anyway. (probably not a bad thing) :)

Good luck!

weindia Jan 28 2010

very Nice Web Design mazine,very much useful for the web Designers. Thanks alot for the tutorials.Keep posting some more tutorials.So that it will be more useful.

…found your site while browsing for ideas and inspiration! some great tutorials on psd to xhtml! i’ll have to try one i think! thanks

Lee Fuller Feb 01 2010

Another great site from you guys… love the layout…
will definitely be checking it out in the future…

Benjamin Rama Feb 20 2010

that is excellent cheers jacob ill be sure to subscribe now

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