Six Revisions Mobile Version Officially Live!

With today’s increasing demand for mobile device compatibility of websites and web applications, it’s imperative to make a site as accessible and friendly to a wide range of mobile technologies as possible.

Six Revisions Mobile Version Officially Live!

With the help of Mobify, a service for creating and hosting mobile versions of websites and web applications, I’m happy to announce that the Six Revisions Mobile version is now officially live.

The Six Revisions Mobile version is designed specifically for readers accessing the site through a mobile device such as an iPhone or Blackberry.

Twitter users rejoice: when you receive a tweet linking to a Six Revisions article or tutorial, you don’t have to wait until later to view it on your computer, simply check it out in your mobile device!

Mobile device users should be auto-redirected to the Six Revisions Mobile version at

Preliminary Statistics

After some live testing late last month, we saw a large amount of people accessing the site through their mobile devices. It was clear that this was a much-needed site feature so that you – the readers – can have the best experience possible when reading articles and tutorials on Six Revisions through your mobile device.

In the following figure, you can see a graph of the number of mobile device users who viewed the site during our testing period.

Preliminary Statistics

We’d Love to Hear Your Feedback

Please share your experiences (positive or negative) with the Six Revisions Mobile version so that we can tweak it and provide you with (an even) better experience. If you find issues or ways you think we can improve, don’t hesitate to leave a note in the comments!

Thank You Mobify!

I would like to thank the Mobify crew for working with me to get the Six Revisions mobile version up and running.

I would also like to personally thank Igor Faletski, my Mobify contact, who was very patient with me as we worked through this project, which was two months in the making. Be sure to keep up with them through Twitter by following Mobify on Twitter: @Mobify.

This was published on Jun 15, 2009


WebExpress Jun 15 2009

Oh Great :) Gonna use this.

Lucifix Jun 15 2009

I’ll check this out as soon Mobify is on again ;)

Raithlin Jun 15 2009

Looks good on my 5800. Job well done.

Igor Faletski Jun 15 2009

Good job Jacob and welcome to the mobile-friendly web =)

Looks good in opera mobile! In Blackberry browser the header logo doesn’t span all the way across, but still works great!

Brian Jun 15 2009

Problems on Palm Pre:

– Does not redirect automatically to
– H-scroll

Jacob Gube Jun 15 2009

Thank you for the feedback everyone and please do report issues you encounter.

@Brian: Thank you for leaving a note about that – we’ll get that resolved right away!

Igor Faletski Jun 15 2009

Wow, a Palm Pre user!! Your mobile is so fresh, it didn’t make the mobile device detection plugin yet. We’ll resolve it asap! :)

adam16ster Jun 15 2009

you and chris (css-tricks) used mobify…mobify must be the real deal

Bogdan Pop Jun 15 2009

I hate websites that tell me how to view them. Yours does just that as I am posting this from my iphone. I want to be able to go to the full site. I don’t want to be automatically redirected to the crappy mobile version. Let the user select what they want. Stranding me on the mobile version feels so comunist.

The link in the bottom is no use. Nobody will end up there.

Jacob Gube Jun 15 2009

@adam16ster: Well yes, they’re great people and I like their attitude towards development. Simple, clean, and very useful.

@Bogdan Pop: I thought that it would help and not frustrate you. I do also browse the web through my iPhone, and when I do want to go the the full-site – I just navigate to the URL. I’ll see what I can do so that the full-site link is at least more prominent on the page so that you don’t have to navigate all the way down to the footer.

Igor Faletski Jun 16 2009

@Bogdan we can feel your frustration, probably caused by dozens of limited, crappy mobile sites you’ve been to. This is not a mobile site but the actual one, optimized for a small screen. Would be curious to know what features you’re missing – would love to help Jacob port them down.

@Jacob you can definitely put the Full Site link anywhere in the site if users request it!

Looks great to me. Thanks for all the hard work. Link worked perfect on my iphone as well…

Is there any reason why you’re not using a mobile stylesheet instead?

Jacob Gube Jun 16 2009

@Andy: Primarily, for load-balancing. We need mobile users to have super-fast response times and if the articles are served off the main site servers, it could be a slower experience. That also does help the main site server by redistributing the serving of files. I only know this because I browse Six Revisions through my iPhone when I’m away from my computer. I want to accommodate mobile users as best as I possibly can but without taking away from the experience of computer users.

looks good on my N95

Brian Jun 17 2009

Right now, the desktop version actually works just fine, and my sixrev-powered commute continues. :) Looking forward to future mobile updates!

Floyd Jun 19 2009

Looks really great! Gotta try it out on my iPhone sometime, so I could show my friends some of the great interviews and inspirational designs you show on this site.

Daniel15 Jun 23 2009

Is it something custom, or just a normal Mobify site? I was playing with Mobify but couldn’t figure out how to do the posts of my blog (it only did one post, and I didn’t want to do them all manually).

It seems that with Mobify, you have to choose what content displays on the mobile site. What happens when a new post is published? Do you have to choose the content again? Or will it automatically pick it up somehow? Is there an easier way to choose what to make mobile (eg. CSS classes?)

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