Kinsta is an Excellent WordPress Hosting Solution

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Kinsta offers managed, cutting-edge, high-performance WordPress hosting that’s focused on the needs of enterprises, high-traffic websites, and bloggers. Their clients include Mint, Ubisoft, and UK Startup Jobs. Their team has been working with WordPress for over 8 years, and they have offices in LA, London, and Budapest.

In this post, I’ll talk about some of the reasons why Kinsta is an awesome WordPress hosting solution.

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Why Should You Host on Kinsta?

There are many reasons to choose Kinsta as your WordPress hosting provider. Here are the top five things I love about them.

1. Kinsta is optimized for WordPress

Unlike general-purpose web hosting, Kinsta has the advantage of being able to configure their web servers to make WordPress as fast as possible. They’ve developed an ideal environment for high-performance WordPress sites.

Web technologies they use:

The web technologies Kinsta uses aren’t available in a lot of web hosting solutions.

2. They have WordPress experts on staff

The Kinsta team

The Kinsta team has over 8 years of experience developing, managing, and hosting WordPress sites.

Their support ticket response time is ridiculously fast: They currently have a median response time of only 9 minutes. Compare that to a well-known web hosting solution I use for several web development projects and personal projects, which has an estimated response time of 2 hours right now.

3. They will move your WordPress site for free

Kinsta's admin interface

Migrating WordPress sites from one web host to another can sometimes be a pain. And it will always take up a great deal of time, often a good chunk of the day if you want to do it perfectly.

What’s great about Kinsta is they’ll migrate your site for free, and their migration specialists will make sure that your site won’t experience any downtime during your move.

4. Developer-friendly

Kinsta gives you the ability to use developer tools such as Git and SSH, which is uncommon in managed hosting and budget hosting.

Also, they have a staging area so you can develop, test, and experiment without affecting your live WordPress site/s.

Kinsta knows all about the needs of developers because they were a web design/development agency for small- and mid-sized businesses prior to founding Kinsta.

5. Strong security

Between 70-86% of WordPress sites were vulnerable to attacks in 2014 according to separate studies done by WPWhiteSecurity and IBM Security Intelligence. There’s no shortage of hacked WordPress sites — WordPress even has an FAQ on the topic.

Kinsta has implemented several features that will prevent your WordPress site from getting compromised: Hardware firewalls, malware monitoring, 24/7 uptime monitoring (checked once a minute) to be able to detect downtimes and DDoS attacks, daily off-site backups, and automatic WordPress core updates.

Kinsta is so confident that they’ve got you covered in terms of security, that they even offer a "Hack Fix Guarantee". In the unlikely event that your WordPress site is compromised, they’ll fix it for free.

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You can register an account on Kinsta for free. This will allow you to explore their beautiful (and remarkably fast) admin dashboard to see first-hand what they have to offer.

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This was published on Jul 13, 2016

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