10 Google Chrome Extensions for Boosting Your Productivity

10 Google Chrome Extensions for Boosting Your Productivity

Chrome is the newest child added to the constantly feuding web browser family. Although Google Chrome is comparatively new, it has been producing some major buzz around web for its performance, minimalist interface, and usability.

Another useful side of Chrome is the extensions that give the user added functionality for common web browsing tasks. Many of these Chrome extensions can help you increase your productivity and enable you to perform your jobs easier and faster.

Note: Since Google Chrome for Mac OS systems is still in beta, some extensions might not work properly. However, we have tested all of the extensions in brief, and we can confirm that they function.

1. Pixlr Grabber

Pixlr Grabber

Taking screenshots and then sharing them is a big process. You copy the screen grab into your clipboard, open a graphics editor and save it into a web format. Then you have to upload it to a web service so that you can share it publicly. Behold Pixlr Grabber, an extension that allows you to take screenshots in Google Chrome and automatically upload it to, an image sharing service. You can take parts of the visible screen, select only parts of it, or grab the entire web page.

2. Copy Without Formatting

Copy Without Formatting

What do you normally do when you just want to copy some plain text without any formatting (font, color, images) from your browser to an office or email software? Copy the text, paste it into a text editor like Notepad, and then copy and paste it again into the destination? Don’t worry, you’re not alone—even the productivity bloggers at Lifehacker have this problem. With the Copy Without Formatting Chrome extension, you can easily and directly copy unformatted text from Chrome and paste it anywhere, allowing you to cut out the middleman and streamline this task.

3. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

Do you often find something cool on the web but forget to bookmark it? And when you need the web page, do you end up spending a lot of time trying to find it again? We all do. The Evernote Web Clipper Chrome extension saves the content of your clipboard along with a link back to the original page quickly and painlessly. You can store text, images, and links into your free Evernote account so that you have ready access to them anytime and anywhere (with an Internet connection).

4. Symtica


If you find yourself using many Google web applications (seriously, nowadays, who isn’t?) and you want a quicker way to access and use them, use the Symtica Google Chrome extension. This Chrome extension can watch out for new emails, create new Google Docs documents, access your contacts list, manage your Gmail task lists, read your RSS feeds, and more.

5. Image Search

Image Search

Finding images on the web can be a drag. If you’re in need of some serious web scouring to find that perfect LOLcat photo to use in your next killer PowerPoint presentation, check out Image Search, the ultimate image search Chrome extension that searches websites such as Flickr, Picasa, Zooomr, and Photobucket. There are loads of options for customizing your search options by size, type and more, saving you a fair bit of time.

6. AdBlock


This Google Chrome extension blocks any kind pop-ups and ads, enabling you to focus on the information that you are trying to obtain. Using AdBlock can improve your productivity because it can lower web page response times as well as avert you from being distracted by advertisements and pop-ups that can get you on a tangent. But do allow the sites you love to display ads because ad-blocking can affect them dearly.

7. URL Shortener URL Shortener

If you are constantly sharing web pages, URL Shortener is a must-have one-click URL shortener that makes it a snap to share links and useful resources on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The short URL is also automatically copied to your clipboard, drastically shortening this process compared to the conventional method of URL shortening. The extension utilizes Google’s own URL shortening service.

8. Web2PDFConverter


Converting a web page to a sharable PDF file is a long and arduous job. Well, not so if you use Web2PDFConverter, a Google Chrome extension that lets you create PDF files from within your web browser. The extension even allows you to preview how the PDF document looks through Google Docs, saving you even more time in having to open Adobe Acrobat (or the desktop counterpart that you are currently using) to check your work.

9. Shareaholic for Google Chrome

Shareaholic for Google Chrome

Are you a social media junkie? If you are, you know that this addiction can be a ruthless time drain and can place a huge damper on your otherwise productive day. Making social media sharing easier, faster, and more convenient is always a good thing. Shareaholic for Google Chrome is an extension that will convert the current web page you’re on into a short URL and allow you to share it with your friends across many social media sites.

10. Split Screen

Split Screen

As this Chrome extension’s name implies, Split Screen enables you to split your browser’s viewport. Not only can it reduce the number of tabs that you have open (and thus, make it easier to find the web page you need), it also enables you to effortlessly compare and contrast several web pages at the same time. It is perfect for people that are studying and cross-referencing information.

What Google Chrome extensions do you use? If we have missed any useful extensions, share it with us in the comments.

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This was published on Apr 3, 2010


Haris Nadeem Apr 03 2010

I will add gPDF extension to this list to open pdf files like webapges … fast

Mohamed Mansour Apr 03 2010

No need the “split” screen since Google Chrome natively does that. Drag the tab to mid left/right/top/bottom and you will see an overlay.

The ones I use are:
xmarks – Sharing bookmarks on any platform/browser –

chromed-bird – Advanced and yet simple twitter client

google-reader – Read my feeds

Reload all tabs – Reloading all tabs in a single click or keyboard shortcut

renduh Apr 03 2010

This is an absolutely brilliant list. I’ve installed them all so thank god for the Symtica extension manager :)
Great post, one of the most useful I’ve read in ages.

Mike Brady Apr 03 2010

Cool, thanks! I’ve installed copy without formatting and split screen. I can see myself using copy without formatting a lot, and split screen on occasion.

@Mohamed Mansour: thanks for the tip on Chrome’s ability to split screen. For me though, I don’t like how it split screens in a new window.

I love using Gmail checker, Shareholic, Pendule, Session Manager, Aviary screen capture, Chrome SEO. Great post.

Good post, thanks. I enjoy a number of these and am also starting to enjoy the Google Voice extension.

emanuer Apr 03 2010

The most important addon for any browser: Lastpass

I don’t have to deal with passwords anymore it saves me at least 20 min a day, and takes away all the worries of forgetting login info. Please try it, it really is that good.

Jason Apr 03 2010

You should also check out FlashPlus –
It is an extension that makes flash content on web pages , more usable. You can maximize or popout flash games, move or darken flash videos on sites like youtube, and even block annoying flash ads. Great extension

Michael Sean Wright Apr 03 2010

Will give Pixlr a spin, currently using stand alone, Skitch. Would also recommend the Feedly extension that connects with your gReader items. By far, my favorite productivity extension as it allows me to easily share items, bookmark via Delicious and more.

Website value Apr 04 2010

Thanks for sharing. Great extensions.Thanks…

Gautam Apr 04 2010

I switched to chrome and love it. These extensions make it even better.

Mike Nguyen Apr 04 2010

I really like the Evernote web clipper for Chrome. It’s exciting to see some upcoming Chrome extensions like this in the future.

Lakawak Apr 04 2010

“If you find yourself using many Google web applications (seriously, nowadays, who isn’t?)” To answer this question…about 80% of users. Other search, Gmail has the highest market share of any Google service..and that is sitting at about 20% share…tied with AOL MAil for crying out loud. All the others? they have 5% at best. So, once again, to answer your question of who isn’t using many Google applications…the VAST majority of people. (More people DON’T use even for search than use anything from google OTHER than search.)

JuliannTrott Apr 04 2010

Still I think Firefox have so much more plugins than Chrome. And serously, as you said, we are already using so many Google web applications …

Charmaine Apr 04 2010

This post has guided me to explore Google Chrome Extensions and they can indeed increased my productivity. I like the Shareaholic, URL Shortener and Split Screen.

zero credibility Apr 04 2010

lastpass is the single most useful extension i’ve found .. combined with adblock you can reach truly amazing speeds on your most used websites..

Lourens Apr 04 2010

Thank you for sharing! =D

George Apr 04 2010

I am a fan flashplus. Really useful with flash content on pages –

Paavan Apr 04 2010

The only Chrome extension I use is IE Tab, for those silly websites that only display properly on IE.

Sebastian Paaske Tørholm Apr 04 2010

Personally I mostly use Google-product-related extensions (Google Wave Notifier, Google Reader Checker, Google Mail Checker Plus, Chrome Reader).

Apart from those I use:
FullScreen – Full-screen HTML5 videos
YouTube Title Adder – Adds the name of YouTube videos to their links

Jo Diggs Apr 04 2010

Wow, looks like Chrome is turning up the heat on Firefox.


shunyuan Apr 04 2010

Good choices and thanks for sharing.

Optimistic Apr 04 2010

Really nice. I am very much interested in having shareoholic for myself.

hategun Apr 04 2010

You cannot talk about productivity on Chrome without talking about StayFocusd. It’s a life-saver.

“StayFocusd increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time per day that you can spend browsing time-wasting websites.”

I’m developing a customizable news stream extension. In the future I plan to add a workspace so you can take actions on items in your stream.

MyWebs Apr 04 2010

Great list of Chrome Extensions. I added a couple of these. Thanks for this useful article.

Ishank badhani Apr 04 2010

I like Evernote Web Clipper,it works great for me.

secure Apr 04 2010

I would add McAfee SiteAdvisor extension to this list, becuase Security is #1 prioirity

preston Apr 04 2010

I’ve got to honest I’ve not really pushed chrome in terms of ad-dons. I know people who swear by it and others who don’t. Until the masses move then I think firefox without will be the most used by web developers like and myself.

Some of these are really nice. Personally, I am trying to pull myself away from public cloud based options. I bought myself a Tonido Plug and access all of my files on my own personal cloud.

Richard Flamsholt Apr 04 2010

Nice list. But ironically, the one missing feature holding me back from switching completely to Chrome is … Google Toolbar.

Aaron Apr 04 2010

You forgot google voice and gmail!!!

Ed Webb Apr 04 2010

I use:

Twitter Reactions


and Diigo

Amplify and Diigo I use many times daily – excellent social annotation and bookmarking tools. I’ve used Evernote but find it less useful.

taobao Apr 04 2010

I believe firebox is just better in this business.

Azizuan Apr 04 2010

thanks for the tips but mu MF is faster than GC. I don’t know, I’m good with

Jacob Gube Apr 05 2010

@taobao: Fair assessment. But Firefox also has a good head-start.

Peach Apr 05 2010

Nice list. Really useful. Thanks for sharing.

Kanoo Apr 05 2010

The google voice and gmail extensions are so useful

Also google translate extension works well too

chupachups Apr 05 2010

thanks for sharing <3 <3 <3

Web 2.0 Apr 05 2010

Well it’s nice to see people developing for Chrome, but Firefox has so many functions and extensions ready for me so that I can’t leave it :)

Jason Apr 05 2010

Is there an extension similar to mozilla’s all in one gestures?

I just cant part from it

handleman555 Apr 05 2010

A cool sharing from chrome now let’s see what will be from firefox

once it was netscape, next IE, then FF, now chrome. whats it gonna be next? google’s handling our emails, IM’s, docs, vids, pics, blogs, blah blah….this is scary………are we creating another MS? …let us not, ‘coz absolute power corrupts

mljucmj Apr 05 2010

Feedly and Daily Links.
Good piece, thanks!

I, too, was a Firefox devoted fan. But it has become so slow! I use a notebook a lot and Firefox started literally taking 2 minutes just to open up, if not longer. Chrome opens in less than 5 seconds. No contest, no matter how much I love Firefox. Firefox has more apps because it’s been around longer! Chrome will get there.

hb7of9 Apr 05 2010

Wow, nice post! some really cool toys, Installed every last one!

Jae Xavier Apr 05 2010

Split Screen?

OMG, that is the hottest thing since sliced macaroni… I meat bread.

zoover Apr 06 2010

Another upcoming extension for Chrome: RoboForm Toolbar for Chrome. It is still in beta, but now has not only an online version but also a version which stores your passwords local on your PC:

Webme1 Apr 06 2010

Google Chrome is a simple, quick and easy browser to use. I use Chrome for a lot of day to day browsing and open up Mozilla to use the web design related plugins.

As I have to test websites in a number of browsers it is not uncommon for me to have a variety of browsers open at the same time. However, since discovering Chrome, this has become my default browser because of its speed and ease of use.

You have provided a nice list of extensions. Some of which I have yet to try and look forward to doing so.

As someone who uses lots of tabs, number 10 – Split Screen looks particularly useful.

It is always nice to try new tools, especially when they appear to be as good as these. Great tips. Thsnks.

IOM Design Apr 06 2010

Thanks for this great list of extensions! I switched to google chrome from firefox a while ago now and really love it. I love its simplicity and speed. I will definitely take a look at the web2pdf extension.

A cool extension I find useful is called IE Tab:

It allows you to open a web page using IE from within a google chrome tab.

Nana Yaw Apr 06 2010

Very Helpful info,will that in some three Hrs time.

Avangelist Apr 07 2010

all completely useless ‘shortcuts’ for pre-defined either application or system functions. WOT.

Fernanda Leal Apr 07 2010

Nice post !

Why do some of these extensions (and others) not have an icon? Am I missing something. How great it would be to see all icons! Thanks!

Matt Soreco Apr 08 2010

Great finds! Thanks.

z-man Apr 09 2010

ezLinkPreview increases my browsing efficiency.

Split screen looks like a good extension. The Web2PDF looks handy as well, thanks.

Harish Mohanan Apr 17 2010

Cant leave without saying thanx… thank ya buddy!

agungX2 Apr 17 2010

agreed with u harish,.. i wanna say thx to ,. fucking help me,.. thx dude

Pix Place Aug 03 2010

lastpass has increased my productivity more than anything … zips through websites

Aakash Aug 13 2010

What about this extension ?

– All in one web searcher –

limqingru Nov 15 2010

Don’t think split view is available anymore. Got this error msg:

An error occurred:
Item not found. This item may have been removed by its author.

Thanxx for the tips. I follow this site…. :)

Robert Chen Dec 20 2010

So I attempted subscribing to your RSS Feed, and it gave me a “Unreachable” error… Can you tell me if it’s me or you?

Robert Hamz Jan 22 2011

Hmm all listed above are very common I mean everyone knows about it :D

Add something new guys :P

I made something new that may increase your productivity: an autofill extension for those who think Chrome’s built-in autofill feature doesn’t cut it for them…

Here is another one that will boost your productivity

Split Screen is no longer available as it was taken down :/ at least windows 7 and 2 screens is still quite liberating :)

z-man Jun 02 2011

ezLinkPreview now has a split screen option for previewing links. Hover over links in the left panel and see them in the right panel. The panels are also re-sizable.

Rizvi Iqubal Aug 28 2011

Check out my GrabText Chrome APP

GrabText V 0.1 is a Free Chrome App to Grab the Text to your phone.

Scan the QR Code and Grab the Text. An easy way to copy any text in webpages to your smartphone.

santosh Sep 24 2011

nice extensions…thanks

Ankit Moradiya Sep 28 2011

Really Great job…thank u so much…

Ray Walz Dec 13 2011

“2. Copy Without Formatting” is unnecessary, because you can just copy it like normal and then press Ctrl+Shift+V, instead of Ctrl+V. I assume on Macs it’s Command+V.

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