10 New Twitter Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

10 New Twitter Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

Twitter continues to add a staggering amount of 460,000 users each day. In order to be fully equipped to stay on top of this popular web service, you can use Twitter tools to help. Here are 10 fresh, new Twitter tools that you can use to achieve greater productivity on Twitter-related tasks.

1. The Archivist

The Archivist

This tool gives you insights and data about a specific search term. Simply search for terms that interest you and The Archivist will present you with plenty of information such as how much the term has been tweeted, top users that use the term, how many retweets the term has gotten, and more. It also lets you search for topics and hashtags, and gives you amazing visualizations about the Twitter activity surrounding them.

The Archivist allows you to download the data so you can go and pull it into presentations, reports and other analytics tools.

2. Tweriod


This Twitter tool analyses your tweets and your followers’ tweets and then gives you a graph of times of the day and days of the week your tweets will have the most visibility. Super simple and very useful. It’s an app that attempts to answer one question: What times are your followers most active?

Tweriod saw development at a great pace in the past few weeks. It started out as a simple service a few months back, but has recently received an overhaul in its design and in its algorithm.

3. ManageFlitter


ManageFlitter has been around for a while; however, a few weeks ago, the app rolled out an overhaul and launched a pro version of its service. Managing your Twitter followers is now easier than ever before.

With ManageFlitter, you can unfollow Twitter accounts that don’t follow you back, users that clutter your Twitter stream, and people who’ve stopped using Twitter.

There is no signup or registration process; you simply connect using Twitter’s authentication system and off you go.

4. Buffer


(Full disclosure: I work at Buffer.) There exist many different tweet-scheduling services out there. However, Buffer gives you a simpler and hassle-free solution than other services you might know of (such as Hootsuite or CoTweet). Buffer allows you to add many tweets at once, without flooding your followers with too many tweets back to back. All you do is throw a few tweets in your Buffer and the app then schedules them for you throughout the day. No need to figure out when to tweet. It gives your Twitter stream better consistency.

Another great feature is that you’re able to add tweets to your Buffer from any web page using a browser extension.

5. Hashable


This high profile New York City startup gives you a chance to document all the relationships you make on Twitter and other social networks. It’s a new way of sharing the people you have met and can become an online space you can always go back to as a contact list.

It works in a very simple manner: You simply tweet out hashtags alongside an introduction or piece of information in reference to the person you have met.

What you’ll appreciate with Hashable is that it will store all this information in the form of a log so that you can keep track of your contacts. And it’s good fun to use, too.

6. Qwerly


Qwerly gives you a place to put all your Twitter contacts and other social networking profiles in one place. Another one of these all-in-one apps? I hear you, but Qwerly allows you to make this a fun and convenient experience.

All you do is sign in using Twitter’s authentication and it automatically pulls in all the information for you. Qwerly saves you all the trouble of manually entering your information. In addition, it helps you connect with more users by telling you what other people are up to.

7. Twileshare


You most likely know that there are several file-sharing tools out there for Twitter. In the past few weeks, I tested a few of them, and my decision is firm that Twileshare is the best one out of the whole bunch.

You simply upload files and share them with your followers, all in one tweet. The files are safely hosted on Twileshare’s servers and you get a generous storage space of 1GB to start out with. You’re able to share a variety of file formats such as PNG, GIF, JPG, DOC and PDF files. Another neat feature on Twileshare is that you’re able to see the amount of views your files get.

8. Twoolr


This app gives you detailed statistics about everything happening around your Twitter account. It tells you about your mentions, retweets, the words you’re using, the progression of your follower count, and more.


At a market share of just above 10% of all Twitter usage, it was only a matter of time til Tweetdeck would extend its functionality. allows you to write updates longer than Twitter’s 140-character limit. The first part of a message over 140-characters will be tweeted alongside a link to a new platform Tweetdeck created so that your followers can view the entire message.

It comes in super handy when you need to reply or send out tweets without having to resort to cutting down your message. It even allows you to include embedded videos. is sort of like Posterous on top of the Twitter platform.

10. Proxlet


This tool allows you to mute certain tweets without unfollowing the person altogether. It also eases the pain of finally getting rid of Foursquare tweets and tweets about trending topics that you no longer want to hear about. You can do this under Settings by blocking whole hashtags, terms or apps.

Proxlet works on Tweetdeck, iPhone and other Twitter clients.

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About the Author

Leo Widrich is a Social Media enthusiast with an extra large addiction to Twitter. As Co-Founder of Buffer, he blogs at the Buffer blog every week to help their users make the most of their service. Say "Hi!" on Twitter @leowid.

This was published on Mar 30, 2011


Hannah Hurst Mar 30 2011

Wow! A great source of really useful Twitter tools. I will definitely be using a few of these.

Thanks for sharing.

dhaval shah Mar 30 2011

Thanks! I was looking this type of stuff from last 2 days!

Sunny Makkar Mar 30 2011

Yes every tools are very useful for us. Thanks for sharing such nice resource.

Davina K. Brewer Mar 30 2011

A Twitter mute button, gotta check that out. Thanks for the list.

Leo Widrich Mar 30 2011

@Hannah many thanks for the comment, wow really great you find the list useful! Hope you give these tools a go, just like you said.
Many thanks for stopping by :)

@Dhaval, awesome, glad I could help you out with the list :).

Ileane Mar 30 2011

Hi Leo, I need to check out some of these tools, they look pretty valuable.

I’m using the Qwerly profile on the footer of my blog so that people can find out where to follow me across the web. Another thing I like about Qwerly is that it works with a chrome extension called Parrotfish to show you social profiles of other users when you’re on Twitter.

Thanks for the resources.

Lara Galloway Mar 30 2011

Fantastic list! I thought I was keeping up with new twitter tools, but I confess every one of these is new to me. And the one that stands out the most is actually yours–Buffer.

I use hootsuite a ton. One of the top reasons I use it is to schedule tweets for the future, since I tend to pop on and off throughout the day rather than lingering for more than 5 minutes at a time. So if I didn’t spread out my tweets, I’d send around 25-50 tweets in a five minute span, then be silent for hours, then flood the tweetstream again. I can definitely see how Buffer can help me out. Headin’ over to sign up now.

Thank you for awesome collection . I am regularly using Twileshare , It is really wonderful . I am going to try for other tool as well , Once again Excellent collection

Peter Mar 30 2011

Nice list. I did similar list for twitter search tools: and I developed my own noise free twitter search (You can even search your timeline and sort against retweets!)

Leo Widrich Mar 30 2011


Ileane, many thanks for stopping by, glad you even you as a true Twitter pro are finding some of the tools still new. Means a lot to me :)

Oh wow, didn’t know about the Chrome app for Qwerly, let me check that out right away. Yeah, I remember now, you have got it on your blog.

Ok, no worries glad you found it useful.


Lara, it is a real delight to have you stopping by here and wow, this is a huge encouragement for us that you think Buffer stands out the most from this list.

Yep, same here I have been a longtime hootsuite user for scheduling too. Just like you say, with Buffer the whole process is a lot more simplyfied. You throw lots of tweets in at once and you are then set for the whole day or even week.

Awesome you are heading over to signup, if you have any questions, please let me know Lara :).


Hi Mark, thanks for your comment. Indeed Twileshare is super simple and very slick design too!

Definitely, have a go at other tools and see if there is more in there for you :).

Glad you found the list useful Mark, many thanks for stopping by.


Wow, many thanks for the link, just heading over to your blog to take a look. Jetwick looks very interesting, will definitely give it a go! :)

Many thanks for stopping by Peter

e11world Mar 30 2011

Nice list! I will try Buffer because it will make my life so much easier especially on weekends

Great and useful collection, I’ll have to try some of them, thank you!

Good list, but ManageFlitter isn’t new – over a year old, although it had to undergo a name change to keep Twitter happy. Some earlier coverage:

I’m going to give Buffer a try. I’ve been looking for something simple to use. Thanks!

Great article, 6 revisions is a great resource. If I say so myself. And I did!


Tommy Mar 30 2011

We sorely need more tools to make using twitter easier indeed. However I think there’s still lots of improvements to be made to reduce the noise. Proxlet might be a step in the right direction.

Natascha Mar 31 2011

Great list. I definetly will try some tools out. Buffer is a good tool to save some time!

Leo Widrich Mar 31 2011


Many thanks for stopping by Eddie, great to hear you will give Buffer a spin, would love to hear your views on it :).


No worries Theo, really glad I could help you out with some interesting tools here.


Dave, yes you are absolutely right, ManageFlitter has been around for a while, it’s just they underwent rennovation recently, rolled out new features and a Pro version that I found it well worth mentioning here.


That’s really great to hear, definitely, it’s designed to be super simple and very useful at the same time ;)

Indeed, 6 revisions is an awesome blog, let me upvote that answer of yours! :)


Yep, you speak right out of my heart Tommy, the noise on Twitter is quite unbearable at time. Hope using some of the tools, will help to get rid of it. Exactly, Proxlet is a step in the right direction indeed cc @Davina

Rowis Mar 31 2011

follow me :)

cancel bubble Mar 31 2011

Using 10 tools to use one app will not make my life easier.

for scheduling tweets i use autotweeter. its a desktop application though..but i find it easier than to use web based applications..

Brayden Styles Apr 01 2011

Great set of tools thanks for the share it will make my day run smoother!!!

Emily Hickey Apr 01 2011

Hey Leo – this is a terrific list, thanks so much for including Hashable – that’s a great summary – hope to meet you in person some time and talk shop – rock! Emily

Leo Widrich Apr 01 2011


Wow, so great to hear you find them interesting. Very happy they help you out Brayden :).


Awesome, many thanks for stopping by. Of course Hashable is a terrific tool I believe.

Definitely meeting up when I get around to stop by in NYC would be amazing. Speak to you some more soon :).

Usman Apr 03 2011

I think Manage fitter is a very good tool as it allows the user’s to identify and un follow people that don’t follow user’s profile

saqib sarwar Apr 03 2011

thanks for the nice list of tools.

ChaunyWrites Apr 04 2011

Wow, thanks these are awesome, good to know there’s even more software that I can use to optimize my twitter use!

Thanks for sharing these tools with us Warren, I tried querly and it is fun! I will check out the other as well.

Dreamy Apr 04 2011

If you have friends not in Twitter yet and you want them to read some of your tweet , you can use , to send your Tweet from Twitter itself , directly to their emails , also u can create different groups with unlimited number of emails . its easy way to Tweet from Twitter to email

Leo Widrich Apr 04 2011


Yes, indeed Manageflitter is an amazing tool to get to grips with unfollowing in the easiest possible way, glad you like it :).


Glad I could help out with a few tools :)


Lisa, many thanks for the comment, indeed Querly is really a fun tool and gives you immediate insights about Twitter users too, like it a lot, just like you say. :)


Oh wow, I haven’t heard about tweettoemail yet, but it sure sounds very interesting. Many thanks for the heads up, I will definitely check it out!


Hi, sorry I left your comment sitting there, it’s really good to see you here, many thanks for stopping by! :) Oh and glad you found the list useful too of course!

David Apr 05 2011

The best on this list by far in my opinion is Tweriod which collects data about the times that your twitter followers are online. It’s really hard to collect this info yourself so just to have an automated tool that does it is fantastic. It does take about an hour for it to collect all the information though!

Robert, Apr 07 2011

it’S great, especially buffer. however, I guess I prefer cotweet, since it’s free to add several accounts and integretion. I just tried buffer, it looks great, but I think I’ll stick to cotweet.

Nathalie Apr 07 2011

These tools sound great. I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me if any of these apps are available to use with hootsuite?

Sjaak Apr 08 2011

I like, seems to do a lot for one application

Leo Widrich Apr 09 2011


Thanks for your comment, you are absolutely right, Tweriod is doing a fantastic job providing you with a super useful graph to know when sending your tweets is best.

Glad you found it helpful. :)


Hi Robert, thanks for your comment, it’s really great to see you are finding Buffer interesting.

Yes, me too I love using CoTweet and it really is great for what it does just like you say. Actually making a combo-use of the two things works very well for me. One being my client where I can interact with followers and one being the scheduler where I can create the action going on on my Twitter account. Maybe this helps you too?


All these apps will be available via their a website and definitely be a good choice to go with Hootsuite as a client. Using them inside Hootsuite will be not possible though I think.

Let me know if that helps you :).

@Sjaak, hi there I just checked out Twitilla and it looks very promising I have to say, thanks for the heads up on it!

MikeKovalev Apr 09 2011

Thanks! Its the nice list of tools!

Those are some good picks. Also take a look at that helps you find people on Twitter with similar interests.

David Morley May 27 2011

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