15 Tools for Monitoring a Website’s Popularity

As a web designer or developer building a site, it’s helpful to first scout similar websites (i.e. the competition) to help you make design and development decisions. Knowing what websites work and which ones tank can give you insights and inspiration on what design elements, website features, and website content is effective.

To help you in your analysis, here are 15 top-notch, free, and simple web tools to help you learn more about a particular website.

1. Yahoo! Site Explorer

Yahoo! Site Explorer - screen shot.

Site explorer allows you to inspect certain aspects of a URL. The "Inlinks" feature shows you details about web pages that link back to the particular URL you are exploring. Site Explorer gives you some insights on how popular a website is based on how many web pages are linking to it.

2. Compete

Compete - screen shot.

Compete is a web-based analytics tools that allows you to compare the traffic statistics and trends of up to three websites. It gives you an estimate of how many unique visitors and page impressions a website gets and how fast a website is growing in popularity (called Growth Velocity).

3. Quantcast

Quantcast - screen shot.

Quantcast is another popular site traffic measuring tool. Quantcast allows publishers to "Quantify" their website – a process in which you place a script in your web pages so that they can measure your traffic statistics directly. With that said – sites that aren’t quantified may not have accurate/complete data  and many people aren’t comfortable about placing third-party scripts on their websites.

4. Alexa

Alexa - screen shot.

Started in 1996, Alexa is the most popular traffic ranking service today. It tracks traffic statistics of websites and provides a numerical rank based on the data that they collect. You can find a website’s Page Views and Reach (the % of internet users that have visited the website).

5. Feed Compare

Feed Compare - screen shot.

An effective way to determine a website’s popularity is by tracking its RSS feed subscriber trends. If a website uses FeedBurner – the leading provider of RSS feeds services – you can use Feed Compare to see trends in subscribership from websites and compare growth/decline of subscribers for up to 4 feeds at one time.

6. - screen shot. is a tool that can help determine how popular a URL is based on web services and statistics such as Alexa, Technorati, Delicious bookmarks, number of subscribers, and more. It’s a one page tool that gives you a quick overview of how popular a website is. even gives you the option to post a widget on your site to display your popularity.

7. socialmeter

socialmeter - screen shot.

socialmeter is a web tool that scans how popular a web page is throughout major social websites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, and Delicious. It gives you a "socialmeter score" which is currently just a summation of the results found (useful for comparing social media website popularity of different websites).

8. TweetVolume

TweetVolume - screen shot.

Another way of monitoring a website’s popularity is to see if people on Twitter are talking about it. TweetVolume allows you to search key words and phrases (i.e. – a website’s name, URL, author name, etc.) to see how many tweets have mentioned your search terms.

9. Quarkbase

Quarkbase - screen shot.

Quarkbase is a comprehensive web tool that presents a myriad of information about a website. Quarkbase has a "Social Popularity" tab that shows you information about a website’s popularity among social media sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, and Delicious.

10. BlogPulse Profiles

BlogPulse Profiles - screen shot.

If you’re interested in finding data about a specific blog or blogger, The BlogPulse Profiles tool is a simple web application that provides a blog’s rank, how often it’s cited in other blogs, and other information such as how many posts are published each month and blogs that are similar to it.

11. Technorati Blogging Central

Technorati Blogging Central - screen shot.,

Technorati is the leading blog search engine. Technorati’s Blogger Central allows you to see the ranks of a particular blog to gauge its popularity among the 128 million+ blogs in the world. You can find the Top 100 blogs in Blogger Central. Technorati determines a blog’s rank by the number of reactions (links that go to the blog) it has.

12. - screen shot. is a simple tool that tells you how many visitors a website receives per day.

13. Cubestat

Cubestat - screen shot.

Cubestat is another simple web tool that provides you with a host of information about a website’s popularity daily page views. What’s unique about Cubestat is that it estimates a website’s monetary value (in U.S. dollars) – the more expensive the website is, the more popular it is.

14. dnScoop

dnScoop - screen shot.

dnScoop attempts to estimate the value of a website based on factors such as links pointing to the domain, popularity of the domain, page rank, traffic, and more.

15. WebsiteOutlook

WebsiteOutlook - screen shot.

WebsiteOutlook allows you to determine a website’s popularity based on its estimated value, daily page views, and revenue.

What’s your method of measurement?

How do you measure a website’s popularity? Are there tools and web services that should be on this list? Share it with us in the comments!

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This was published on Oct 10, 2008


Danh ba web 2.0 Oct 10 2008

Great tools for me. I use Alexa and Technorati
Keep up your good work !

adelle Oct 10 2008

Jacob, good list – I currently use quarkbase (since finding out about it last month) going to be checking out these other suggestions though.

Travis Oct 11 2008

Great list. I think I’d add to it as well. Handy grading and analysis tool.

Sander Oct 11 2008

Great list of free tools. I seem to miss the digitalpoint keyword tracker tool. I’ve used it in the past a lot. Does anyone has experience with shoemoneys tools? (I know it paid)

Seriously useful tools, appreciate the effort. Thanks!

Maybe this is for another post, but Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics really helps you determine your sites popularity with in Google Search. Considering many websites traffic is largely coming from Google Search, it can be invaluable insight to what content is working on your site and what isn’t!

RestlessVillager Oct 11 2008

What about Google’s PageRank or

Jacob Gube Oct 11 2008

@adelle: Quarkbase is one of the most informative, all-in-one remote analytics tools I could find, it’s great indeed.

@Travis: Good call on Website Grader.

@Lee: Those are wonderful tools, but they don’t fit within the scope of this article. I wanted to include tools that can check any website, not just your own. But I do use both of those tools for Six Revisions – and thanks for the reminder!

efimor Oct 11 2008

Good stuff as usual. it is pleasure to read your posts

Here’s a good alternative UI for exploring inlink data from Site Explorer: -eric

Rahul Oct 11 2008

Gosh I didn’t have any idea that there were these many site for monitoring website’s popularity. I’d been using mostly alexa and then technorati.

Thanks for this article. I must most, if not all of these to monitor my sites. Cheers.

Vasileios Pasparas Oct 11 2008

very nice article and tools as well. keep on the good work :-)

Richard Oct 11 2008

I use Reinvigorate. Awesome tool. Also check out their ‘Snoop’ feature. (

Terry Oct 11 2008

Woopra is an excellent piece of kit for WordPress sites. So much info it’s unreal…

Designer Oct 11 2008

thanks a lot guys

Torley Oct 11 2008

Sweet, elegant compilation. Gonna put ’em to use. Had no idea about some of these before — thx Jacob!

Howard A Brown Oct 11 2008

Jacob, thanks so very much!

Perhaps it was apparent and I missed it, or perhaps you did touch on it and I also missed that.

But is there significance to the order in which the sites are listed? Should we infer, for example, there’s something valuable in the fact # 2 = Compete and # 3 = Quantcast?

What I really love about Quantcast is the easy access to demographic data – gender, race/ethnic group, household income, education level, etc – about real visitors to my sites and to my competitors’.

Again, thanks.

Best regards,

Howard A Brown MBA

Work Post Oct 11 2008

Thanks. I was looking for monitoring services this evening… and I didn’t know about some of these.

subcorpus Oct 11 2008

great post …
i was like opening most mentioned services on a background tab as i was reading the article …
appreciated …

Eric Norton Oct 11 2008

Really nice list of sites. I’ve used a few of them in the past. Feed Compare being one of my personal favorites from the list. Can’t wait to try out some of the other tools though.

jcardinal Oct 11 2008

Google Analytics is still one of the best in my opinion. You can combine it with Adsense to leverage Google’s powerful tools.

Jacob Gube Oct 12 2008

@Richard: Reinvigorate is an awesome tool. I’ve been meaning to try it for a while now, I’ll check it out sometime this weekend.

@Terry: Woopra sounds cool – but I intended this list to contain tools that are free and that can check a website other than your own. That’s why I didn’t include Google Analytics – not because it’s not great (it is, I use it here on Six Revisions) – but because only the site admins can see the data. I should have made that clearer.

@Howard A Brown: I don’t intentionally rank each tool by number. If you can see the progression of the list, I try to group similar tools together (i.e. starting with traffic statistics tools, and at the end, tools that estimate the value of a site). But to answer the Quantcast vs. Compete question, I like Compete much better. Without “Quantifying” your site with Quantcast, you don’t get very accurate results; and I’m not comfortable sharing traffic statistics to third-party companies that publish it publicly – it’s not fair to your privacy (the readers) and mine.

Thanks for the wonderful comments and sharing your own favorite tools. Keep ’em coming!

Jacob Gube Oct 12 2008

@eric: Great tool! Well done. If anyone’s looking for an improvement to Yahoo! Site Explorer, check out eric’s Page Inlink Analyzer tool that uses Yahoo!’s Search API (or do they call it BOSS now?) Site Explorer Inbound Links API and Delicious API to provide you with more information on Inlinks in tabular format.

Mike Huang Oct 12 2008

Thanks for these great sites :)


Andrei Buiu Oct 12 2008

Great tools. Thanks for sharing.

Ryan G Oct 12 2008

Great work, thanks.

Also, as Travis mentioned, I use websitegrader too.

according to my site have pr 1 only, but when checked with they say i have pr 4.

which one is correct?

Jacob Gube Oct 12 2008

@gre: I tried another application to check your page rank (it’s called Google PageRank Checker and it also said 4.

This is really great post, a lot of nice stuff.

Quarkbase is really nice, gives full details (but I think it need some updates when new content get in).

Cubestat is very very cute, all info at 1 place including evaluation of my blog :D

Thanks again!

Greg B. Oct 13 2008

@Jacob, is another one. Lets one compare compete, alexa, quantcast, etc charts in one place vs. wasting time hopping around.

Babak Ahadi Oct 14 2008

I Think Alexa Is The Best Solution!!!

countzeero Oct 14 2008

Great Article, with excellent resources, popularity (or rather lack of it) can be painful but the insights will help improve traffic and popularity. Bookmarking this one.

rio2000 Oct 14 2008

very nice tool

i use alexa for my blog

rahim Oct 16 2008

Nice Information! thanks a lot

fav8r Oct 17 2008

Cool list !!! i will try it.

Geek-News.Net Oct 22 2008

That’s a pretty handy list of sites, not only for keeping track of your own sites but checking out some of the competition or just checking out your favorites.

I’ve used a few of them before but you’ve added a few I had never heard of. I’ll definitely be adding them to my arsenal.

Kristina Oct 24 2008

Thanks so much for the great list. Most of them I haven’t heard about.

I use Semonics ( to get my web popularity reports.

Helena G Oct 26 2008

Just found this free web seo tool well defined and easy to work around.Especially for online monitoring.

The web statistics tool (very powerfull) is an intresting tool that helped me a lot.

Diseño Web Oct 29 2008

Mmm. I think that Alexa is a very bad reference for Web Site Popularity, because the Alexa ranking is made from the visits that have her toolbar: Webmasters, SEO, etc, but that is not a real data.

Talen Nov 02 2008

Alexa has proven to be the absolute worst metric for any website outside of their top 100.

Michael Nov 02 2008

Thanks for the list of tools. These are pretty awesome!

Kurt Avish Nov 03 2008

Wonderful list. Thanks for sharing.

Angel Cuala Nov 03 2008

I this list is awesome. I am glad I found it through Daily Blog Tips. However, I can’t believe Statbrain gave results that my blog has already 2,500 visits a day, while Daily Blog Tips has only 3,000 visits a day.

I am quite sure the data is incorrect, at least for my blog. I think my blog haven’t reach even 300 visits on daily average.

Can you please comment on this?

Thanks! Nov 03 2008

Awesome tools , thanks for sharing and love the tips keep them coming

Young Nov 04 2008

Very good, will translate it into Chinese.

Shailendra Vijayvergia Nov 05 2008


It’s really good list of tools. And good part is even comments made by other contributors also have suggested good links.

A suggestion, can article be updated with new suggested tools/links, so people not need to dig all comments to find additional one.

But once again, thanks a lot for this good list.

Jason Miller Nov 05 2008

I’m investigating a service/company called Radian6 ( From what I understand their tool is targeted specifically to PR firms (or large multi-unit company).

~ jason

Valeria | TimelessLessons Nov 06 2008

Seriously useful tools, I really appreciate the effort. Might be to early for me to use them on my websites, but thank you…

visiblenet Nov 13 2008

This is a fantastic list. Wasn’t aware of many of these tools before now. Certainly will bookmark for later review. We recently developed our own tool for in-house use and thought your readers may be interested in trying it out. It is offered free on our website. We encourage feedback and suggestions, so let us know if there’s something you think could be improved. Here’s the website statistics tool location…

Rowen Nov 16 2008

Thanks thats a help

Schlecter Dec 04 2008

I loved WebsiteOutlook, very accurate with my site

Camtu Pham Jan 04 2009

Great summary. Thanks!

Most tools generate good & accurate results except

At first, I was excited to see the $ value from WebsiteOutlook. However, considering the effort & years to build the sites – the amount is indeed very small. Great effort! Thnaks for the list

Warm regards


Thanks for sharing this info. To be honest some of these tools are new to me (as, socialmeter and Quarkbase). Thanks again ;)

Fantastic list, very helpful to have on file.

Woogley Feb 26 2009

guys, this is a big help for me. Thanks! Now i don’t need to search more tools to use to compare the rankings and the output of my site to my competitors.

Ronnie Roper Mar 07 2009

Awesome list. Thank you. I am checking out all the suggestions. I love new tools.

Techie Mar 07 2009

lots of great tools..i’ve used technorati and alexa only…it should help me a lot..thanks..

DatasheetPro Apr 22 2009

I found a couple of sites like websiteoutlook ( and They seem to both have good results.

Tamuir May 15 2009

Very nice article, i use quantcast, google analytics.

SigBroker Jul 03 2009

I hadn’t seen most of these monitoring and performance tools but some of them are really cool, especially Cubestat and Website Outlook. Thanks !

Daled Aug 12 2009

Very useful, Thanks a lot.

Tks. I didnt know socialmeter. I guess I have some websites to join. :)

Adam Coburn Aug 18 2009

This is a great list. Don’t forget about the RhinoSEO Website Grader. It offers the similar grading as hubspot but looks at other factors too like sitemaps

Finder Aug 19 2009

Great list! I am using all of them and some more like WebRanker (I added link in signature)

Aline S Sep 08 2009

I use to calculate how much traffic a
website has. It seems to provide much better traffic information and competitive analysis for free.

Umang Amin Sep 11 2009

Nice post ..:)

Whoop Sep 13 2009

Also I recommend to check website traffic and analyze on

They are great alternative for CubeStat and Statbrain

SlingBlade Sep 13 2009

I’m not sure if anyone else mentioned it, but there is also It’s pretty similar to dn scoop, for helping you calculate what your domain name is worth via a bunch of different metrics. I don’t know how accurate it is, but I think it’s pretty descent…

Bronwen Sep 15 2009

Very informative even if I have now worked out that my website is worth less than I thought :-)

prasad Sep 27 2009

good page i check my website named
and found good rank

Aline S Oct 05 2009

You can also try – a free tool that provides a nice summary of the website performance.The estimation provided by estimix is the result of a complex analysis based on factors like: the age of the website, the demographic structure of the traffic, the countries where the website is popular and sources of the traffic.

website builder Oct 05 2009

Thank you. I knew about a few of these already but it always helps to have some extra resources to refer back to.


I’m using this service to monitor my website’s rank – . They provide position and uptime monitoring with alerts, but rank monitoring on free account is enough for me. I recommend this service with free tariff

I’m using this service to monitor my website’s position – . They provide rank and uptime monitoring with alerts, but position monitoring on free account is enough for me. I recommend this service with free tariff for your website.

Funcinema Oct 10 2009

Thanks!! Very usefuul tools for website owners…

Nice post! but you fogot to add free website monitoring –

Scott Oct 12 2009

Nice post! Try this position, rank and website uptime monitoring service –

Altax Oct 15 2009

That is really a great list. Very informative and useful post. Here is also a tool for free website monitoring service . Thanks for the post.

Hi Guys, there is another website worth valuator out there called Web Worth – Web Worth can estimate a web sites worth or value, daily ads revenue, daily page views, back links and directory listing – looks like the figures are from traffic stats.

Ladybird Oct 28 2009

Hi! is a great site valuation tool that seems to generate very accurate information.

Murali Bala Nov 02 2009

Thank you for blogging this excellent list. I also have been pretty impressed by

geetha Nov 04 2009

Its a great summary… Good.. Any web developers should be aware of these websites…

Tozlu Sayfa Dec 02 2009

Good. Very informative even if I have now worked out that my website

cografya Dec 04 2009

Thanks. I was looking for monitoring services this evening… and I didn’t know about some of these.

Woopra is an excellent piece of kit for WordPress sites. So much info it’s unreal

kpss sınavı Dec 09 2009

That’s a pretty handy list of sites, not only for keeping track of your own sites but checking out some of the competition or just checking out your favorites.

I’ve used a few of them before but you’ve added a few I had never heard of. I’ll definitely be adding them to my arsenal.

orhangazi Dec 11 2009

Thanks. I was looking for monitoring services this evening… and I didn’t know about some of these.

thanks ! these are really helpful !!
i was also pretty impressed by
u should check it out

Tutorials007 Jan 06 2010 is a very good little tool.

Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up

websiteoutlook and compete so good, and my favorites.
Others is very usefully tools too.


doloop Jan 29 2010


I’ve checked

I must say, It is a sum of all of them at same time.

OMG! YOu re-awoke my statistics addiction! lol

arian Feb 02 2010

best site is: Website evaluation

Simon Feb 04 2010

Excellent tool for measuring my freight website

idagency Feb 05 2010

I have discovered a new tool created by guys from Belgium, very useful : you must try it out dudes.

Jeeves Feb 16 2010

Good list.. I like the data provided by Alexa specially. Its more accurate then anyone else.

Kieran Smith Feb 16 2010

I feel like a kid in a candy store with all these great new sites to check out! I’ve been using and up until now – and highly recommend them – but am eager to see what these other sites bring to the table.

cografya Feb 18 2010

Good list.. I like the data provided by Alexa specially. Its more accurate then anyone else

Riley Feb 24 2010

Hi ! is not well known but it seems to be more accurate and realistic. (Plus, it has a good design)

Alex Kinley Mar 04 2010

I’m totally addicted to , i browse all day sites info there for fun.

diyet Mar 04 2010

I’m using my site’s statistics only alexa

şarkı sözü Mar 05 2010

Here s aa good alternaative UI for exploring inlink data from Site Explorer:

Thanks, great list, really helpful tools!

Thanks for the tip about, it’s very handy to have everything on one page.

Good list.. I like the data provided by Alexa specially. Its more accurate then anyone else

Henry Apr 21 2010

My personal favourite traffic estimation website is . It seems to generate very accurate information.

Rahul Apr 24 2010

can i marry wid your brains?

Gangsta Apr 27 2010

a free service for everybody and this matter and look good with all good a great site

Bilgi May 07 2010

Good list.. I like the data provided by Alexa specially. Its more accurate then anyone else

adsl viettel May 10 2010

Thanks for the great list!

Sakir Turkmen May 31 2010

Good list.

Bucasporum Jun 12 2010

Good list, very very good thanks..

Arama motoru Jun 16 2010

You know I’m all for it…..

frank Jun 18 2010

One more tool for monitoring website popularity is

WebRank Stats provides Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank, Pages Indexed and Backlinks in Google, Yahoo and Bing of any website.

I tried it, it is fast and nicely designed

wwwturk Jun 30 2010

Thanks for information.

bilgi Jul 04 2010

Good list… Thanks…
see you.

Aknetrent Jul 14 2010

Hi…I’m newbie.Thank you for share.

esenyurt Jul 27 2010

Hi…I’m newbie.Thank you for share.

302boss Jul 28 2010

Nice list I have been using website value calculator but some of what you listed go beyond what they offer. I know these tools are not 100% accurate but they give you a general idea, thanks for the resources!

website value Jul 29 2010

Thanks for the great list, I would also like to add a quality website popularity tool in as it provides an in-depth look into a websites analytics.

fbml kodları Aug 09 2010

Nice list I have been using website value calculator but some of what you listed go beyond what they offer. I know these tools are not 100% accurate but they give you a general idea, thanks for the resources!

partysalinas Aug 11 2010

This is great. I’ve been using google tools. but now, i have lots of seo tools to use for myseo report. It is really helpful. Thanks guys for this nice info.:)

302boss Aug 28 2010

@fbml kodları is there an echo in the room? What’s up with that :)

Muhabbet Aug 30 2010

I hope that they don’t take another year to open the other NS stores…. that would be torture!

reiki Sep 08 2010

this tools aren’t attendible

masigit Sep 23 2010

good article…thx for sharing…

Johnson Korslund Oct 31 2010

In the market for something more advanced than only a very simple ping check.

myindustry Dec 23 2010

A great list of useful sites. But i think alexa is better that all of them !

Larry Sherman Jan 03 2011

The list is good but it seems to be missing a brother:

I find it excellent to use since it also gives personal description about the website.

alessandro Jan 10 2011

Hello Thanks for hints anyway link doesn’t work I suggest to check

Adrian Jan 23 2011

I would also add

It’s a great way to find a quick snapshot of a competitor website!

Aleena Tahir Mar 03 2011,, are good for estimation of traffic. Very nice article and tools as well. keep on the good work. Thanks for this article.

Ethan Mar 16 2011

Excellent reference list! Thanks!

Reggie Apr 11 2011

You know what would be a great tool, a multiple domain tool to show alexa traffic ranking compared.

SiteA: 1,753,522
SiteB: 600,238


Andreas Apr 13 2011

Those are really good sites, thanks for sharing this

SEMclix May 23 2011

THIS IS AN AWESOME LIST!! I will most definitely pass this post around. I personally use Yahoo! Site Explorer on a daily basis and I’ll have to say, I don’t know where I would be with out it. Thanks for taking the time to share this information!

Attapon S. Jun 08 2011

Wow its very cool. I have applied to have my web popularity.

I personally prefer because it gives a little more information aboard, Such as the performance which is an important juice..

Danny Aug 16 2011

I still think that websitegrader is the most complete. But watch out, because its also commercial…they still trying to sell something.

Mawazo Sep 07 2011

I use to grade my website. It shows the most up to date info, misses a few like most website grader sites but I like it.

Edwin Sep 19 2011

I really don’t think any of the mentioned website/domain valuation apps are a true representation of the value of a site. For example, I just sold a domain with a small website for $5000 but the valuation apps all valued the site/domain at less than $500. It all really depends on the buyer.

Attila Sep 25 2011

Cool collection :)

great article on the topic, bookmarked for future reference.

Tech-Magneta Oct 17 2011

Good article.
Great collection

sabrina Oct 19 2011

Great list of web tools. I’ve bookmarked the site. I almost completely forgot about so thanks a lot for reminding me. Cubestat is definitely new to me, will check it out right now. :)

I think you forget to list

this site offer browser tool as well..

Ipawnz Nov 13 2011

Thanks for this. Gettin tired of using woorank.

OMG! Nice list. Thank you.

Ary Wibowo Nov 21 2011

nice share… thanks

ABALWEB Dec 28 2011

Very good list. I have another one to submit : Open site Explorer

Stefan Oct 06 2012

What’s up, after reading this awesome post i am too happy to share my experience here with friends.

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