20 Fresh & New Design Galleries

Design galleries are a go-to source of inspiration for many web and graphic designers. While there are no shortage of gallery sites out there, a number of new galleries have been launched this year that stand out in some way or have proven to be useful for a specific type of design inspiration. In this post, we’ll feature 20 new galleries that may provide just the inspiration you have been looking for.

The Design Inspiration

The Design Inspiration

The Design Inspiration is a unique gallery that showcases websites, logos, photos, patterns and more. Each type of inspiration is separated for easier browsing. The site has already become very popular, and if you browse through the archives you will find plenty of inspiration.

Design Bombs

Design Bombs

Design Bombs is a gallery created and maintained by Soh Tanaka. The focus of Design Bombs is to showcase the highest quality web designs, rather than trying to showcase a high quantity. The archives can be browsed by category or color.



siteInspire is a great place to find websites that are not the same ones that you will find at every other gallery. The archives can be browsed by style, type, or theme. Sites with minimal designs and clean layouts tend to be featured quite frequently at siteInspire.

Card Observer

Card Observer

Card Observer is a gallery of well-designed business cards that is run by Henry Jones of Web Design Ledger. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own business card design or looking for examples of unique business cards, Card Observer is the resource for you.

Pixel Perfect Portfolios

Pixel Perfect Portfolios

Pixel Perfect Portfolios showcases the best Flash portfolio sites. If you are looking for some inspiration when working on your own portfolio site or for any type of Flash-based site, Pixel Perfect Portfolios is a good source.

Folio Focus

Folio Focus

Folio Focus is my own gallery for showcasing exemplary portfolio sites. It includes portfolio sites from designers, developers, illustrators, photographers, and more.

jQuery Style

jQuery Style

jQuery Style features sites that use jQuery in one way or another. It is a unique and interesting gallery that can help to spark your own creativity and to show what can be done with jQuery.

Footer Fetish

Footer Fetish

Footer Fetish is a very new gallery from OnWired that showcases excellent website footers. Many blog posts have been written about footers and providing inspiration of this type, but now there is a site specifically dedicated to it.



MixCSS is a project of Chris Wallace that uses his Gallery Theme for WordPress. The archives of MixCSS can be browsed by category or tags.



CartFrenzy is a gallery that I launched to showcase the best e-commerce websites. The archives can be browsed by the type/category of site.

HTML5 Gallery

HTML5 Gallery

HTML5 Gallery exists for the purpose of showcasing websites that are using HTML5 markup. Each submission includes "notes" that in many cases will give a little bit of info about how the site is using HTML5.

Pixel Pumper

Pixel Pumper

Pixel Pumper looks and functions a little bit differently than the typical gallery. You can browse through the sites in a large slider, or choose a more typical grid view.

Lovely Pages

Lovely Pages

Lovely Pages is a gallery of web apps and services. The site uses a nice design that avoids clutter.

Beautiful 2.0

Beautiful 2.0

Beautiful 2.0 showcases all kinds of websites with large screenshots. The archives can be browsed by month or by color.

WP Float

WP Float

WP Float is a new gallery that showcases WordPress-powered websites and blogs. As WordPress is an extremely popular CMS and other sites like We Love WP have had success, WP Float should prove to be a valuable resource for WordPress designers.



TypeInspire is my gallery that showcases inspiration typography and text effects in various forms. This includes posters, brochures, websites, logos and more.

CSS Luxury

CSS Luxury

CSS Luxury is a new gallery that publishes a high quantity of featured sites. If you’re looking for a place that has a lot of examples, check out CSS Luxury. The archives can be browsed by color, structure, style, or type.

Blog Design Lab

Blog Design Lab

Blog Design Lab is a gallery that focuses on blogs of all kinds. If you are designing blog themes for yourself or for clients, Blog Design Lab can prove to be an excellent source of inspiration.

CSS Illustrated

CSS Illustrated

CSS Illustrated features sites with inspiration use of illustration. This design trend can be found in a lot of places, but CSS Illustrated is the only gallery (that I know of) that focuses exclusively on this style of site.



DesignVector showcases vectors from various designers. The site is still new, so there are less than 100 items in the archives, but hopefully it will continue to be a great source of vector inspiration.

What are some of your favorite new galleries?

Do you frequently visit any of the galleries listed here? Are there others that have been launched in 2009 that you think are worthy or being mentioned?

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This was published on Aug 18, 2009


Danny | Aug 18 2009

Great list, it’s hard to find new websites for inspiration when there’s SO many different ones out there. Got a few new feeds now!

Thanks for sharing.

thnx for sharing these websites, very nice.

I would like to add this website:

see ya

It seems we’ll soon have a gallery for everything – left aligned red sites anyone?
Good list of places to start – thanks

Gabriella Aug 18 2009

Grteat list but I like this one

Syed Balkhi Aug 18 2009

Excellent Resource. Just submitted my site to a few of these which applied :)

Daniel Aug 18 2009

I’m honoured to have siteInspire feature in this list. It really has been an interesting year!

Steven Snell Aug 18 2009

Best Web Gallery is a great choice, but it wasn’t launched in 2009, so it wasn’t included in this post.

STaylor Aug 18 2009

I think it’s worth to mention which is a jQuery showcase too, but with code samples!

Nice list, thanks!

Jacob Gube Aug 18 2009

@Pim: Though BestWebGallery is one of my most favorite design galleries – the concept that Steven has here is to share fresh and new galleries launched this year.

@Dave: Hey… that’s not too far-fetched, let us know when you get started on that, alright? :D

@Gabriella: Thanks for sharing that link!

Jakey Boy Aug 18 2009

Please no more!!!! Not being funny but 99% of the galleries out there just regurgitate the same old mediocre web 2.0 nonsense.

Nice to see SiteInspire doing something different tho! Some quality sites.

The Design Inspiration Aug 18 2009

Thank you for putting “The Design Inspiration” on the list. We do really appreciate. :)

CSS Illustrated Aug 18 2009

Thanks for including CSS Illustrated in your list of galleries. It was our goal from the beginning to only showcase illustration in CSS design and so far so good. Although there have been some excellent (non-illustrated) sites submitted that did tempt us to break our own rule, but not for long.

emmanuel Aug 18 2009

Design galleries are often similar but I think they are beginning to specialize and differenciate. That’s good, but… honestly, how much of them can one follow regularly ? They appear to me like a sea of identical faces…

svealien Aug 18 2009

nice galleries

anyone know what theme are they using Card Observer? I really like it


michael austin Aug 18 2009

Maybe Next time our motion graphics gallery can make it

Henry Jones Aug 18 2009

@Steven: Thanks for including Card Observer here, but I am actually no longer the owner. I sold it about a month ago.

Steven Snell Aug 18 2009

Sorry about that Henry. I hadn’t heard that you sold the site.

Delicious CSS Aug 18 2009

I tried to leave a comment here earlier from my phone, but apparently that didn’t work out so well, so…

@svealien, it looks like Card Observer is using the delicious Gallery theme, a Thematic child theme. Check it out here:

I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty proud of my recent relaunch of Delicious CSS (, a gallery showcasing good CSS design. Initially it was a way for me to visually categorize the web design inspiration that I used to bookmark via, but it has turned into a little bit more over the course of it’s life. You’r feedback is definitely welcome!

Lastly, thanks for sharing all of these sites. Many of them I haven’t seen before and they certainly deserve their spot in the limelight.

Robert Johnson Aug 18 2009

I like for minimal designs

Roberto Aug 18 2009

Nice list. It gets the creative juices flowing. Thanks for sharing.

Daniel Aug 18 2009

@emmanuel I actually run siteInspire, but I can tell you which sites I follow and which I feel are worth following since they offer an interesting, diverse mix of posts: (though less and less these days)

And that’s it. While that does reflect siteInspire’s focus on mainly clean and minimal sites, I find a lot of the sites I post through a varied collection of non-web related design sites and personal blogs, rather than just web galleries.

Animals Aug 18 2009

Great post ! The CartFrenzy is one of the best showcase of eCommerce website that I have found. This will help me a lot.
Good organizer and sites with high quality. Thank Steven Snell.

Jacob, you are making a great work here in Six Revision. I didnĀ“t find any blog with so much good information about webdesign and sites as I used to find here.

Mike Smith Aug 19 2009

nice selection of galleries :) have a look at this one more inspiration

Ashely Adams Aug 19 2009

Design galleries are a wonderful way to spice up your pages without having to create them in entirety.Design Vector caught my attention. Thanks for this new insight!

Henry Jones Aug 19 2009

@Delicious CSS and svealien: I built the Card Observer theme myself. It was launched long before Chris’s Gallery theme.

@Steven: No problem. I sold it quietly.

Simon Aug 19 2009

Thanks for the mention, I need to get enthused to add some more new content!

Loving the site… it’s very weird… but i like not having to reload the page to view a heap of great designs…

missarah Aug 19 2009

HOLY COW… Pixelpumper is a WordPress site… thats an impressive theme….

CBNNexus Aug 20 2009

Beautiful 2.0 is a great find – they are probably one of the most selective gallery websites I’ve seen. If you just want to see the most artistic, that’s definitely the one I’m going to from now on as far as that context is concerned.

Martin Sanders Aug 20 2009

I really enjoy the work seen at siteInspire, its quite different and offers some brave and unusual sites for inspiration

AnJay Aug 21 2009

Great list. I want to introduce a latest design gallery of its kind. It’s

jQuery and HTML5Gallery are new for me and they are good to bookmark…Thanks for the collection

Whooptube Aug 23 2009

I use for all my CSS inspiration.

Nice collection. Definitely worth a bookmark. Have you checked out – a WP themes gallery?

Cristian Gogoneata Aug 26 2009

CSS Luxury team shout a big “Thank You” for including our gallery. By the way we made some modifications on the interface. Check it out

Amanda Fazani Aug 29 2009

There’s so much to be inspired by in this list, especially as these sites are often unusual in the theme of their showcase.

Earlier this year I launched which showcases designs built on the Blogger (blogspot) platform. If anyone would like to take a peek, I would appreciate any feedback offered :)

Thanks for the inspiration. Are the source codes for for any these galleries available?

I really enjoy the work seen at siteInspire, its quite different and offers some brave and unusual sites for inspiration

Thank you for this great List.
But this one is missing:


Flash Scope Sep 03 2009

Thank you for the awesome post. Inspiring!

Noel Wiggins Sep 03 2009

I love it!

Its a collection of great design collections.

This will keep me distracted for hours!

Or at least until I get pumped enough to get designing…

Thanks for sharing this tremendous resource

LiderPaylasim May 09 2010

Wow,its great.Thank you so much.

Yuri Suarez Nov 15 2010

I am agree with everybody, it’s a great list of galleries.

Thank a lot for share it.

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