20 Websites That Made Me A Better Web Developer

Computer Geek Award - photo by eecueAs a web developer, if you’re to be successful, you have to have a constant yearning for learning new things. In an industry that evolves rapidly, you’ve got to keep up or you risk being obsolete and outdated. Keeping up with trends, weeding out the fads, and adopting new techniques to your web-building arsenal is an essential part of being a web developer.

I spend (literally) most of the day in front of the computer and even in my spare time, I choose to read, learn, and keep up with web technology news. This leads to a massive collection of bookmarked links, but through the years, there are only a handful of websites that I frequent.

I’d like to share 20 websites that have broadened my knowledge, expanded my skill set, and improved the quality and efficiency of my web development projects. Most of these (hopefully) you’ve already encountered, but if you come out with just one or two links you’ve never heard of or you end up bookmarking a link or two, I would’ve accomplished my goal.

1) Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability

Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen’s Newsletter on Web UsabilityAlertbox is Jakob Nielsen’s bi-weekly column that discusses web usability. I’ve been a fan of his for almost as long as I’ve been professionally developing websites. Most of his recommendations makes sense and is backed by real-world studies and carefully-constructed surveys.

His columns cover topics such as the merits of breadcrumb navigation to Top-10 Application-Design Mistakes. A great link to provide people when you’re asked about optimal web page design is the column on Screen Resolution and Page Layout.


TheBestDesigns.comOn days when your creative juices don’t seem to be flowing as it should, it often helps to look at other people’s work to help inspire you. is a gallery site to visit on such days. TBD has a few things that distinguish them from other web design galleries — among them are: choosing quality over quantity, showcasing flash-based as well as CSS-based layouts, and tagging each design with relevant keywords so that users can conveniently find similar designs.

They showcase truly innovative and skillfully-crafted designs and they abstain from showcasing the “yet another recycled web 2.0 look” websites. It might not be updated with hundreds of websites everyday, but having a strict guideline on what gets displayed on TBD ensures that you don’t have to filter out the noise to get to the signal.

3) A List Apart

A List Apart: A List Apart logoA List Apart inspired me to become a proponent of web-standards and semantic code. Starting out, most of us probably didn’t care about capitalized, unclosed html tags (… that won’t validate with a strict doctype) or understood the real value of accessibility in web pages.

One of the major influences in my views on web-standards, best practices, accessibility, and usability can be attributed to a significant part… to A List Apart. ALA articles are high-quality and they only come out with two articles a month, but they are worth the wait. Articles are written by some of the leading experts in the industry, and their staff include well-renowned pro’s such as Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman.

4) Getting Real by 37 Signals

Getting Real by 37 SignalsGetting Real” is a book that’s available online, written by 37 Signals. It’s about creating web-based applications in a productive and successful way. The book covers topics ranging from philosophies that help push out quality products to views on hiring the right people to do the job.

Favorite topics covered in the book are: asking users what they don’t want and dealing with problems only when there is one.

5) Digg / Technology

Digg - Technology SectionDigg is a site where people submit links and vote which content is worthy to be read by its users and which articles don’t deserve the light of day. A large part of my ability to keep up with emerging technologies, techniques, and new standards is because of frequenting Digg’s Technology section. The community is picky of what is good news and bad news, so it allows you to skip the junk and get to the good stuff right away.

Other social-bookmarking sites that will help you stay sharp and current, and that should be mentioned here are: StumbleUpon ,, reddit, and popurls.

6) Web Design from Scratch

Web Design From Scratch logoWeb Design from Scratch is a website run by Ben Hunt, that’s about (straight from the front page) “A complete guide to designing web sites that work“. It caters primarily to web builders just starting out, but it’s always good to “go back to the basics” and get a refresher on things that you’ve taken for granted.

The section on Copy Writing taught me that web developers shouldn’t be limited to the coding part or the design part of the project; writing effective copy comes naturally with the experience we’ve had with developing websites that succeed and fail.

7) mootools

mootools logomootools is a lightweight framework that simplifies the way you write JavaScript and provides you with powerful AJAX classes, effects, and fuctions. It’s helped with the development of complex web pages in a rapid and elegant way.

There are other JavaScript frameworks similar to mootools, and you can’t go wrong with any of the popular ones, but a developer’s got to choose his or her favorite — and for me, mootools is the one I’ve come to love and use.

8) ReadWriteWeb

Read Write Web logoReadWriteWeb is a long-standing (five years and counting) weblog about web technology news. It caters to web professionals that have a need for knowing what’s up right now. It was founded by Richard MacManus, who also co-founded the Web 2.0 Workgroup – a network of blogs that cover the Web 2.0 generation.

It’s a website that allows you to keep your knowledge up-to-date, and is a source I consistently cite when talking about current web technologies with colleagues and fellow developers.

9) Zend Developer Zone

Zend Developer Zone logoThis is a website written by some of the PHP core developers and they provide news, articles, tutorials and other stuff related to PHP. If you’re looking for a reliable source of information about PHP, there’s no other place to look than the Zend Developer Zone.

Worth taking a look at is the five-part article series about the xdebug extension (here’s the link to Part One: Introducing xdebug), which is, as author Cal Evans puts it, “a free and open source swiss army knife tool for PHP developers”.

10) css Zen Garden

Css Zen Garden - logocss Zen Garden is an eye-opener for newer CSS developers. css Zen Garden explores the power of external style sheets by showcasing a variety of designs contributed by developers throughout the industry.

If you haven’t seen the website before, the concept is: using the same html mark-up, CSS developers submit external stylesheets and images to style the web page into beautifully-looking designs.

It’s a great place to inspire you to push your limits and knowledge regarding CSS.

11) CSSplay: Experiments with Cascading Style Sheets

CSS play logoAnother wonderful website about CSS. It features demos of CSS-based solutions such as image galleries, drop shadows, image maps, etc.

The website is authored by a married couple, Stuart (Stu) and Fran Nicholls, who have been in the computer industry since the 1980’s. Most of the demos are (or were) cutting edge; the examples are practical and easy to follow and the website’s easy to navigate.

It’s a commendable resource to check out when you want to gather information about CSS-based solutions.

12) W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

W3 Schools logoThis is an amazing center of knowledge for all things web development, covering topics such as JavaScript, HTML, PHP, SQL, and more. At the bottom of their logo, they quote, “The best things in life are free” – this is indeed true in their case.

The website is a great starting point towards learning about web development and design topics and an effective online reference for those who know about the subject but need a quick refresher.

13) – ITPro Collection

Books 24×7 - logoThe ITPro Collection at features digitalized versions of the top IT books. It’s a fee-based website, but if you’re able to afford it (or can convince the boss to get you a subscription), it’s the best way to access quality literature through the convenience of your computer.

It will also allow you to select the books worthy of buying and adding to your collection.

14) Drupal - logoDrupal restored my faith in open-source applications. Prior to Drupal, I worked on Oscommerce, Zen Cart and Moodle. All projects had bloated PHP and CSS, poor HTML mark-up (default layouts used tables, little care for semantic mark-up, amongst a few things) and were designed with little usability/accessibility in mind.

Drupal’s code — in contrast — was clean, modular (but not excessively so), had a robust API so that you don’t have to tinker with the core files, and most importantly, the community’s willingness to help out, share information, contribute, and commitment to quality is my vision of the “Utopian” open-source community. Since then, projects like WordPress, Magento, and Joomla! re-assures us that effective quality solutions don’t come from shelling out the cash, but rather promoting and contributing as much as you can to these remarkable communities.

15) Webmonkey: The Web Developer’s Resource

Web Monkey - icon logoHere’s a throw-back to the past! This is here as a reminder to the (slightly) older/more experienced developers that the site is still up and running. It was, during their time, a place to visit and learn about web development, covering topics such as web programming, E-business, and page design. It also has a “Quick Reference” section on the sidebar.

I remember being amazed at how their “folder navigation” on the sidebar worked — ever since then, the functionality can now be achieved quite easily using the DOM and/or a JavaScript framework like mootools.

16) Eric’s Writing - logoThis is a collection of Eric Meyer’s writings, an accomplished author on the topic of CSS. Not only is he a CSS expert, but also an advocate of semantic code. His work was, and is, truly revolutionary. I attribute my appreciation and understanding of “resetting CSS” to him.

Eric Meyer is one of the key influential people that I truly find to be talented and knowledgeable in the field of web building. His current and previous works are worth the time to read.

17) 456 Berea Street

456 Berea St logo456 Berea Street is the creation of Roger Johansson, a web professional from Sweden. His writing is a primary inspiration for starting up of Six Revisions. Topics include book reviews, written work about CSS and XHTML, and web development news and events.

Some pages worth bookmarking are Efficient CSS with shorthand properties (which can be used as a reference to writing “shorthand” CSS – reducing file size and page length) The CSS and XHTML Lab (which features some demonstrations as well as a list of works translated into other languages) and Accessibility myths and misconceptions (a helpful resource to link to when asked about the value of accessibility in web pages).

18) The Web Standards Project

Web Standards Project - logoThe Web Standards Project “fights for standards that reduce the cost and complexity of development while increasing the accessibility and long-term viability of any site published on the Web”.

Whether it’s suggesting correct mark-up or rallying web browser developers to render styles/html a certain way, The Web Standards Project aims to help web developers reduce the amount of time committed to troubleshooting browser-display issues. The website features articles, tutorials, and the Acid3 Browser Test (visual rendering tests of your browser).

19) - logoA marvelous website for the modern web developer. The website “is intended to be a resource for web developers: people who design, code and program websites and applications for the web“. The website is part of the 9rules network and is written primarily by Mike Papageorge who chooses to blog about topics such as “Marketing on the Internet” and more specific subjects such as “Olympic Logos“.

Aside from the Web Development Resources sidebar, there’s also a list of the author’s most recent Web Development resources that’s worth a bookmark.

20) SitePoint

SitePoint - logoSitePoint is one of the older websites that has survived the constantly-changing tastes of web developers and designers. A co-founder of the website, Matt Mickiewicz, first had a website called Community Forums launched in 1999.

SitePoint had a bit of a lull for a period of time in terms of popularity; the site’s prominence was replaced by newer, more “forward-thinking” web development sites.

The site has found its “second wind” with it’s young and modern web developer audience with an updated design/user interface, frequent updates, and a new and notable” CSS Reference” section.

So there they are, some websites that’s worth checking out and subscribing to if you’re interested in bettering your web development knowledge and skills. Do you have your own favorites? Did you find websites on this list that shouldn’t be here? Share it in the comments section!

This was published on Mar 9, 2008


Great list iggube! I browsed through all those site and they have some great designs. I’m looking forward to your future posts.

Don’t forget Smashing Magazine!

Craig Mar 10 2008

Really nice list … and great to see mootools getting play … i really love it!

Thanks Alot Six Revisions. This has some really great info and great links. A great little resource for all Web Develpers.

Good article. You missed:

Ellis Benus Mar 10 2008

All great resources.

Most of them already fill my Google Reader, but there were several in there I had never heard of.

Good list, and thanks for sharing.

I am a fellow web designer, just trying to get started.
Learning and keeping up with the new is probably
the most enjoyable part of the business for me.

Good Luck!

cassis Mar 10 2008

Why not PPK’s Quirksmode website ( nor Tantek Çelik’s website ( ?

Steve Mar 10 2008 – one-stop shop for reference lookups on nearly any web technology

I discovered that being a good web developer doesn’t depend on you knowing everything, just on knowing where to look up anything.

security expert Mar 10 2008

I use sitepoint, zend, w3schools & digg mostly.. :)

Evan Meagher Mar 10 2008

Good picks. It’d be nice if Alertbox had an RSS feed, though. Email subscriptions aren’t ideal.

Dawson Jones Mar 10 2008

Great list! I would leave a anonymous comment, but I don’t want you to pay $500…

Jonathan Mar 10 2008

Excellent list.

One thing that I’ve noticed that we as developers take for granted is knowing how to use a search engine well. Have you ever tried teaching someone new how to find answers to their problems with a search engine? I’ve found that, though very teachable, it takes some heavy thought to really boil it down. would be one of my indispensable developer resources, but knowing how to use it well is a challenge of its own.

Jonathan Wold

hiro protagonist Mar 10 2008

Can’t provide a list like this without including some of the early pioneers in ‘useful web snippets’ from back when it was still called ‘dhtml’ ;} – oldie but still one of the best resources for ‘cope n paste’ javascript ideas – another site full of ‘dhtml’ goodness

and of course, the user submitted comments on can’t be beat for explanations:

Justin Mar 10 2008

Thanks for this list!

Dan Grossman Mar 10 2008

What is this lull at SitePoint you speak of? It looks like steady growth for the past 6 years to me. I’ve been around since the changeover from to and there never seemed to be a slow period.

They’ve been among the top 1,000 sites on the ‘net for a while now, and I see all their books at my local BORDERS book store.

jingjong Mar 10 2008

Cool reference you have here or a say list of steps to make to be come some one you can call a real WEB Master :D.

But i really say that W3Schools Online Web Tutorials can really help BIG TIME to someone interested on Web Site Building.

cgpandey Mar 10 2008

Thx for sharing the names of these valuable websites with us. My personal favorite are digg and book 24*7.

Dragos Mar 10 2008

Very nice collection of websites in bookmark. I can tell by far away that to pull this out you stash lots of links over the time. I do the same, only for graphic design.

Keep up ! We need resources like this, in this times where Internet is full of craps…

You just named all my favorite sites I use for web development. If I created a list, it would be nearly identical to yours. I’ve never used Books 24×7. I personally use the Safari Books Online Unlimited subscription for about $43 a month, service ( ). They also have a 10-slot bookshelf limited service for about $23 a month. I also agree with you on mootools. I’ve tried YUI, prototype, jquery, etc, and mootools is by far my favorite javascript framework. I’ve been using it for quite a long time now (back when almost nobody heard of it). Now it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Malte Mar 10 2008

A very good collection, you picked wisely!.Thumbs up!

Jacob Gube Mar 10 2008

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback. I’d like to respond to some of the comments here.

Johnathan: You just inspired me towards a future article! I completely agree that you have to have a strong command of search engines to be efficient in troubleshooting problems. It can be as simple as “copy and pasting” a PHP error/warning directly into the search to utilizing the more advanced search features of Google. I would attribute a significant part of my ability to figure out solutions to issues simply by effective Google searching. Thanks for the awesome input!

Dan Grossman: I guess what I meant was that it’s popularity towards the more advanced, savvy web developer was replaced by more “niched”/specialized resources. Certainly, SitePoint has mass appeal and that’s attributed to their steady growth. The more books you publish, the more people will visit your website. I personally got turned off by the old interface and the “beginner” topics that they had prior to the upgrade. So I apologize for not making that point clear in this article. SitePoint is an awesome and worthwhile website to frequent, and that is why I chose to include it in this list.

For all the people who’ve shared their favorite links: Thank you very much and I’m sure the other readers will appreciate it! I will append this article at a later period as well as add it to the Resources section.

Additionally, I’ve received a few feedback about the left side of the layout needing 10-20px of padding for smaller screen resolutions. This issue will be addressed in the new blog design which I finished at 6:00AM this morning after working all night and getting two hours of sleep. Before it goes live, I’d like some feedback on the design.

If you’re interested in being part of a small evaluation/feature-request committee that will get a chance to preview the new Six Revisions look, please shoot me a message using the Contact form on the website, found here and I’ll hit you up with the relevant information.

Thank you all once again. Your kind inputs are what drives me to spend time developing and expanding Six Revisions.

Jacob Gube

Kenny Mar 10 2008

Thats a very sweet list for sure..almost all of them are sure to make a person more aware of making better functioning websites. There are many others but they are only good for a specific thing or post perhaps.

Only issues i have is with SitePoint “sharing” and “caring” is only for older members, new members who are not skilled are not umm much ‘ welcomed’ over there.

James Mar 10 2008

SitePoint is an overweight ad-heavy forum with (paid) cocky moderators and admins.

I much prefer to use: No ads and the users are there because they care not because they get a pay check…

mizztissa Mar 10 2008

Great list! I only heard of a couple. Thanks!

Alison Mar 10 2008

great list! thanks

Infonote Mar 10 2008

3rdeyepro Mar 10 2008

Alertbox, my former boss told me about this. I was shocked to see no RSS feed for this. Just an old school email list. C’mon step it up.

snorkel Mar 10 2008

Don’t forget about PostgreSQL:

Tyler Mar 10 2008

This is a very good list, I will definitely be bookmarking most of these sites, thanks.

Brad Hart Mar 10 2008

This is a great list of resources thanks!

great list. big fan of books24x7 myself.

Jason Mar 10 2008

This must be a pretty happening post because I notice that all the sites you list here are also at the top of so it means you’re probably generating a lot of traffic to those other sites.

Thunk Different Mar 10 2008

Capital A for Awesome list. Out of say like, 10 out of 10, you get a HUGE A for Awesome dude!

Jacob Gube Mar 10 2008

James: Those are also the primary reasons that turned me off SitePoint for a time, and the obtrusive ads are still there, but it’s one of the website’s I frequented earlier in my career and I can’t deny the fact that it has, indeed, improved my web development and design knowledge.

Jason: Thanks for the heads-up, the whole front page is occupied by the websites listed on here. I think that it’s safe to say that I’ve accomplished my goal of providing a few links people haven’t bookmarked yet!

If anyone’s interested in checking out my profile, here’s the link: . I store most of my bookmarks in Firefox, my profile I use only when I’m away from my PC. In the future, I’ll take a screenshot of my bookmark links, it’s massive but organized into a lot of folders.

Thunk Different: Thank you for the comment, probably the most interesting compliment I’ve gotten today. :)

– Jacob G.

Yeah these sites have been consistently excellent for the last few years. Nicely put together.

Karthik Mar 10 2008

Thank you for compiling all these websites in a list. Many times as a Web developer I have to search through many queries to troubleshoot one line of Javascript. The consolidation offered by moot tools is wonderful. Also I like the thebestwebdesigns as a source for new ideas. And in today’s trend the best and the most creative ideas are required to sell a website. Once again Thank you for the list.

Ravinder Mar 10 2008

That’s a very good collection. Thanks!

Terrence Thomas Mar 10 2008

Great Article filled with valuable resources. thanks for sharing the knowledge.

Jason Mar 10 2008

Again, its nice to see mootools up there!

mountain dew Mar 10 2008

the site: is quite useful for PHP & MySQL help, among other popular programming languages.

Webmonkey was the AUTHORITY on web design tutorials back in the day, and it’s blast to the past that you mentioned it. I felt exactly as you did about their “folder” navigation bar, and I wonder how many other developers started out using that site.

Glancing at it now, it looks like the whole site is stuck in 2003.

JDeaBox Mar 10 2008

Awesome list! Time to check them out for future reference

shibin Mar 10 2008

Good work really usefull……..

Mario Mar 10 2008

web monkey is definitely a blast from the past! thanks for posting — i marked a few links.

Benglued Mar 10 2008

Awesome collection ..

JC…how’s about adding margin-left:15px; or something to your own crappy site.

Ashish Mar 11 2008

Great Collection Dude.

Seems like many people are following the same path.

well i use my site too


gudlow Mar 11 2008

theres a lot of another useful website to make better web dev.
thank your for your great list..

Pete White Mar 11 2008

Great list thanks.

Fubiz Mar 11 2008

Thanks for the great list!

What about

Demetrius Pinder Mar 11 2008

awesome list!! WOW!

I’d like to point out that you are missing an important resource. Especially since it powers this blog. WordPress has become one of the quickest and easiest CMSs to deploy…I know that its not designed as one but because its so simple and flexible i think its worth the mention, that all and you have drupal listed.

Jacob Gube Mar 11 2008

Ryan: You’re right, although I did mention WordPress in the Drupal entry, I should probably have made it more prominent since it runs this whole website. To tell you the truth, I’ve worked with more WordPress websites in the past three months (four deployments, not including this blog) and I’m in love with it. It’s simple, very easy to work with, easy to theme, and in the near future I’d like to give it the credit it deserves by posting a dedicated article about it.

I wrote this comment on why I chose WordPress over Drupal one of my previous articles, if you’re interested.

Thanks for your feedback.

– Jacob Gube

Great list. Thought I would add: (for MS developers – are there any reading this?)
Blueprint CSS Framework –


You forgot Zeldman and SHea

Jacob Gube Mar 12 2008

Jive: I know Jeffrey Zeldman and Dave Shea deserve props for their work. mezzoblue deserves to be on this list for sure (watch out for a follow-up piece to this one) — their image replacement piece is a bookmark of mine, not to mention, CSS Sprites (like 3 or 4 years ago). I just think that mentioning the whole staff of ALA would’ve been a bit excessive, so I chose my top two favorite members whose books I have in my book collection.

– Jacob G.

I think is better than There are tons of these sites but Inspiration Folder offers the best over all experience in my opinion.

Alvin Mar 13 2008

Wow, this is a great list! I didn’t book mark a single one… instead I bookmarked THIS page!

rajeswar mohanty Mar 13 2008


I have read your article “20 Websites That Made Me A Better Web Developer”, it is a great colections of yours. And for me it is a resource.


Mike Papageorge Mar 13 2008

I’m really happy that my little website was useful to you. It fits the 37signals inspired philosophy of scratch your own itch (my resource/bookmark section) and someone else will find it useful. Now, if only I could get back to posting there!

Jacob Gube Mar 13 2008

Thanks Mike, for posting your thoughts! not only inspires but also provides very useful information.

Great post! Mootools is great indeed, too bad I found it 20.000 lines of prototype + scriptaculous too late…. I bookmarked 7 of the 20 links you gave, thanks!

Peter T - Webshop Mar 14 2008

Great resources, thanks!

Alexis Mar 14 2008

great finds. thx.

Simon James Mar 14 2008

Great list dude – that’s a really great resource list. Thanks.

Zach Browne Mar 16 2008

Excellent job. Couldn’t have written it better myself.

Son Nguyen Mar 16 2008

Great list! But don’t forget those reference sites can make sure you take advantage of all the elegant features of any language, may it be HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc. (eg: for PHP)

Justin Mar 21 2008

Don’t forget Magento! (

Like you mentioned with Drupal, many of us had lost fiath in Open Source web applications for a while. I felt the same way about all Open Source e-commerce solutions until this one came around.

Magento is a beautiful Zend Framework-based MVC e-commerce solution, and—unlike osCommerce and Zen Cart—it allows you to build professional (downright enterprise) quality e-commerce sites.

Tim Baxter Mar 23 2008

Great list to read through today. Looks like it’s doing pretty good on Digg too!

Romeo Mar 29 2008

Glad to see a good web developer list that doesn’t have 101 or 1001 entries. Those are great but, can we be real about this? Who is going to go through those lists?!

Bravo, good list. Quite good.

Web 2.0 Usability Blog Apr 03 2008

Good list. I’ve been using Zen Garden for years. Some of their CSS styles are really top quality.

Lumargin Apr 06 2008

Thanks, great list. Stumbled it :)

Amit Verma Apr 09 2008

Great list of websites buddy…this will definitely help to many other web developers too.

I would add as well. Excellent design mag that has a developer slant. Very useful posts on Ajax/CSS and tons of site designs to get you inspired.

Nicolas Apr 25 2008

Great list, very nice…

Mike Maxson May 04 2008

Thanks for this. You mention the thousands of bookmarks that you have saved over the years regarding website design, well me too….and this page just went right to the top of my list. This page should be in every web developer’s favorites!


Great reference site:) Ah the days of old webmonkey:)

Webmaster May 22 2008

Great List. Bookmarked a few. Use Sitepoint / Digital point lots myself and Digg Technology too. Busy looking through your other suggestions.

Pindu Jun 03 2008

nice site

Web design Company UK Jun 03 2008

Great list. I have added it to my favorites. As a we designer this is a valuable list for inspiration as well guidelines.

Awesome..thanks for listing all this web. I alredy added it in my boohmarks.. thanks

laurence Jun 14 2008

Webmonkey has now been redesigned, I wish they just kept it how it used to be.

DavidTan Jun 15 2008

Very nice list!

What about ?

Vijay Kumar Jun 20 2008

Awesome collection!

Alex Shien Jun 24 2008

Very nice collection of websites in bookmark.

Affordable Web Design Jun 28 2008

Really great collection you have here. I’m a huge fan of WebMonkey (since 2002) and I’m a freshman when it comes to CSS Zen Garden, but man does it do the trick for inspiration.

Matt Webb Jul 07 2008

Wow. This is an incredible list. I knew about many of these sites, but you have turned me onto some great new bookmarks. Thanks :)

serdar Sep 01 2008

i will try mootools first,


ausmitra, vienna, austria Sep 02 2008

very impressive !!! keep it up.

Muliati Sep 04 2008

Kewl links. While I have the most of them, u have others that I missed! Thanks!

Peter Njenga Sep 07 2008

I do like this listing. Quite edifying.

Yep great list except I think you should review ReadWriteWeb… that articles on that site have seriously gone to the dogs

alanya haber Sep 24 2008

Thanks for sharing!!

Zach Browne Sep 25 2008

Great list man. I think web design from scratch is a great concept/site. I use that philosophy daily.

Gianni Sep 25 2008

Great list! Browsing for inspiration…

Alanya Haber Sep 26 2008

great work

Don’t forget

That one has been very helpful!

Danh ba web 2.0 Oct 02 2008

Cool list. Thanks for share !

Alanya haber Oct 10 2008

very good… Thanks you very much !

Nic Stage Oct 24 2008

Good list. I definitely would have included quirksmode, though:

Very interesting articles!!! Well Done!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Farid Hadi Oct 29 2008

A really nice list.


Katrina Nov 01 2008

nice list ….
thanks for share

Good list

thanks should be in this list too……..

beloed Nov 18 2008

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Facebook App Creation Nov 21 2008

Surely a fantastic collection.
I just would like to request that if you can increase your collection to some more areas like Mobile development blogs / websites then it will also be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in ton!

nickler Dec 11 2008

Cool list. Thanks for share !

ngkong Dec 20 2008

7 < i prefer jquery

thanks for your great list.

Web Developers Feb 26 2009

Sitepoint has become too commericial good for them :)

But the first 10 websites you recommended were brilliant indeed.

Web Designers Feb 28 2009

css Zen Garden is very good. And site point gives the idea of the latest trends in web development.

Narshada Mar 24 2009

No.11 (CSS Play,) is run by my friend’s dad! My friend mentioned it one day when I was talking to him about my getting into web design. I shot Stu an email about a CSS problem I was having and he sent me a detailed reply. Thoroughly nice guy so I would doubly recommend the site to all.

Jason King Mar 25 2009

I’ve stopped paying attention to Jakob and his godawful looking static html website (as built in the 1920s).

Not heard of Getting Real before but it looks like an interesting read – cheers for the recommendation.

Jacob Gube Mar 25 2009

@Jason King: Yeah Jakob Nielsen’s site is quite, shall we say, ugly. It’s still got great content. But you know what, I wonder why Shoutbox is like that. He’s got to be making serious bank, he can hire a whole suite of developers to update it. But he doesn’t… so do you think it’s intentional?

He always preaches, “content is king”… so is that a statement that, no matter how ugly your website it, people will come back if you’ve got good content?

I’m just devcrafting here. :)

Thanks! BTW, “it’s” = it is.

Divergence Apr 28 2009

Great list, although I’m not sure Drupal should qualify, as it’s pretty hard to learn from the code as it’s pretty complex and takes alot of time to get how it’s architected.

meleksin sen May 01 2009

Surely a fantastic collection.
I just would like to request that if you can increase your collection to some more areas like Mobile development blogs / websites then it will also be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in ton!

meleksin sen May 01 2009

I’ve stopped paying attention to Jakob and his godawful looking static html website (as built in the 1920s).

Not heard of Getting Real before but it looks like an interesting read – cheers for the recommendation.

ilahiler May 03 2009

Great list, although I’m not sure Drupal should qualify, as it’s pretty hard to learn from the code as it’s pretty complex and takes alot of time to get how it’s architected.

many thanks, very useful

shravan Mishra Jun 21 2009

Very nice article JG.

Phaoloo Jun 27 2009

Nice websites that all developers should subscribe.

Fatima Waheed Aug 17 2009

These are also good list websites for designers and developers:

Good picks. It’d be nice if Alertbox had an RSS feed, though. Email subscriptions aren’t ideal.

James Oct 14 2009

Great post! Mootools is great indeed, too bad I found it 20.000 lines of prototype + scriptaculous too late…. I bookmarked 7 of the 20 links you gave, thanks!

J4thunder Oct 17 2009

Discordo… xD

larkin step Nov 03 2009

Noting to say because all my comments i wish to say has already been posted here but one thing i am going to bookmark this page on my bookmarking site….it is long time help.

Altaf Gilani Nov 24 2009

Awesome list of websites, I bookmarked it.

Thanks for sharing

Digisha Modi Dec 17 2009

Very well defined list of Website… It helps a lot to upgrade knowledge and skill for any technical person…

Jones Feb 17 2010

hi i visit all of these site. great…

Daniel Apr 16 2010

This is really a Great List, helpful for new Web Developers.

Irfan Suleman May 27 2010

awesome list for web developers :)

Gregory B. Haynes Aug 14 2010

Good post, will frequent your site.

Chintan Kotadia Aug 25 2010

Excellent list of websites. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful listing. I have bookmarked it.

Chintan Kotadia.

Sachin Gupta Nov 02 2010

It’s an excellent collection!

Nick Pyett Nov 17 2010

Completely agree with 3,6 and 12. They really helped me when I was starting out and still do to this day!

Brett WIdmann Nov 18 2010

Thanks for the great list. I like how you gave the website link and a brief explanation on how it helped you. Thanks for sharing.

Lindsey Finkenbiner Nov 24 2010

books online are great, wether they are e-books or conventional hardbound and paperback books ,.-

Hayden Robertson Dec 03 2010

there are mnay used books online and the price is cheap too but i wonder if the quality of it is good *’:

Swayam Infotech Jan 20 2011

Good to know, but I love CSS ZEN GARDEN at most. Lovely.

Thank you so much for this article. Had a closer look at some sites you suggested and they really were great! Excellent work!

Donna Rivette Mar 02 2011

Thanks for useful article!

Mary Smith Mar 03 2011

just bookmarked this post :)

Kythira Mar 22 2011

Extremely useful guide especially for newbie web developers like me. Can you please correct this post. The images are not showing in google chrome browser.

Pranav Thakker May 10 2011

Really Its a very useful list for developer for guidance.

Webkul May 17 2011

Awesome info you made my day THANKS!

Estar Jun 07 2011

Thanks for the great collection of websites. From time to time you forget that you can always improve your skills if you are a web developer. @Kythira Even if you arent a newbie anymore :)

JAY TELI Jul 04 2011

Gr8 Post…It gave me 20 Links..thnx
Gr8 COmments… It gave Me more 20 Links….thnx
I knew Only w3schools before and wanted to find more websites who are Like it or better then it……..NOw i think after this reading this entire page that i dont have to google anything…Thnkx for d post and all comments :D

For a very elegant web design of a website you must follow these tips and they all are useful for creating a better web design – i think the #2 is very vital. To plan for a good thing is always necessary and that can make the thing perfect in every sight.

Jack suli Sep 13 2011

A very good list of collection. Specially getting real (4th link) is the link every visitor of this post should click and read. Few points in that book you may agree and few you may not but its a very inspirational from 37 signals.

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