Top 10 VPS Providers for Web Developers

Top 10 VPS Providers for Web Developers

Web developers need somewhere to host their projects, and when looking for hosting, there are several options.

Shared hosting, where you share a server with lots of other users and have very limited control over the server. Dedicated hosting, where you have complete control over a server; a very flexible option, but requires you to manage the whole server, worry about hardware failures and backups, and is typically expensive.

A third option that is in between these two choices is a Virtual Private Server, or VPS.

VPSs not only bridge the gap between shared and dedicated hosting, their virtualized nature provides other advantages such as instant reinstallation of the operating system, quick recovery and backup, and fast and simple hardware upgrades (the hardware is virtual, after all).

Still not sure what a VPS is? Read this guide on VPS hosting.

In this article, we cover 10 of the most popular VPS providers, giving details such as where their datacentres are located and what their prices start.



Another UK VPS provider is VPS.NET with a price point that starts at $20 for a VPS with 376MB RAM and 10GB of storage. They have UK and US datacentres, and their cloud storage allows automatic failover and scaling.

2. Prgmr


Prgmr is a VPS provider that doesn’t "assume you are stupid," implying that their services are geared towards developers that know what they are doing (or have the desire to learn on their own). Their 64MB instances start at $5 a month, and a 256MB instance will only set you back $8. Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS are the only officially supported OSs, but they’ll let you install your own, if you want. They even let you build your own kernel, which isn’t something you can do with most of the other VPS providers.

3. Linode


Linode is a popular VPS provider, and they’ve recently added a UK-based datacentre so users now have the option of a US or European-situated server.

The cheapest plan starts at just under $20 a month and includes 360MB of RAM and 16GB storage. There are no setup fees, no contracts, and a slew of 32 and 64-bit Linux operating systems are offered.

4. Slicehost


Built for developers, Slicehost has no contract period or setup fees. "Slices" start from $20 with 256MB of RAM and 10GB of storage. You can upgrade or downgrade your hardware at any point with minimal downtime. They currently only offer US datacentres.

5. RIMU Hosting

RIMU Hosting

A truly global VPS provider with datacentres in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand is RIMU Hosting. Prices start at around $20, and you can opt for billing in the local currency of the datacentre you chose.

If you’re an open source developer, RIMU Hosting will discount your subscription as a way of giving back to the community. They also offer a discount of 10% if you require multiple servers.

6. Bytemark


Bytemark is a UK-based VPS provider with datacentres in London. Prices start at £15 (around $22, American) for 256MB and 10GB of storage.

Bytemark boast some impressive features that come as standard, such as redundant disks for fault tolerance, free server monitoring and IPv6 connectivity.

7. XLS hosting

XLS hosting

A cloud VPS provider, XLS hosting is based in the Netherlands. They have an extremely good value with their entry level VPS offering that starts at about $15 a month for 128MB RAM and 10GB storage.

8. Gandi


Self-described as "hosting for geeks", Gandi gives you great bang for your buck, and even offers a free trial. Prices start at $13 for 256MB RAM and 8GB storage. Hardware upgrades are automatic, and they provide emergency support services.


The UK-located hosting provider,, offers high-end VPS servers starting at 1GB RAM for around $34. Their VPSs come with multiple static IP addresses. If you have several VPSs with them, they will give you redundant load balancing at no extra cost. Full backups are performed daily and stored for 30 days, you get a choice between 32 and 64-bit operating systems.

10. SuperBytes


SuperBytes is a Canadian company with datacentres in Canada, the US and the UK. 64MB VPS instances start at $6 a month.

Do you use any of these VPS providers? What’s your current web hosting set-up like?

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This was published on Apr 20, 2010


Khazou Apr 20 2010

I’m currently using a Gandi VPS hosting with two virtual servers.

One with Debian Lenny / Lighttpd (my prod server)
The other with CentOS 5 / Apache (my dev/test server)

I’m very satisfied with the performance and the tech support !

Gandi is a really good option if you want a nice and affordable VPS hosting

Wiehann Apr 20 2010

You should also check out Webbynode

They offer some great tools for developers like GitHub integration, ReadyStacks etc.

Jordan Walker Apr 20 2010

Nice list of VPS hosts, I have been looking into moving to either a vps or cloud server.

A few more UK-based VPS hosts (same company):

ken shan Apr 20 2010

Great article! IMO slicehost & Linode looks more reputation than others and’s website looks hot!

Another great VPS is (part of the Clara group). I use their 2nd tier option (VPS500) which gives me 1000GB monthly bandwidth, 512MB memory, 20GB storage with various Linux distros or Windows. (I’ve opted for CentOS 5.3). Lightning quick and only £19.99 / month.

very nice article…useful information

Jacob Gube Apr 20 2010

Thanks for sharing folks, keep your suggestions coming.

I’ve personally worked on Slicehost and VPS.NET. Both great options. I’ve seriously looked at Linode and Prgmr too and might use ’em for some of my pet dev projects.

JJ Nold Apr 20 2010

A friend turned me onto A little pricier than most, but very reliable.

Chris McCorkle Apr 20 2010

What’s the story behind that guy in the splash photo?

EricM Apr 20 2010

Good list but not every client, and every product is a Linux one. I often have the need for Windows VPS hosting.

If you need Windows VPS hosting I recommend CrystalTech, I have done TONS of research in Windows hosting and they have by far the best offer.

You can also check out OrcsWeb for Windows VPS hosting. They offer a very good package as well. is hands-down the best VPS hosting provider out there. Quick support and great prices.

Brian Apr 20 2010

Been using Linode for a few months – very pleased with them!

Jordan Apr 20 2010

Can’t believe you missed KnownHost, WiredTree, and ServInt.

I’m using other 2 VPS providers which are not on the list and they are very good too…

They are cheap and reliable…

Jan van Vlimmeren Apr 20 2010

I’ve been using Wiredtree for a year now and it’s amazing. It’s one of the most reputable in the industry too.

Their support is so good that it becomes ridiculous. Everytime I have a question or a problem (usually due to my own stupidity) the ticket gets treated within 10 minutes (usually even faster).

While they are a little more expensive than the ones listed here, if you need to support clients, these guys make it worth the extra cost.

James Apr 20 2010

Really there are very few companies that don’t offer VPS.

Dejan Apr 20 2010

Jacob could you recommend a good company for reseller hosting?

Matthew Hall Apr 20 2010

Thank you for the plug for SuperBytes!
Just so you know, we also offer VPS in Germany as well now

Jonas Apr 20 2010

I’m surprised Rackspace Cloud Servers ( isn’t on there.

Colin Dean Apr 20 2010

I’ve been using BigVPS for ~3 years now. Had some downtime May 2009 because of things mostly beyond their control. Signed up with FsckVPS because of it, which was sold to VAServ a few days later, and just a few days after that had its own major outage, and my VPS host was the ONLY machine in the datacenter unaffected (lucky me, and inexplicably, too).

Stayed with both, haven’t had any problems since.

Chris Racer Apr 20 2010

I’ve been using Beyond Hosting for about 3 months now and they’re VPS service has been absolutely top notch.

I’ve used PowerVPS for several years and have had a wonderful experience with their support and reliability.

Wow, when I saw a list of the top 10 VPS providers, I knew I would see WiredTree on here. I’ve been with them for years and couldn’t be happier. Their customer service is top notch and reliability is amazing.

Winni Apr 21 2010

I’m @ Host Europe

They are cheap, reliable and faaaaaaast !!!

Abu Qutaita Apr 21 2010

I’m surprised ChunkHost didn’t make this list:

They’re currently in beta, and with that, they’re offering free 512MB/20GB/200GB (ram/disk/bw) chunks. And if you decide to keep that chunk when the service goes live (i.e. for-pay), the price is a fraction (about 50% iirc) of the normal rate for the lifetime of the chunk.

Jacob Gube Apr 21 2010

@Chris McCorkle: It represents a web developer standing in front of server stacks.

@Dejan: If you get a big enough plan, most VPS providers allow you to host multiple sites and sell those yourself. I haven’t actually done VPS reselling (back in the day, I did it with shared hosting for my clients. Not the best idea. I should have just stuck to design and development.) Hopefully some of the people here can share their experience with VPS reselling.

Keep suggesting guys. We may write a follow up to this with your suggestions.

James Apr 21 2010

I’ve had great luck with LiquidWeb’s VPS. Excellent customer support in the US.

Teren Teh Apr 21 2010

Here’s what I use:

Their plans are reasonable if you want to dip your toes into VPS.

Yorkshire Apr 21 2010

Timeley info Ben. We’re on the lookout for some VPS Cloud Hosting at the moment. Thanks Ted.

Tomasz Banas Apr 22 2010

PowerVPS rox, we use them for couple of years now.

I’ve heard a lot about It seems to have a good options and support. Maybe I’ll choose it for my next project.

Thank you very much for the information.

Nice compilation of vps providers currently i’m using hostgator and planning to switch over rackspace cloud servers. Hope to get it soon

Nice compilation of vps providers currently i’m using hostgator and planning to switch over rackspace cloud servers. Hope to get it soon

Henrik Apr 23 2010

Anybody tried ? Seems good value for money, and seems to have won some awards.

Nice compilation of vps providers currently i’m using hostgator and planning to switch over rackspace cloud servers. Hope to get it soon

Simon Apr 25 2010

I’ve heard a lot about It seems to have a good options and support. Maybe I’ll choose it for my next project.

Thank you very much for the information.

Nice compilation of vps providers currently i’m using hostgator and planning to switch over rackspace cloud servers. Hope to get it soon

Here’s what I use:

Their speeds are actually very fast. And they provide US data centers

Klian May 11 2010

Another vote for Servint :)

I have reserved space with iPage and I am looking for dev/test LAMP Virtual Server, what is your recommendations for 4-5 developers.


Pixeno May 14 2010

VPS.NET is a good provider.

Wiredtree definately deserves a mention. Fastest support I have ever seen. Currently I’m using vpslime and they’ve been solid thus far.

Patrick Sep 12 2010

Pr0jects has some nice VPS deals too. Netherlands based company connected at the fastest network in the world: AMS-IX.

They go under the name and

Jethro Sep 25 2010

I’ve heard good things about and Linode. I’ll be using one of the two soon, shared hosting just doesn’t cut it anymore!

MValdez Sep 29 2010

I’ve been used Rimuhosting service. Currently I have my main demo server (where I host my web apps for field testing and showcase for clients) in a VPS with CentOS. It is a modified MiroVPS3 VPS (1 GB RAM, 12 GB disk). When I started using their service (almost 5 years ago) there were not that many VPS providers in the market, and the main reason I choose them was that they answered my questions within minutes (another provider answered my email 5 days later, go figure). Other two reasons were they accepted Paypal (at that time the other providers wanted a credit-card) and because they offered a discount for open-source developers (something I think it is very nice).

Last year I started looking for alternatives, just because I wanted to know if I was paying too much for my VPS or not. I found Rimuhosting is not the cheapest VPS around (it’s not the most expensive either). However, after doing the math and realizing I would only save 5 or 10 dollars a month by changing providers, I decided to stay with Rimuhosting. The few times I have contacted their support staff, they have always been very helpful and very quick to answer. I would not sacrifice that for a few dollars.

Just note: Rimuhosting VPS are unmanaged, meaning you need to do the maintenance yourself, including OS updates. Rimuhosting has a wiki with good advice on how to do the initial configuration of your VPS. (You can pay their support staff to do it for you, but hey, what fun would that be?).

Regards, MV

James Jan 07 2011 is awesome! VPS Cloud hosted on a Xen platform. They have a very fast platform.

Justin Jan 13 2011

I found and started using Ossim Hosting, at for VPS hosting. They have some features that I can’t find on too many other hosts (1) plenty of ipv4 space/ allocation available (2) allow irc (3) extremely fast disk i/o (4) stable as no other (5) superior ddos mitigation for web and irc, its sick.

check em out

wanjie Apr 22 2011

maybe some day, I will change my site from virtual hosting to VPS.

I use for VPS hosting.
They have pre-configured templates with resources installed such as pdo, pdo_mysql, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Python, cURL, openssl, mcrypt, Zend.

Thanks for the list but what is your opinion of
chimehost for vps hosting?

Kevin Jun 27 2011 is awesome

Puru Choudhary Jul 01 2011

Shameless self-promotion, but you can use my website for price comparison of VPS plans. It does not have user reviews yet, but still can give you a shortlist of providers based on your requirement.

Steve Jul 11 2011

I use and they are great. I am usually quite cynical when a hosting company says that they are there for you ( been bitten to many times ) but these guys truely care about what they do. If your new to Linux you might struggle because their service is for Developers and Admins but it would be a great place to try out and learn. They also have the ability to clone your VPS – useful for load balanced sites.

The also smoke the competition in terms of performance too…even Linode

You should check out htttp://

I obtained my vps from them. Its got 100gb space, 1.5 Tb bandwidth and 4 gb ram all for ~$9 / month. It is unmanaged, so you are responsible for your own apps installs and setup.

We’ve been using Farbyte VPS in the UK for a few months now and they are good. Not a single downtime and the servers are fast.
Their VPS plans are at:

Nic Windley Mar 02 2013

I would certainly not put at number 1, maybe not even on the list. I’m a current customer with some issues that I am escalating with them.

Initially things were great; however their servers / services are far too unstable to be considered something that you would want your business relying upon.

They responded quickly to issues, however its like putting a sticking plaster over a wound that needs stitching, it soon bursts open again and the problems resurface.

Not only that, when I presented them with my problems and gave them an opportunity to resolve them, they thought that it made more sense to lose an existing customer that paid them regularly because they would not offer a reasonable credit given the problems I was experiencing.

They made excuses about DDOS attacks and how they were going to fix them, yet according to this article;

They were supposed to have been resolved two years ago?

This not only shows a lack of congruency between their promises and service delivery but an unbelievable degree of ineptitude in business and customer service.

Marketing to them is merely a veneer, and they forgot that they actually needed to follow through on their promises.

They make money at the disservice of customers, not by servicing them. What the hell is going on in the world of business?

I as are others, not the only people with issues and concerns about this company;

I’ve had to escalate this now to the directors of the holding group UK2Group, however I’m not holding my breath for a satisfactorily outcome.

It’s a pity as it could be a great product / service offering, however the reality is that it’s too unreliable and they must resolve this and fast. It may be too late for me.

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