10 Fresh Galleries for Web Design Inspiration

10 Fresh Galleries for Web Design Inspiration

Creativity needs a jumpstart at times. When you’re feeling creatively low, one of the best ways to get inspired is to admire and look at exceptional web designs. In this collection, you’ll discover some new web design galleries to check out. I hope you find at least a couple of new favorites that you’ll bookmark and visit regularly!

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1. Wireframe Showcase

Wireframe Showcase

Wireframe Showcase lets you peek under the hood of a web design. Instead of focusing just on the finished layout — which is how most web design galleries work — featured designs on the site have a discussion by the web designer and screenshots of preliminary sketches, prototypes, and wireframes, giving you insight on their production process.

2. Heart Directed

Heart Directed

A recently popular design trend is blogs that publish custom-designed blog posts. Heart Directed, a web project by Design Informer, highlights some masterfully crafted and visually stunning blog posts.

3. siiimple


siiimple, as the site’s name implies, features clean and simple web designs. It’s a great place to visit if you want to see how great designs can become when they’re boiled down to the bare essentials.

4. Grid-Based


Using grid layouts gives your designs a sense of order through systematic placement and alignment of design elements. Grid-Based is a niche web design gallery that showcases beautiful sites that employ grid systems (of course, presented to you as thumbnails aligned on a grid).

5. MephoBox


Typical web design galleries feature an entire screenshot (or a partial thumbnail) of web designs. However, MephoBox steps outside of this convention by placing common website components such as headers and web forms on center stage.

6. HTML5 Gallery

HTML5 Gallery

The HTML5 Gallery seeks to promote the use of HTML5 by inspiring web designers with real websites that already use the new standards. Richard Clark, a front-end designer in the UK and owner of the site, hopes that "a side effect of this [website] is that browser developers will see how many people are implementing HTML5 and add more support for it."

7. Typekit Design Gallery

Typekit Design Gallery

We’ve talked about @font-face in the recent past through a guide on @font-face as well as a tutorial on the free Google’s Fonts API web service. Typekit, a leading subscription-based service for web fonts, has a web design gallery featuring the use of web fonts on real sites.

8. Mobile Awesomeness

Mobile Awesomeness

Though some may contest the value of having a mobile design today, Mobile Web — without a doubt — is certainly the future. Mobile Awesomeness indexes and presents aesthetically awesome mobile web designs for your inspiration.

9. HTML Email Design Gallery

HTML Email Design Gallery

A popular task amongst web designers is the construction of HTML emails. For web designers looking to be inspired in the oftentimes hair-pulling-inducing activity of designing HTML emails, check out Campaign Monitor’s gallery of beautiful HTML emails.

10. The Drawar Design Gallery

The Drawar Design Gallery

Drawar, a blog by 9rules and CSSVault founder, Paul Scrivens, curates an on-site web design gallery where you can find meticulously handpicked web designs. The process of getting your site featured involves a highly sophisticated quality decision algorithm with an equally arduous submission guideline that’s best described by Scrivens himself: "You submit a site and it gets put into the system. I look at the site and if I like it then it gets moved into the Gallery."

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This was published on Jul 10, 2010


Brian Jones Jul 10 2010

Thanks Jacob for providing these new sites!

Ian Devlin Jul 10 2010

Good to see HTML5 Gallery included. It’s about time one of the HTML5 galleries is featured in one of these lists.

arnold Jul 10 2010

jacob!thanks,lots of good stuff here.

some of them are unique

Ryan Bollenbach Jul 10 2010

Really awesome article, I definitely need inspiration for the re-design of my site :D.

wildanr Jul 10 2010

Nice collection!

KanZonk Jul 10 2010

I strongly agree with you. Most powerful way to get inspiration is to visit many web.

(sixrevision is one of them)

Danita Becker Jul 10 2010

Fabulous post! Creative selection, not your run of the mill website galleries at all. I’m especially intrigued by the Wireframe Showcase and Heart Directed gallery.

Curtis Scott Jul 10 2010

Fresh indeed Jacob! Thanks for the inspirational links, I only knew about grid based.

Wireframe Showcase is my favorite as I’ve been trying to brush up on my wire-framing skills.

Oxana Jul 10 2010

Thanks for inspiration! Nice article!

Ryan Hilton Jul 10 2010

Great collection of sites. Especially love the Wireframe Showcase, gives good insight into the minds of other designers.

Jennifer R Jul 10 2010

This’s a first time I heared about these gallery site, thanks you, Jacob

mmmen Jul 10 2010

Thank Mr.Jacob .

wwebz Jul 11 2010

Hey thanks for sharing it i had now idea about email design gallery .

Rakesh Solanki Jul 11 2010

All gallery design are awesome specially siiimple because it is clean and simple.

ardianzzzz Jul 11 2010

Drawar! love it :)

C. Marius Jul 11 2010

I can’t stop being amazed by the quality of the work, excellency in photography!


Thanks for including Wireframe Showcase!!

Jordan Walker Jul 11 2010

Those are great places to submit designs and also find inspiration.

Eko Setiawan Jul 12 2010

Great, this list that I need…Thanks :)

cssfaves Jul 12 2010

you forgot :)

Scrivs Jul 12 2010

@Jacob: Thanks for the mention and it’s this very special algorithm that helps to keep things fresh.

@ardinazzzz: Drawar loves you.

Nick Francis Jul 12 2010

Great collection … I’m totally subscribing to Wireframe Showcase. Also thanks for mentioning our site!

Jacob Gube Jul 13 2010

@Scrivs: Hey thanks for stopping by and also for shaking up “the system”)! Love your posts, always makes me think about things.

Nottingham Jul 13 2010

Heart Director is my kinda thing

Focusing on one specific element of design is a great way to carve a niche for yourself. I took this approach with my own WordPress showcase site and its paid off nicely.

great post. Been meaning to update my bookmarks..

CssDsgn Jul 29 2010 hasn’t been mentioned :(

Philip Sep 14 2010

Add to the list 10 degrees –

ChiTz Feb 05 2011 is great to

Great collection of web galleries! Thanks!
May I also suggest
It offers clean, simple and fast browsing of awesome web designs

Great list for Web Design ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Jeffrey Dobkin Jun 24 2011

This shows me where I am to exactly where I want to be. Still missing: the path to get there. But, I guess that’s another post. Sigh… At least I have a goal and some sites to emulate. Thank you so much – appreciate all your effort.

robin Oct 12 2011

it is really inspirational. so helpful
Thank you

Mobile websites Oct 27 2011

Thanks for the article..

Please add my website too the list..


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