12 Excellent Social News Sites for Web Designers

Social news/bookmarking websites are a great for finding useful resources, tutorials, and information on the web. These sites typically puts users in the driver’s seat by giving them the ability to submit links, vote on other people’s submissions, as well as vote down stories that they don’t like. Because of this, they’re able to create a user-driven site and connect people who have similar interests.

This article features social news/bookmarking sites for web designers and developers. Whether you’re seeking tutorials, information on the latest trends and web technologies, or a design community that you can participate in, these are the websites to check out.

1. Designmoo


Designmoo is a new social media site for designers and developers.  Users can submit links in one of the 15 design-related categories. The ability to tag your submissions with key words and being able to sign  in using OpenID are just a couple of features that makes the site easy to use.

2. Design Bump

Design Bump

With a new site redesign, Design Bump is set on becoming one of the top places to go to for design-related news. With a super simple interface and copious topics to submit news to (you can, by the way, subscribe to each category via RSS feeds), Design Bump provides web designers and developers with plenty of useful web resources.

3. Pixel Groovy

Pixel Groovy

Pixel Groovy is a user-controlled tutorial archive where members decide which tutorials to promote to the front page. It’s an awesome site for finding design and development tutorials that’s been reviewed by your fellow designers and developers.

4. design:related


design:related is a community site that aims to bring designers together by giving them an outlet where they can share their interests with each other. You can share interesting news and ideas, and much like most “vote-to-promote” sites, registered users can choose to vote on (or bury) submissions.

5. DesignFloat


DesignFloat is a site where members can submit design-related links. DesignFloat is a great way to find excellent design-related news, tutorials, and articles.

6. Digg/Design


Digg has a Design section where you can find the latest and greatest news, tutorials, and information on the topic of design. You can find a lot of web design submissions in this section, and because of Digg’s large user base and tech-savvy demographic, you can be assured of the quality of the resources you find here. What’s great about Digg is that you can subscribe to specific topics via RSS feed. While you’re there, you should also check out the Digg/Programming topic, which features many web development/web design links.

7. Developersniche


Developersniche is a social bookmarking site dedicated to web developers and designers. Users can, much like most of the sites featured here, vote or bury link submissions. There’s a wide range of categories that you can submit to which makes it easy to find specific links in the subjects you’re most interested in (like JavaScript or Graphic Design, for example).

8. Hacker News

Hacker News

Hacker News is a social link-sharing site that’s geared towards developers, web designers, and IT professionals. You can find news, tutorials, and interesting links such as increasing website performance and why server-side analytics is better than JavaScript-based analytics at Hacker News.

9. Dzone


Dzone is a community site for web developers and designers. You can submit links and other members can vote on them to determine what links are promoted to the site’s front page. Here, you can find the most recent and most notable news, tutorials, and blog posts on the subject of web development and design.

10. WPscoop


WPscoop is a social media/bookmarking site that is focused on news and information about WordPress. If you use or develop a WordPress-powered site, you’ll want to check out WPscoop.

11. tweako


Though not strictly for web designers, tweako is a user-powered website that features guides, tutorials, and other types of resources in the subject of technology, computing, and the web; you’ll find plenty of web design and web development links at tweako.

12. Graphic Design Links

Graphic Design Links

Graphic Design Links is a social news site for graphic design related resources. Users can submit, vote on, and bury submissions, which allows them to dictate what gets promoted to the site’s front page. To find interesting submissions, check out the most popular keywords on Graphic Design Links via the Tag cloud page.

Got more sites we should be checking out?

If we missed your favorite social news/bookmarking site please share it with us in the comments, we’d love to discover them!

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This was published on Jul 6, 2009


Wallace Jul 07 2009

there is no delicious on the list, but Design Moo on the list, any reason? anyway it’s not a good selection, disappointed.

Danh ba web 2.0 Jul 07 2009

Great list. Thanks a lot !

AREA 1 Jul 07 2009

Great list :) You could also add

Steven Snell Jul 07 2009

I’ve been using Design Bump a lot more recently. I used to visit Design Float every day, but since it’s down all the time I have changed over to Design Bump, and actually the content there seems to be better and more focused.

Jacob Gube Jul 07 2009

@AREA 1: Awesome link, thanks for sharing it. loaded a bit too slowly for me, but maybe that was just a fluke.

@Steven Snell: Thanks for stopping by Steven, I know what you mean about DesignFloat, and it’s frustrating. It’s either outputting some internal server error site-wide, or something is just broken, or the site is just slow. What’s worse is that I don’t think it’s being maintained regularly, the About page is still the default WordPress content, for example. Design Bump and Designmoo can stage a take over in this domain – we just gotta get people to use ’em.

Raymond Selda Jul 07 2009

Very nice list you got here. I think DZone is one of my largest referrer. Thanks for sharing.

Chris Porter Jul 07 2009

Great post Jacob. I also follow DesignNewz. They always have some good stuff to look at too. I just took a look at Design Bump. I’m really feeling this site. Have a new RSS feed in my Google Reader.

John G Jul 07 2009

Now this is what I’m talking about! I can really use some of these sites. Thanks!

Jay Philips Jul 07 2009

Great list – I’ve added each of them to my bookmarks.

Amand Jul 07 2009

Pixel Groovy? dead project and you call it .. excellent?

Techy Jul 07 2009

These all look cool, I hope to get my site web-geeks going, soon it will be a website like these, a social network for web designers/developers
The website is at, I am completely wiping and restarting the site today…

Roderick Jul 07 2009

Nice list, thanks.

I’ve been using WP Topics a lot lately, it is a wonderful site where you can find all the last 5 topics discussed in many WordPress Design related websites.


hi guys ,
Excellant job by u guys.
I would like to see an article on how u guys create such a wonderful images which u post on ur articles.

cancel bubble Jul 07 2009

Some blatant self-promotion, check out cancelBubble.

Geoserv Jul 07 2009

I also have stopped using Design Float, especially they seem to allow an abundance of SPAM.

I now use

What about deviantart? Is that not technically a social networking site?

Some sites on this list are not updated as frequently as I’d like with relevent content, although dzone is nice, I also frequent

BryanRegencia Jul 07 2009

Never heard of these sites before, only digg. Thanks for sharing.

Jason Jul 07 2009

Nice, would you be able to put together a list of social news site for offshore developers?

Bariski Jul 07 2009

Very nice sites, many are news to me.

Jacob Gube Jul 08 2009

@AREA 1, @Roderick, @cancel bubble, @Geoserv, and @Rob: Thanks for all the additional links folks, added in my bookmarks!

@rob: I love deviantART, but this article is about social news sites (sites that allow users to vote to promote submitted links and stories to the front page).

@JAAN: I’ve got several requests for that – I can share some tips on how to create the lead images in the near future (I created all of them for all the tutorials here on Six Revisions).

@Jason: Social news site for offshore developers? I think that’s so specific that it’d be hard to find enough to write about. Or did you mean: social news sites that are in other languages besides English?

Tom Ross Jul 08 2009

Nice list. I’ve been using DesignFloat and DesignBump for ages now, but recently stopped using DesignFloat after getting MalWare warnings on my browser. Coupled with that and the improvements at DesignBump I think I’ll just still to visiting there :).

Ejaz Ahmad Jul 08 2009

good post… i got some new sites for book marking

thomas Jul 08 2009

Great list and great links in the comments here :-) Let me share my own with you :


Hope you like it ! :)

Brad C Jul 08 2009

Like a lot of commenters I started using designbump a lot more recently. The killer feature on DesignBump for me is the ability to cross promote the article on design float, Digg and Stumbleupon from the article page.

I also was checking out Designmoo and really liked some of the features there like the upcoming stories in the sidebar similar to Digg. I hope it continues to grow, it has a ton of potential.

Mondo Jay Jul 08 2009

good post,
one I use is
which is less of a “web designers” site,
and more of a designers site…

designmoo frontpage = 20 visits

Stefan Jul 08 2009

i LOVE KreativeFeeds (, a nice simple aggregator for creative/design related news, inspiration and tutorials.

tasarhane Jul 09 2009

nice post.. thanks.

typesett Jul 09 2009

honestly, not in love with social news for our niche in general… yet.

Design55 Jul 12 2009

Nice post. I get sign up now :-)

armando Jul 26 2009

Great list :) I presumed that your next topic would be a social news site for programmers. You could add in the list.

joyoge designers' bookmark Sep 22 2009

There is also this one: designers’ bookmark
add your list pls. thanks..

Svetainu kurimas Oct 19 2009

Wow this is useful. Thanks.

ranjit Dec 11 2009

Nice Collections. Thanks…

melvzin May 20 2010

Nice stuffs, Thanks..

Great collection, you could also add social bookmark sharing using wordpress for mobile and web development, designer

Louis Gubitosi Aug 19 2010

Don’t forget to check out, a community for designers, developers and tech junkies that keeps you current with a summary of the latest in web related news and trends.

Brian May 13 2011

Very valuable content, thank you for this list. ever think about updating the list since it was published almost 2 years ago?

Nitesh Ahir May 16 2011

I am going to create my account in all websites. I am PHP web developer but like to stay connected with web designing industry.

Avish Kumar R Jun 22 2011

thanks for sharing great ideas related to web design sites and i submitted there and i got good result in google really i am very happy about your knowledge. once again thanks may god bless you

Nagib Dec 09 2011

Hey I have also would like to introduce my social news for web designer:

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