20 Attractive Websites That Make Background Patterns Work

When you mention patterned/tiled backgrounds, people immediately think of horrid MySpace pages and web designs circa-1990’s. It is therefore a worthy achievement when an artist is able to use this technique to make a website look stunning and attractive. An effective background design pattern can leave a memorable and positive feeling on the people who view these works of art.

A pattern - taken by Ben Ostrowsky

by Ben Ostrowsky

Here I’ve compiled 20 beautiful and artistic websites that use tiled patterns to set their webpage apart from the ordinary.

1) Enlighten Designs

Enlighten Designs front page.

2) DNA


3) Sideshow

4) We Do The Web

5) Impressive Work

6) Hotel Belwether

7) David Loop

8) Olly Hite

9) OnTrack

10) Elitist Snob

11) Imagined Creative


13) Tanya Merone


15) Jen Gordon

16) Viget Labs


18) Robert Beerworth Blog Australia


20) Saint Augustine Bed and Breakfast

These are all designs I feel have truly achieved a unique look by using a background pattern instead of going the safe route with a solid color.

Do you have any other websites to add to the list? Did I miss a website that belongs here? Be sure to leave the links on your comments.

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This was published on Feb 4, 2008


An Jay Feb 13 2008

Great article.

Josiah Mar 10 2008

One of my favorites will always be 24-7 Media.

Such hotness.

Carla Mar 19 2008

Some excellent examples here. I may even lose my fear of patterned backgrounds now!

Alexander Hahn Apr 03 2008

nice! but it`s keasone, not kesone (-;

Jacob Gube Apr 03 2008


I sincerely apologize for the spelling mistake and I’ll correct it ASAP. You know how it goes when you work late at night :).

Alexander Hahn Apr 23 2008

oh yes! it’s 3.18 am now(-;

Sunlust Designs Aug 14 2008

That’s a nice list, hope that it’ll inspire me to redesign my website finally.

I came across enlighten designs before, one of designers there made a tutorial that I used for my first website ;-)

manikandan Aug 29 2008

i want an attractive template for Natural and ayurveda web site….. plsss help me sooooooon….

hi everyone, i need some ideas, how to make an attractive web site for summer beac bar plz help me sooooooooooooooon………!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leslie Feb 19 2009

I love when I stumble a across creative sites like this by chance. Thanks…just what I needed to start my day!

Simple seems to work best, love the Olly Hite site.

Ben Stokes Dec 30 2009

I agree with Dom – keep it simple, not to keen on the overpowering backgrounds. But I guess sometimes we have to do what the client wants.

Muzika Feb 09 2010

I came across enlighten designs before, one of designers there made a tutorial that I used for my first website ;-)

nice article, love ‘The Sides’ website. uses a nice background

nice article

The Fount Oct 21 2010

Backgrounds can work well when they are integrated into the actual design of the website like DNA, The Sides and Jen Gordon.

Irfan Suleman Oct 30 2010

Some of them are really good…

nivan Dec 14 2010

hey nice work.I am designing an education website with piyush, could you help me design some backgrounds.

Loyden Feb 08 2011

One of my absolute favorites is Plentywish ( )

xshiva Mar 04 2011

Nice but I want some thing better.

gabriela Apr 12 2011

They look really nice, but seems like they look very alike one from another…

Techpraveen Sep 18 2011

My custom login page looks cool with attractive background pattern ;)

Humayun Khalid Oct 11 2011

fantastic ………..

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