25 Stylish Website Footer Designs

Footers on web pages have evolved from being a simple section where you host your copyright information and additional links, to a multi-functional section where you can find a variety of site features such as twitter updates, a short bio of the author, and secondary navigation.

This collection aims to showcase just some of the ways talented web designers have decided to utilize their website footers to provide that extra bit of improvement in the user’s experience.


# - footer screenshot.

Edgepoint Church

Edgepoint Church - footer screen shot.

I primi dieci

I primi dieci - footer screen shot.

Blog Amuki

Blog Amuki - footer screen shot.


CSS-Tricks - footer screen shot.


SimpleBits - footer screen shot.


Branded07 - footer screen shot.


Blog.SpoonGraphics - footer screen shot.


PRBLOGGER.COM - footer screen shot.

Dale Harris

Dale Harris - footer screen shot.

Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall - footer screen shot.


Powazek - footer screen shot.

Biola Undergrad

Biola Undergrad - footer screen shot.

We Are not Freelancers

We Are not Freelancers - footer screen shot.

43 Folders

43 Folders - footer screen shot. - footer screen shot.


YoDiv - footer screen shot.


Designer&Developer - footer screen shot.

Jason Santa Maria

Jason Santa Maria - footer screen shot.

Helmy Bern

Helmy Bern - footer screen shot.

Personal Babblishing

Personal Babblishing - footer screen shot. - footer screen shot.


Flyin Web - footer screen shot.

David Hellmann

David Hellmann - footer screen shot.


volll - footer screen shot.

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What’s the verdict?

What do you think about modern website footers? Good place to stick site features or a terrible idea? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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This was published on Dec 24, 2008


Honour Chick Dec 24 2008

wow… all awesome footers :)

Design Dec 24 2008

Yea, I saw this on digg and in first moment I couldn’t believe that someone bothered to make such list. But I must admit that this list is very good and cool. Good work to the people created them and good work to you too :)

An Jay Dec 24 2008

Beautiful collection of footer designs

Chris Coyier Dec 24 2008

Hey thanks for the shout-out Jacob! My thinking is that websites are just so incredibly tall these days what’s another few hundred pixels to really cap off a design =)

Chris W. Dec 25 2008

Thanks for the shout Jacob. I’m honored to be listed next to the great Jason Santa Maria.

David Perel Dec 25 2008

Thank you for featuring We Are not Freelancers! Very happy to see our site here :)

kiran Dec 25 2008

Pretty Good collection.Nice post…

regurgitated smashing magazine article?

Pavan Kumar Dec 25 2008

One main thing I can observe is that the usage of images. More images will lead to more loading times affecting the user experience. Design wise, all look pretty good…

Chocksy Dec 25 2008

Wow i really like this ones. I’ll probably change mine and use these as inspiration but that after i’m sick of my current design :). Thanks for sharing.

enareksi Dec 25 2008

I don’t know where you got those but most of those are really not that special.

Daria Dec 25 2008

Great collection, very inspiring :)

Florea Dec 25 2008

Beautiful collection of footer designs

Sky Xavier Dec 25 2008

wooooowww all designs are really catchy. really nice work all of them have done. thubs up.

Niels Dec 25 2008

I like footers filled with dynamic content. Good post to get inspiration for my own footer, thanks!

Soroush Dec 25 2008

Nice set of footers! When I visit a website, I always check the footer to see what the designer came up with! I think it gives the website personality (similar to the header)!

I particularly like the tape deck footer in the selection above.

john may Dec 25 2008

I like this too :

David Perel Dec 25 2008

Thanks for featuring We Are not Freelancers! Awesome collection!

Jacob Gube Dec 25 2008

@Chris Coyier: Hey buddy, thanks for dropping by and sharing the thinking behind your design.

@Chris W.: Great footer design!

@David Perel: The pleasure’s all mine, keep up the great work guys.

@Chocksy: and @Niels:That’s the goal, to inspire (even myself – check out the footer on Six Revisions!).

@Pavan Kumar: I’m glad you bring up the point with CSS background images; I think there’s a trade-off between a unique, eye-catching designs and response times due to large background images: It’s up to you as a web designer to keep that in mind and to make sure that you’re getting “your money’s worth” with the CSS background images you use.

blarghmonster Dec 25 2008

Has no one else noticed half of these aren’t footers?

Andrew Dec 25 2008

David Hellmann Dec 25 2008

yeh, thanks for including my page! Good Sites

earnpress Dec 25 2008

Excellent list…a great deal of idea and inspiration. Never underestimate the footer.

Nice list. Although, heh, anyone look down at the footer of this page? A little ironic, no?

Arron Dec 25 2008

I personally don’t think it’s wise to put key calls to action in the footer, as many of these footers incorporate. Beyond the ‘gee whiz’ factor of many of this novelty designs, people generally (and understandably) don’t expect to scroll all the way down to find activities where they expect there to be a copyright notice and legalese.

As a small and perhaps related piece of evidence, ads (which are generally replete with calls to action) above the fold monetize an order of magnitude higher than those below the fold.

WebAir Dec 26 2008

Good work Jacob! An other suggested resource > 40 Creative Footers

david Dec 26 2008

there are some nice footers … i particularly like the idea of incorporating a contact page into the footer. that’s smart!!!

thanks for sharing these nifty ideas.

nice post, thanks

Jacob Gube Dec 26 2008

@Arron: I agree, important site features should be placed higher on the page where people can see them. I think that footers should be reserved for extraneous items such as Flickr sets or Twitter profiles. I do feel that once designers begin to rethink the use of the footer in their designs (like I should be doing here on Six Revisions) and start utilizing the bottom of the page more – users will begin to look for auxiliary information down there. For example, the footer has become synonymous with copyright information. The first place users go to for getting this information is at the bottom of the page. Pretty soon, users will expect other information they’ve seen in other websites be placed on the footer.

The bottom of the page is a convenient place to put things in because it doesn’t pull away from the content like the sidebar does, plus it (usually) gives you a bit more horizontal space to work with.

Amuki Dec 26 2008

Thanks for including my Blog.

Rahul Dec 26 2008

I like to keep the footer as much simple as possible. but seeing these designs, i think i’ll have to change my mind. some quite good designs here.

When looking at the 43 folders image, the type is so pixelated it looks like the screenshot was taken in IE6. Why not use a browser that has better font rendering for these screenshots?

Jacob Gube Dec 26 2008

@Tony: They were taken using Firefox 3. I did, however, scale them down in Photoshop to fit the page. If you’ve got a better way of taking screen shots, let me know – I’d appreciate it.

CPOliver Dec 26 2008

A nice round up of web design elements here.

However ,I have to say that the kerning on the PRBlogger site makes “FLICKR FEED” look like “F**KER FEED”

Or maybe my mind is just in the gutter!

Martin Dec 27 2008

Wow, that’s very nice. Good job on collecting em’! I like #1, #2, and #4 a lot! :D

Jacob Gube Dec 27 2008

@CPOliver: I try to keep things PG in terms of language and content, but I also don’t want to rob you of the opportunity to share your opinions – so I replaced two letters on your comments with a *. :)

frank katzer | internetagentur Dec 30 2008

nice collection of designs! a litte bit too metaphoric but ok…

madme Jan 11 2009

Wow, that’s very nice. Good job on collecting em’! I like #1, #2, and #4 a lot! :D.

wolfwood16 Jan 12 2009

kewl and web designers wall hit it again!

derik Jan 19 2009

nice collection of designs! a litte bit too metaphoric but ok…

alika Jan 20 2009

kewl and web designers wall hit it again!!

CyberSketcher Feb 03 2009

This is a really nice collection. Another good collection can be found here:

Nikki Mar 29 2009

Those are some great styles. I think the use of artistic footers is a fantastic idea – it’s a little surprise that people don’t usually get when looking at websites. I’m all for it. Thanks for sharing!

Nice nice!!!


I always though footers are boring on most website until I saw these great designs…

Marcell Aug 14 2009

Wow! What a collection. I love the penguin footer, very artistic

Strange – I’m not inspired by any of them and they all appear to similarly done. By the same designer?

Future Webs Dec 18 2009

Some really nice footers here, thanks.

Charissa May 31 2010

You just stole my words, brotha!!!

nice inspiration … thanks

Ryan Battles Jul 20 2010

I really liked that footer for the Edgepoint Church site done by Fourtyseven Media. Those guys really do great designs.

Windfery Aug 22 2010

Some great graphic design in here. I suggest being cautious of having too much code in footers so that it doesn’t weaken code-content ratios and too much footer content which may incur duplicate content pentalties.

middo Oct 27 2010

thanks very much! really nice collection :)

Lee Edralas Nov 15 2010

I like this footers.
Biola Undergrad

This one, I primi dieci design and some others? I don’t think so. But its great though for you to have share this. Thanks.

Zeeshan Nov 26 2010


Tiyo Kamtiyono Dec 06 2010

Thanks for the list, good design to feed my imagination while making my own design :)

thinks man

Wouter De Bruycker Feb 16 2011

the bcandullo footer is fantastic, as is the whole website actually :) great job of whoever created that website, thumbs up!

The Bablishing footer was nicest. Liked that one the most …
This Norwegian site also has a very clean and happy footer Found it randomly and I liked it :)

It is a very good job to share these. In my point, The matching header and footer itself bring best looks for the site.

brill Jul 01 2011

Designer&Developer’s ‘Tape deck’ footer is great, back to the 80’s…

nice footer collection

Nice collection… here’s another nice one

Future Signs Sep 08 2011

great footer ideas here, thanks.

PhotoshopWarrior Sep 12 2011

All of these footer designs are awesome :) Love the CSS trick one most :P

hassan farooq Oct 27 2011

nice footers…n getting to much perfection…

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