30 Beautifully Textured Web Designs

Textures in a web design have become a popular trend, replacing the sleek, glossy, and shiny effects that we commonly refer to as the "Web 2.0" design trend. Working with textures is difficult, but talented designers worldwide choose this route to add a depth in their designs and to exemplify their creative skills.

In this collection, you’ll find 30 gorgeous web designs that employ textures as a design component. Hopefully, you’ll become inspired to explore this design trend and apply it into your own designs.

1. WallSwaps

WallSwaps - screen shot.

2. Agami Creative

Agami Creative - screen shot.

3. bridge55

bridge55 - screen shot.

4. The Seen®

The Seen® - screen shot.

5. Design Jobs on the Wall

Design Jobs on the Wall - screen shot.

6. Carbonica

Carbonica - screen shot.

7. Pikaboo

Pikaboo - screen shot.

8. Edgepoint Church

Edgepoint Church - screen shot.

9. Jay Hafling

Jay Hafling - screen shot.

10. MacTarnahan’s Brewing Company

MacTarnahan's Brewing Company - screen shot.

11. Helmy Bern

Helmy Bern - screen shot.

12. The Brown Corporation

The Brown Corporation - screen shot.

13. Viget Advance

Viget Advance - screen shot.

14. The Ernest Hemingway Collection

The Ernest Hemingway Collection - screen shot.

15. Pain is Good

Pain is Good - screen shot.

16. Bart-Jan Verhoef

Bart-Jan Verhoef - screen shot.

17. Miles Dowsett

Miles Dowsett - screen shot.

18. - screen shot.

19. Rockatee Home

Rockatee Home - screen shot.

20. The Albion Group

The Albion Group - screen shot.

21. Jeffrey Sarmiento

Jeffrey Sarmiento - screen shot.

22. Slabovia

Slabovia - screen shot.

23. Jamie’s Italian

Jamie's Italian - screen shot.

24. Lanikai Properties

Lanikai Properties - screen shot.

25. Sundance Documentary Film Program

Sundance Documentary Film Program - screen shot.

26. St. Gregory’s

St. Gregory’s - screen shot.

27. Coalmarch Productions

Coalmarch Productions - screen shot.

28. - screen shot.

29. Michela Chiucini

Michela Chiucini - screen shot.


KAYINTVEEN - screen shot.

Got any to share?

Know if a site that has excellent use of textures? Why don’t you contribute to the discussion in the comments!

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This was published on Feb 21, 2009


Awesome collection! Thanks for including the Macsbeer site!

Chris Wallace Feb 21 2009

Nice to see you got the shit box in there. Classic.

Benjamin Reid Feb 21 2009

Nice collection.

The same colour palette crops up a few times!

Daniel Feb 21 2009

Hey there,

Thanks for the awesome post. Does anyone have any recommendations for resources that discuss techniques about how to incorporate texture into web design?

Love this site!!


Naldz Graphics Feb 21 2009

Great list of website inspirations=)Thumbs Up!=)

TechWiz Feb 21 2009

Trends seem to be pointing towards the brown/cream flavour. All very beautiful and well designed.

James Feb 21 2009

I really like the film grain on:

Check out the source too – really impressive usage of GIF and PNG files.


Alex Vazquez Feb 22 2009


Yeah… Pretty crap list of websites. Nothing special at all!

Timothy Feb 22 2009

Nice list. Thanks!

Jacob Gube Feb 22 2009

@Benjamin Reid and @TechWiz: You’re absolutely right. After this collection was constructed, I looked at it and saw the color scheme pattern as well! I’m glad I’m not the only one that realized that.

@Daniel: First, I would read Textures In Modern Web Design on Smashing Magazine by Steven Snell, it’s a great discussion on how textures are being used in modern web design.

For actual techniques, one awesome tutorial I read on PSDTUTS is Photoshop Paper Texture from Scratch, and they have many other similar tutorials on PSDTUTS.

Pompey pics Feb 22 2009

Very useful, I could learn a few things from these examples.

Only a few of these are constructed properly. The others are just poorly executed especially at their simulated texture.

luck5trike Feb 22 2009

awesome collection of web designs!!!

Patrick Feb 22 2009

Using restraint when it comes to this kind of work impresses me the most. Some of these do an outstanding job.

92009 Feb 22 2009

what an ugly collection

Arnaud Talaia Feb 22 2009

Thanx for that awesome list.

I wonder if my last creation could make the cut..

Useful critics will be more than welcome ;)

Roy Nottage Feb 22 2009

I think Agami Creative has to be my favourite from scrolling down this list.

Thanks for posting!

austin web design Feb 22 2009

ugh ugh augh web 2.0 isn’t a design trend

Tom Sinclair Feb 22 2009

Great collection, thought I’d add to the mix! A nicely textured website I finished developing a few weeks ago! :)

david Feb 22 2009

I don’t know kind of an old design this is old like 5 years + old. don’t believe me, look at MS server nt’s box. that’s older than 5 years, and this looks is stemming from the celtic tattoo which stems from grunge back in the early 90’s. that gritty earthy look from seven the movie w. pitt and freeman. that whole 50’s retro thing was big on web sites in the early 2000-2001. Whoo hoo I can cut n past adobe photoshop stencils I am an artist. OLD OLD OLD.

I am hoping that graphic designers can get off their asses and drive a new look that not just recycled crud.

I dare them.

iDevelopThings Feb 22 2009

Cool collection…!

Franz Jeitz Feb 22 2009

awesome collection. There’s plenty of websites I hadn’t seen before. Great article!

subcorpus Feb 22 2009

cool collection here …
will sure check them out …

kayintveen Feb 22 2009

Woow, great thanks for adding me!

pretty fucking lame sites.

CarlMaxx Feb 22 2009

Interesting list but I notice a lot of these are limited to portfolio type sites for the designers.

As you say ” Textures in a web design have become a popular trend…” and as web design covers more than just these types of (potfolio) sites it would be interesting to understand if this design style is getting traction beyond the designers person work for/by themselves.

Have you any examples of how this style is translating into other areas, say e-commerce ?

Jacob Gube Feb 22 2009

@austin web design: I think you know what I mean though… the glossy buttons, reflections, starburst badges, etc. that’s commonly associated with Web 2.0 apps.

@CarlMaxx: Von Dutch has a grungy-ish, textured background. Ashes & Milk (a texture and organic material botique) has a textured background and wooden elements. Wire & Twine, a t-shirt company, uses a wooden element for the header.

The whole collection was a shit box. Nothing impressive at all.

Chris Glass Feb 22 2009

Appreciate the inclusion. A bit of backstory on our interface at Wire & Twine, we made it by hand so to speak.

Again, thanks for the mention. A fine list to be on!

Amanda Feb 22 2009

Very nice collection. I think these are very creative. I have always enjoyed the torn paper – layered look. Thank you for sharing.

flaEm Feb 23 2009

What about

Pretty good for student designers!

Vernon Feb 23 2009

Also check out They are pretty good as well!

Daniel Feb 23 2009

Thanks for the link to Snell’s article in Smashing Mag.

Dragon Feb 23 2009

Thanks for the great list. Finishing up this site now. ( Thought the marble would be a good addition to your list. WDYT?

Karim Feb 24 2009

It’s not that those are old designs from 2000-2001 like a commenter said, it’s that back in 2001 most people had dial up modems, and sites with heavy graphics were destined to fail due to load time. Now that most people have DSL, designers have more chance to build beautiful sites that also load fast enough to succeed.

web development hyderabad Feb 24 2009

the one i liked the most out of all the 30 is >> Jay Hafling

Cindy Sue Causey Feb 25 2009

Am on dialup so have yet to be able to download the whole set, BUT.. Upon viewing those that have arrived, *stunning* seems quite appropriate as the description.. With these as the latest examples, I *love* seeing what creativity lurks in the Minds of others.. :)

Cyber hugs from Talking Rock, USA.. :)

alfred devanesan sam Feb 28 2009

i liked a few websites dude ..

Anthony Mar 01 2009

great work! the design work is really nice

DogEared Mar 02 2009

Great sites.

recession Mar 04 2009

Nice designs, I would like to replace some of my solid colors with textures

Firestorm Mar 04 2009

cool article. thanks for taking the time to research and write it… must have taken a while.

interesting to note that all these great designs didn’t just arbitrarily use the textures… they all form part of the design and have a purpose. that’s difference in a great designer. thanks again!

Great selection… i like these huge background websites…

johnmilton Mar 31 2009

Nice list, and some of these would certainly be very inspirational and also would serve as a good source of reference.

Ramy wafaa Apr 06 2009

Amazing list cheers :)

arale May 24 2009


Nice nice nice, i´m checking the list :)

Jeffrey Jun 27 2009

Great work on the selections, when can we expect to see part 2?

The Nonsense Society Jul 12 2009

The designs that use a more subtle texture tend to be more effective.

Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing Sep 11 2009

Textures are indeed becoming quite a popular trend in web designs these days. And you have a very inspirational list here. In fact, some of these designs are outstanding. I particularly liked Agami Creative and The Brown Corporation.

Jdudesign Feb 23 2010

My favorite one is the one for the poop. It is extremely funny.

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