30 Beautifully Blue Web Designs

Blue is one of the most used colors in web design, therefore it’s hard to stand out from the sea of competition out there. This collection showcases some of the best, unique, creative designs that utilize shades of blue as a primary color and theme.

Without further ado – to feed your inspiration – here’s 30 top-notch blue web designs.

1. darkmotion

darkmotion - screen shot.

2. Frisk design

Frisk design - screen shot.

3. Icebrrg

Icebrrg - screen shot.

4. StrawPoll

StrawPoll - screen shot.


THE ALAMO BASEMENT - screen shot.

6. Birdie

Birdie - screen shot.

7. Vimeo

Vimeo - screen shot.

8. iDimev

iDimev - screen shot.

9. Ek & Gren

Ek & Gren - screen shot.

10. Fishy

Fishy - screen shot.

11. Jesse Stephens

Jesse Stephens - screen shot.

12. ZenSender

ZenSender - screen shot.

13. Brooke Chase Associates

Brooke Chase Associates - screen shot.

14. answerJam

answerJam - screen shot.

15. MochiAds

MochiAds - screen shot.

16. Pixel House

Pixel House - screen shot.

17. iceberg

iceberg - screen shot.

18. WooThemes

WooThemes - screen shot.

19. 280 Slides

280 Slides - screen shot.


Billy Hughes at War

Billy Hughes at War - screen shot.

21. Les Arts O Soleil

Les Arts O Soleil - screen shot.

22. Uncover

Uncover - screen shot.

23. Branded07

Branded07 - screen shot.

24. HelpWith

HelpWith - screenshot.

25. Mollom

Mollom - screen shot.


PLUMSMEDIA - screen shot.

27. Comiqs

Comiqs - screen shot.

28. - screen shot.

29. Kyan

Kyan - screen shot.

30. DivVoted

DivVoted - screen shot.

Your Thoughts?

Why is blue so darn popular in web design? Does it invoke certain emotions/mindsets in users? Share your beautifully blue thoughts in the comments!

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This was published on Oct 4, 2008


Stuart Atkinson Oct 04 2008

Great collection! To me (and I’m not saying this is correct per se), blue seems to be the colour for one simple reason – the sky. It’s a pretty regular occurance in a lot of these, and it creates a powerful, often optimistic mood, so go to school on it!

I love blue. These are awesome!

Veron Oct 04 2008

As a designer myself, I tend to feel that blue is the color that’s easiest to work with. It’s pleasing to the eye, and appeal to both men and women. A light blue and white color scheme can almost never go wrong.

Excellent list. There are some really amazing designs up there. My faves are 1, 2, 9, 16, 30.

FIRST! haha.

nice. i like it.

Check out Obama’s webpage for a good example of blue.

Krazd Oct 05 2008

beautiful designs, great list!

David Oct 05 2008

Ah, inspiring blue themes :) , I think I might use blue in my next theme instead of my traditional black, white and green.

Isaac Oct 05 2008

pleeeeease…has anyone seen the most sophisticated and pertinant use of blue as well as very strict brand design? I can’t believe you would leave the Obama campaign’s official website off this list.

joe blow Oct 05 2008

Can’t believe you didn’t include

nick hand Oct 05 2008

One more blue site for the list…

One Stop Game News Oct 05 2008

What about I went there last week and I actually thought about how I liked the blue colors. Nice list.

joshua strebel Oct 05 2008

Nice list. Although some of them look at ‘lil’ish ex: 26 and 16

#14 is definitely my favorite

KrAzE Oct 05 2008

Adding the 3d plane on the alamo basement is a great idea.

Oh lord a past-tense of myself!

Pasquale ( Oct 05 2008

Cheers for the feature guys!

Very nice list, thnx!
Always a great source for inspiration ;)

Another suggestion, which I think should be part of this list:

Nice list. You should also add It’s a nicely designed site, political affiliations notwithstanding.

Hassan Voyeau Oct 05 2008

Why is every site blue?

Fabryz Oct 05 2008

Nice and inspirating list :)

Chris Oct 05 2008

I nearly used blue for a new site design, but went for minty green in the end. I think blue has a certain coolness, but a nice pale green is fresh.

James Oct 05 2008

And this one is also blue and incredible:

Beautiful collection, some real treats here. Thanks

Robert Douglass Oct 05 2008

Lesson learned: must have blue background.

Janko Oct 05 2008

I’ve seen a few more “blue roundups” recently, but no doubt this one is the best!

Charles Oct 05 2008

I like #29 and #30 the best. And #8 the least.

I’m surprised you missed off this one though:

Very colorful, beautiful blue skies, great illustrations and animation in JavaScript not Flash.

Farid Abdulhadi Oct 05 2008

Nice list.

Blue used to be the color of choice for corporates. It gives a sense of seriousness. IBM’s nick name is “Big Blue”.

Thanks for the list.

Rahul Oct 05 2008

They are indeed beautiful. Blue is definitely in.

There was a study done way back that suggested that blue & gray are good colors for promoting productivity in the workplace, and it was that very reason why the Windows desktop was done in blue & gray, from the very start. The web just followed along with what looked good on that blue & gray desktop.

This is why blue is a standard tradition for website templates. If Microsoft had chosen green, instead, we would have more green templates than anything else.

Saad Kamal Oct 05 2008

I love blue..even my site is blue as well.

Wow! Awesome list. Great to see Darkmotion right at the top.

Thanks for featuring Proud to be a member of this list!!

Ricardo Oct 07 2008

nice list , beautiful designs, tnks

Zhille Oct 07 2008

#15 is soo cute :) and I think that #8 is not worth showing here. Simply the blue is not so good.

It’s really hard to pick a nuance of blue to use. I spend hours just choosing my color, and it’s often blue. But I use almost non-visible gradients of similar colors, and with blue, it looks better :)

Hisham Oct 07 2008

Great designs, I like blue also and it’s my fav.

Jason Oct 07 2008

Nice list, though Iceberg is listed twice at #3 and #17… unless that’s deliberate because it’s double good. :-)

Eddie Oct 07 2008

I hope our website turns out that good.
cool stuff but if anyone needs high quality printing with colors that pop, Advanced Imaging is the place.

gWallet Oct 08 2008

Yay! So happy to see Vimeo in here. As far as I’m concerned – Vimeo is the best video sharing site on the market. And while blue and underwater themes seem to be an obvious choice, I really like the way friskdesign presented the idea. Thanks for this collection. :)

Jacob Gube Oct 08 2008

@Jason: I thought that might be confusing, but they’re actually two different sites (with a subtle difference, Icebrrg vs. Iceberg).

honour chick Oct 09 2008

nice collection :)

Jad Graphics Oct 11 2008

Wow! Some really amazing websites here.

Designer Oct 11 2008

absolutely brilliant….. thanks for the list.

Don’t know how you came up with this list, but you missed the one I designed for our School District. It won the Golden Apple award for the top 10 Educational Websites in the nation.

Jacob Gube Oct 14 2008

@Tony: Sorry for missing your design Tony. :)

What about should make the list I think… will look for others. Love blue!

Nappy Oct 17 2008

OMG some truly wonderful websites here!

oscar Oct 24 2008


Ivanski Oct 28 2008

damn!this is great job!

Rishi Oct 29 2008

This has been a great inspiration for my site!

Danh ba web 2.0 Nov 04 2008

Great list for me ! Thanks a lot
Keep up !

Joni Mueller Nov 16 2008

Proudly Pixelita Blue since January 2005:

And our latest design, grunge and blue:

Ravikumar V. Jul 03 2009

i love blue color :)

David Brim Aug 03 2009 should be on the list for sure!

Cool, some of them – really good photoshop and vector works. Not boring, it means a lot, in my opinion.

Naples web design Oct 25 2009

I use blue a lot. It is a calm color pleasant for eyes.

Rickey Dec 13 2009

Absolutely brilliant blue color. Wish our site is that good.
Thanks for sharing.

Chsen Jan 02 2010 has nice blue in it!

Loving the designs. Definitely gives me inspiration for any designs that will included the colour blue in the future :)

Jason May 11 2010

Nice job!

Felix Jul 17 2010

Great collection!

J. Hendrix Nov 17 2010

Some of these websites look great. Thanks for this collection!

purple Jan 15 2011

i love blue, good collection.

Sydney Miles Apr 11 2011

The color blue is very versatile. You can match it with any color, and it will blend beautifully. I love your creative thinking….thanks for sharing some of the best “blue” sites…now I want to go and visit those sites!

Urviho May 09 2011

Nice collection :)

Wayne Jul 09 2011

Absolutely brilliant blue color. Wish our site is that good.
Thanks for sharing.

Reynolds Jul 19 2011

These designs are just what I was looking for to create a blue and green site. Zen Sender site has given my quite a bit of inspiration, thanks.

Thirdsoul Oct 13 2011

Really like blue web sites, thank you ! :)

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