40 Beautiful Examples of Vintage and Retro in Web Design

Retro and vintage web designs have become increasingly popular. Ironically, the more and more the web progresses, the more designers start to revert back to old retro styles. For your design inspiration, here are 40 beautifully-designed websites that revert back in time to retro and vintage styles.

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1. Level 2 Design

Level 2 Design - screen shot.

2. Custom Design

Custom Design - screen shot.

3. Klassiker in Acryl

Klassiker in Acryl - screen shot.

4. Kritevia

Kritevia - screen shot.

5. Target Scope

Target Scope - screen shot.

6. DeVotchKa

DeVotchKa - screen shot.

7. Big Rig Design

Big Rig Design - screen shot.

8. Thunder Fuel

Thunder Fuel - screen shot.

9. Small Stone Recordings

Small Stone Recordings - screen shot.

10. The Lippincott

The Lippincott - screen shot.

11. Thrush

Thrush - screen shot.

12. FortySeven Media

FortySeven Media - screen shot.

13. Cottonseed Oil Comeback Tour

Cottonseed Oil - screen shot.

14. Jeffery Sarmiento

Jeffery Sarmiento - screen shot.

15. mediaBOOM

mediaBOOM - screen shot.

16. Carrozzeria Verga

Carrozzeria Verga - screen shot.

17. Slabovia

Slabovia - screen shot.

18. The New York Mooon

The New York Mooon - screen shot.

19. Five Cent Stand

Five Cent Stand - screen shot.

20. Tennesse Vacation

Tennesse Vacation - screen shot.

21. Lataka

Lataka - screen shot.

22. Blue Moon

Blue Moon - screen shot.

23. Rocket Club

Rocket Club - screen shot.

24. The Blizzards

The Blizzards - screen shot.

25. AdaptD

AdaptD - screen shot.

26. Gary Nock

Gary Nock - screen shot.

27. Drink ZZZ

Drink ZZZ - screen shot.

28. Ali Felski

Ali Felski - screen shot.

29. TangleDecals

TangleDecals - screen shot.

30. Jared Cambell

Jared Cambell - screen shot.

31. Von Dutch

Von Dutch - screen shot.

32. Dollar Dreadful

Dollar Dreadful - screen shot.

33. Phizz

Phizz - screen shot.

34. The First Twenty

The First Twenty - screen shot.

35. Jamie’s Italian

Jamie's Italian - screen shot.

36. MacTarnahan’s Brewing Company

Mactarnahans - screen shot.

37. Style 4 You

Style 4 You - screen shot.

38. CSS Tinderbox

CSS Tinderbox - screen shot.


MISTER-AERO - screen shot.

40. Team Mongolmania

Team Mongolmania - screen shot.

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This was published on Mar 6, 2009


Nice collection Matt!

Langdon James Mar 06 2009

I don’t comment on sites very often, but I must say that this is an excellent list of retro and vintage styled sites. Great list!

Crowd Mar 06 2009

Especially enjoyed Thrush’s logo and Jared Cambell’s design :)

James Mar 06 2009

Check out – pretty cool retro style design :)

cbutlerjr Mar 06 2009

Matt, I also don’t comment often, but I really like well designed retro sites and this is a great list of inspiration. Thanks!

Great collection! :]

Enjoyed this list quite a bit. The Custom Design site is freaking awesome. Thanks for sharing!

chieqo Mar 06 2009


I love anything with Dolly Parton. I’d hate to refer to her as vintage or retro, but…

Bakshi Mar 07 2009

Wow… real good stuff… inspired!

Thebusyone Mar 07 2009

Not bad!
And then my first comment on delicious was lost

izzat aziz Mar 07 2009

i really want to create one like this.. but it use lot of image, which is something that i don’t know how to do.. but it really nice collection..

Rafael Cotta Mar 07 2009

Those are real artists work. Fantastic collection.

Kev Jaques Mar 07 2009

Really nice collection, some do not lend themselves well to usability but still works of art, I love attention to detail and texturing/contrast can make a huge difference.

Pieter Mar 07 2009

Really inspiring designs! I especially like number 10, great brushes.

Randy Mar 07 2009

Hi there i will like to make something like this

very very good sites, thanks for this contribution, as always many sources for inspiration

Beatrice Mar 07 2009

Hi from Germany

wonderfull collection – thanks!

Some are new to me. thanks!

Fabryz Mar 07 2009

Incredible designs, I always drool ahead retro/vintage/grunge styles

Oliver Mar 07 2009

inspirational design! Particularly on 3 and 5 :) Thanks for the collection!

The Art of Manliness

Bronson Mar 08 2009

I am in complete agreement, these are some really fantastic designs. I love Mactarnahans Brewery, absolute class. The work of Jeff Sarmiento is also very inspiring.

The best part of this list is the additional resources and inspiration from unseen stuff, best I get my Stumble on…

BenSky Mar 08 2009

Awesome collection, some incredible stuff there, definatley bookmarked!

Jane Harrell Mar 08 2009

Great collection – you have wonderful taste :)

Kevin Mar 08 2009

Great collection – thanks for pulling them together.

Wade Jackman Mar 08 2009

Very inspiring collection, I particularly love the 2nd one.

Sandy Mar 08 2009

Very nice collection. Wonderful vintage look.

Brad Blackman Mar 08 2009

I’m surprised didn’t make the list. Otherwise, a pretty nice collection, although a few are debatable whether they fall into the “retro” category. Which really begs the question, “What makes something retro?” Is it the colors, the texture, the typefaces used? I daresay some of these venture into “grunge” more than “retro.” Again, good list of nice sites with a common thread.

John milton Mar 09 2009

Hi Matt
Indeed a very good collection,I must say that this is an excellent list of retro and vintage styled sites. Great list!
I particularly liked the 2 and 4 one.Thanks for going through all off these and putting them together.great inspiration for all web designers.

chunkydesign Mar 09 2009

This king of retro and vintage look is clearly a trend now, that a lot of people are going for. When it´s done well it can produce some great results, as can be seen by this collection of sites. Besides that, it´s allways good to look back to the way graphicc design was made, without the kind of tools we have at our hands today, and learn something from it.

Jorge Mar 09 2009

Wow, it’s a wonderful style design!! I like this one Gioseppo

Dietmar Mar 09 2009

Nice list, but most of them are well known since the article @

Great to be listed along side some fantastic looking websites. Thanks.

Jan Brašna Mar 09 2009

I’m not entirely sure if you can file this as «retro», but definitely has some oldskoolish look to it. Besides that the folks are legends.

Karol Stofira Mar 09 2009

… really, really nice vintage and retro sites…

Jacquelyn Mar 10 2009

This is great. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at retro, and been looking for some inspiration. This will definitely do the trick!

Andrew Mar 10 2009

If theme is too strong it tends to overwhelm the portfolio’s – a fail. Some good work here though… not quite sure about the heavy cashing in on the war theme, but hey, if you’re in Texas I do understand! I think the designs that work are ones that excercise restraint on the theme. Balance between an intricate theme and clean, clear, uncomplicated presentation of content.

Jenny Pilley Mar 10 2009

Although it is based on retro designs, they look so fresh and ironically modern. The clarity of the designs and the impressive work gone into to them is incredible. I do love the retro look and to have it incorporated into web design is refreshing to see and a trend that i think will surely take off.

Rene Zammit Mar 10 2009

AWESOME website looks ;)

ArchieNadon Mar 12 2009

When I first glanced at the post title I thought, Are we already calling some Web sites vintage? It seemed a little premature, but I got it quick enough. It’s a beautiful collection well worth bookmarking. I’m not sure why, but well done retro sites always make me think a lot of devotion was involved, like an actor that stays in character throughout a movie shoot.

cagwait Mar 13 2009

Thanks for posting these. Some inspiring web designs here

csstinderbox Mar 17 2009

thanks for including me in the list, especially alongside some really outstanding designs. i know i can’t compare to them, but at least i know i’m headed in the right direction.

WildStrawberry Mar 19 2009

Very inspiring designs indeed. This listing tells me that my own designs look really corny…

J. Lopez Apr 21 2009

Very cool stuff!

Joel McLaughlin Apr 24 2009

Beautiful designs, some very talented people are out there.

E11World Apr 29 2009

From now on, this will be what I look at if I ever design any site with this style. TONS OF IDEAS right here on this page. Only thing left is to get a web2.0 look, grunge, and few others to get my full BOARD OF INSPIRATION.
Thank you very much.

kim sherrell Jun 04 2009

this collection is bingo dreamy. i think ‘drink ZZZ’ is especially swell.

Lauren Jun 19 2009

These websites are so beautiful! I envy them. Thanks for this list.

Leeds Jul 31 2009

I love the Target Scope website, it’s a truly beautiful piece of web work! :-)

Miroslav Nikolov Oct 07 2009

Always feel happy when I have nice designs in front of me :)
Good job.

Cara Dixon Oct 14 2009

thanks for sharing! some of these website designs are wicked! love number 5! it looks really classic and authentic – really nice!

hooprama Oct 28 2009

I produced two retro sites for my husband’s business and mine… and

bango Jan 08 2010

Excellent collection ! thanks for sharing, check this one :

Here are two more that you could add to your list:

sylvain Apr 03 2010

Awesome ! Ali Felski is my favourite :)

Chris Sep 25 2010

Epic! Love level 2 design and target scope

Felipe Jan 28 2011

Thanks! very useful indeed, Love the vintage design

Judith Doherty Mar 22 2011

Really good mix of retro designs. Great range of eras. Thanks for sharing.


Nice, tnks for sharing.

Love the retro web design style and ideas. Is it good place here to ask people for help with re-designing my website? Please contact me at film dot boston at gmail dot com.

JWWright Oct 05 2011

How did this site miss The Peoples Cube? Brilliant retro-USSR propaganda design.

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