40 Excellent Blog Designs

According to Technorati, there are at least 100 million blogs currently in existence. With that much competition, it’s a true challenge to create a unique and stunning blog design.

In this collection, you’ll find 40 beautiful blog designs for your inspiration.

Viget Labs Web Design Blog

Viget Labs Web Design Blog - screen shot.

Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger - screen shot.

Jason Santa Maria

Jason Santa Maria - screen shot.


Luova - screen shot.


BOOOOOOOM! - screen shot.

That INDIE Dude

That INDIE Dude - screen shot.


Bearskinrug - screen shot.

The Organic Supermarket

The Organic Supermarket - screen shot.

Malene Hald

Malene Hald - screen shot.


Carsonified - screen shot.

Hyper Island

Hyper Island - screen shot.

Bart-Jan Verhoef

Bart-Jan Verhoef - screen shot.


mezzoblue - screen shot.

QN5 Blog

QN5 Blog - screen shot.

The Darling Blog

The Darling Blog - screen shot.

Luis Alarcón

Luis Alarcón - screen shot.


SimpleBits - screen shot.

Ian James Cox

Ian James Cox - screen shot.


Boompa - screen shot;.

Blog What? Design

Blog What? Design - screen shot.

Sushi & Robots

Sushi & Robots - screen shot.


31Three - screen shot.


surfgarden - screen shot.


Fubiz - screen shot.

iseen blog

iseen blog - screen shot.


eleven3 - screen shot.


Dollarshort - screen shot.

Design Disease

Design Disease - screen shot.

Catalyst Studios

Catalyst Studios - screen shot.


hicksdesign - screen shot.

Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall - screen shot.

The Electric Pulp Blog

The Electric Pulp Blog - screen shot.

Veerle’s blog 2.0

Veerle's blog 2.0 - screen shot.


Narfstuff - screen shot.


Freelenz - screen shot. - screen shot.


Odds&Ends - screen shot.

Chris Welch

Chris Welch - screen shot.


Cognigen - screen shot.

Kimberly Coles Illustration Blog

Kimberly Coles Illustration Blog - screen shot.

Missed your favorite blog?

Got a blog that you think should’ve been included in this collection? Share it with all of us in the comments!

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This was published on Dec 20, 2008


Tuomas Tuomitie Dec 20 2008

I have to say I’m kind of amazed how often blogs like Veerle’s show up on these showcase posts. I’m not denying their merit – far from it – but it just seems to me that a majority of your readers should already be familiar with them. Having said that, I was positively surprised to see several designs from the Nordic countries having made the cut, as well as that lovely Peruvian entry.

Chris W. Dec 20 2008

Now that’s hot. Viget has come on strong recently. I don’t think their design blog is even the best design, though it does have some really cool details, such as the roman numerals for line numbers when they post code. Their development blog is really cool.

Jacob Gube Dec 20 2008

@Tuomas Tuomitie: Thanks for the feedback. About popular blogs being mentioned (such as Veerle’s), I chose to include a variety of blogs – new, old, minimalist, ornate, popular, just getting started, etc. That way it’s easy to compare and contrast and find something that you like (and don’t like). Each of us have our own tastes and design direction we want to take for a particular project, and my aim is to have this article as a reference for times you need to jumpstart your creative juices.

@Chris W.: What’s up homie? I definitely agree with your Viget sentiments. Inspire is one of my favorite blogs from Viget – not only for the design, but for the awesome content.

Rishi Luchun Dec 20 2008

some really nice designs here

masonga95 Dec 20 2008

One blog I really like is the one at the Casual Collective…

Simple, but looks nice.

Wow 100 million blogs, boy I got a competition going on out there. Thanks for the hot stuff, and I love the That Indie Dude, so cool. Wishing happy holidays and happy new year! Anna :)

Overall, these are amazing designs. My favorite is definitely Viget. A couple of the other ones are a bit busy for me, but still cool.

Nick Hand Dec 20 2008

I love this list as well, but do wish we could kind of get a list that is ‘everyone knows this blog’ and have them stop being on these ‘top’ lists… Might give some of us other guys more of a chance to make it! Check out

Dave Stolte Dec 20 2008

Nice stuff. Some appear overdecorated, but I’ll check them out to see if the content is on par with the design.

Henry Dec 20 2008

Thanks for including Web Design Ledger. Great company to be in.

Paul G. Dec 20 2008

As Toumas said many of these have been around a long time and have enjoyed some good exposure but that doesn’t discount the fact that this is a very good list. Nice job Jacob.

OK – with 100 million blogs out there, how did these 40 manage to show up here? What was the selection criteria? I’m not saying that these aren’t very nice – I was just wondering who was making the call.

Adam Sheppard Dec 20 2008

We’re really happy with our custom wordpress theme from FRESHEST. Check it out at

Luis Alarcon Dec 20 2008

Gracias por mencionar mi sitio web en su lista!

Thanks for mentioning my website in your list!

Anish Dec 20 2008

very good collections !

complexity Dec 20 2008

Excellent list.

chrisp Dec 20 2008

I just dont get it. A blog is about the content. While there are a few great content driven sites here most are bloated stylings that look more it graffiti rather than design. Style over content or even style that is more important than content is amateurish in my opinion. Yawn.

smokecrillz Dec 20 2008 is one worth checking out, the layout is interesting because of how the posts are presented. You don’t see only latest one, but many smaller versions of posts, and as you click on the smaller versions it takes you to the whole post while keeping you on the same page. Other than that great article with some really great sites!

customare buttonowski Dec 21 2008 is one of the most unique designs i have seen

James Quinn-Hawtin Dec 21 2008

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for posting this compilation. I’m an experienced web designer/developer but reasonably new to blog design so I appreciate you including the well-known stuff as well.


Maria Dec 21 2008

Some are nice, some are unique but there are some of them look too plain and simple. Anyway, great post over there.

haraldg Dec 21 2008

Why care about blog design?
I manage all my 500 blog subscriptions thorough a RSS reader. This strips away all the fancy design and leaves me with what I care about: Text, images, videos and links. Most of the designs use only 15-30% of the page on content, while a RSS-reader increases that figure to 80%

Jacob Gube Dec 21 2008

@Anna: Happy holidays and a Happy New Year to you as well.

@Nick Hand: If there was a way to find “not-very-popular” sites more easily (that are also well-designed), trust me – I’d love to share them with Six Revisions readers.

@Henry and @Luis Alarcon: Well done on your blog design!

@chrisp and @haraldg: Content is always central to a blog, with it’s user interface and design being second. With that said, this list can work as inspiration not only for a blog design, but for any type of website design. Additionally, a beautiful design can lead to more exposure for your blog.

Jan Seidl Dec 21 2008

Pretty stuff. Already knew Veerle (ohhh) and DesignDisease (one of my favourites).

As a development freak my world is quite in grayscale since not under syntax highlighting haha!

… think I should look for a designer to enslave …


p@r@noid Dec 21 2008

nice collection!!
Great list dude.
Nice work keep it up!

Farid Hadi Dec 21 2008

Hey Jacob,
This is a nice list with appealing designs in various styles.

Rahul Dec 21 2008

I like the first two designs. Name and web design ledger.

Toby Hamm Dec 21 2008

Inspirational list! I’ve been designing my own blog inspired by this one – could be a contender for your next post like this

Steaven Dec 22 2008

Nice stuff. Some appear overdecorated, but I’ll check them out to see if the content is on par with the design..

smkillez Dec 22 2008

very good collections!!

Design Dec 22 2008

Lol man,
there are few really very good designs there. I really liked Design Disease. And I am even thinking to post something for it in next few weeks in my site. Nice collection there. Keep the good work going :)

Thank you for listing my illustration blog here. It’s an honor to be listed alongside some of these well-known and upcoming blogs. I’m glad you are including blogs that are dedicated to the arts and promotional portfolios and not just content rish blogs as some comments have suggested here. As a designer and artist, I’m fully aware that I’m not a copywriter and don’t pretend to think that anyone would want to read my ramblings. :)

Timothy Dec 22 2008

Nice list. Delicioused

Alice Dec 22 2008

Some are nice, some are unique but there are some of them look too plain and simple. Anyway, great post over there…

Jesse Jarzynka Dec 22 2008

Did you reject my comment about fluid designs? I came back to check for a response and found it was never published yet many since then have?

Milan Dec 23 2008

Excellent collection. Thank you!

Jacob Gube Dec 23 2008

@Jesse Jarzynka: I rarely delete comments and I checked the spam section and it wasn’t there either; I’m really not sure what happened. I apologize for that.

Dieter Dec 23 2008

One Belgian blog I like to read about webdesign is GoodBytes.

They where mentioned in smashing magazine too lately. Simple & clean.

Chris Dec 29 2008

Great List Design

Happy New Year!

geekTips Jan 04 2009

Viget Labs and Web Designer is surely two of the best on those list. But they all look great though.

chetan Jan 08 2009

hmmm another great list….
would like to suggest for this category

Designer Feb 03 2009


Thanks for sharing!

Honey Singh Sep 08 2009

The list is inspiring for designers !

Ashely Adams Sep 10 2009

Hi Jacob, I generally love your collections. But I can’t say the same for this list. In fact, I don’t think I can call all these designs excellent. Some of them are amazing no doubt, but some looked very clumsy especially Boompa.

Physics toys Oct 23 2009

Great collection, I like the one named I’m finch. nice post

Oh goodness. Its really great portfolio

freezonal Dec 14 2009

thanks for sharing these sites with so beautiful designs. i really liked the backround design of Boompa website

1skyliner Jun 04 2010

Some are nice, some are unique but there are some of them look too plain and simple.

Mukundan Srinivasan Jun 28 2010

All the 40 designs are really amazing. My favorite is the 4th luova design. I have not seen most of these designs. A unique collection.

eTipsLibrary Mar 05 2011

Great designs. I liked the mezzoblue

Daniel White Mar 09 2011

Oh man, some of those designs are just simply amazing to say the least.

Netpaths Jun 27 2011

A lots of inspirations to customize the blog. Thanks for sharing!

Reegon Nov 12 2011

Great list buddy! That INDIE Dude looks amazing. Catalyst Studio also.

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