Beautiful and Creative Examples of Vibrant Web Designs

Colors – it sets the tone (no pun intended) and message of a website. Designers often spend hours, even days, researching and coming up with a harmonious and usable color scheme.

In this collection, you’ll find 30 brilliant (alright – pun intended) web designs with vivid and colorful themes that evoke feelings of vivacity and dynamism – to inspire your color palette.


Colourpixel - screen shot.

Matt Dempsey

Matt Dempsey - screen shot.

Fall for Tennessee

Fall for Tennessee - screen shot.


FontShop - screen shot.


DrupalCon - screen shot.

Sourcebits TangledDecals

Sourcebits TangledDecals - screen shot.

Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg - screen shot.


CakePHP - screen shot.

The English Riviera Comedy Film Festival

The English Riviera Comedy Film Festival - screen shot.

VCU Office of Undergraduate Admissions

VCU Office of Undergraduate Admissions - screen shot.

Miki Mottes

Miki Mottes - screen shot.


ZenSender - screen shot.


Boompa - screen shot. - screen shot.

Portfolio of Adit Shukla

Portfolio of Adit Shukla - screen shot.

Maria Filó

Maria Filó - screen shot.


Cheesetique - screen shot.


DivVoted - screen shot. - screen shot.

Design Disease

Design Disease - screen shot. - screen shot.


Macalicious - screen shot.

Radu Ceucă

Radu Ceucă - screen shot.


cocorino - screen shot. - screen shot.

Soundsplash 08 Eco Reggae Festival

Soundsplash 08 Eco Reggae Festival - screen shot.


Silverback - screen shot.


Sitesquared - screen shot.

Dulles Dodgeball

Dulles Dodgeball - screen shot.

Emeril’s Holiday to Go

Emeril's Holiday to Go - screen shot.

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This was published on Jan 17, 2009


Alexandre J. Jan 17 2009

Sick post!, for more inspiration chek out our section @

Raymond Selda Jan 17 2009

Very nice collection. I’m still learning on coming up with harmonious color schemes. I learned a lot from Jason Beaird’s web design book. Thank you for this post.

Jacob Gube Jan 18 2009

@Raymond Selda: Yeah, developing a color scheme is as much an art as it is a science. Is the book called “The Principles of Beautiful Web Design“?

Timothy Jan 18 2009

You have to remember that some of these that are the most visually appealing take away from the actual website’s content. The content of any page should be the focus.

It is true that you need to capture the attention of a visitor. There is a saying that if you don’t gain a visitor’s attention in the first five seconds you will loose them. If you use Google Analytics or a similar analytics service check your site’s average bounce rate to see how long you have to grab a visitor’s attention.

So, in all, a site should be flashy and eye-candy-ish enough to initially grab a visitor’s attention, but not to the point in which it will take away from the actual content.

Chris W. Jan 18 2009

Good list Jacob. What do I have to do to get you to do a list that includes Red Interactive? I love that site.

PIxys Jan 18 2009

Pretty cool designs and some serious references – Another fine source of inspiration for many webdesigners >

Some really vibrant, and interesting designs in there. I particularly like the way that Adit Shukla river flows into the right sidebar.

I think that sometimes a background can overpower the content, like does until you dim it, but these always engage the visitor of the site, and it makes for an enjoyable experience. I can see why many web design companies try this method.

WPCult Jan 18 2009

I like this collection :) is pretty good one. The blue and black shades meld quite well. Nice collection.

Zach Dunn Jan 18 2009

Great list! I hadn’t seen Dulle’s Dodgeball before, but I absolutely love it.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design is a fantastic book. It changed the way I thought about web design. Color schemes? Not easy.

VanishDesign Jan 18 2009

I have to say that there’s both good vibrant and bad vibrant on here. TangledDecals sure is pretty, but it’s the opposite of functional. It breaks so many usability rules my head hurts. The text on Maria Filo’s site is impossible to read (and not because it’s in Portugese). Platin uses the dreaded metaphorical navigation. I’d steer clear of calling these designs brilliant, because they’re more about look and less about content.

Silverback, however, is both great looking and easy to understand. CakePHP uses vibrant colors instead of busy images. Adit Shikla relegates his beautiful imagery to the background. These folks realize we’re not making art, we’re styling information.

jennifer Bhala Hansen Jan 18 2009

I am a learner and have only created one from a template. These one’s are much better than mine but they probably didn’t use a template.

benvds Jan 18 2009

nice collection, this is going straight to my inspiration folder

Nice post. I like the to have the list and images :)

Michael Brito Jan 18 2009

Thank you for publishing those great designs. I’m in the middle of trying to figure out how I want our company webpage to look like, and you have provided me with some great inspiration.

thank you, very much

Mike Brito
TripEntronic Studios.

Geeee Jan 18 2009

wow big list & cool collection, must check and update my lists too … thanks for sharing and keep it up ;D

Not a Niche Jan 18 2009

Glad to see I’m not the only one who has such vibrant colors on his website, love the compelation!

Nice collection of creative design! thanks for sharing..

How many times can you possibly feature Matt M.’s blog? I get it the design is really good be it has been regurgitated one too many times.

Dainis Graveris Jan 19 2009

Pretty unique designs with really interesting color schemes and solutions how to put them together, interesting article :)

Thanks :)

Thanks a lot Jacob, for featuring colourpixel:)

Tom James Jan 19 2009

An inspiring list of designs!
Great to see a Drupal site in there too!
Drupal Social Network –

madme Jan 19 2009

Very nice collection. Thanks!!!

Daria Jan 19 2009

Wonderful design collection, those colours are very inspiring.

steve Jan 19 2009

Really cool designs ….Good Job :)

Hedda Jan 19 2009

Eye-catching collection, love the brave use of colours, thanks for posting.

Shirtletz Jan 19 2009

Very nice collection. I’m still learning on coming up with harmonious color schemes. Thanks for sharing..

Brandon Jan 19 2009

I’ve found Kuler to be indispensable on this front.

Jacob Gube Jan 19 2009

@Nag: I must say, you’re very brave in using that color scheme – you took a risk and I think in this case it paid off. Well done!

Jacob Gube Jan 19 2009

@paul: It’s the last time, I promise!

Fabio Jan 19 2009

Cool! Thanks for posting these websites!

Cool Creatives Jan 20 2009

hats up to designers, developers and the mind behind the designs.

mellomutt Jan 20 2009

this isn’t very inspiring for the coder/developer that doesn’t have a graphic designer in employ.

how about eye-catching sites for the artistically-challenged?

Eye-catching collection, love the brave use of colours, thanks for posting.

Scott Petrovic Jan 20 2009

There are some nice looking designs here.I also agree with Timothy’s post. Some of the designs are pretty cluttered and hard to tell what you are suppose to do.TangledDecals and stand out in my mind right now. Very vibrant color palettes though, they all have evoke a lot of energy and dynamism.

Chris Jan 20 2009

Wow, Really cool designs. Look my Site. Thanks

Paulo Pereira Jan 20 2009

Check this one also:

The design is from a 16 year old kid.

jemile @ st.albans web design seo Jan 25 2009

wicked, love the monkey one escpecially, Jacob nice post bud….ps i dugg it also ..all the best J

Pradeep CD Jan 27 2009

Good post!!

Colorful collection.

Lost Guy Jan 30 2009

I really liked the Miki Mottes site. it is kinda weird but i like looking at it.

I love your selection dear :D
Thanks for the ton of inspirational links xD

Snowfish Feb 04 2009

Poppy colors, usability of some is questionable, but love the aesthetic!

Jenny Pilley Mar 11 2009

They are certainly eye catching. But it goes to show that subtle colours don’t have to be used to look professional. these vibrant colours really make an impression and i think done well can really make a website stand out from others in the same field.

Franz Mar 18 2009

very nice sites

timekeeping software May 20 2009

Seriously… did this guy just now learn what a pun was? These types of bloggers are just retarded.

They look pretty, but they are really low on usability and actual content, which is what really matters.

Ertan Sep 06 2009

nice designs.

xrumer blast Aug 13 2010

Am I the only one who dislikes websites like that? I like to follow the KISS rule. Keep it simple stupid!

davide scalzo Feb 02 2011

Excellent inspiration, thanks a lot

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