35 Beautiful Bright, Colorful Web Designs

Colors - photo provided by Thiru Murugan of flickr

Here’s 35 examples of bright, vibrant web designs to inspire you on your next project.

The skillfull use of colors is a talent that all designers should possess. When used excessively, a design can look scattered, "rainbow-like", and distracting. When used too sparingly, a design can look bland.

Below, you’ll see 35 designs from various fields of industries that exhibit the use of bright colors to create a high-impact and memorable design.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama -

Bookkeeping in a Box!

Elephant Pharm

Twist Systems


Tennessee @ Summer

ActionHead Studios

ActionHead Studios -


FontShop -

Hugs (because machines need hugs too)

Hugs (because machines need hugs too)


restaurantica -

Le Moulin de Sauvage

Le Moulin de Sauvage -

Dimchevski Designs -


intracard -

Nimbupani Designs

Nimbupani Designs - -

giant peach

giant peach -

Red Crown Studio

Red Crown Studio -


Gowebplans -


Fishy -


Icebrrg -

Revolution Driving Tuition

Revolution Driving Tuition -




Kompakt -

Viget Labs

Viget Labs -


Vimeo -


Hardee's -

Go Montessori

Go Montessori -

Nolimit Studio

Nolimit Studio -


StrawPoll -


SprintBio -

Resolution Interactive Media

Resolution Interactive Media -


shylands -

Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall -

global oneness

global oneness -

VCU Office of Undergraduate Admissions

VCU Office of Undergraduate Admissions

A Tennessee Winter

A Tennessee Winter -

This was published on Apr 8, 2008


James Apr 08 2008

Oooh, really nice list.

I can’t even think of a meaningful comment because I’m too absorbed in looking at the pretty pictures..

Nice examples what great color schemes can do for mediocre designs.

designer Apr 08 2008

thanks, they are really helpful!

Steven Snell Apr 08 2008

Nice collection. I had a similar post on my blog of 25 colorful designs. Some of these were included, and others are on my list for a follow up to that post.

Abhisek Apr 08 2008

Great list.

chandan Apr 08 2008

Awesome List

danny garcia Apr 09 2008

nice sites colorful.

hmmm.. interesting collection… i feel very cheerful already

Regan Johnson Apr 10 2008

Great list! Thanks. It’s nice to see color.

Gina M Apr 11 2008

Love your list. Incredibly cheerful.

kevinator Apr 16 2008

Hows this one for a colorful header:

Fubiz Apr 16 2008

Simply impressive!

I am really enjoying this list! Thanks.

Jenny Apr 20 2008

those are nice. ;)

adelle Apr 21 2008

This is a great collection! Nice post :)

Great collection. Shows how decent colours can make a good design look great. Thanks.

sesebian Jul 14 2008


Anastasiya Jul 15 2008

there is a one site,, very nice colors.

Waterpup Sep 02 2008

hhhmmmm is there a central location to download any of these? I’m particularly interested in Iceberg

Jacob Gube Sep 03 2008

@Waterpup: These are custom web designs, so I don’t think you can download the – for example – Iceberg design.

Herbalife Sep 18 2008

Captivating designs. There are many tool to help create graphics and designs. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get going the only limit is your imaginations.

Waterpup Sep 29 2008

Thanks Jacob. Funny you mention the Iceberg design, while all of them are nice that’s the one I was most interested in.

Alanya haber Oct 10 2008

very good… Thanks you very much !

Muhammad Qasir Oct 24 2008

o really looking so beautiful. Oct 29 2008

Great websites collection. I really love them all!

şarkı sözleri Nov 28 2008

Thanks Jacob. Funny you mention the Iceberg design, while all of them are nice that’s the one I was most interested in.

haber Dec 25 2008

very good web page. thanks

savas Jan 19 2009

how can i downlaod this themes pls help

Jacob Gube Jan 19 2009

@savas: You can’t download these themes.

Martin Feb 09 2009

i really like the elephant webiste :)

haberler Jun 17 2009

very good… Thanks you very much !

haber Oct 14 2009

You can’t download these themes.

Thank you

Haber Oct 16 2009

its very good projected.

bursa haberleri Oct 28 2009

very good… Thanks you very much !

Nana Yaw Apr 12 2010

Wow interesting article.

Salisbury Apr 15 2010

Bright is not the word for some of these sites, the use of orange is very warming when seen online

kapil thanju Apr 29 2011

very nice tutorial collections

is the wallpaper are the brightness colors??

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