Can You Be a Web Designer?

Image reads Got what it takes to be a web designer?

A comedic flowchart to determine if you can be a web designer or not. Longdesc text description coming soon - apologies to screen reader users.

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About the Author

Jacob Gube is the Founder and Chief Editor of Six Revisions. He’s also a web developer/designer who specializes in distance-learning education, front-end development, and web accessibility. If you’d like to connect with him, head on over to the contact page and follow him on Twitter: @sixrevisions.

This was published on Oct 4, 2009


Peter Wallhead Oct 04 2009

Sorry, but this chart is rubbish. I’m a web design and I don’t use a Mac, hate them in fact, plus I refuse to use Photoshop.

I’ve always heard and seen that REAL web designers use PC’s and graphic designers use Macs.

Peter Wallhead Oct 04 2009

Plus currently I can’t spell: *web designer

Chris Oct 04 2009

Hilarious!! I “failed” so much, but I think that is a good thing :)

Richard S. Oct 04 2009

Made me laugh. :) Would be great to see some Web developer charts :) not only designers…

Jason Garrison Oct 04 2009

This would be absolutely hilarious… if it weren’t all true. :)

cja100 Oct 04 2009

web designers only use macs, bulls**t!

twe4ked Oct 04 2009

Fantastic! Loved it :)

Ben Lumley Oct 04 2009

That’s fricking funny man.

Very good.

iMatt Oct 04 2009

hahaha very funny! The only thing about the MAC. Would love bo buy one, bot don`t have the required finances :( How sad is that?

Pradeep CD Oct 04 2009

Hi Jacob,

I’m a great fan of Six Revisions, but I’m sorry to say that you have come up with a post like this…

No offense, but Pretty things can be done on Windows also…

Its not like you can force someone to love mac, if they love their PC or Windows… Its their choice…

I love rest of the “flow chart” …

should Any designer has a mac system? LOL
What about VAIO? :D

So you have to own a Mac or desire to own a Mac to be a web designer?? This is the worst load of crap I’ve ever heard

René Oct 04 2009

Ok, funny. And I use a Mac but this Question was just stupid and irrelevant. ;) I’m sorry for that but there is no reason why we not should use other Operation Systems for Webdesign. For example, I often use Linux for code work.

Briliiant! I like the IE and the do you have a bitter and pessimistic persona part. LOL

Dainis Graveris Oct 04 2009

haha, where do you get those ideas? :))

Went through this great flowchart..:D Ah, damn I was 120px close..and didn’t finish it.. Good thing I am graphic designer as well and I can edit that chart in photoshop:D

keithics Oct 04 2009

nice article!

that means that I am not a web designer.
I don’t have Mac and I don’t use Photoshop.
I have PC and Fireworks!

Navjot Singh Oct 04 2009

Excellent Flow Chart! Best part I loved was to download Photoshopcs-extended-cracked.torrent and install it on MAC.

BTW why is it that Web Designers love MAC Too much? All Adobe Desgining softwares work wonderfully on Windows too.

fosron Oct 04 2009

Don’t be Mac-centric , or a fanboy :] Many webdesigners do great job with Windows or even a God damn Linux, it’s not the tool that makes you a web designer, it’s exprience and inspiration :))


I don’t own a Mac, because I am a .Net developer.
I don’t hate IE, because forty percent of user using IE 6.
I design website on Windows for all browser, so, who am I…

Really, your going to recommend downloading a cracked copy of photoshop???

Richard Thiel Oct 04 2009

Great.. hm!!! Yeah gonna to be a Web Designer :D

Angela Oct 04 2009

cracked versions of PS not thanks, don’t want to become a botnet LOL. Will stick to the cheap versions I bought on Ebay in the UK, you should see what they charge us here in Australia for PS CS4 its outrageous, I dare anyone to pay that.

Shadowfax Oct 04 2009

The perfect prerequisite for a web-designing beginner ;)

AppleByte Oct 04 2009

I want to buy MAC but i still cant afford it. Can you loan me your mac… :)

Jacob Gube Oct 04 2009

Oh my… should I make it clearer that this is only for fun? I hope no one takes this seriously – this is supposed to be a humorous post poking fun at some web designer stereotypes.

Seriously, why would I recommend that you work for free or to download a cracked version of Photoshop if I was being serious?

Faizan Oct 04 2009

Haha this is awesome!

Entertica Oct 04 2009

ROFLMAO about the torrent… =))

I love the way so many people got so defensive about this post. Sense of humour most also be a no no for a web designer.

Gaowy Oct 04 2009

it’s really funny , i love it .

i cant believe some guys have take it serious. Cant they taste the humor in the chart?? this is really funny….

Travis Seitler Oct 04 2009

That was hilarious!

But to see so many people not get it? All I can say is, their lack of a sense of humor is… disturbing.

simon Oct 04 2009

haha, it seems that most of the commentors won´t even recognize sarcasm when you smash it in their face …

Oscar Rottink Oct 04 2009

Well Jacob, you made me smile.

Serious note for all people using Windows (like me), think you are smarter. Better webdesign on a platform which 90% also uses to view the websites with. And guys, don’t take everything to seriously :)

Nico Burns Oct 04 2009

haha. worth a laugh. I did however notice that these image based posts dont work to well on the mobile version of the site.

Mariana de Paula Oct 04 2009

I’m sorry to see so many ppl haven’t got the point here.
Like the footer of the image says: ‘don’t take life so seriously’ ;)

Ivy clark Oct 04 2009

You crack me up! Lol…

I was expecting the HTML is not programming language option to lead to ‘you are more web developer material than designer’ ;)

booooo! Oct 04 2009


rayvolvez Oct 04 2009

LOL I’m so glad that this post was only for fun.

When I saw it in my rss feeds, I was thinking “What’s wrong with Jacob?!” and decided to check in here and comment.

I think work quality is always machine and programs independent. Mac or Windows, its the hand at work and the mind at conceptualising/planning. Not the OS. And the same goes for programs, I prefer Photoshop to others (even though I did hear that Fireworks is a good option) but that is personal and that helps me to speed up my work because I am familiar with it.

Sean Boone Oct 04 2009

I’ve been a web developer / graphic designer for eight years now. I use a very nice PC and never Photoshop.

Jeff Geerling Oct 04 2009

Haha!! Wow. Some people are completely unable to use their rational thinking capabilities at the mere mention of the word “Mac” or “PC;” at the first question (IE), I was pretty sure this was a sarcastic/humor post. Then the bittorrent question sealed the deal.

demogar Oct 04 2009

Really hillarius but I don’t share some of the statements in the chart (like HTML is a programming language – it’s a markup language instead, just like XML).


Cesar Noel Oct 04 2009

Well I really disagree with this chart since being a Web Designer is not bound into any operating systems like Mac.

Haha that’s awesome. This chart should be up in the guidance office of high schools. :p

Wow, tough crowd!

If you made it through the flowchart and didn’t pick up on the playful approach, you really need to unplug from your computer.

Eric B. Oct 04 2009

Damn. I don’t use Photoshop (Linux user). Can I use Gimp instead?

david Oct 04 2009

Haha! I laughed a lot. Thanks!

@ Eric, you can but you already failed the mac requirement. You could install the mac4lin theme, that would be ok.

Yaili Oct 04 2009


But judging by the comments, “lack of sense of humour” should also be a pre-requisite for being a web designer ;)

Joel Vardy Oct 04 2009

Love it <3
I think getting to the end of this without looking should be the requirement before starting a web design course =)

Ankur Gupta Oct 04 2009

Why Mac? Many Web Development Software run on Windows? Why not Windows?

Corinne Oct 04 2009

Jacob, I think you need to make “Don’t take life so seriously” a little bigger. Maybe, just maybe some people will get the joke. ;)

Laughed alot, the line about college is just hilarious! :)

great ^^

“web designers MUST only use macs” – bad for me ^^

fahmi Oct 04 2009

wkwkwk very funny, so IE not for designer :D

Haha! That really funny. Thanks!

Adam Brewer Oct 04 2009

This made my day, thanks!

I can’t believe, judging by users comments anyway, that some people don’t realise this is a joke (Yes, I do realise a few of them are sarcasm, but a few seem genuinely outraged).

Kidd Wolff Oct 04 2009

Haha brilliant! Funny – and true. I got 120px from the end…but then realised I ignored whether or not the font was websafe because I knew it was picture :-p So maybe I am a true web designer after all…

kristomagno Oct 04 2009

Don’t take life so seriously ———-> Yes? nice flow Jacob.

James Oct 04 2009

Not buying the attempt at humor defense.
Your prejudices were revealed nonetheless.

Deleting this feed.

Lol and where is linux and GIMP?
i guess that i am just lamer:)

still nice chart..

Pedro Magalhães Oct 04 2009

This was almost a genius joke, but didn’t was because it’s offending ppl who not use Mac and Photoshop… Dahhhh!

Charles Lau Oct 04 2009

This is a funny flow chart that you have! Though it may not be true that we must hate IE and not having Mac, it is just telling us a story… :)

McBonio Oct 04 2009

bah I failed too, the mac question tripped me up.

I know plenty of web designers that hate macs too ;)

This is great! And I’m considerably amused at how the joke is going right over the heads of so many commenters. ;)

Have a sense of humor, people! It’s pretty obviously making fun of the common webdesigner cliches.

redwall_hp Oct 04 2009

Judging by these comments, most of your readers don’t have a sense of humor, Jacob. :)

Cosmin Oct 04 2009

This is really hilarious.

Although it may hurt many people that don’t own a MAC.

Thanks for a good laugh Jacob :)

Wow, some of these people don’t know how to take a joke… And by the way the title says web DESIGNER not developer.. jeesh.

Stephen Oct 04 2009

Perhaps I am being pedantic, but html is a programming language.. a declarative one, you may be confusing imperative style programming (such as javascript, java, php, c#, vb) as being the fundamental paradigm of programming.. but it is mearly a type.

quayfee Oct 04 2009

Does it count if you skin windoze (snore snore) to lookk like a mac :oP

Marcel Oct 04 2009

Can you be a webdesigner?

Considering most of the reactions here you forgot to put “lose all sense of Humour” in that chart :)

Hoboballan Oct 04 2009

This is all too true, apart from the Mac question. Although if i could aford to buy one i would..!

I like first question :)

Really cool one & I really don’t agree on the very first comment ! :D

macsucks Oct 04 2009

mac is BULLSHIT linux is ftw

Chris Oct 04 2009

Can you provide another link to the photoshopcssextended.torrent. I installed the one you suggested and I think it had a virus because I just checked my online bank account and all my money is gone

Attila Oct 04 2009

Hey Jacob…I’m a des/dev for about 6 years now.
You noticed that everybody got the joke after your comment??
now that’s funny..:)))

Oh an d you left out the coffee…cheers

Sneh Roy Oct 04 2009

ha ha .. this is so funny! :)

nickysix Oct 04 2009

Ok. To everyone who is taking this too seriously: IT’S A JOKE!! Of course you don’t need a Mac to be a great web designer! You don’t need Photoshop, either. Lighten up.

nickysix Oct 04 2009

To Stephen:

HTML is not a declarative programming language, it is a markup language, hence Hyper Text Markup Language. Completely different.

Daniel Oct 04 2009

It’s nice to see that some in the industry stille have their sense of houour :)

lester Oct 04 2009

I use wine… but the …. just for kicks man

saintberry Oct 04 2009

Haha, this is classic. The comments are better than the article. Class.

Adrian Oct 04 2009

Perhaps they need to add ‘Do you have a sense of humour’ to it …. ?

derek Oct 04 2009

Great post! Loved it.

I don’t own a Mac, because I am a .Net developer.”

I’m a .NET developer and I use a Mac, I actually code in OSX, and port to Windows. go Mono!

Imran Khan Oct 04 2009

Hilarious! very nice indeed….

Travis Seitler Oct 04 2009

@Stephen: No, the problem is you’re not being pedantic enough. Here, let me try… ;)

Imperative coding is done with “programming languages,” while declarative coding is accomplished with “markup languages.” It’s linguistic sloppiness to call both coding activities “programming.”

There, see? Now THAT’S pedantic!

arnold Oct 04 2009

I LOL this time! I like the torrent part and the HTML thing, XD

I just dont like the Mac part.


imagineadesign Oct 04 2009

he he, im still a pc user and I can design! funny chart :)

Three Styles - Shane Jeffers Oct 05 2009

Haha this is awesome!!!!!!

cypherbox Oct 05 2009

This is funny! I don’t totally agree with this chart ‘cos I failed as a web designer.hehehe…

Karthik Ragubathy Oct 05 2009

Lol Hilarious Stuff . I *failed* in the second last box :P

This is so funny…
Most of all the people who didn’t get it in the comments, haha.
Keep up the good work ;)

Stefan Alexandru Oct 05 2009

“Web designers must only use macs” – are shiny white things good for design?
“Sorry but web designers must hate IE with passion” – indeed.
“Bla bla bla … clients … nephews” – been there done that
“Welcome to the internet grandma!” – so 75% of the world’s designers are grandmas.

These are the funniest. Nice post!

Aslam A Memon Oct 05 2009

I disagree that a web designers must use MAC only

Good Job I’m not a Web Designer, but a Frontend Developer (so I can use a PC, Gimp instead of Photoshop and hate each browser without preference).

And Attila is right, the coffee is missing. “Can you digest coffee and sh… sorry, excrete HTML/CSS code?” would be about the right question… ;-)

Greetings, LX

Jordan Moore Oct 05 2009

Real web designers use Fireworks.

Hi, Jacob. Really nice stuff )))
I’m a web-designer, I do use Mac and Photoshop, so I’m happy and still do not loose my sence of humor ))
People, do not be afraid to laugh at yourselves, is it so terrible? Oct 05 2009

ha ha …

Kuldeep Oct 05 2009

Lol Nice 1!
Bt I love IE! :)

AtiKuSDesign Oct 05 2009

I love to have a good chuckle on a Monday morning. Thanks very much for providing me with one here!

Geoffrey Oct 05 2009

Really good one, I like it

Daryn St. Pierre Oct 05 2009

This is awesome. It’s pretty spot on but I can understand why some people would get their panties in a bunch over the Mac part. Especially the first guy who commented. Apparently I’m not a REAL web designer because I don’t use a pos PC (anymore).

James Mason Oct 05 2009

I’m a web designer and I use Internet Explorer and Windows…but I also have a Mac and use Firefox and Safari as well…this chart is a bit silly, it’s a guide only if that. Interesting anyway, thanks.

Louis Oct 05 2009

Jacob, are you trying to promote yourself through risque material and controversy? You’re now the Paris Hilton of web design! ;)

Amos Vryhof Oct 05 2009

GIMP + Bluefish FTW!

Jacob Gube Oct 05 2009

Hello everyone.

First, I must admit that I didn’t intend for ANYONE to take this seriously. I can’t say whether I’m disappointed or perplexed. I blame myself for not making it more obvious, and it’s understandable that some would take this seriously. But I wanted to mix it up — this was meant for weekend readers and only for entertainment.

To those that took offense with the Mac thing saying “I guess I can’t be a web designer because I use a Mac” or “because I use [Fireworks, GIMP, etc]” – let me be clear that those statements wwere meant to poke fun at some stereotypes that other people have on our industry.

This flowchart, the Six Revisions website, this slider user interface, and anything I’ve done in the past (professionally or personally) were all designed using a Windows PC… I guess I’d fail may OWN flowchart then. Here’s a picture of my workspace on Flickr: Workspace – “Full Mode”.

I want you to help me decide: should I place a note at the top of this post that explains that this is supposed to be for fun? I hesitate to do this only because I think many people would be offended that I would need to place something like that when clearly this was meant for comical purposes. It would be like one of those public warning signs that say something really obvious – like “Drinking while driving is dangerous” or “Please don’t fall off this cliff because you might die”. I didn’t want to place that sort of notice in the first place because I feel that it would be patronizing to you, it would say that I am underestimating your sense of humor.

But now – judging by some comments – I feel like there needs to be a “public warning sign”.

What do you think?

Also: even though there was a bit of backlash, I want to state that Six Revisions will continue to mix it up, we’re still going to keep posting comical and satirical posts along with the educational/informative/serious articles. This is only the start.

digitalhexagon Oct 05 2009

Wow people, lighten up.

It was a great article poking fun at the stereotypes of modern web design… relax

Keep ’em coming

Marcel Oct 05 2009

should I place a note at the top of this post that explains that this is supposed to be for fun?

now THAT is a joke, isn’t it? Explain jokes? for real?

Mladen Oct 05 2009

I think I am a webdesigner but this chart says something different. And I think that people who notice that this flow chartuses a non-websave font only know geeks and nerds and whatever.

bcolin Oct 05 2009

Very nice ! IMMD
I think you shouldn’t add a note. As a french reader – with very low english skill – the joke was clear to me.

lol i dont have enought money to buy MAC computer.
Still long live with windows and ubuntu

maybe i’m not a real* web designer :P

to funny how many people take this serious!
@Jacob Its not your fault that these ppl get your flowchart wrong they are just to dumb to count 1 and 1 together…

Scott Petrovic Oct 05 2009

Funny! The whole torrent thing is a touchy subject, so I don’t know if I would have included that. Following the whole flow chart in general made me laugh. Web designers are great at learning new skills. Sometimes they need to learn to laugh a little too! Good post.

Lauren Jordan Oct 05 2009

I have to admit, that this chart is a little funny, but not true for all. As I read in one of the posts above, some people, and a lot of people I know, don’t use a mac for web designing. I find it easier to use a mac, but there are a lot of people out there who prefer to use their PC.

lol…this is really funny. I do not agree with that “have to have a Mac” thing… I have one to test sites with, but that is it.

I think I am a webdesigner but this chart says something different. And I think that people who notice that this flow chartuses a non-websave font only know geeks and nerds and whatever.

Florian Oct 05 2009

haha, you don’t need a mac. Photoshop is also for Windows avalible :)
Its also possible to run under Linux using Wine

Jay Carlson Oct 05 2009

freaking hilarious. first the article, then all the people who are offended by it. man! you guys all need to step out of your parents’ basement and go get some real fresh air. maybe go to a bar and talk to a girl *gasp!* and then find someone you don’t know to have a long conversation with…

life is so much more than getting offended by something you saw on the internet.


ps. I’m a mac lover who uses a PC at work to design (using photoshop, fireworks, and microsoft paint on occasion) websites.

You forgot one more step in the flowchart:

If you don’t have a friggin sense of humor, you can’t be a web designer.

Andrei Patrascu Oct 05 2009

Cool and funny. I’m still blocked at the mac step sadly.

Very cool dud Soo nice .

Stephen Oct 05 2009


‘completely different’ – not really.. and to the constant stream of aparently needing a sense of humour.. the point WAS the lack of funny.. unless by ‘having a sense of humour’ you mean ‘finding anything funny’.

OMG the story of my life in a flow chart! @_@

Craig Wann Oct 05 2009

@Jacob LOL, it seems that people are ignoring your latest comment. I thought it was funny. You might post the disclaimer. It may be patronizing for those of us with a since of humor, but our lesser counterparts seem to need it!

P.S. Since I failed this post so many times, I have put in my two weeks notice and am going into sales.

This was wonderful. The comments were even better. How serious can an article be when in the flow chart it has DIAF for a “no” response. Humor really isn’t that complex.

Jacob Gube Oct 05 2009

@Craig Wann: Yes. I do understand that this type of self-deprecating/sarcastic/satirical humor may not translate well with an international audience. It’s compounded with the fact that I normally don’t post this type of content. I’d fail my own flowchart when I hit the “Do you own a Mac?” part. Since you had to quit being a web designer, I’ll make a special “Can you be in Sales?” flowchart for you seeing as this flowchart was clearly a smashing hit.

@chris: What are you talking about, seems to me based on what you just said, that the torrent’s working as intended. Plus, buying Photoshop from Best Buy will have the same effect on your bank account.

Three Styles - Shane Jeffers Oct 05 2009

I love it Jacob keep up the good work. I passed this on to several of my friends, it’s all fun and games guys even if you failed to be a web designer.


Corey McCarty Oct 05 2009

To those taking offense to what was obviously tongue in cheek.. Please check the flow chart:
“Do you have a bitter and pessimistic persona?”

You have passed .. you are true web designers!

Great funny stuff!

Jordan Oct 05 2009

I really feel like the content quality of this site has gone incredibly down hill since i started reading about a year or so ago.

Jacob Yap Oct 05 2009

LMFAO, I like the IE one.

Oscar Godson Oct 06 2009

@Jacob Gube – good flow chart, funny, and I’m so sorry you have to write for a bunch of high strung ass wipes who apparently have been working in the industry for about 90 days. Maybe your next funny graphic should have a disclaimer you have to agree to before viewing anything slightly humorous and have to pass a basic sarcasm quiz.

@everyone else – I’m sorry, but you guys are all a bunch of fucking idiots. It’s a joke, my god people.

OBVIOUSLY you can use Photoshop on a Windows machine, but I use a Mac, and it was required by my college to have one to get into the Graphic Design program, and everyone at my work uses Macs. It’s a standard in the industry JUST like using NOT IE. The Mac thing makes perfect sense whether you use/don’t use/like/dislike it

Plus, lets just be honest here people, Linux and Mac == Good, Windows == worst piece of OS software ever created

Ashok Rathod Oct 06 2009

I dont think so for a web designer we must have mac.
I m also a web designer working on windows only.

I love the people on here that are sooooo passionate that they can use a pc and get the job done: lmfao. I guess for these people (including myself) the only way to describe it is its like picking up an iphone and a razr, you only notice the difference once you spend the time needed to actually notice the difference.

So do spend the time (wasted time) coding and designing on patched programs (windows) that are truely native to linux (mac) and wonder why you need to goto posts to find solutions ;)

did i mention im writing this on a pc ;) ok good , -Mr. Hypocrit (spelled wrong i think)

Terry Oct 06 2009


I laughed a lot… and it’s pity to see how many people have a SERIOUS lack of humor sense…

Ivan de la jara Oct 06 2009

the MAC must its a joke isnt it? it cannot be other thing becasue you need explorer/firefox/more than safari… I think its all an absurd joke to laugh about egocentric-thinking-they-are-cool web designers

James Oct 06 2009

This is insulting. I read this blog daily until now.

tantan Oct 06 2009

not funny at all..wasting my time read this…this is stupid…

shutdown Oct 06 2009

ekkkkkk…. wrong joke on mac part … every os as long there is ps or any tool that can emulate ps capabilities

shutdown Oct 06 2009

– @everyone else – I’m sorry, but you guys are all a bunch of fucking idiots. It’s a joke, my god people.

if they take it seriously then its an insult

OMG I can’t believe people are taking this seriously and even getting offended.

Yay internets.

I know this is supposed to be a joke,

but the fact is that a LOT of people think that you have to work on a Mac to be a “real” designer.

Truth is, graphic design depends on the person, not on the machine or the OS.

Designers who only think that Mac is the only choice, and the other way around, are the ones who are not “real” designers.

Great designers do great things, regardless of the tools he has.

Azizi Yazit Oct 06 2009

lol..I failed at mac part question.

website designer doesn’t have to own MAC but good in css, creative and excellent in html.

however, nice try!

Sensa Yuma Oct 06 2009

I can’t believe the number of people who are still getting steamed over this *after* the “relax, it was a joke” posting.

It was clearly meant to be irony (for those who think “irony” is another in the series with “coppery” and “silvery”, JFGI).

Made me laugh.

Nicole Foster Oct 06 2009

The comments made this chart. I failed at the Mac part too, but all in good fun as I see it.

Jay Owen Oct 06 2009

It’s funny how many people thought this was for real. Clearly it has a hint of truth to it, but all good comedy does.

Websitestory Oct 07 2009

No, please don’t feel the need to explain what is clearly written in jest!! And I run Windows on my Mac so what does that say about me?

Eneza Oct 07 2009

hahahaha! the first post is hilarious!!! I just laugh when i read that first post! LOL

the witty part on this chart is when i was asked if i know html… hahahaha there is an option “Just kidding i know it”

hahahahahaha! Classic one!

WTF-MAN Oct 07 2009

Well… MAC ??? That’s just stupid. Overpriced a snoby.

The tag line on the bottom of the graphic says enough on whether to take it as a joke or not. Regardless, if people have to rely on some flow chart found on the net to define themselves personally or professionally, then they have bigger problems than feeling offended because they are using something other than a Mac or Photoshop for web design.

The mac daddy Oct 08 2009

for the record: once you go mac you never go back…

and I don’t know what it is but whenever I’m in front of my mac I feel more creative and not confined to the relm of “this program has encounted an error and needs to close”.

Jacob Gube Oct 08 2009

re: @John:

if people have to rely on some flow chart found on the net to define themselves personally or professionally[…]


Shitic Oct 08 2009

at least it’s an opinion. of course you may have differences. good chart, funny

jonard Oct 08 2009

Hehehe! nice one sir jacobe!! many more humors please!

Rakesh Oct 08 2009

lol!! You are a genius.. I really loved the chart.. great one..

Guys was nice. And is a joke… 60% uses Windows… that is. Please understand : WAS A JOKE. And yes Mac’s are good to blow up your money :))

Roberto Oct 08 2009

Macs are better??? Really???

hahaha very good and funny!

Can’t believe some people are taking this seriously. I failed a couple of times, gave me a laugh though

Wahidin Oct 09 2009

That’s funny I must say. Hillarious

IE sux

Hax0rs 4life :)

Pixiome Oct 09 2009

Very funny ! In France, the reality is worse …

Van Thanh Oct 09 2009

Mac ! I don’t use Mac. I use PC’s and Photoshop

Chris Spada Oct 09 2009

Hilarious! still working on my pessimistic persona.

Rasmus Oct 09 2009

Hilarious.. do you have a pessimistic persona towards any other coworker (developers, managers, clients etc.) should be added

Lanre Dahunsi Oct 09 2009


Jazyladi Oct 09 2009

Oh my goodness! Can people not take a joke these days? This was exactly the laugh that I needed today. Thanks Jacob! ^_^.

Working for free seems like a really good business strategy, you can definetely afford a MAC at those rates.

shashank Oct 10 2009

hhaha….this is absolutely fantastic mate…!! i was abt to collapse on my work desk until i saw this….!! late… :(

BebopDesigner Oct 10 2009

LMAO This chart is brilliant and sadly true. Except for the PC part… I’m Mac user and lover, but at work, they make do everything from a PC… I don’t mind anymore.

We should drop the Mac vs. PC stuff once and for all. What do you reckon?

sungoddess Oct 12 2009

LMAO@the whole flow chart… I shared on facebook and delicious’d… tooooooo funny.

Alelvortex Oct 12 2009

Really loved the “not all of your kids need to go to college anyway”. Brilliant !

Holger Oct 12 2009


“Get a mac”.
As you call it “designing” web stuff it is different to getting everything working an any machine visiting your customers sites.

You might add a “did you create this chart” on top and “yes” would lead you to “FAIL”

The funny thing is, ALL of this is true for me. I use a Mac, am a bit pessimistic about mankind, “obtained” Photoshop, and can identify non-web-safe fonts. Besides, how’s a 16 year-old supposed to buy Photoshop?

Its not that good :)

Olivier Labbé Oct 14 2009

you should modify it like this :

on the “do you love ie?” you have a yes and No, add : F*&? NO that trespass the “mac part”


the rest is good ;)

moedlatif Oct 20 2009

I dig Jacob Gube’s analysis on web designer chart. hahaha.. the most hilarious one ever. kudos!

preeti99 Oct 21 2009

It was funny ,in fact quite funny the mac part…hehe

Werbeagentur Koblenz Oct 21 2009

Do you love IE? -> Designers must hate IE. Best part of it! lol..

Sinpore Oct 23 2009

wahahah the flow chart is smart! Especially the part with hating internet explorer with a passion.

UniWeb Oct 25 2009

I liked the part about the nephews!!!

Judging by some of the replies, you should ass “Do you have a sense of humor” -> “No” to your chart.

Yan Cheng Cheok Oct 28 2009

Nice post and nice flow chart.

eshark Oct 30 2009

Cool one there Jacob!

Indrek Nov 01 2009

Nice graph :)
According to it I could definitely become a web designer

Aijalyn Kohler Nov 01 2009

Thanks for brightening up my day.
FYI, I am a Web designer using the GIMP on Linux.

stuffson Nov 02 2009

Rubbish indeed… macs and Pc’s have the same architecture now, so it really doesn’t matter anymore what you use… also gimp is a great alternative to Photoshop

Bryan Nov 02 2009

That was the funniest thing I saw all day! Sorry to say, most of you do not have a sense of humor.. That’s so sad.

Tim Rombach Nov 02 2009

Very funny!

Daniel Nov 03 2009

Very funny! I love it.
Shame how some people can’t just see the funny side of things and have to take any opportunity to rant about the age-old Mac vs Pc nonsense. Lighten up!

Stefan Nov 03 2009

LOL, what a bunch of humorless individuals.

It’s funny, morons!

Ravin P Nov 03 2009

MMmmmm sounds like the Mac fanbois have a stick up their arse.

Rihards Nov 04 2009

Brilliant chart, sadly though judging by most comments here it would seem that a lot of people don’t grasp such things as humour :(

lemming Nov 08 2009

I’ll I have to say is “Mac Webserver” and I start giggling uncontrollably

any good web designer knows how to work the back end too after all.

(ps: if you’re in a field were you’re not likely to make a ton of money, why would you waste it on the expensive computer when the cheap one works better. And if your corporate, odds are you’re using a PC as most of the production companies do)

Pretty funny. Yeah, these comments are ridiculous and most of the ones who disagree with the Mac and Photoshop… it shows in your design.

Funny post, good stuff.

Cristian O. Balan Nov 12 2009


Jordy Pickel Nov 12 2009

This pretty much hits the expectations game right on the nail…

noobobo Nov 15 2009

..just decided to sell my firstborne son for a MAC!!
Hilarious indeed, LULz <3

Robin Nov 16 2009

I loved this, made me smile. The best of all was the first and most important was the IE question.

There was one very strange question though. The will you work for free?

I failed to pass because I don’t work for free. And I do think it is a very bad decision if a company lets someones nephew make for instance their website for free, it will most often result in broken deadlines and that some part of the process will be poorly made. Not to talk about the risk of a million bugs.

Remember also that this nephew must have a registered company to legally be able to take the job.

Alexis Brille Nov 17 2009

I’m a Mac user and I think the statement “Web Designers MUST only use Macs” is utterly ludicrous.

Notepad++ on Windows is awesome.

alejo Nov 30 2009

web designers must not use macs! i hate mac users becouse they think they are “COOL”.

afroza Dec 07 2009

hello all.. i m a web designer and developer.. the chart is really funny. but i think we should used both Mac and PC’s :)

Andrew Dec 15 2009

Oh man, this is all true, except for maybe the Mac thing for some extent. I would love a Mac, but I’m not mister big bucks and can’t afford one. I do like them, but their UI is so different from Windows, it would take some adjusting.

Good post, I enjoyed it.

“Don’t take life so seriously”

lol, I loved this awesome flowchart. But one point on which I didn’t agree was Webdesigners aren’t must to use a MAC and one point which I loved was the answer to, “Do you have IE?” :D
LOL, really enjoyed. thanks ! :)

why cant people just enjoy this as a joke? it made me laugh! :)

macboy Jan 05 2010

Real web designers have a f*ckin sense of humor.. which, as is evident from most replies here, is non-existent, specially with Windows users! Forget about buying a Mac guys, learn to laugh first.

Excellent flowchart imo. Good job!

Matelix Jan 07 2010

Lol! This is awesome. I’m a designer, and I failed as soon as it asked “Do you own a Mac?”. Lmao. Guys, relax. @Jacob, I don’t think there is a need to point out the obvious here. Any designer would laugh at this if take the time to understand it properly. Besides, I like the fact that you post some comical stuff; it gives us (by “us” I mean those of us that seat in front of our computers all day everyday trying to figure out what design we can do next. Lol) some time to relax and laugh a bit. Lol. This is just BRILLIANT!!!!! Please do more articles like this!

You know, the funniest part of this whole post is seeing PC based web designers freak out because they think you’re being serious!

I guess Windows doesn’t ship with an irony101.dll; I know IE doesn’t!

Oh, internet… you make me want to kick so many commenters in the face for being so ignorant.

Sheri Jan 27 2010

Love it!

Web designers must only use Mac.
I do not think so.

kak siya Feb 06 2010

shit !! :-(
I cant buy a mac cuse mac is so expensive!!

Ravikumar V. Feb 08 2010

i cant take it seriously b’cause i am a designer who using photoshop in windows, funny one :)

Harry Feb 08 2010

OMG! What is this nonsense chart all about?
I don’t think that most of the designers use MAC and how can you come to this conclusion???? You should think a lot while making this chart. Please remove or correct it.

Allan Feb 10 2010

I will have to disagree with the mac question. A PC is an obvious choice as a web designer. One should develop on a platform that most of the viewers would be on. I do own a mac but I am more productive on a PC/Win7. How else can I run FF, IE, Safari, & Chrome at the same time. Not to mention Notepad ++ and colorpic.

Allan Feb 10 2010

^ in continuation … This article is just an example on how the iReligion is creeping its way into all that is the web.

cheero Feb 13 2010

Utter nonsense. Its charts like these that make people think they need to buy a MAC, and once they do, they’re mad because it doesn’t really do anything special.

I’m a designer on a PC. I also edit videos, compose music and do just about every form of media you can think of. Most of my friends and teachers at school were shocked to learn that all of my work was produced on a PC and not on the MACs at the school.

I feel like this ‘iEVERYTHING’ bs is the most pretentious thing since iframes.

This blog post is going straight to my ‘no like’ section on StumbleUpon.

Yagnesh Ahir Feb 22 2010

very funny …. hahahahahaha lol….

Fatih Feb 22 2010

Lol, I like the part about IE :P


aquagirl Feb 22 2010

your “grandma” comment is offensive and unnecessary. i will spare you the reasons, punk.

Gildo Feb 23 2010

Web designers MUST only use Macs? It sounds like: “To browse the Internet you MUST use Internet Explorer”. Funny indeed.

pixelalpha Feb 23 2010

“Do you have a sense of humor?” –> NO “Stop reading, you FAIL”

Sreenath Feb 23 2010

Ha ha.. Wonder what happens if a Microsoft employee who makes IE sees this chart: Web Designers must HATE IE with a Passion! ROFL!

I read a quote somewhere: Hate IE but not its users! Hell ya.. if I din’t design my pages for IE, 97 out of 100 visiting my sites would hate me!

Basss Feb 23 2010

Hating IE while working on a Mac. That’s me. But: this chart is full of sh t.

Julez Feb 24 2010

No way, not everyone who own mac knows how to be a good webdesigner

Mike Brady Mar 08 2010

Hah, this is hilarious! I want to print this out and hang it on my wall.

Vincent Mar 13 2010

Lol. 1 more, a web designer have to be humorist. :D

No comments about the non-web-safe font being part of a .jpg file and therefore irrelevant? Surprising.

Tegan Apr 27 2010

Thanks for the laugh, Jacob!

It’s disappointing that so many take themselves too seriously. Lighten up people!

TheAL Jul 04 2010

Even though the IE thing only really works from the standpoint of programming a website, this was still an intensely hilarious post.

That is totally hilarious!!! Pretty funny! hahahahha

Manoel Netto Jul 27 2010

Why people have this difficulty to identify a JOKE? Even when it´s explicit?

So sad … :)

Random Aug 31 2010

Don’t worry, like everything posted on the web, 99.9% of people will read the chart, have a chuckle, then move on to something else, sometime leaving a comment, but rarely. The 0.1 percent left won’t get it, get all self-righteously defensive and offended, and post a comment to express their ire.

Reminds me of the Westboro Church protesting Comic Con.

Designer Aug 31 2010

Yeah pretty funny. Some of the comments are just as funny, some people really do get upset about this sort of thing.

patvillaruz Sep 23 2010

ahahaha! it’s funny cuz web designer can only used mac? wtf is that all about? not all web designer used mac.. geezz… .. i dont have mac but i can make great things from my pc.. lolz..

Wow, it seems that the PC users have no sense of humour. Of course he’s not saying that you’re required to use a Mac! There’s no point in making comment after comment about how you don’t use a Mac and make great design. (And, sadly, I’m qualified to be a web designer according to this hilarious flowchart. Yes, including the Mac that I’m typing this from.)

Am i supposed to laugh? ha-ha?

Seriously, this is hilarious. Very interesting flow chart.

Fatima Oct 08 2010

it’s funny … hahahahha

MoNox Dec 03 2010

Hi, i’m web-designer ando not use MAC (I like but is very expensive), whole rest is true, or good, or real….i don’t be think….

Javier Dec 03 2010

Muy gracioso. Realmente excelente… ;)

“Many clients has nephews who are good with computers…”
:)) Can’t stop laughing…

Dude I’m a GRAPHIC designer and I don’t even own a mac, you might as well burn your money.

Browndog Feb 04 2011

great ^^

“web designers MUST only use macs” – bad for me ^^

apaajanews Feb 28 2011

i dont think so, a non mac pc also can used for design a web,
but if you mentioned of rendering a 3d, i would agreed

littlekorean92 Apr 18 2011

hahaha! i have been looking through sites and sites, looking for more information about web designers, because currently, im deciding on whether i want to become one or not, and i CHEATED. i read through all the bubbles :) after i failed them. then i started reading the comments.. people can be so dry.. haha.

Michael May 26 2011

Top 10 Reasons that Macintosh is still better than the PC

10: The icon for the Mac Operating System looks happier than the PC Windows 98 logo

9: Gives the user more of a challenge, hence making the project more fun

8: Frequent crashes make users more responsible with their time

7: Lack of feedback in the operating system teaches children the virtue of patience

6: Operating system too simple to be damaged by a virus

5: “Macintosh” takes less time to say than “IBM & Compatible Systems”

4: Reduction of stress in one’s life by slowing down

3: The one-button mouse is sooo much simpler than the PC’s two button mouse.

2: The higher price gets rid of the computer user riff-raff

1: The Apple icon reminds users to eat healthy

This is great!

Some people are taking this way too seriously! It is only meant for a bit of fun!

Kim Sørensen Jul 04 2011

Its a funny illustration – People shouldnt get offended!

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