10 WordPress Plugins Guaranteed to Save You Time

In these days of the ever-increasing competitive world of the web, time is as valuable as money. To be noticed, and to stay at the top of the game, content writers must post a lot of content on a regular basis. To keep up with time constraints, WordPress plugin authors provide an array of useful plugins that will drastically reduce the time required to write, format, and post your content.

In this article, you’ll find 10 excellent WordPress plugins intended to reduce and simplify tasks associated with blogging so that you can spend more time creating content, and less time with site administration.

1. Post Ideas – take charge and manage your post ideas

Post Ideas

Post Ideas is a basic plugin that enables you to create rough drafts of ideas and thoughts for future articles without having to make a draft of the post. This plugin helps the writer enter a draft title, description, keywords, links, and most of all, priority of the post idea. Once all the ideas are collected, the writer can pick an article to write by either priority or self-preference. This will enable you to have a web-based idea bank that sits right inside your WordPress installation.

2. Tidy Up – Automatically find errors and clean up your HTML

Tidy Up

Tidy Up is a port of HTML Tidy into WordPress. This plugin can run the HTML Tidy algorithm through all of your posts and or pages and return a proper generated report regarding the HTML code in your posts or pages. In case it contains any kind of errors, it points out to the writer where it is and how to fix it. The plugin does not stop there; it also features a database-cleaning utility that removes unnecessary data in your MySQL database.

3. Pages+ – Deal with many pages with ease


The Pages+ plugin is very handy in case your site has many pages. The default ‘manage’ option via the Administrative Control Panel in WordPress provides very little features for managing any of your  pages. Page orders, categorization, deletion, addition, and much more, can be accomplished via this awesome plugin.

4. Mass Post Manager – Save time managing old posts

Mass Post Manager

Mass Post Manager helps you easily manage existing posts. This plugin enables you to manipulate the categories and comments related to existing posts. This is an essential plugin to have in case you need to re-allocate categories of your posts, or manage the comments in the same posts, which is quite tedious via normal WordPress Administration Panel.

5. Attachment List – Easily spice up attachment icons without coding

Attachment List

Attachment List is a simple plugin that spices up those boring old icons that appear on the attachments of a post. You can use this plugin to replace the default icon used by WordPress and replace it with a set of icons, available free-to-use from

6. Survey Gizmo – Dealing with polls can’t be simpler than this

Survey Gizmo
Survey Gizmo
is a premium plugin that has a free version. This plugin is for creating, running, and managing survey results within the WordPress interface. The plugin also allows you to generate printable reports of your results.

7. Tweetable Twitter – Saves time in updating your Twitter feed

Tweetable Twitter

Tweetable Twitter is a great plugin if you use Twitter. Tweetable Twitter allows the user to integrate Twitter into your WordPress blog and automatically Tweets the latest post that you publish. The automatic Tweeting can also be configured to choose the URL shortening service of your choice.

8. Secure Files – manage file uploads securely

Secure Files

Secure Files is a plugin that aims to solve the problem faced by Registered Only plugin users. The latter plugin allows only Registered users on a particular website to view the content in it, whereas guests can’t see anything at all. Although this protects the content of your database – other files, such as images and CSS files, aren’t protected. The Secure Files plugin is developed to take care of that issue. This plugin allows users to create a directory outside of the root directory for file uploads and downloads. This is an essential plugin to have for multi-author blogs.

9. SmartVideoPlus – embed videos with ease


SmartVideoPlus is a plugin that will completely change your simple blog layout to a full-blown video website! Watch the demo of this awesome plugin here.

10. Sticky Post – no need to hack your WordPress theme to sticky a post

Sticky Post

Sticky Post is an impressive plugin that adds the specified post or article on top of each post in the website, without having to modify the current theme that the site uses. This is quite useful, if you want to grab the visitors’ attention with an old, but still is important, blog post.

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About the Author

Pranav Shirodkar is a 21 year old IT Student, Currently pursuing a Graduate Degree from India. With a passion for technology and a knack for writing, He owns and runs TechMirage, an online technology updates Blog. If you wish to contact him, you can use Twitter or MSN.

This was published on May 27, 2009


Jon Mack May 27 2009

Excellent list, WP 2.7 already has a sticky post function though?

insic May 27 2009

I have to try Sticky post plugin and tweetable twitter, looks awesome. nice post

John (Human3rror) May 27 2009


Man, seriously Post Ideas looks like a great idea. I so needed this last week. I’m downloading and installing this right now. Thanks for the article.

These are all a bit old and none are compatible with WP v2.7.1
Most of the functions are now native in WP

frank May 27 2009

Thanks! Already installed three of these since reading!

Thank you. I will give them a try.

Tidy Up – mast have. Thanks for the list!

Troy Peterson May 27 2009

That’s a great list! It should be “The most useful plugins no-one has ever heard of!” :) Thanks for sharing!

Roseli A. Bakar May 27 2009

Cool. Some of these plugins I don’t even know exist!

Mmm… Tidy Up plugin apparently is only compatible for WordPress 2.2, as well as Post Ideas.

As for Sticky Post plugin, WP 2.7 already takes care of that.

taylan May 27 2009

Thanks for Tidy Up absolutely. I need it a long time :). And I think “Sociable” must be on this list.

James Holmes May 27 2009

Pranav – Thank you for a great set of useful tools for Word Press. I plan experiment with a few of these tools to add that something extra to a couple of my blogs.

Greatly appreciated!

Craig Allen May 27 2009

Thanks for the list. I’m starting a big project that will use a lot of pages, so the Page+ plugin will be a huge help.

Oliver May 27 2009

An alternative to Pages+ would propably be

Nice list, some plugins are definatly worth a try!

scott webb May 27 2009

This is pretty cool. I have been wanting something like tweetable for some new blogs of mine. It looks like my blogs are php 4 gotta figure out how to fix that up. great post though.

redwall_hp May 27 2009

Nice list, and thanks for including Tweetable.

michael soriano May 27 2009

Excellent list – most of these plugins I’ve never heard of.

Thank you

Diogo Azevedo May 27 2009

Excellent list!
Post ideas would be great, but it doesn’t work with WP 2.7.1, any alternative?

I’ve asked the plugin author for an update but he haven’t answered me yet.


Pallab May 28 2009

Thanks for Post Ideas. I was using Google Docs to record my post ideas till now.

Garcya May 28 2009

Cheers for the list, I’ve got Tweetable Twitter out of this :)

Callum Chapman May 28 2009

Great list, I might dabble with these in the future!

Vaughn May 28 2009

Hmmm, Tidy Up will definitely be useful. Not sure about the usefulness of Post Ideas though – isn’t that what drafts are for? In fact the section for quick posts on the dashboard act and look the same…

Avangelist May 28 2009

I gotta say, they all sounded pretty cack.

I don’t think I would ever have a need for them personally or for anyone I was building for.

now the equivalent of the CCK Tool for Drupal, THAT would be a good plugin, flesh out those custom items a little more.

Dario Gutierrez May 28 2009

Great list!! Is possible use someone of these! Thanks 4 sharing!

Douglas Wade May 28 2009

Good list of ideas to check into!

I’ll have to look at these in more detail, anything to make work go faster and smoother.


Ashton Sanders May 28 2009

What a great list. I’ve just downloaded half of them.

Seeing Pages+ made me realize that a good Page Management plugin is really the only thing holding WP back from being a full blown CMS. But Pages+ was last updated in 2007 or something. I search WP, and found PageMash, which looks unbelievably awesome!

Thanks again for the list.

Loren May 28 2009

Weird. I’ve never heard of any of these. Will have to give them a try.

jonathan allen May 28 2009

Thanks a lot for this post. I have downloaded four of these plugins and i think they will really help me. I like the post idea one. Better than having scattered drafts to sift through the posts to find… thanks again.

Dicky May 28 2009

Seriously, i think every blogger should install Post Idea. Before i install the plugin, i have to record all my ideas using pen and pencil.

Tr3ndy - svchost.exe May 29 2009

Really really good collection!
Tidy Up is the best of the list… when I use WYSIWYG some time some tag can remain opened, and this plugin is very helpul! Thanks for share!

Unoblogger May 29 2009

Nice list and well presented Pranav. Thanks for the post. Survey gizmo seems to be a wonderful plugin. i would check that soon

Black Sand May 29 2009

I love “Sticky Post” plugin. Thanks for this post. I will use these plugin on my blog

Arjun Parsi May 29 2009

Thank you Very much for this post, Really very useful

Michael Aulia May 30 2009

Definitely something new! Great lists

The first one though, I don’t mind writing in a blog draft as I usually do. This way I can add a few opinions/ideas on that post gradually while I make the final touch ups :)

Alex Denning May 30 2009

At first glance yet another list of plugins, at second glance a great list of plugins that have gone unnoticed. Great post.

Zemalf May 31 2009

Thanks for sharing the list, several there I haven’t run yet. Going to test run at least a couple of those.

Kevin Chiu May 31 2009

I believe WP 2.7 already has something akin to the ideas plugin – there’s a quick post box on the dashboard that you can tell to do drafts instead of publishing. (IIRC)

Michael May 31 2009

Great list!

Aggie Villanueva Jun 01 2009

Excellent. It’s always a plesure to learn of new tools. Thankx you for listing these. I’ve installed at least 3 so far.

aansa Jun 01 2009

These plugins are excellent for making a blogger’s life easy though some functionalities are included in WP 2.7.

curiousEngine Jun 02 2009

Something interesting. Thnks!

i love Tidy Up

Bibokz Jun 03 2009

Nice tips… very informative.

Chris Jun 04 2009

Thanks for that great list!
Your blog is one of my best favorites! I love it …!

Kikolani Jun 04 2009

One word of warning about these plugins. I just downloaded and installed Mass Post Manager because I have a huge chunk of unapproved spam comments that I wanted to get rid of. I tried it on one of my categories – to delete any comments that are in a state of Not Approved.

I’m not sure if this is a Thesis theme / WordPress 2.7.1 issue, but when I did this, now all of the posts in that category show they have 0 comments. The comments are still there when you go into individual posts. Check out and to see what I mean. I’m just glad I didn’t do it on one of my main, larger categories.

~ Kristi

A little note from someone who’s been using Pages + since 2006: it does not update page slugs if you change them and that makes the preview from the plugin’s hierarchy pages impossible.

I tried to write to the author, but I assume he didn’t take it seriously or maybe he’s just busy.

Oh, btw, Pages + does work in 2.7.1. other than the glitch I mentioned and the fact that it adds revisions to the actual number of subpages (even after they’ve been deleted).

Someone should really take that plugin over.

Bones Jun 09 2009

Thanks for the tips. I think the Post Idea will be really useful ;-)

Daniel Richard Jun 12 2009

The first plugin (post ideas) looks really neat! Beats creating drafts that I would most likely won’t return to. Ha!

Chandan Jun 16 2009

Excellent list of useful wordpress plugins. Good job.

Imran Aug 28 2009

Thanks a lot for sharing these great plugins i had installed first six they are really awesome.

Hamza Aug 30 2009

Awesome list, Good job!

Jane Caron Sep 13 2009

Good job friend, I wonder if there is any post about Plugins for blog…

i find tweetable twitter is the best of those.
and sticky post is one awesome plugin.

stop sweating Sep 30 2009

Hey Thanks for the post. This a great list, I have been using the survey gizmo plugin and it has been awesome too!

Cellulean Oct 15 2009

Hey I love this list!

I am always on the lookout for good plugins.

Paula Oct 16 2009

I love the Post Ideas plugin. I have so many drafts up in my WordPress dashboard so this is going to be great to tidy that all up. Thanks!

Virginia Allain Oct 23 2009

Wow, I had no idea there was all this fancy stuff to use with WordPress. Thanks.

qammar Nov 10 2009


these are all excelent plugins for WP. thank you v much for sharing.


Anna Hayward Nov 14 2009

I found first, fourth, seventh, eighth plugin best suitable for me at present and few I already downloaded while reading………

Senthil Ramesh Nov 17 2009

You don’t need the last plugin at all. WordPress itself has an option of make the post sticky. This makes the post to be at the top of all other posts.

Computer Freezes Feb 03 2010

Great Post! I have been using the Secure Files plugin for a while now and I am very happy with it.

Trent Mar 11 2010

I think the only one of these I had heard of before reading this post is #10 and I know the newer versions of WP allow you to do sticky posts anyway. The rest of these will be very helpful though. Thank you very much.

A little note from someone who’s been using Pages + since 2006: it does not update page slugs if you change them and that makes the preview from the plugin’s hierarchy pages impossible.

Shane Mar 26 2010

Top list!! Great!

Another tool that could be added is one I use to make cross-browser web menus for my WP site/blog called AllWebMenus WordPress Menu Addin

Here it is:

Ritani Jul 26 2010

I never knew about the sticky post plug in. I have always gone through the php code of each template and hacked it to death.

I guess that goes on my list!

Orfebre Martin Jul 31 2010

little note from someone who’s been using Pages + since 2006: it does not update page slugs if you change them and that makes the preview

louis Aug 01 2010

I never knew about the sticky post plug in. I have always gone through the php code of each template and hacked it to death.

Ernest Morse Aug 06 2010

Great list. This is one of the better lists I have seen so far. Thanks for putting it together for everyone.

Amelia Aug 12 2010

Thanks for explaining what each one does, I get lost with all the plugins and there purposes, thanks for explaining each one.

Jim Bruce Aug 15 2010

I know this one is’nt on the list above but I have found it invaluable – having had one of my feeder blogs “stolen”

Wp-PreventCopyBlogs WordPress Plugin : Prevent and CopyProtect Your WordPress Blog from fraudulent copies

Jenny Oct 17 2010

Sticky post is my favorite plugin, Thanks for sharing.

davide scalzo Oct 19 2010

thank you for sharing, it is very useful!

fly zapper Oct 20 2010

I love pages+

wobenzyme Oct 27 2010

How about seo plugins.

Martin Varesio Nov 12 2010

I get lost with all the plugins and there purposes, thanks for explaining each one!!!

Mohammad Elsheimy Dec 04 2010

Great collection, thank you very much. I think I’m going to try the first three.

Mistry Dec 27 2010

SurveyGizmo looks really great… been looking for a wordpress questionnaire plugin for a while now. It’s really expensive though .. the other cons are that it’s hosted externally and on a multiuser blog it can be very costly to run (or if you are expecting many responses). Any other suggestions you have for survey plugins?

Rajesh Namase Jan 09 2011

Thank you, Excellent list – most of these plugins I’ve never heard of.

williams george Jan 20 2011

It seems Great Plugins. I am new to wordpress. Let me check with these plugins.

Duckjob Jan 25 2011

Hey Pranav, what is the name of the plugin you use for your ‘Author Bio’ at the bottom of your post?

wptidbits Feb 07 2011

I am using none of the above plugins. However one of the most useful plugins that saves my time is ‘Faster image insert’ in wordpress plugin directory. It enables many images to be inserted at one time. Check it out!

Thanks Pranav

I have used a couple of them. I will check out Tidy Up and Post Ideas.. Thanks again for sharing.

Peter Tran Jun 18 2011

Thank you for sharing.
I like Tweetable Twitter, best choice.
Thank again!

Christoph Jul 03 2011

Pranav, Thanks for the list – need to try Survey Gizmo! Thanks again!

Dave Clements Aug 22 2011

It’s interesting to see Survey Gizmo in here. I’d tried for ages to find a half decent poll plugin for free, but it was slim pickings. Thanks for bringing this to light – I’ll be sure to use it!

francois Aug 27 2011

Thank you Pranav for this useful list. It allows me to find smartvideo for managing my videos :)

Jerry Mendyk Sep 07 2011

Anxiously looking on all over the place on more knowledge about this kind of. Many thanks plenty.

Eric Uned Nov 24 2011

Thanks for the plugin! I´ve finally found it.
Thats what i was looking for.

Kind regards!!

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