16 WordPress Sites to Help You Build a Better Blog

16 WordPress Sites to Help You Build a Better Blog

So you finally decided to step up your blogging game and build yourself a site with WordPress. You’ve install a pretty good free theme and have a few posts under your belt. After a few days, you get seriously bored with the "My blog kinda looks like everyone else" syndrome and start your search for some creative ways to make your blog stand out from the crowd.

In this article, I will help you on your journey by showing you the 16 best places to find WordPress tutorials, hacks, themes and design inspiration to take your blog to the level it deserves.

1. Yoast


Yoast is the home of blogger and developer Joost de Valk. He has released over 20 WordPress plugins on his site and several other tools for webmasters and online marketers. If you are looking for a plugin for SEO or to track your site visits, Joost will certainly have exactly what you need. You can find all his plugins on the WordPress page of his blog. If you consider yourself a more advanced WordPress user, then I suggest you read through his "Guide To Higher Rankings For Your Blog". You will certainly see a difference in search engine traffic if you implement just a few of the tips that Joost shows you. I personally use the Breadcrumbs plugin and have implemented almost everything he has mentioned in that article.

2. WPBeginner


Are you a total WordPress novice? Perhaps you’ve been using another publishing platform such as Drupal or Joomla! and want to see what the fuss is all about with WordPress. Have I got the perfect site for you. WPBeginner offers tips, tools, resources, and suggestions to WordPress users. Check out the Tutorials section for all the help you will need when doing customizations to your blog. If you need help with installing WordPress, then WPBeginnner also has a service where they will install your blog for free. Prefer to learn about WordPress on your own? Visit the Beginners Guide and you will be an expert before you know it.

3. WPSwitch


WPSwitch is kind of like a Premium WordPress Theme on crack. In other words, if you’re searching for a sweet theme for your blog, design tips, or WordPress hacks or tutorials, this is the place you need to be. WPSwitch has all the top Premium WordPress themes from the most prominent designers in the world. You literally need to go nowhere else. Be sure to pay this one a visit whether you are a complete newbie or consider yourself the king of all that is WordPress.

4. WordPress Tavern

WordPress Tavern

WordPress Tavern is a thriving community focused on all things WordPress. Those interested in the software can hang out with fellow WordPress’ers to engage in enlightening discussions. On WordPress Tavern, you’ll find reviews, news, screencasts, guest blog posts from some great community members and much more. Be sure you hook up to the WordPress Weekly podcast to keep up with all the latest hot WordPress topics.

5. WpRecipes


WpRecipes is a great place to find quick, clear and concise WordPress recipes. When you really need that little piece of code to do a certain thing, these handy, little snippets will do the job. I consider this site to cater to the more advanced WordPress user as a lot of these recipes involve diving into the code. There’s also a forum where you can ask a question to get help or even request a recipe.

6. is "Your Visual Resource for All Things WordPress". There are hundreds of How-To videos that cover a range of topics to help you have a better blog. If you missed any of the Wordcamp’s, you can also view some of the speakers lectures at the events.

7. WP Topics

WP Topics

As WordPress has become mainstream, the number of news sources and tutorial blogs has become overwhelming. WP Topics only publishes feeds from established WP sites that provide useful, meaningful content on a regular basis. Here you will find the most relevant WordPress news, useful tutorials and influential voices in the WordPress universe — all in one place. This is a must-see resource for those who need to be in the loop of the latest WordPress trends.

8. Weblog Tools Collection

If you have ever used WordPress, you have more than likely seen this feed coming through your admin page. Weblog Tools includes the latest plugins, theme release and general WP news. This is great for the beginner, as you stay updated with new themes and potential plugins that make blogging even easier. I highly recommend keeping this site in your admin arsenal.

9. WordPress Hacks

WordPress Hacks

WP Hacks is a place to discuss all things WordPress. In addition to featuring a large variety of WordPress themes and providing reviews of WordPress plugins, WordPress Hacks was set up to cover the world surrounding WordPress, including the latest WordPress hacks, news, tips, tricks, and how-to’s of the popular open source blogging software.

10. Hongkiat WordPress Category

Hongkiat WordPress Category

If you are any kind of Web guru, you have at one time or another visited the blog of Hongkiat. When visiting this popular design blog it is an absolute necessity to take a trip to the WordPress category. Hongkiat covers a wide range of topics from inspiring blog designs, all the way to the detailed hacks. If you are a fan of WordPress at any level, this is definitely a place you want to go.

11. Pro Blog Design

Pro Blog Design

Pro Blog Design writes about web design (blog design in particular!), coding, and WordPress (Yay!). They cover all the technical bits that bloggers should know, so they can get the most out of their blogs. For sake of this article, you should definitely browse their WordPress category as it offers numerous hacks, the best plugins to use, and super design techniques relative to your WordPress blog.

12. WPSeek


A WordPress search engine for developers and theme authors is what is all about. You can find all kinds of code snippets for WordPress using this search site. This includes various WordPress functions, template tags, function sources, and random user notes. I would definitely say that this site is for the advanced WordPress developer.

13. WP Engineer

WP Engineer

Three WordPress Junkies who love WordPress, created WP Engineer. They show various ways to make WordPress a little bit better, more convenient, more flexible or in short – just awesome! You’ll find some very in depth tips and tricks to really build a better blog. Some of these are very simple for the beginner and some can get pretty in depth to the WordPress core.

Where to find WordPress Design Inspiration

These sites are showcases of WordPress-powered sites to inspire your next blog design. They all feature an up-to-date collection of websites created using WordPress.

14. We Love WP

We Love WP

15. WP Inspiration

WP Inspiration

16. WP Float

WP Float

Where do you go for all your WordPress hacks, tutorials, and design inspiration?

If you have a favorite WordPress site that I have not listed here, I would love to see it. I hope that there are some great finds out there that a lot of people don’t know about. Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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Peter Nov 09 2009

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What a wonderful list of useful sites that will help anyone who are starting to use wordpress.

Keep up the good work.

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Thank you for this list. Some Blogs i know but there are good sites and they help me more and more with great tips. I was made some money because i have no work and my family must go on. So this is great to build a better blog.

imran Nov 09 2009

Really great resource, most of the sites i am already familiar to while some of them are new to me.

Katrina Thompson Nov 09 2009

Thanks for this list – perfect timing for me as I move into WordPress as a cms for my clients.

Frank Nov 09 2009

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PelFusion Nov 09 2009

nice list…but there is little error in giving numbers,
WordPress Hacks and Hongkiat WordPress Category both are marked ’10’

Cathy Nov 09 2009

Hey where can i get those webinspirations, those are really nice designs…let me know. thanks.

Wow great list, thanks for sharing.

Synthetic Tone Nov 09 2009

Seems your link for #8 is a duplicate of #7 FYI

Decent list, really helpful for keeping up with the lastest developments and techniques!

Syed Balkhi Nov 09 2009

Thanks for including WPBeginner. We are honored to be mentioned among the great sites.

NeonBlueWS Nov 09 2009

Great list, Matt. It’s cool you included sites for all experience levels. I’m sure a lot of people will find your article helpful.

awesome, dude! Great work, thanks!

Noel Nuguid Nov 09 2009

Dude, this is one post that ill keep in my bookmarks list. May i suggest by John Godley? Good resource here.

Tom Ross Nov 09 2009

Useful list of resources here Matt. I’d seen about 40% of these sites so it’s great to get some fresh places to check out.

Definitely missing Justin Tadlock’s site in your list.

Benjamin Nov 09 2009

Thank you for that list. These sites will definitely help me in the future while building WP sites.

Yoast is a great site

Matt Alexander Nov 09 2009

I am glad that this is able to help out so many people. You are all very welcome. If anyone ever have any WordPress questions feel free to shoot me a quick email via my contact page at WP Switch. I would be happy to help.


Jamie Nov 09 2009

There’s 2 number 10s in your list :D

Michael Martin Nov 09 2009

Thanks for including Pro Blog Design on the list, quite an honour to be mentioned by Six Revisions!

The list really is top quality. WP Switch was a new one to me though, I’m going to go check it out now, thanks! :)

Jean-Baptiste Jung Nov 09 2009

Thank you for including WpRecipes to the list!
Almost all the sites featured on it are great in my opinion, so it is quite an honor ;)

Carson McDonald Nov 09 2009

The link for Weblog Tools Collection seems to be wrong ATM, it should be

Great list.

This will help me improve my WP skills.

Wynn Netherland Nov 09 2009

Thanks for the list, many that I had not seen.

Sonia Nov 09 2009

Thank you so much for providing these useful wordpress blogs. There is always room for improvement and I’m sure these help blogs will be of value!

Sonia :-)

Melody Nov 09 2009

Nice roundup, the list makes a good reminder for my most recent site launch..time for research!

Oliver Schlöbe Nov 09 2009

Thanks for mentioning wpseek. Glad it may be helpful for a few people. :)

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beautiful collection of wordpress sites! great share!

Happy2B Nov 09 2009

Do you have a list like this for Or should I just move my blog to WordPress?

Great resources. Bookmarked!

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Nice sites..You must of done some real good research here. Never come across wordpress tv….Seems like they have videos galore there.


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Good resource!
I’m new to WordPress and this is exactly what I want.

Great Collection! Thanks for sharing.

Joe Howard Nov 10 2009

This is a great list of resources and I love them all. I hadn’t seen wptopics and this reminded me to revisit wpinspiration. Thanks. :)

Mark Carter Nov 10 2009

Was just reflecting how wonderful the whole community around WordPress is … having recently had to design with an extraordinarily painful CMS system which had virtually no learning resources or community!

Irina Nov 10 2009

Great post. I really need it :)

Roy Ho Nov 10 2009

Great list! It is definitely overwhelming…

Ayush Agarwal Nov 10 2009

This is super helpful. Thank you so much. Any suggestions for livestreaming plugins? SweetCron?

Jordan Nov 10 2009

there shouldn’t be a comma in this sentence, “Three WordPress Junkies who love WordPress, created WP Engineer. “

BigM75 Nov 11 2009

thanks, this ist very nice

Tutorial City Nov 11 2009 is missing.

Jannis Gerlinger Nov 11 2009

The Number #5 is very cool.
I like it.

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just mentioning as great place to start a wordpress site.

Matt Propst Nov 12 2009

Great list or resources. Consider this page bookmarked!

Zahid Lilani Nov 13 2009

Excellent list of resources for a blogger like me. Thanks!

Keith Davis Nov 14 2009

I’ve visited lots of these sites and learnt a lot about WordPress.

“Pro Blog Design” is probably my favourite. Well presented posts written in a very easy-going style.

Only found “WPBeginner” a couple of days ago and they have some great content and replies to questions / comments.

A great source of information and inspiration.
Good to have all these sites in one place.

Zine Creative Nov 14 2009

love the list! some are new to me.

l think this very usefull for beginners to wordpress, thanks for nice source

MikeKey Nov 16 2009

Awesome article Matt. “WPBeginner” really helped me out when I started using WordPress.

Jeffro Nov 18 2009

Thanks for mentioning WPTavern in this list of sites. Much appreciated and hope you’ll continue to be a loyal reader of the site.

ganesh Nov 30 2009

Can i do my site in wp?

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WPBeginner is great. Thanks for great post! =)

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Mark G Mar 18 2010

great list! thanks for taking the time to put it together. this will help as a try to build a WP theme which i’m hoping to not do from scratch!

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Daniel Gardner Jun 02 2010

Wish this post had existed years ago when I started doddling with WP. A great resource, thanks!

I’m going to be very cheaky and throw my WordPress showcase website in there too I’d also recommend bookmarking sites & for links to good articles (I don’t own those sadly).

Nadine Clopper Sep 15 2010

I liking Ones style guys

Martin Sep 15 2010

I think many can do this change with ease and maybe WP should make it possible to upload a gravatar in the backend without adding!!

Useful set of links in one handy place so thanks for that.
I’ve found this site really helpful and easy to understand too. If you leave a comment the guy gets back uber quick too. Hope it helps someone else Keep rocking on

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Great quality list you’ve made. Did you consider including CatsWhoCode – i’ve found it to be a very useful wordpress development blog!

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Was just reflecting how wonderful the whole community around WordPress is … having recently had to design with an extraordinarily painful CMS system which had virtually no learning resources or community!

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