20 Beautiful Minimalist WordPress Themes

Minimalism in web design seems to be the new trend lately, and WordPress is the perfect candidate to put simplicity to good use. Good minimal design is more than white backgrounds and text-centered design — it requires the same balance, elegance, and purpose that good web design does.

You’ll find 20 minimal WordPress themes below that embody both simplicity and enlightened design. Most of the themes are free, though some of them require a small fee. When using a WordPress theme, be sure to read the license information and give the proper credit to the original designer when offered.

1. Simplicity


Demo | Download

2. Clean Home

Clean Home

Demo | Download

3. Grid Focus

Grid Focus

Demo | Download

4. Modio


Demo | Download

5. Carrington


Demo | Download

6. FotoFolio


Demo | Download

7. Enormous


Demo | Download

8. Modern Clix

Modern Clix

Demo | Download

9. Empty Canvas

Empty Canvas

Demo | Download

10. iA3


Demo | Download

11. Documentation


Demo | Download

12. Simplr


Demo | Download

13. Modern


Demo | Download

14. Structure


Demo | Download

15. Undedicated


Demo | Download

16. Satorii


Demo | Download

17. Vostok


Demo | Download

18. Smart Portfolio

Smart Portfolio

Demo | Download

19. min


Demo | Download

20. Manifest


Demo | Download

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About the Author

Kurt Edelbrock is a web designer, law student, and blogger. He writes about simplicity in web design at Cherrysave. If you would like to connect with Kurt, send him a message at his Twitter profile.

This was published on Mar 15, 2010


I have tried QuickChic and its a cool minimalistic theme.

Michael Struwig Mar 15 2010

A list I’ve been waiting for for a long, long time! Thanks!

Altaf Sayani Mar 15 2010

Minimalist rocks, this list have some of my favorite Clean themes.

Kawsar Ali Mar 15 2010

Looks Great. No hibbyjibbies… just plain and simple. Great post

David Bradley Mar 15 2010

Very nice. I like a few of these. :D

David Bradley Mar 15 2010

Also, smartfolio has to be my favorite.

Chris Mar 15 2010

Nice List. Here is my List “30. Free Minimalism WordPress Design Themes“.

Thanks Kurt for this list ;)

Awesome Mar 15 2010

I love a good minimalist theme. I like to keep my blogs simple and lightning fast. I like most of the examples you posted.

Great collection…I wish I could sell more of my clients on minimalist approach…cleanliness is a step below godliness!

adone Mar 15 2010

Very good list, thanks.

John Paul Aguiar Mar 15 2010

Smart Portfolio is pretty cool, simple, with a lil design, nice.

David Swinstead Mar 15 2010

I do like SixRevisions, but I wonder if posts like this are examples of list articles being taken too far.

A few of these are really nice but most are nothing special at all. Conclusion – a list just for the sake of lists?

Amberly Mar 15 2010

wow…very minimalistic themes I like it very much.
I’m a huge fan of simple wordpress themes.
Thanks for sharing.

For anyone looking to start a WordPress design with a COMPLETELY cleaned slate, try Elliot Jay Stocks Starkers Theme (

I understand that this post was not about stripping WordPress of all style and building it yourself, but this can give you a nice start towards building your own beautiful minimalist theme.

Susan Mar 15 2010

This is an extensive list of simple wp themes. It’s a good collection.

Logobird Mar 15 2010

Love it when content takes center stage. Excellent (very) minimalist designs. Thank you!

Gonzo the Great Mar 15 2010

Hi Kurt,

thanks for putting a list together of the most beautiful white and clean WP-themes I’ve seen in a long time! Well, except my own white and clean gonzoblog ofcourse, haha!

And best past, they’re for free! Thanks for sharing, Cheers & Ciao …

Heidi Mar 15 2010

Thanks for this list – I’m looking for something different for my site – I like minimalist because I’ve got so many photos.


I think this is a good list and it seems like a lot of people on here are fans of minimalist themes. I understand the appeal, but I personally like WordPress themes that stand out a little bit more.

Frank Mar 16 2010

Please – the link to theme Documentation is very old, please link to for the actually version. The demo-link is also bad, this is a test-blog of an other people.
Thanks for sharing

lava360blog Mar 16 2010

i know clean home theme and i love it. thanks for this great list

dave miers Mar 16 2010

simple. beautiful.

Neil Andrew DuPaul Mar 16 2010

Just downloaded smart portfolio. I’ve been needing an easy theme to throw up as a homepage, this fits the bill perfectly.

Valeraz Mar 16 2010

thanks very simple and beautiful themes !!!
downloaded portfolio and structure .

Nikos Mar 16 2010

I think that these are to minimalistic to stand out. I’ m all in with minimal design but something has to exist there to make you wanna visit/read/click

Nelspruit Mar 17 2010

Minimalist is not so in here in SA, but then again we are a bit behind the times – ;)

Cudazi Mar 17 2010

Thanks for featuring my Smart Portfolio and Min sites sites Kurt, I’m proud to be a part of that great list. – Curt

adone Mar 17 2010

I love structure theme.

Desigg Mar 17 2010

18. Smart Portfolio | Amazing!

an indexhibit-like theme and tutorial (fr) :
! you need to select a static page as home !
screenshot :

Netchunks Mar 18 2010

I like GridFocus from them all

Naeem Noor Mar 18 2010

Modio is Awesome!

5D Mark II Mar 18 2010

I am going to try some

Amanda Larrinaga Mar 18 2010

These are great.

Hans Hamid Mar 18 2010


CMS Themes Mar 18 2010

Awesome list mate :)

James Karinejad Mar 19 2010

Brill! been looking for a list like this, thanks

Mark Simon Mar 19 2010

These all look like nice themes for the most part.

FYI… the picture and links you have for FotoFolio are very misleading. The picture & demo link are not the site you get from installing the theme.

The colors & layout are completely different.

Thanks for posting

Bryan Helmig Mar 22 2010

Check out Magatheme. It’s clean and easy to use too.

Agilworld Mar 25 2010

thanks for sharing…
reference to study and make WP themes for newbies

Mr. Juegos Mar 31 2010

Thanks for this awesome collection, “min” theme rocks.

Jason Fonceca Apr 07 2010

Woo! Talk about beautiful free minimalist themes! Kurt, what a great and useful collection to share. Thanks so much man… totally appreciated. I’m psyched to play around with some of them :)

I may be wrong but, it seems to me that Smart Portfolio is no longer free, but a pay-for theme on ThemeForest (not that its not utterly worth its price!)

Rock on.

facebookcafe Apr 14 2010

Wow amazing themes! Thank you very much! :-)

maxdi Apr 30 2010

Theme superr

RSA Online May 07 2010

Thanks I am getting Smart Portfolio! Cheers. 8-)

Aphrodite Jul 12 2010

Quality, been looking to start a blog from our website for customer interaction, so looking for something like this. Thanks for sharing.

Mohamed Jul 15 2010

These are great themes! I run the Frugal theme on my personal site but really like these other minimalist themes. Just looking at them, and without having tried any yet, Simplicity and Clean Home look really nice.

Satya Prakash Aug 11 2010

I checked structure theme and it looks good. have not checked whether it is free or what

andimazlan Sep 20 2010

i love minimalist theme. But why most of them are in black and white? Good list anyway.

Irwan Sep 29 2010

Thanks for the list..
Loves the Grid Focus themes

Wordpress Theme NL Oct 14 2010

Last week I made a brand new minimalist wordpress theme. I love them. Just look for “Friendly Fast” and you will find it.

Juegos Nov 09 2010

Thanks for sharing. Greetings

Little Geek Nov 09 2010

Well, thank you for this great collection, i have collected more 35 clean and minimal templates here: i hope they will be useful for you too.

David Siddall Nov 09 2010

I’ve personally used MidMo. It’s a great template for a portfolio style website and blog.

Markus Dan Nov 13 2010

Great themes!! Thanks a lot

Fitri Mandiri Dec 14 2010

nice themes.. AMAZING!!! thanks..

Zach Lysobey Dec 20 2010

9. Empty canvas – broken links…

Likes Dec 31 2010

I several of these themes, Superb taste ;)

Ronald Redito Jan 02 2011

I use Smart Folio for one of my clients in dental industry. She liked the look of the page.

Im newbie in WP and thanks for sharing. i’m about to buy a limited minimalize theme from
but now i think maybe i should try a free one 1st..

ari giduk Jan 21 2011

very minimalist I find the template in the category elegant minimalist but memorable, if there is I would definitely replace my wordpress template

bangkit Feb 08 2011

I like this template, although I am not using wordpress based website and I will wait hopefully will come out based templates blogspot template similar to this minimalist

Fabrizio Van Marciano Feb 15 2011

Wow, Simpr couldn’t get any more minimalist than that huh, great selection thanks for sharing.

Very nice collection :) i thing the Carrington is the better, great list, thanks.

hans hs Feb 22 2011

i like this coll themes, i like minimalist, thanks

Juegos Mar 09 2011

The best Minimalist WordPress Themes!!!

Peter Apr 18 2011

Would have been great if each of your examples included a photo sample instead of just mostly text.

Chandana May 04 2011

Simple but powerful wordpress themes.Thanx

v7web May 06 2011

Perfect, undedicated was just what O was looking for.
many thanks

Awake May 14 2011

I’m looking for something like this. White and simple, great.

Justin Freid May 16 2011

I like Grid Focus, thanks for putting this post together.

I like this template, although I am not using wordpress based website

Robert May 27 2011

Thanks. like “6. FotoFolio” ;-)

My personal favorite minimalist theme is Barecity

Perfect for hacking to blend into an established website

I love minimalist themes, but could do with a bit more colour, minimalist doesnt have to mean white. Great list BTW

Another great minimalist theme for the list is Space. It does a good job of removing both unnecessary design elements and WordPress features, leaving users with clear and easy to read comment.

You can see Space in action here:

Elektric Jun 28 2011

Great themes! Thanks, thanks, thanks

cool.. im going to trying one of those… thanks and many thanks..

Thanks for the great list of these wordpress themes

Josh Harris Jul 14 2011

Have to say I really like Smart Portfolio, top quality theme.

Simple & attractive.. i found some cool themes here.

SquidoS Aug 10 2011

yes… i verry verrrrry like this themes.

Smart portfolio is certainly on top of all those listed here.

Yobento Sep 08 2011

best theme i will be download for my blog

Wiloooo Sep 11 2011

great theme thank’s :-)

Javi @ JuegosDeMario Sep 16 2011

In Germany we say “weniger ist mehr” like “less is more”… That´s my principle in relation to webdesign. Great theme, therefore :) .

San Fernando Sep 27 2011

Nowadays with websites getting cluttered, or over-animated, I prefer a minimalist theme. Thank you for the suggestions!

Vikram Kamath Oct 01 2011

You forgot melville!

samrat kafle Oct 15 2011

great themes listed here really thanks for sharing this :)i am gonna use it for sure…

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