40 Excellent Free WordPress Themes

WordPress – the popular open source publishing platform – allows you to easily customize your installation with WordPress themes. Installing themes is a simple affair, and if you’re just starting out with the publishing application, you can check out this guide on using WordPress themes.

In this collection, you’ll find 40 high-quality and free WordPress themes handpicked from the vast amount of free themes out there on the web.

Note: Be sure to check out the license of the theme for restrictions in usage (if any) and it’s always good (and very much appreciated) to attribute the designer even if they don’t explicitly ask you to.

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Irresistible screen shot.



Magazeen screen shot.



Imprezz screen shot.



Blues screen shot.



iLibrio screen shot.


Dark Classic

Dark Classic screen shot.



remedy screen shot.



Vintage screen shot,.



CorporateMag screen shot.



Futura screen shot.


The Morning After

The Morning After screen shot.


Holiday WordPress

Holiday WordPress screen shot.



Fontanella screen shot.

Demo (chose Fontanella in the list) – Download

Greenway 3C

Greenway 3C screen shot.


Grid Focus

Grid Focus screen shot.



Annexation screen shot.



Brilliance screen shot.


Love Earth

Love Earth screen shot.



Compositio screen shot.



Elegance screen shot.


Rewire theme

Rewire theme screen shot.



Colourise screen shot.



Individual screen shot.



WP-Premium screen shot.


WP ThemedVista

WP ThemedVista screen shot.


Wynton Magazine

Wynton Magazine screen shot.



Vectorize screen shot.


Elegant Grunge

Elegant Grunge screen shot.


Smashing Theme

Smashing Theme screen shot.



Zeke screen shot.



Androida screen shot.



BlakMagik screen shot.


Love Bugs

Love Bugs screen shot.

DemoDownload (for personal use only)

Nature Gift

Nature Gift screen shot.



BlackRed screen shot.


Club Yellow

Club Yellow screen shot.



Blogtheme screen shot.


Portfolio – WPESP

Portfolio - WPESP screen shot.



iNove screen shot.



SohoMag screen shot.


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About the Author

Mirko Humbert is a freelance designer from Switzerland. He shares his thoughts about his passion on his graphic design blog, Designer Daily, and also runs a CSS gallery called CSS Orgy. To connect with Mirko, you can follow him on Twitter.

This was published on Apr 4, 2009


nice list, some of these have some really fresh ideas

twodumbdogs Apr 04 2009

I like irresistible from Woo theme. The first one. Trouble is making it look like it does in the demo is a challenge. I know just a little about WP and such. Woo wants $150 to access support forums so free means little. I’d love to use it if I could duplicate the look and layout.
Nice list though.

kitipan Apr 04 2009

good review there.

tasarhane Apr 04 2009

nice list..!

Mandy Apr 04 2009

wow, great list of wordpress themes! thanks!

An Jay Apr 04 2009

This is simply an impressive collection. Most of them are new and inspiring for me to consider any of them to be my next theme.

Big Robby Apr 04 2009

Great themes. I think this is the hardest part of blogging, finding the perfect theme. They all seem to have everything I need but one crucial thing…

akisalove Apr 04 2009

The magazeen “download” link doesn’t work.

Gabe Diaz Apr 04 2009

Great collection! Thanks for putting this together.

Stephane Apr 04 2009

that’s a good one. Thanks

The Producer Apr 04 2009

Great list of themes! Some of these I have seen before and others are completely new.

Raymond Selda Apr 05 2009

Still a lot of free nice themes that I haven’t seen yet. Very nice collection! Thank you for this roundup.

macobex Apr 05 2009

the ThemedVista is not that good. But everything in the list seems to be great for me. Nice List!

om ipit Apr 05 2009

woowww…. nice themes, really nice…

thankz for share….

i like Portofolio WPESP…

Tobbi Apr 05 2009

Great collection, thx.

TJ @ Smart Blog Tips Apr 05 2009

Certainly a nice list with some very fresh designs. I was getting sick of seeing same old designs again and again.


Leonid Shirmanov Apr 05 2009

Really great collection! I already use one of these themes. Nice to see the others!

Selinap Apr 05 2009

Thanks for the huge list. Which is the best approach, to use and hack the theme directly, or to use child theme?

Will the child theme affecting the blog loading time?

taylan Apr 05 2009

Great themes. I like iNove and i will use my blog. Thanks a lot.

Brosnon Apr 05 2009

The quality of these free themes are amazing.

That said, I’m sure it was not easy getting the list of great free themes down to 40.

W3Planting Apr 05 2009

very good collection of nice & free WP themes

Malcolm Bastien Apr 05 2009

Nice, of course I’ve seen a lot of these, but it’s always good to be able to find some new ones as well. I always like seeing my current theme showing up in a theme list like this as well!

Arjen Apr 05 2009

Nice collection, most of them are as good as premium themes.

Andre LOibl Apr 05 2009

Hey!! :-)
Thanks for that awesome collection!! There were really some new one’s to me (The wp-vista-style looks cool… ;-) ) I just stumbled on some cool Itheme variations on – they look cool too – some are too strong “colored” for me – but the others looked cool.

Many greetings from Germany,


Ananth Apr 05 2009

Wow, this list is just so great. Maybe free is the new premium ;)

Tom Ross Apr 05 2009

Great list! I love those first two designs so much :)

Thanks! This looks really great!

@twodumbdogs – You do realize that most free themes come with very little support, a designer can’t answer all questions and problems regarding a theme. It would just take forever, people do the best they can, but essentially unless you are willing to experiment or understand wordpress enough to use it then I think paying $150 would be your best option. Nobody else is going to give you the support WooThemes would give you, especially not for free. Also worth mentioning you’d be getting full access to all of their themes.

Some people are never happy.

Also, does anyone think that the Elegant Grunge theme looks a bit TOO like my site (

Alt Design Apr 06 2009

There were some already seen but nice collection! Thanks for putting this together.

great theme, we have build our own ecommerce style theme for wordpress as well, test drive it on live demo, a note will be appreciated.

Bubblebabe Wordpress Apr 07 2009

Some demos are not working

iskandar Apr 08 2009

great design man.BUT! i try to use this “irresistible” theme seems that there is a problem to activate it. it shows this line when i click ‘activate’. can you help me please. e-mel me at thanks dude…

wp-content/themes/irresistible/functions/admin-setup.php on line 205

Jacob Gube Apr 08 2009

@Mirko Humbert: Great job on this post Mirko, I think it was well-received! Mirko is one of the more active contributing authors on Six Revisions, and I hear he’s working on an article for you guys this week!

@Bubblebabe WordPress: Sorry about that, some sites switch demo pages or take them down. However, you could probably discover a live demo by clicking on the WordPress theme title, which will bring you to their project pages.

@iskandar: What’s on line 205 of admin-setup.php?

harictengazellerim Apr 08 2009

These looks really great! Very nice collection!

abuyya Apr 13 2009

Great review Mirko! A multiple choice for different needs and styles to bloggers. Thanks

MoxGroorneson Apr 16 2009

nice, really nice!

Xtence Apr 18 2009

Very nice collection, thumbs up !

natsirte Apr 21 2009

C’est excellent!

jacob May 09 2009

love this list….thanks!

贝库 May 31 2009

Very good! Thank you,
Try to download

Adrian Jun 01 2009

Nice selection, love them…

Shawn Jun 09 2009

Good work :-)

Müzikler Jun 15 2009

Great list of wordpress themes. Thanks.

duude Jun 24 2009

nice templates,

Steve Jun 27 2009

Excellent stuff, well worth a tweet or two…

Thomas Jun 28 2009

Wow, I missed this post, Great list I discover lots of them.

Jaspal Singh Jul 02 2009

wonderful collection of wordpress themes

ithemesdotnet Jul 03 2009

I love “irrestible”! Thanks for pointing out all of these free themes!

Another great collection of themes, these days there are just to many to choose from!

Farid Hadi Jul 10 2009

Thanks for the collection Jacob. Some of these designs are really hot!

Every time I see the “Magazeen” theme I feel like starting a new blog/magazine!

I’ve just released a free theme myself. It’s called Deep Blue and you can find it here:

Jacob Gube Jul 10 2009

@Farid Hadi: Magazeen is one of my all-time favorite free themes. And thanks for sharing that free WP theme to the public!

Roberto Sanchez Jul 13 2009

Great post Mirko. Blues and Vintage have to be some of the best Free themes I’ve seen, good work digging those up.

Hey guys! I too have decided that Irresistible is by far the best them on this page. For everyone that is saying it is hard to make it look like the demo, please understand that you must play around with it a little, but they do offer some insight in how to accomplish this without having to pay. 2 weeks ago I had absolutely no wordpress experience but have since uploaded Irresistible and made it look awesome without paying a dime. If you are new to wordpress as I was, feel free to tweet me and I’d be happy to help you accomplish this feat. Everyone needs a little help!

UbuntuLinuxHelp Aug 28 2009

Heads-up… “Individual” is not a WordPress theme, it’s just an HTML template.

ZoopMedia Sep 09 2009

Awesome list of themes. It’s always amazing to see a bunch of themes you’ve never seen before.

Oes Tsetnoc Oct 01 2009

Nice collection of themes.

very good collection tnx

elaraji Oct 26 2009

OMG!! O.O The best best WP theme I ever seen until now! really want to try them! ALL of them!
Grat Job!
Thank you so much!

Baqir @ Pakthinkers Oct 28 2009

Amazing themes … Great!!!!!!!!!

Desmal Yeşilmen Nov 01 2009

Nice collection. Thanks @Mirko

Anna Hayward Nov 14 2009

Vintage is really so classy and cute theme, though I don’t need it even then I saved it’s pic

In my perception Magazeen, Wynton Magazine is The Best

Favorite free themes ! Thank you so much!

knight online Mar 24 2010

Wonderful collection of WordPress themes!

Oyun indir Mar 25 2010

Thanks for this themes

vtunnel Apr 06 2010

Thank you so much..

yamakashi May 27 2010

thanks .. ;)

Rimpe Jun 07 2010

Great collection. Thanks a lot!

kasia Aug 09 2010

Hey i’m just released my first free theme. Theme called “The Today’s News” you can download it here: Demo is here:

James Sep 14 2010

Really good collection of themes. I came across the holidays wordpress theme on another website as well which i plan to use for my city breaks blog. Good stuff

tabela Mar 09 2011

I found a very successful blog site

Petra Klafczenski May 16 2011


thank you for this collection. some of these templates I have not seen on other sites before. “Androida” looks really good!!

Greetings and a wunderfull summer for you!

Aleksey Jun 05 2011

Nice collection but some demo and download is unavailable. I tried to see or even download the theme Composito but I am asked to enter login/password. Is it possible to fix this bug? Thank you.

damien Jul 20 2011

some of demo are not available please consider that, thanks a billion

Maverick Sep 22 2011

these themes are really good… thanks for digging them out for us :)

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