6 Critical WordPress Plugins You Should Have Installed

WordPress, the ubiquitous open source publishing platform that powers many of your favorite blogs and web publications, also powers Design Instruct and Six Revisions. By using WordPress plugins, site owners can extend and tailor their WordPress installation to meet their needs. However, using many plugins can affect a website’s performance, and thus, you must be highly selective in choosing the plugins you install.

Design Instruct and Six Revisions only uses six WordPress plugins. We’ve kept our plugins to the bare essentials—any other features we add to our WordPress installation, we develop ourselves specifically for our sites.

6 Critical WordPress Plugins You Should Have Installed

In this article, we share with you the WordPress plugins that we use on our sites.

This article is part of Design Instruct Week, a weeklong celebration of our newly launched site, Design Instruct. This week on Six Revisions covers topics that deal with running websites and design, written by the founders/editors of Design Instruct and Six Revisions. Be sure to check out the Design Instruct Week Twitter Giveaway, which gives out different prizes every day of Design Instruct Week.

1. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache speeds up WordPress posts and pages by creating static HTML versions of them, updating them at an interval of your choosing. This cuts back on the need for server-side processes to generate a post or page whenever a visitor requests them. After page performance testing on Design Instruct, we discovered that WP Super Cache single-handedly improved page response times of unprimed caches by 259.1%, lowering the average total page load time from 9.56s to 3.69s for the most content-heavy post we have.

2. Akismet


The biggest annoyance a WordPress site owner will encounter is moderating comments to weed out the ones posted by guileful spammers. Akismet abates this burden by filtering out known comment spammers that are registered on their blacklist database. In the two years that Six Revisions has been using Akismet, it has caught over 124,000 spam comments with 99.3% accuracy. This plugin saves us a lot of time so that we can focus on what’s truly important in running websites: creating and publishing content.

3. WP-SpamFree


Although Akismet is great, it works only through a blacklist database of reported spammers. WP-SpamFree adds an additional layer of spam protection by using cookie-based and JavaScript-based techniques to ensure that the comment form submitter isn’t using remote-site scripting or client-side scripts to automatically post comments on your site. WP-SpamFree is similar to a captcha in that it tests to see if a comment form submitter is human. This plugin eliminates the need to use a traditional captcha system that can affect website accessibility. On Design Instruct, WP-SpamFree has captured over 130 automated comments in under a month, which would have been about 26% of all the comments on the site.

4. Google XML Sitemaps Generator


A Sitemaps XML file is crucial to have if you’re interested in helping search engine spiders like Googlebot accurately index the content of your website. The Google XML Sitemaps plugin automatically generates and updates your Sitemaps XML file for you. It also pings search engines to let them know that there’s new content on your site waiting to be indexed every time you publish and update posts and pages. For regularly updated web publications such as Design Instruct and Six Revisions, this plugin bails us out from having to manually rebuild the file and notify search engines whenever new content is published.

5. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO Pack WordPress plugin is packed with features that improve search engine visibility of your content. On Six Revisions, with over 450,000 visitors from Google searches alone in the month of February, this plugin is critical in helping visitors find your content through search engines.

6. WP-PageNavi


WP-PageNavi is a convenient WordPress plugin that adds a pagination feature on your site so that readers can navigate to older posts easier. It’s highly configurable and customizable to the way you want it to look and function. You can see WP-PageNavi in action at the bottom-left of the home page and category pages on Six Revisions, and bottom-right on Design Instruct.

What WordPress plugins do you consider critical to your website or blog? Share it with the rest of us in the comments.

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About the Author

Jacob Gube is the Founder and Chief Editor of Six Revisions. He’s also a web developer/designer who specializes in front-end development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) and PHP development, and a book author. If you’d like to connect with him, head on over to the contact page and follow him on Twitter: @sixrevisions.

This was published on Mar 5, 2010


Tomasz Kowalczyk Mar 05 2010

Since I am using nearly 20 plugins on my blog, I am really impressed. Surely I’ll try to reduce number of them to at least comparable to yours. ;]

Chris Horton Mar 05 2010

Nice post. I have allt hese installed apart from WP-SpamFree. Will take a look at this. Cheers for helping point it out


Sergej Müller Mar 05 2010

Hi Jacob, thanks for the overview.

My alternatives, my plugins:
2. Akismet & 3. WP-SpamFree:
5. All in One SEO Pack:

Trevor Mar 05 2010

Great article! I’d not heard of Spam-Free before, which I’ll definitely take a look at. Three comments, though:

1. Looks like the last image in this post is a duplicate of the one before it.

2. What do you think of HeadSpace vs. All in One SEO? I’m unsure which I like better as I don’t have sufficient traffic at my blogs to tell me which is more effective.

3. What do you you guys use instead of something like WP-DBManager? I love the fact that WP-DBManager makes backups of my DB for me and can even email ’em to me.

Jestep Mar 05 2010

I would say bad behavior is another must. It blocks users and bots browsing from known botnets and spamming hosts. Next to Akismet, I think it’s the best anti-spam / anti-malicious plugin there is. It also integrates with a project honeypot account.

Jordan Walker Mar 05 2010

I agree those are all needed!

Omer Greenwald Mar 05 2010

Jacob, I totally agree that many plugins can effect the site performance.
Most of the plugins listed here are indeed must haves, but to add even more functionality to your blog, I recommend tweaking instead of installing more plugins (I posted about ways to do this but will not link to it from here).

Greg Givan Mar 05 2010

SuperCache, while certainly helpful to larger traffic sites… is NOT critical.

xxdesmus Mar 05 2010

Great article. I think you have the wrong image for #6 though. :)

Harvinder Mar 05 2010

You know, these really should be builtin to WP! Good work

I highly recommmend the XML sitemaps especially after a redesign. it has been an incredible help in my work

Jay - Mar 05 2010

I use all of them except WP Super Cache, My blog don’t need this plugin now but when time come I am sure I will use it. I Think every blogger must have this plugin installed on there blog and this are the tops rated plugins.

J. Pedro Ribeiro Mar 05 2010

So far I had no need for the WP-SpamFree, Askimet has been doing a great job. But I guess it might be useful depending on how much traffic your website has.

I use the other plugins mentioned and definitely recommend them!

Jacob Gube Mar 05 2010

@Tomasz Kowalczyk: 20? That’s a lot! The problem with 20 plugins is: if something breaks, you have 20 suspects.

@Sergej Müller: Thanks for sharing Sergej, hope to see more articles from you here on Six Revisions.

1. Thanks, fixed it.
2. HeadSpace2 SEO Looks good, but at the same time, it looks like it’s over the top.
3. That’s a good plugin, for sure. But for us, I’d rather write a simple cron job that backs everything up at a regular interval. But that is a very good plugin and I’ve used it before. Also, the built-in Tool > Export is nice too (hoping they can have the option to have that automated at some point).

@Jestep: Good call. I’ve been meaning to install it on Six Revisions. I’ll do that over the weekend.

@Omer Greenwald: I completely agree as well. Feel free to link. I do moderate the comments and delete links that are clearly just spamming, but if you have a great resource or article related to the subject, always feel free to share it. My goal is to eliminate Page-Navi, I think I can write a function to paginate posts and pages fairly easily. Just haven’t gotten enough time to work on it with all that’s going on recently.

@xxdesmus: Thank you, I’ve updated the post.

@Harvinder: I completely agree with you on that one. At the very least, WP should have caching and pagination built-in. Drupal has nice caching functions that developers can utilize to optimize their theme/site/modules; so a CMS having a caching feature out of the box isn’t a far stretch.

Thanks everyone, and please feel free to talk about and share your favorite, must-have WordPress plugins.

Altaf Sayani Mar 05 2010

All of them are truly essential plugins every blogger should install for a better blogging experience.

While Paginator is a good alternative of WP-PageNavi.

also check out WP Minify :
it stitches and compresses CSS and JS files, thus less http requests.

for backups, there’s a new Backup buddy plugin that looks great, because it can back up the contents as well as the FB, it costs 25$/year

3kolone Mar 05 2010

Enough said: @Harvinder “these really should be builtin to WP!”

Michelle O'Hagan Mar 05 2010

Indeed. I use some of these already, but was not familiar with WP-PageNavi. I’ll definitely install this one. I’d also add the Google Anlyticator plugin for Google Analytics. Makes GA installation even easier, and allows you to customize a few additional things as well, such as event-tracking for all outbound links.I love these kinds of lists!

Tomasz Kowalczyk Mar 05 2010

I mean nearly 20 with many admin-side ones. The only issue I had was that I couldn’t logout from admin panel without some URL modifications, but with successive upgrades of every plugin the problem diappeared.

Young Mar 05 2010

Fantastic article!
There were two I had not already installed…
Although, PageNavi gave me a lot of problems with my custom theme and I had to do a fair amount of googling to figure out solutions. There needs to be a better plugin or some serious update.

Shevonne Mar 05 2010

I use all six!

Amberly Mar 05 2010

Nice Collection! Thanks for sharing. :)

Trevor Mar 05 2010

Just to clarify, Akismet does not use a blacklist for catching spam. They run “hundreds of tests on [each] comment” ( to determine whether or not it is spam. When you mark missed comments as spam or fix false positives, their algorithm learns and improves.

Jacob Gube Mar 05 2010

@Greg Givan: Super Cache improves page response times, whether you have a small or big site. Caching should really be default, at least for content. I can understand not caching comments, but a system should cache things that don’t change much.

Jeremy Carlson Mar 05 2010

I use a few of these and will now go look at WP-Spam Free.

2 others I use are Login Lock Down and WP Syntax Colorizer.

The Colorizer is great if you post code on the page for tutorials and such.

Login Lock Down prevents multiple failed login attempts from an ip. I believe you can set how many attempts you allow. Mine is at 3.

Hey Jacob,
thank for article.
for my blogs i use a few plugins that can recommend:
1. Automatic WordPress Backup ( – can do auto backups to to Amazon S3!
2. Paginator ( – like an alternative to PageNavi
3. W3 Total Cache ( – another one Cache plugin with CDN support.

Can anyone suggest me plugin or solution to block a lot of scanning request to my websites from different IPs? Cause everyday i have a huge 404 logs.

Matthew Heidenreich Mar 05 2010

great list. Have most of these as well, but didn’t have a couple. Will definitely add them to my collection.

Duane Kinsey Mar 05 2010

Installing WP-PageNavi over the weekend, thanks for the tip!

Jenna Molby Mar 05 2010

I didnt know about SpamFree, I’m going to have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

Chris McCorkle Mar 05 2010

Thanks for the list. This is a great post for brrrrand newwwwwwwww WordPress designers/developers.

Imhotep Yakub Mar 05 2010

These plugins are good, I kind of like Platinum SEO better than All In One SEO but they both offer great features. Everything else is a no brainer to use in your WordPress sites. Nice Post.

The Inside Design Mar 05 2010

Wow, great articles and very useful plugins. We use all the plugins mentioned in this article and we agree these plugins are must-haves’ for bloggers.

Web Guru Mar 06 2010

Thanks a lot for the list of super wp plugins. I’ll be installing the wp super cache and the google xml sitemap generator for my site.


Soner Gönül Mar 06 2010

All in One SEO Pack is really the best..!

Thanks for sharing !

Jacob Gube Mar 06 2010

@Jeremy Carlson: I’ve been scouting for a year to find a syntax highlighter that I personally like. Lockdown is nice, but doesn’t replace good web server security best practices. But if you’re on a shared web hosting, you have to be extra vigilant with WordPress security, and thus, this is where Login Lockdown and WP Security Scan (which you can install just temporarily to do an evaluation of your security) comes into play.

@KOt: Awesome, awesome suggestions! 2 and 3 are alternatives to WP-PageNavi and Super Cache. W3 Total Cache: I tried on Design Instruct but couldn’t get to cache properly. I have to install some Apache modules that it needs and I just haven’t gotten around to that quite yet. Super Cache is great, because with our server set-up and posting frequency (we only post 1 article per day as opposed to blogs that are updated frequently throughout the day) it’s an ideal solution.

@Duane Kinsey: Awesome. Though I’m still going to hold firm in my belief that pagination should come out of the box.

Anthony Mathenia Mar 06 2010

I have a tough time getting my WordPress plugins to play nicely with one another and WP itself. They continually break my dashboard. At any rate, good selection here and hoping future WP installs come with pagination and cache-ing.

Jeremy Buff Mar 06 2010

What I really like about this post, Jacob, is that you kept is simple. A lot of people love to add dozens of plugins. That does nothing but boggle down the site. You chose important plugins that actually provide needed functions for WordPress blogs.

I hope some people new to WordPress will see this and choose to go minimal with the plugins. Nice article, man!

Frank Mar 06 2010

I was having some issues with WP-Supercache for blogs installed in a subdirectory. The caching wasn’t working properly and it was also caching the main site outside the subdirectory, even though I specified not to do that. The index page of the blog was something screwed up when wp-supercache was on. Never had problems with wp-supercache running on a blog in root directory though.
Anyway, I switched to w3-total-cache and never looked back. It has tons more options for customization.
All the other plugins described are also a must indeed.

Leion Mar 06 2010

I prefer using Spam Karma 2 rather than Akismet for Spam fighting

ArleyM Mar 06 2010

WP-DBManager is awesome as well! It’s always my first plugin installed.

Dayton Wilks Mar 06 2010

Thanks for the info. Going in and make some changes on my site, today, Thanks so much.

Akshay Mar 06 2010

nothing new here. common, don’t make posts for the sake of it.
every serious guy has them.

Saulo Silva Mar 06 2010

Thanks for the article!

I just installed
– WP-PageNavi
– Google XML Sitemaps Generator

Just wondering: why isn’t WP-reCAPTCHA on the list?

SusanJ Mar 06 2010

I know WP Spam free claims they never have false positives, but I get them on 3 of my favorite blogs when I try to comment. I have cookies enabled, including third party cookies, and have contacted the company to find out why I’m being blocked from commenting and how to fix it but they’ve never responded – and last time I checked I was a real human!

I believe they have a conflict with the CommentLuv plugin which is used a lot in my circle. But since the comment form on their site uses Spam Free, I’m blocked from telling them about it.

Robert Chambers Mar 06 2010

Thanks for sharing your plugins.

I recently published my own 5 must have WordPress plugins.

Two matches with yours (All in one SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemaps Generator). The other three I always use on my sites are Contact Form 7, FeedBurner FeedSmith and KB Robots.txt.

Pagani Mar 06 2010

Point of warning: Super Cache does not function correctly on all servers – including the one where my site is hosted. Installing it in these cases creates a long-term problem: A file that cannot be written to or deleted, and serves no actual function at all.

Jacob Gube Mar 06 2010

@Anthony Mathenia: That is a very good argument for (a) having these features be committed to the WordPress core, (b) the dangers of having too many plugins.

@Jeremy Buff: Thanks Jeremy. That was my intent, and also, to uphold the essence of Design Instruct Week, which is to give you guys a look-see into our operations.

@Frank: Thanks for that words of caution.

@Saulo Silva: As I described under WP SpamFree description, captcha’s are an inconvenient (and poor) way of challenging whether a submission is human or automated. However, if you insist on using captcha, using ReCaptcha, as you’ve indicated, is the way to go. Thanks for that vote.

@SusanJ: That’s strange. Though your comment did go through here on Six Revisions. Thanks for the word of caution about WP SpamFree.

@Pagani: I have to admit that Super Cache has broken/crashed Six Revisions a few times, but on days that it does work, it’s crucial to the response times of our sites. What you’re describing sounds like a permissions problem on your web server or using a web server that Super Cache doesn’t support/hasn’t been tested on.

Henning Nielsen Mar 06 2010

Cheers, will especially have a look at WP-SpamFree, sounds great combined with Akismet – thanx :)

beautifultalkers Mar 06 2010

I don’t know if “Clicky for WordPress” is “critical” but it’s good for the ego :-)

Rayzurbock Mar 06 2010

WPTouch is pretty slick too. Makes your page mobile friendly for a lot of phones with little to no effort. Looks great on the iPhone / iPod touch too.

Another great plugin is WPClickcha to help stop those comment spammers. A little different angle than those obscure word based methods (Captcha).

Rayzurbock Mar 06 2010

For personal WP sites, Lifestream is awesome, pull all your social network activities together and post them on your site.

subcorpus Mar 06 2010

thanks for sharing …
checking them plugins now …

Omer Greenwald Mar 07 2010

Jacob, thanks for clarifying this.
You are right that customizing a user function replacement to WP-PageNavi might be better, because I have noticed that pagenavi-css.css file is loaded in single posts view even though it’s not used.

Al kamal Md. Razib Mar 07 2010

Nice article ! Thanks for sharing..

Shubham Mar 07 2010

All the plugins are very useful, all in one seo is a must…! I use all of them..!

brenna Mar 07 2010

yes, these are really great plugins!
i love and use them too!

Vladimir Hristov Mar 07 2010

Really great resource. I wonder why there is only 1 google sitemap plugin out there. Is it really that difficult to make one?

craftdsign Mar 08 2010

i think Akismet is very useful plugin for me

Romul Mar 08 2010

This is a nice collection. Some of them I am using.

Dertiv Mar 08 2010

I would personally choose Greg’s High Performance SEO over All In One SEO Pack. I find it faster and less

Only heard and used one of these plugins ‘All in One SEO Pack’ which is a awesome plugin ideal for websites with optimisation on. Google XML Sitemaps Generator will make my life a lot easier to, not having to constantly do the myself thanks for the knowledge.

Frank C Mar 08 2010

One problem with the XML sitemaps plugin is that it can be a processor pig. If your blog is on shared hosting you may find your site shutdown by the host for excessive processor usage. That risk far outweighs the minor advantages of an XML sitemap.

Akismet, while handy and essentially built into WordPress, is far too prone to false positives and malicious reporting. WP-SpamFree or Spam Karma are good at blocking automated and semi-automated spam, which is the bulk of it, while manual spam, which isn’t as common, can be handled manually easily.

Sebastian Mar 08 2010

Nice list – since askimet we had no spam posts anymore…
WP-Page-Navi i have to check! :-)

cigar Mar 08 2010

It looks like that pagenavi don’t surpport wordpress 2.9,the author have stopped developing new edition

BlaKKJaKK Mar 08 2010

I use most of these plugins but I do think All in SEO is not really necessary plugin. It’s a good plugin to fix themes that are not SEO optimized. So if you have a solid theme it doesn’t really bring that much to the party.

I plan to drop it on my next theme update.

I also planning on looking at W3 Total Cache for the future. As my bandwidth needs continue grow the ability spread the load would be good. Besides it would make my fans overseas a lot happier.

designfreek Mar 09 2010

yohooooooo!! my blog already have all six :) Thanks for sharing

Matthew Rogers Mar 10 2010

Thanks for the great advice. I do have a question for you: I have a WordPress blog,, with many plugins and widgets, and I’m not sure how to maintain the benefits but also made the load tme of my page faster. Let me know if you have any advice. Thanks!

Asad Khan Mar 10 2010

Good list. I only wish more developers took care of performance. There are many tools and plugins out there for theme developers to optimize their themes. Plugin developers, similarly, have many tools to profile their MySQL queries and keep an eye on function calls.

For wordpress:

* WP MySQL Profiler for MySQL profiling with function name where the query was generated. (useful for both theme and plugin developers)

* Xdebug for PHP profiling.

* Any of the many js/css minifers and css sprites to minimize the total HTTP requests.

I don’t run many plugins, but these are all ones to consider.

Dusty Mar 19 2010

Great guys this will helps me a lot. Thanks for sharing it.

With the WP-spamfree plugin active my blog pages loads about 5 seconds slower! Can I do anything about this?

krike Mar 23 2010

I have all of them except wp-spamfree. will have a look at that one :D thanks for sharing

BlogTem Mar 23 2010

it is what i need. i just make new wordpress. I was used blogspot before, but now it was migrate into wordpress. thanks dude

Benjamin @ EV Mar 23 2010

Great article, I had 5 of these installed, no idea how you’ve kept your plugins down to only 6!

Yabma Mar 28 2010

Good review of basic plugins for WP.

mikaelf Mar 28 2010

Thanks for sharing. I like these six plugins a lot!

Seth Merrick Apr 01 2010

Great article. A brand new plugin that may soon find its way on to this list is Cobalt WP Boost. Check it out here:
It allows blog owners to raise their WordPress Memory Limits with a couple of mouse clicks, as well as showing at-a-glance memory usage information. WordPress keeps its internal memory limit at 32MB, which is fine for a small-time blog; but if you’re trying to add any robust plugins for social networking or ecommerce applications, 32M will not suffice. This problem can only be expected to worsen with the release of 3.0 which, judging from the beta release, will consume a lot more memory itself without upping the 32MB limit.

HD Guy Apr 14 2010

Great tips for a beginner blogger

hamster Apr 19 2010

You should also add TAC if you are using a theme from a 3rd party website.

author wanglili Apr 22 2010

Hi, Jacob Gube:

Thanks for the post.

I installed WP Super Cache plug-in. But up to today, it doesnt work in my site as I was told following:

Error: WP_CACHE is not enabled in your wp-config.php file and I couldn’t modify it.

Edit /hsphere/local/home/c271132/ and add the following line:
define(‘WP_CACHE’, true);
Otherwise, WP-Cache will not be executed by WordPress core.

I worked very hard to solve this problem But I cant as I cant find wp-config.php file in my site wp admin.

Would you please or any body give a help to solve this problem for me? and I would like to trade this help with a local help in shanghai when you guys visit shanghai.

lentak May 11 2010

Hi, maybe today Wordbook plugin is also required to connect this with Facebook. Or subscribe2 plugin so the visitors could subscribe to mailing list.

Kelly Dyer May 13 2010

Great plugins…these are good core plugins that any WP user should be using.

wpBlast May 14 2010

Nice list, all of these are critical. I’m glad to see that I have all of them covered. Except I use Hyper Cache instead of WP Super Cache.

jackie sheeler May 17 2010

i couldn’t run my blog without Widget Logic. i wish that kind of functionality was built into the platform, but as it isn’t, WL is a must-have for my site.

Great content :-)

akooby Jun 01 2010

great info. must say thanks to you.

John Media Jun 09 2010

Word Press is really awesome you have the opportunity to have plugins to help with your website development. Wow its really great to use WP but anyways about the post it’s really helpful gave me ideas to effectively use my WP Thanks.

Daryl Tay Jun 17 2010

I think LinkWithin ( is great for increasing page views by serving up related posts and a must-have these days especially with mobile access is WordPress Mobile Edition ( which automatically makes your site mobile-friendly.

fatih Jun 18 2010

thank you :)

dinko Jun 27 2010

thanks gracias

Abhijit V. Chaore Jun 28 2010

Its a useful list though couple of them are not for all users. After all use of plug ins depend upon ones requirement. Anyways, thanks for sharing.

Riyaz Jul 05 2010

I prefer the W3 Total Cache plugin to WP Super Cache.

Ghufron Aug 05 2010

I’m using more than ten WordPress plugins, and some of them are listed above like All In One SEO Pack.

Can I install WP Page Navi on my WP blog without modify my current theme?

Ghufron Aug 05 2010

@author wanglili: You can find wp-config.php in WordPress root, and you must logged in on your hosting account before placing define(’WP_CACHE’, true); code in wp-config.php file. (e,g:

I hope it will resolve your problem. If not,you can send me an instant message, and you can find my YM on my homepage (

Büyü Aug 30 2010

I’m using more than ten WordPress plugins, and some of them are listed above like All In One SEO Pack.

Andres Lobo-Guerrero Sep 25 2010

Hello Jacob,

I agree with you. 20 plugins is a lot. In 2009 I came across the WP plugins and started activating many of them. The result was disastrous: I had a major breakdown of my site and it was google which told me about it. The whole site went down and I had to start all over again. I learned the lesson: keep it simple.

Elaine Nov 09 2010

Totally agree with you on this – def must have plugins which I use too :D

aladiw Dec 03 2010

i have installed this plugins too..

Turbo Dec 04 2010

Wow, I find all these plugins a little mind boggling. I will have to go through the list again. At the moment I use Askinet and all in one SEO and find them very helpful. I can also recommend Word press database backup as it works perfectly.

eklipz Dec 07 2010

thank you for sharing this interesting article, I will try to implement on my blog.

robert Dec 21 2010

thanks for this list.
I’m new, in fact just researching what I need to build a functional WP site, and have found this post quite helpful. Thanks =]

really? cool this only uses 6 plugins?
how about plugins for protection and utilities?

Jacob Gube Jan 22 2011

@JEff: I feel like protection should be done on the server and through custom scripts, mostly. There’s some good plugins out there for hardening security, but those, I find, are targeted towards shared hosting.

Andrew Jan 22 2011

I have heard of Super Cache and have thought about using it. Seeing the positive results on your sites I think I might give it a try with some of my sites.

I also use TinyMCE Advanced for my visual editor, specifically for font sizes and a few other things. I am glad the Thesis theme comes with all of the functionality of the All In One SEO Pack plugin.

Holyblogz Jan 23 2011

interesting article and thanks for sharing. we have never used wp-spamfree. the rest is must-install plug-ins.

Great list thanks for sharing.

WP Super Cache is a must have for wordpress.

Vito Verhaut Apr 17 2011

Good article! The spam on wordpress is getting worser everyday!

Perfect, especially Platinum SEO, that is better than All In One SEO. Everything else is a no brainer to use in your WordPress sites. Thanks for sharing.

Barsha Aug 30 2011

I am using wp pagenavi and all in one SEO, these are really great plugins.

ITsiti Sep 07 2011

yeah..i got all those list installed! GREAT!

allaboutedu Sep 22 2011

can u plz suggest a plugin that can automatically ban ip address if the site/blog gets more than x no of click in a given period of time or if an ip address visits too often. but before the ip is blocked i want to set the above statistics.

RayCreations Nov 03 2011

Akismet is definitely one of the most used plugins for WordPress. Because of the availability of so many plugins that WordPress is so popular.

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