45 Beautiful and Creative (WordPress) Designs

WordPress provides designers utmost control over a theme – resulting in unprecented flexibility in the layout and design direction he or she can take. WordPress – in the title – is inside parentheses because the designs you’ll see below are wonderful designs despite of the publishing platform they use (which just so happens to be WordPress).

In this collection, you’ll find some (45 of them to be exact) of the most attractive, creative designs by talented designers who push the limits of WordPress theming and raise the bar for the rest of us.

1. Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.7-hemorrhage

2. Macalicious

Macalicious - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6

3. Design Reviver

Design Reviver - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6.1

4. N.Design Studio

N.Design Studio - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.2

5. boedesign

boedesign - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5.1

6. Tony Geer

Tony Geer - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5.1

7. Rawkes

Rawkes - screen shot.WordPress version: unspecified

8. Twiistup

Twiistup - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5.1

9. OLDesign

OLDesign - screen shot.WordPress version: unspecified

10. The Horizontal Way

The Horizontal Way - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5

11. Lettland

Lettland - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5.1

12. been said

been said - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5

13. Made in England

Made in England - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5

14. Style 4 you

Style 4 you - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5.1

15. Weblog.ChrizDee

Weblog.ChrizDee - screeen shot.WordPress version: 2.5.1

16. Design Disease

Design Disease - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5.1

17. I Love Typography

I Love Typography - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6.1

18. version: 2.5.1

19. Doug Dosberg

Doug Dosberg - screen shot.WordPress version: unspecified

20. Carsonified

Carsonified - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.0.5

21. Pointless Ramblings

Pointless Ramblings - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6.1

22. yo vivo en Vigo

yo vivo en Vigo - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6.1

23. novus.volce

novus.volce - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6

24. GoMediaZine

GoMediaZine - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6

25. AMRZ

AMRZ - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5

26. Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6

27. Łukasz Adamczak

Łukasz Adamczak - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5.1

28. Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot Jay Stocks - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.1.3

29. B-basket

B-basket - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6.1

30. Icon Icon

icon icon - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5

31. Webstock words

Webstock words - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5.1

32. Unfamiliar Records

Unfamiliar Records - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.3.2

33. Evan Hanson

Evan Hanson - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6

34. Blog at

Blog at - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.3.3

35. Malene Hald

Malene Hald - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6

36. NxE

NxE - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6

37. Mutado

Mutado - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.2.1

38. Function Web Design & Development

Function - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5

39. Shut Theory

Shut Theory - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.0.5

40. The 9513

The 9513 - screen shot.WordPress version: unspecified

41. Cheb 2.0

Cheb 2.0 - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6

42. - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6.1

43. Kineda

Kineda - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.5.1

44. Matt Brett

Matt Brett - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.6.1

45. Henry Jones

Henry Jones - screen shot.WordPress version: 2.1

Your thoughts?

What do you think about these designs? Do you have a website or resource you go to for WordPress design inspiration? Share it with all of us in the comments!

If you’re interested in seeing more WordPress designs, check out this previous post called 25 Outstanding WordPress Designs which features even more beautiful designs.

Another design collection of interest might be 35 Beautiful Bright, Colorful Web Designs.

This was published on Sep 1, 2008


Dainis Graveris Sep 01 2008

Wow, really good list. I think you should leave out – i don`t think I`ve seen something more beautiful than this design.

Tenth Blog Sep 01 2008

Those are some neat designs. Thanks for the list. I was looking for something like this for reference. Some of them should be made public :D

Thanks again.

Paul Gendek Sep 01 2008

I’ve become extremely picky lately but I’m still a huge fan of GoMediaZine’s design!

Panther Sep 01 2008

These are great, I really have to learn how to skin WordPress now!

Jacob Gube Sep 01 2008

@Panther: That’s great! One of my intentions when I write stuff like this is to inspire and pique people’s interest. WordPress is the easiest platform I’ve worked with, design-wise and there’s tons of documentation and tutorials online to help you learn and understand how to create your own custom WordPress theme.

CSS:Jockey Sep 01 2008

Good Inspiration!! I think you might want to add this to the list:

Rob Hawkes Sep 01 2008

Hey Jacob, I’m the guy behind Rawkes. Thanks for including my site in the shortlist, it’s really nice to see it up amongst all those other stunning designs.


martinwaiss Sep 01 2008

Outstanding designs, good picks for inspiration.
It’s so amazing to watch the WordPress community flourish over and over again. I love it. This makes WordPress the great platform it is…

Permana Jayanta Sep 01 2008

Really inspire me. Those web list use a really good image. Where should I browse for some good image ?
Are those design available for download :D

Susan Sep 01 2008

What a great list – I haven’t seen many of these designs before.

Alex Linebrink Sep 02 2008

That indie dude too :) :::

ThatOrangeGuy Sep 02 2008

I guess I have to play around with “3. Design Reviver” a little! Thanks for this great collection!

Jazzy Sep 02 2008

I’m totally into all of these, but the one I heart the most is #32.

These are indeed good! Personally i prefer the sober ones..

Jason Sep 02 2008

This one too!

john difool Sep 02 2008

Very good inspiration ! Here’s another creative design :

Aleks Sep 02 2008

i think you forgot mine: ;)

Cheboi Sep 02 2008

I really liked too. Bit different from the norm!!!

Howard Sep 02 2008

Another nice one floating around in the interwebs is Studio Racket:

Jacob Gube Sep 02 2008

@Permana Jayanta: These are custom WordPress designs, but if you’d like to get high-quality (“premium”) themes – check out Smashing Magazine’s: list of free high-quality themes.

@martinwaiss: Indeed, it’s great to see an open-source project get as popular as this. What WordPress has going for it is community support, easy to use, and easy to theme and customize. If you’ve worked with a lot of open-source platforms like I have, you’ll see that those 3 things are very important not only for the end-users, but also for the developer/designer.

Thanks to everyone who’ve dropped other beautiful WordPress designs. Keep them coming and share your own WordPress theming projects here as well.

Fubiz Sep 02 2008

Impressive selection !

Most of these designs appear to have been built from scratch. There’s loads of inspiration here, thanks! It’s particularly interesting since I’m consider both the option of modifying a pre-built template or to go whole hog and build a new design from scratch.

Tabris Chen ' Sep 02 2008

Very nice selection. Im not really a fan of graphic heavy sites, even though I admit they do look amazing. Totally dig the grid design and minimalistic ones

Shirley Sep 02 2008

Great set of websites. Yes, WP does give ultimate flexibility to realize just about any design.

Great list, and an inspiration to do better.

Ingmar Greil Sep 02 2008

Actually, although WP makes it easy to [em]change[/em] a theme, creating one is much harder than it needed to be. I may be spolied, but there is no going back from ExpressionEngine, which makes designing a snap, too.

Great list, and yeah I think this is a great example of how much flexibility WordPress gives you. Really appreciate being included here among so many great and some that are new to me, but look amazing.

Karinne Sep 02 2008

That’s is a great list and most of them are in my delicious links ;) Over at The Web Squeeze ( we use WordPress. A few weeks ago, we’ve finally pulled the cover on V2.0 of the site.

cchana Sep 02 2008

Really nice selection of sites. WordPress is most definitely a good starting point for small scale sites like the ones you featured.

Make Design, Not War Sep 02 2008

Awesome list – some of my favorite WP designs on there – It’s amazing how much the use of WP themes has grown recently, and it makes me really happy as a freelancer that so much attention is going to these more or less free solutions to backend content management systems. Thanks for the collection!

Jacob Gube Sep 02 2008

@Alex: If you’re going to be creating more than one WordPress theme, I would strongly suggest starting from scratch to get a feel for how things work. Alternatively, you can go with one of those “blank templates” like this one that starts you off with the necessary template files and basic styles but everything else is left to you.

@Ingmar Greil: I have no experience with ExpressionEngine, but prior to WordPress – I came from Oscommerce, Moodle, Joomla, Zen Cart, and Drupal; so that’s where my perception of how malleable and easy to work with WordPress – comes from. I’ve yet to try ExpressionEngine but I’ve heard so many positive things about it that I’ll have to try it very soon.

bangbouh Sep 02 2008

Great selection of wordpress themes.Thanks!

junglepepper Sep 02 2008

I’d like to submit to the list. The dude knows his way around WordPress.

design Sep 02 2008

Beautiful and unique designs for WordPress.

Erika Sep 02 2008

Love the list. For some reason, no matter how many round-ups I see, I Love Typography and GoMedia always reign supreme at the top of my list.

Shoot, GoMedia was what inspired me to go into WP! LOL

Henry Jones Sep 02 2008

Great collection Jacob, and I am honored to have two sites listed.

Brandi Sep 02 2008

I always love really good collections like this..thanks for the inspiration!

Ferdz Sep 02 2008

Hi Jacob! This is a really great list. And thank you very much for including mine in it. The others are very familiar to me and in fact are also my inspiration when I designed mine. Many thanks!

Susan Sep 03 2008

An outstanding list of great wordpress themes.

Marco Rosella Sep 03 2008

Rock & rooool! Kthxbye!

Łukasz Adamczak Sep 03 2008

Hello Jacob,
Thanks for including my site in the list! It’s a real treat being featured with all those amazing designers.

And I agree with all the positive opinions about WordPress. It’s my first WP site and it was surprisingly easy to organize and make it work the way I wanted. They’ve done a tremendous work making it very flexible, and with all the community support it’s one of the mose enjoyable platforms to work with.

eylos Sep 03 2008

Super collection. Thanks.

serhat Sep 03 2008

this is a great collection.thanks for showing us…

chris rhee Sep 03 2008

Thanks a lot for including my site in your list. No one else likes me.

intermission* Sep 03 2008

Yep good list. The crazy vector image background is getting old.

Check out our site if you like:

WordPress driven by AJAX … single page sort of linear application approach.

Destro Sep 03 2008

I think one was overlooked.

alectro Sep 04 2008

Hey!, thanks for thinking that is part of this great selection.


Amy Mahon Sep 04 2008

Hey — thanks for the feature! And I thought it was in desperate need of redesign…

Computer Guy Sep 04 2008

these are all amazing. i wonder if they all validate

David Sep 05 2008

Beautiful designs! Here’s a nice one for you, 100% WP (highly modified of course) for a graphic design inspiration gallery. Took roughly two weeks to develop and lots of coffee :)

Check out this theme (It isn’t available for download though)

J Pash Sep 06 2008

What the heck!??! How did #13 get in there? Stick to top 10 lists and you’re more likely to get Dugg and less likely to attract snarky comments from the likes of me :P

Nick | Resource Pile Sep 06 2008

Thanks for featuring my site (, amazing to be held amongst some other wonderful sites!

Michela Sep 09 2008

Hi Jacob,
Thanks for featuring mine (

Cheb 2.0 Sep 10 2008

Thanks for the nod you guys! Great work on Six Revisions.
Cheers, C.

Tom George Sep 10 2008

Love these designs.
My favorites were: Design Reviver and Tony Geer

Added to my wp bookmarks: Sep 10 2008

real nice!!

Kudungga Sep 11 2008

thanks a lot for sharing

Jonathan Sep 12 2008

Cool list. I came across this one the other day. . .

JONxBLAZE Sep 12 2008

Great collection..these are good designs!

Time Tracker Sep 15 2008

Wow! I knew of a few of these, but a number of them are new to me. Thanks for this, I’ll spend a bit more time with some of them later today. I think the overall trend right now is getting away from the web2.0 glossy reflectives, and going back to a ‘grunge’/deconstructed look.

Brandon Cox | eGrace Creative Sep 16 2008

This has to be one of the best and most inspiring lists I’ve seen – makes my mouth water!

Jon McNulty Sep 17 2008

Killer list. I love Matt Mullenwegs work vintage effect! Very cool! Another great design is LightEcho

Tobbi Sep 17 2008

Good collection. thx

Marisa Sep 17 2008

Gorgeous. :D

Ivan @ NavinoT Sep 22 2008

I like Kineda the most … dunno why..

The Floating Frog Sep 27 2008

Sweet collection

Designer Oct 11 2008

i really love to use wordpress

Lawrence Oct 30 2008


Izrada web stranica Oct 31 2008

WP Rockz!

Bainzu Dec 14 2008

Sweet WP work!

hmu111 Dec 17 2008

It’s a Beautiful designs for wordpress theme. All Beautiful theme!!!

Informixx Apr 04 2009

Great list! I admire those people who can make a very impressive design of their WordPress blogs.

daddy design Apr 24 2009

So how do we get our designs in this list ;) wordpress is the bomb!!!

thomos Apr 28 2009

i want to ‘NxE’ like theme, could you please tell me where i found to download, please provide the detail explanation.

thank you.

Lovely designs, surely of great inspiration.

Müzik Jun 06 2009

Thanks! Great selection of wordpress themes.

Chris Aug 20 2009

Hey guys! I just launched my site last night. Its a completely custom theme which I will also release for download once I get all the kinks out of it.

Have a look around, tell me what you think!

Sigit Mahadjatis Aug 27 2009

wuiihhh nice…..wordpress themes.

Very cool list of sites!

dirtydigital Sep 22 2009

very nice list.

I see a couple of ideas I’d like to ‘borrow’ :)

Shahid Saifi Oct 01 2009

Really very nice collection of WordPress themes.

Wow so many great designs! Thanks for sharing.

Kalash Oct 27 2009

23 is nice one! thx!

Strony internetowe Nov 01 2009

Impressive selection. Very inspiring.

Mal Milligan Dec 25 2009

This list is a tad dated but still a classic. The funny thing is that the newer version of some of these sites would make the list all over again as a top 45 WordPress design.

Advenda Dec 27 2009

hope someday my blog will in the list :D keep creative to design your blog

Sergey Alekhin Jan 29 2010

Lovely designs, surely of great inspiration.

Sergey Alekhin Jan 29 2010

Really very nice collection of WordPress themes.

dating forum Feb 07 2010

I love number 20 looks like a sheet of paper on a floor! go carsonified, Im going to print there homepage and set it on my floor!

HANAFI Mar 18 2010

Its cool themes …., how to replace wordpress theme … thank you

George Apr 01 2010

Super thems…i love them :D

Four eyes Apr 09 2010


Dave W Jun 02 2010

These are all very cool. Lots of diversity and creativity using WordPress.

Patrick Jun 25 2010

Wow, what a great collection. I am loving it. Looking forward to hear more like this … Patrick

Patrick Jun 25 2010

Wow, what a fantastic collection. I am loving it. Looking forward to hear more like this … Patrick

borsa Jun 27 2010

Wow, what a fantastic collection thank you post ;)

Yahya Jul 15 2010

They are beautiful and looks really premium and exotic! I hope someday I am able to create one exotic WordPress theme and this list gets me going! Thxs! =D

Ömür Aug 25 2010

Very nice.. Thank you for this :)

Really nice Art design…….

Beton Amprentat Sep 01 2010

I like B-basket and Shot theory theme, but all themes are wonderful. thanks guys ;)

Beton Amprentat Sep 01 2010

Do you know how do i move the sidebar from B-basket from right side to the left side??? I’m new in wordpress :”>

Mark Heinrichs Sep 05 2010

Thank you for the great inspirations. :)

Eduardo Sep 14 2010

Really like the different look about “The Horizontal Way”. also has everyone’s dream blog. To Travel and write at the same time. Nice collection of WordPress references.

Whitewater Oct 11 2010

The themes may be beautiful but they also take attention away from the content. I’m using the Whitehouse theme on my site. It’s a simple theme with nice typography.

How did the author find out the wordpress versions of the sites?

how to download the themes?

Hormigon Impreso Nov 19 2010

I think you must buy the themes, or you can search on google and you may getlucky ;)

Soner Alper Feb 27 2011

Superb Collection thanks :)

nilesh May 12 2011

Excellent websites list created using wordpress. I will love to see more websites on this in next visit.

I always love really good collections like this..thanks for the inspiration!

I wish I had such talent!!!

Billy Aug 29 2011

Great Designs…..

troode Sep 01 2011

Great source.thanks for sharing.

These are quite inspiring designs. The timing is perfect as I’m right in the middle of redesigning my blog. Thanx for the effort!

George Oct 10 2012

Great list. Some beautiful and timeless designs there.

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