Top 5 Excellent E-Commerce Plugins for WordPress

Top 5 Excellent E-Commerce Plugins for WordPress

With the internet being used more and more by your average consumer, you may be wanting to start your own online shop so you can unleash your products to all those potential customers. I’m sure you know that there are countless ways to do just this, but here I’m going to talk specifically about e-commerce plugins for WordPress.

Maybe you’ve heard about the odd plugin that allows you to sell products from your WordPress blog, but you might not know exactly what they are. To help you on your way to selling your products, I’m going to tell you about the five best e-commerce plugins for WordPress.

1. Ecwid


Ecwid is a free plugin for WordPress. It is a full shopping cart/e-commerce system that is extremely easy to install and even easier to maintain. It’s also customizable so you can have it looking however you like. See their showcase gallery that features live sites that use this WordPress plugin.

But as with most things in life, there is a downside. Ecwid uses Ajax for nearly everything, so SEO could be affected and users who don’t have JavaScript enabled can find it impossible to use your site. But don’t let that stop you because this is being worked on and there are already three solutions that you can utilize.

2. eShop


eShop is another full e-commerce system for WordPress. Again, it is free and it is an all-around good e-cart. The admin area of the plugin is extremely simple to use and adding products, reviewing products and checking stats couldn’t be any easier.


The whole system is customizable so you can have it looking awesome. Worm Sign T-Shirts and A La Modern are two e-stores to check out to see how the plugin works in the wild and how it can end up looking with customizations.

The downside to eShop is the payment options. You can only accept either PayPal, Payson or use eShop to take in payments for you. When using eShop as a payment method, you will not be able to print an invoice for the customer as you would be able to with PayPal. I hope that this will be upgraded eventually, and apart from the limited payment options, eShop is a very good cart.

3. WP e-commerce

WP e-commerce

This is another free e-commerce solution for WordPress. WP e-commerce is one of the most used out there in this space, and it has a lot more features than eShop. To say that this is merely a "plugin" in the conventional usage of the term is a disservice to this amazing WordPress-based e-commerce solution. Some very complex and robust sites out there use this plugin. For example, both IconDock and City Surf use this plugin to run their business. IconDock in particular has a very unique drop-and-drag interface for buying products.

With WP e-commerce, you can accept manual payment (checks/money orders), PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout, Google Checkout and Chronopay.

There is also a Gold version of the cart that has many more features and accepts more payment types. And on the site, they have a number of add-ons for the cart such as product sliders and shipping modules.

The only shortcoming with this one is printing invoices. There is no option to customize an invoice, but you can still view the invoice and print it via the web browser.

4. Shopp ($55)


Shopp is an excellent cart plugin for WordPress, but excellence comes with a price. That price starts at $55. For that price, you’re getting a single license for the software, and then you can buy extra plugins such as payment gateways, shipping modules and priority for support. But for any business venture, $55 is a negligible business overhead, especially for something as critical as a system that handles your product purchases.

The plugin is extremely easy to install and use, and it seems a lot cleaner (interface-wise) than the free plugins. The customer support is good and there is quite a bit of documentation, as well as a user forum, on the official site.

The sites that they have featured in their showcase are nice sites (Soigneur and Gourmet Candle Co. are just two of them), and the look of the cart is easily customizable.

There is very little to fault with this one; I personally found nothing during my testing and the only problem I heard of was when another WordPress plugin was conflicting with it.

5. PHPurchase ($49)


PHPurchase is another paid plugin costing $49 for the Standard edition and $99 for the Pro version. Similar to Shopp, it seems to be of better quality than the free versions as well as slightly easier to use.

It has the same features as the previously mentioned plugins, but accepts a few more payment gateways including PayPal Website Payments Standard, PayPal Website Payments Professional, PayPal Express Checkout, eProcessing Network, Chase Paymentech, Quantum Gateway and

The system is highly customizable. WeGraphics and Hydrapak are two examples of how you could get your site looking after customizing it all.

Overall, this is a very good e-commerce solution. As with all systems, you should expect to run into some bugs as you use it, but I personally didn’t find any during my testing.


Picking an e-commerce solution depends on how much money you are wanting to spend (if any), what you need your e-commerce solution to be doing and how much knowledge you have in relation to running, developing, and customizing e-stores.

All of the solutions I’ve mentioned are perfect for small- and medium-sized projects, but are probably not ideal for managing a full-scale, e-commerce website selling thousands of products. For that kind of size, you’re probably better off looking into a custom-built solution or a dedicated e-commerce publishing platform like Magneto, Zen Cart, or Shopify.

But if you already know how to use WordPress, your needs aren’t like, and you want an e-commerce solution that integrates well with your other content management needs — using an e-commerce WordPress plugin is definitely something to strongly consider.

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About the Author

Kyle Prior is a young web developer for specializing in branding and front end design. Visit the website for surprisingly low priced HP ink cartridges. Follow Kyle on Twitter as @kyleprior.

This was published on Sep 10, 2010


Jacob Sep 10 2010

I have used PHPurchase and WP e-commerce in the past and I highly recommend staying well away from them.

PHPurchase wasn’t bad on the whole, but the fact that it only supported US dollars was a pain when you don’t live in the US. And it only supports 2 gateways (and PayPal).

WP e-commerce on the other hand is incredibly buggy and broken. It features in the paid version that it works with DPS out of the box when it doesn’t, and it’s gateway support is abysmal. Caused massive headaches for both the client and the company I work for. Ended up spending a week hacking it so it would work.

The rest look interesting and will definitely be trying them out. But for the time being I’m sticking to Shopify.

Nice article, haven’t seen Ecwid before.
Also there are a couple of options for WP E Commerce so you can get better results for your invoices Visser’s printable invoices there’s also a tutorial on the Get Shopped forum to prettify the packing slip get shopped forum

Daniel Winnard Sep 10 2010

Great article.

Just tried the Gourmet Candles website. Somebody should let them know that it isn’t working. I added a candle to my cart, it took me back to the home page, I then had to go to search the products to find the checkout, clicked checkout and it took me back to the homepage.

I bet they are thinking “How come I never get any online orders”.. simple answer “It doesn’t work”. hahaha

The Freelance Geek Sep 10 2010

I like the look of Shopp. Very useful post thanks.

Michael Sep 10 2010

I like there e-commerce plugin. i try it now.

Barbara Sep 10 2010

I agree with Jacob regard WP E-Commerce. I had to do massive hacking to do the simplest things that any shopping cart should do. Then when they upgraded WP E-Commerce, they totally changed it so that my hacks wouldn’t work. Rather than re-do the hacks, I switched to Checkout by Tribulant Software – which isn’t mentioned here, but should be. Works great with excellent support. And only $49.
As for free plugins – you get what you pay for!

Carrie Sep 10 2010

Thank you soooo much!

Kyle Prior Sep 10 2010

Thanks for the comments, I had read a couple of reviews on WP E-Commerce to try and get a wider view on my own experience since I didn’t use it much at all, but I’m glad that you’re sharing your experiences with it. It may just save someone else the hassle that you guys have been through.

DJaVuPixel Sep 10 2010

WP E-Commerce is a nice plugin but as many comments here point out and I agree it is a bit buggy and you need a lot of hacking.
Nevertheless it is a cheap solution and I created a free theme for it for thoose who are interested –
I think I will give shopp a try :)

David - WD Sep 10 2010

I usually work with Magento, but i think using some of the WordPress plug-ins will be more suitable for smaller on-line shops. IconDock is a great example, very unique. Thanks for posting.

Mark @ Alchemy United Sep 10 2010

Re: “Checkout by Tribulant Software”

Anyone else use this?

ddeja Sep 10 2010

Shopp – nice showcase, starts nicely, going to test, choosing category, adding to the shopping cart and I’m redirected to the homepage. I’m lost.

PHPurchase – great addon, everything is just so clean and obvious.

WP e-commerce – ICON DOCK as a sample well highly modified:) Nice, smooth look. As for other shops from showcase – well, different league. But as for free plugin works just great.

As for eShop and Ecwid – second best after PHPurchased. Easy to use, and work with.

Thanks for those plugins.


limqingru Sep 10 2010

And how can we forget Live Chat plugins… totally essential for any ecommerce site who wants to engage every potential customer.

My personal fav, Zopim Live Chat WP Plugin :)

Josh of Cubicle Ninjas Sep 10 2010

Shopp is horrible. Please stay away from it if at all possible.

The Hydrapak website featured on PHP Purchase’s site was designed by our team and originally used Shopp. But massive errors would occur daily like people not being charged or the system not logging orders. It is filled with an amazing amount of bugs and the forum (which you can only see once you pay) is filled with unresolved complaints of people begging for assistance. The only solution is to use another plugin.

After working with 10+ clients who have tried to use it on their own, all have experienced major errors so we now recommend every other e-commerce option.

used shopp for a while but was getting too expensive, trying out wazala now seems ok so far. Has anyone else tried it?

Scott Webb Sep 10 2010

Couldn’t handle shopp or wp ecommerce.

Waiting for the WooThemes Ecommerce theme coming soon and then setting up a subdomain for a shop/store/marketplace.

Troy Peterson Sep 11 2010

There are some great options…
Does anyone know if any of these plugins support digital downloads?

Eldred Curwen Sep 11 2010

Great Article, it is often difficult to get an honest comparison of different types of ecommerce apps. Keep up the good work…

WP-Ecommerce is pretty robust and has a lot of really nice features.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually work. After wasting three months trying to get it to function as advertised, I finally gave up and switched to FoxyCart.
The Gold version is a handy way to lose some money, as you’re basically just paying them to increase the amount of steam coming from your ears.
Stay away.

Jacob Gube Sep 11 2010

@Troy Peterson: I know for a fact eshopp and WP e-commerce supports digital downloads. I’ll hazard a guess and say PHPurchase does too because WeGraphics provides premium downloads. Not sure about the other two.

Sarah Sep 11 2010

For those of you that are looking for an alternative to eCommerce plugin have a look at some of the eCommerce themes we created:

I think you missed one of the best e-commerce solutions for WordPress for selling digital products, it is a bundle with a membership module as well as affiliate:
(WordPress eStore Plugin)

Seth Shoultes Sep 11 2010

Anyone looking for a great way to integrate Ejunkie into WordPress should check out the WP Ejunkie plugin.

Used both WP -eCommerce and Shopp. Wouldn’t rush to use either, or WordPress as an ecommerce platform at all, again.

WP-eCommerce has an awful reputation and I found it very weird to use, even on a single product site. Would have no faith in it for a large store.

Shopp seems marginally better but as has been mentioned even forum access, let alone any actual support, needs to be paid for.

So yourself a favour and just avoid WordPress if ecommerce is anything more than a tiny element of your site. Use something that was built for purpose instead eg Shopify. You’ll be happier for it.

Edwin Sandoval Sep 11 2010

Well post, but I think that is better to begin your online business with a more robust platform like Magento, I think that is better to work with a well probe open source standard solution.

Richard Feraro Sep 12 2010

For those who uses Magento for quite some time, you might wanna check Mage Enabler found in the WordPress official plugin repo. It’s a very recent plugin and much more inclined to coders since it allows the Mage object to run within WordPress.

i will try all of this..thanks guys

I’ve found eShop to be a pretty good plug-in

I’ll second (or third) that WP-eCommerce isn’t ready for prime time (and it very likely never will be). I spent several weeks hacking it to get it to do even some of the most basic things and had the chance to get quite familiar with its code. My recommendation is to stay very far away from this plugin if you’re serious about your e-commerce site. Don’t be fooled by the nice-looking showcase sites. The code is hacked together and full of hideous bugs, and the developers aren’t very well organized, nor do they seem to be able to throughly test changes to their code. I actually had to copy together some code from two separate diffs because nobody could be bothered to provide it as a consolidated fix. If you want to get a glimpse of the kind of problems you’ll run into with this plugin, simply browse the support forums.

My advice is to get a professionally hosted shopping cart from people who know what they’re doing. I switched to Shopify from WP-eCommerce literally on the day I launched my store. I was having major headaches with live testing of WP-eCommerce’s Paypal support and lost what was left of my confidence. Setting up the shop with Shopify was a matter of a day and the system is very robust yet highly customizable. There are tons of hosted shopping cart solutions out there and many of them are very robust and affordable. Remind yourself that your job isn’t to manage your shop software but to sell whatever it is you’re selling. The last thing you want is the software to get in your way just because you wanted to save a couple of bucks. And be sure to check that whatever solution you decide to give a try has a solid reputation.

Roberta Clark Sep 12 2010

This is now the third time I’ve heard Shopp referred to as a good WordPress plugin. It’s on my list of things to checkout and give a try. Thanks for the breakdown.

dukapress is good

Thanks for sharing the five useful ecommerce plugins with us. I find it really useful.

Andre Sep 13 2010

Kyle, thank you for the mention of PHPurchase!

@Jacob PHPurchase actually supports 4 gateways (eProcessing Network, Chase Paymentech, Quantum Gateway, and PayPal Standard, Express, and Payments Pro. You can also change the currency setting to GBP (or any of the PayPal supported currencies) and all the pricing information functions correctly.

Feel free to come by the site and ask us any questions you may have about PHPurchase.

Mat Rosa Sep 13 2010

We tried WP e-Commerce but once you’ve reached a certain point, it won’t be sufficient to cover a wide product range (the pagination of products on the back-end is difficult to manage). Both PHPurchase and Shopp sound pretty good and I’ll have to give them a try. Outside of WP, we also worked with PrestaShop which I love but at the time, there was no direct support for guest checkouts, streamlined one-click checkout, or Paypal Pro integration.

In the end, we ( wrote our own complete system – probably spent less time in dev than trying to muck through a package and conform it to our needs, but if you’re just starting out, WP plugins are a great option.

Martin Lucas Sep 14 2010

Hi, thank you so much for including my Worm Sign T-Shirts store within the eShop examples. It’s a great plugin that I’ve used on a few websites now and for it’s customisation and simplicity I can’t fault it, plus it’s always being updated so new features are always being added.

Greate Article!!! What about ShopperPress. Is there anybody knows it?

Very informative article and comments. I just found DukaPress, does anybody knows it ?

Dan Socie Sep 15 2010

Thanks for highlighting my site.

I really wanted something simple since I have 3 products to start. I tried wp-ecommerce and I struggled out of the gate. I bought Shopp and it just worked. It’s been running issue free and i’ve taking orders since January. Maybe if I had more products I’d see problems but just don’t see it. Totally worth the $55.

Philip Downer Sep 15 2010

@Troy Peterson – Shopp plugin supports digital downloads, non-shipped products and other virtual items very well.

I agree with all previous commentors that WP-Ecommerce isn’t worth messing with. Just too buggy. Haven’t tried PHPurchase, but a while back several of the “testimonials” were fake from the developers own sites. Hopefully it’s matured.

I purchased a single-site license for Shopp and have liked it enough that I will likely purchase their developer’s license and continue to develop around that platform.

My only gripe with Shopp has been their system of choosing product attributes is needlessly complicated. Some have suggested that this will be changed in future versions (currently in beta) but will have to wait and see.

Documentation of the plugin is mostly good (much better than competitors) but still has a few holes. Good news is that it takes a Wiki approach allowing anyone to add their own resources or methodology. Their documentation is particularly good on the template tags and functions. The functionality and templating is very similar to WordPress’ core, so if you’re comfortable changing things up there, you’ll have no problem. Basically requires an intermediate level of skill.

I wouldn’t recommend using WordPress (with any plugin) as a robust e-commerce solution – there are simply many stronger offerings elsewhere. However, if you simply want to sell a handful of products, Shopp has been great! If you have other questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter:

tlyden Sep 15 2010

I loved setting up a shop with ecwid, outside wordpress- it was ready for stand alone, embedding and for facebook!
intuitive and FREE

Paul N Sep 18 2010

I tried the wp e-commerce plugin (spent circa $100) and found it very buggy. Abandoned it in the end. Not one I’d recommend at all.

DJaVuPixel Sep 19 2010

Why is still the wp e-commerce so popular if no one seems to like it?

Shannon Sep 20 2010

Has anyone tried the Market e-commerce theme for WordPress and if so, can you comment on how it compares to the five products listed in the article?

Superior Internet Sep 20 2010

I have used Phpurchase, shopp and wp-commerce. Phpurchase is good for only systems that do not ship or sell internationally. wp-commerce…… just stay away. Shopp is probably the best all around system to use from usability stand point on user and developer side.

Craig Pennings Sep 24 2010

Thanks for sharing your resources, I will definitely keep this article in mind when setting up eCommerce on my next wordpress site!

Thanks for the article.

One other that may be worth a look it YAK for WordPress (

I am in the process of building a site with YAK and it seems to work better for me than the other free E-cart plugins I’ve tried.

Jules Oct 04 2010

I spent the $55 on Shopp and I’m stuck with it. Changing something simple as an image size is a pain in the butt if you don’t know too much about codes and where to find them.

Support is 2 to 4 days in answering and the answer returned; well I couldn’t understand them; I’m not a programmer.

If you’re happy with the way it looks out of the box, you’ll be fine.

Played with Ecwid for a day or two, not bad, but I need the SSEO.

I’m a one person do it all, don’t have the time to fart around with finding codes, waiting 2 to 4 days for answers I can’t understand; I need something easy to use and understand, takes PayPal, and allows for more than one product image. And don’t have the funds, that’s why I’m using WordPress.

Any suggestions out there?

Katie Oct 13 2010

I am confused over which plugin to choose. Lots of people are recommending eShop. Is it worth giving a try?

timlakes Oct 31 2010

@Philip Downer PHpoet the developer has realised this and has removed the testimonial and they added a client testimonial area to their site.

wpStoreCart Nov 04 2010

Another high end, open source WordPress e-commerce plugin is wpStoreCart:

Seth Phillips Nov 22 2010

where are all the good plugins????

Susan Dec 10 2010

A GREAT list of some of the top ecommerce plugins out there! Bookmarked!

C. King Dec 11 2010

About PHPurchase. I bought it about the time of this review when it was getting good hype and multiple good reviews. I like it, but it is an incomplete and limited product. Since the release of 2.0, which offered only very spotty improvements (more like a Beta), communication and support has been almost nonexistent (silent blog and noisy forum). I’ve had an unresolved problem for three months. Wait for version 3.0, allegedly due out near first of the new year, to see if they get better. It has promise, but it has not delivered on the promise yet. Waiting.

TaosJohn Dec 13 2010

The comments about WP e-commerce plugin are FAR too mild. This thing is the spawn of Satan. I’m $2K into a project for a client and IT JUST DOESN’T WORK. Listing it in this post is the height of irresponsibility and depth of ignorance. Stay away! Don’t use! Run like hell!

Shawn Boyle Dec 15 2010

I am using eshop on a site. Maybe there was an update to the software since it was reviewed here as eshop will now use and eProcessing network.

VEry easy to tie into a blog

Hey you WordPress Ecom wizards out there:

Which WordPress ecommerce plugin can handle BOTH single product purchases (one time buys with no repeated credit card access) AND AT SAME TIME handle the buying of monthly subscription purchases (ongoing monthly purchases with repeated credit card access) …

Any suggestions?

[email removed for privacy]

Kelvin Dec 23 2010

Hi, I’m part of the team that created Dukapress – – some of the people who use it talk well of it, perhaps some of you guys should try it and see :). We think it may be the simplest to use yet powerful WordPress e-commerce tool.

Here are a few testimonials from people who use DukaPress:


chris Dec 30 2010

I’ve been using WP e-Commerce since April… absolutely HORRIBLE experience. I even paid for every “premium” upgrade available… including the “premium” support, which does not exist. The plugin and the company are a joke. Finally quit trying to get support… now going after $ from Instinct instead.
@TaosJohn.. agree completely… spawn of Satan.
I have ~250 products, nearly all with variations of some sort. Want to stay with something inside WP if possible.
Any suggestions from those with large inventory to manage?


Claude Needham Jan 04 2011

Would be most excellent to find a compare table for these cart plugins. Quite a challenge deciding which one to go with.

Christina Jan 04 2011

I can vouch for Sarah’s themes ( I have used two of her themes on different sites, and they’re great. And support is great. I am using one of Sarah’s themes on a site that has over 2,400 products.

Personally the e-commerce solution needs to meet the client’s need, and it very well be a non-WordPress solution.

david Jan 08 2011

I find it hard to impleme nt the payment options for any of them. Ar ethere any payment friendly options out there ?

Ash Blue Jan 14 2011

We used Shopp about 8 months ago and it really seemed to lack options for items. Tried to add custom programming to it after reading their documentation and it wasn’t easy. Kept crashing and a variety of other problems.

Carrington Jan 16 2011

WP e-Commerce is horrible – buggy and if you’re not a programming whiz, completely worthless. Their support is awful – forum posts get bumped by dozens of other users – never an administrator to be found.

I’ve used Shopp before – it’s okay but again, support isn’t great and customization is a pain. I’m going to try PHPurchased right now – I like the look and how it integrates with Gravity forms (amazing plugin by the way).

Emile Jan 19 2011

Have worked with e-commerce. Horrible to work with and did not work to get proper result.
Shopp works just fine: we were looking for a good working & proper working solution for a smalle, starting shop. Very happy with free support. Had a few install-issues, turned out to be caused by me :-) I may cost some time to know where to adjust (css or php) but works fine now.


Sharon Jan 26 2011

Whoever comes up with an ecommerce plugin that isn’t buggy, has SUPER support is going to be rich, and it will deserved. None of the above are good, and you say anything anywhere against them, they troll sites and start flaming anyone who states an honest review or opinion.

Jayon Feb 03 2011

Thanks for these reviews! Extremely helpful. I’m wondering if there are any WP ecommerce plug-ins that can do “wish lists” that would be very easy for website visitors to create wish lists and for other website visitors to find those wish lists and make purchases from them?

Stone Feb 03 2011

I am the sr. Developer in a small php/.net shop. Last year we dropped our custom .net web app to go go with an open source community supported solution in order to allow us to focus on internal tools and we chose word press and wp-e-commerce. I could go on about how poorly wp-e-commerce is written but I’ll save my breathe. In short our websales dropped from ~$220k a month to a ~$100k. We had so many phantom issues cropping up we were working around the clock rewriting plugins, pouring over logs etc etc. In the end we rolled back to .net while we rewrote from scratch using cakephp. Do not use wordpress for anything outside of blogging software and possibly a cms and for the love of god don’t use wp-e-commerce. If you’re considering it take the plugin to a developer that has been around a year or two and have them scope it out. If they don’t throw up, fire them.

susan Feb 14 2011

Hi Kyle,
Thank you for your research and to everyone else’s comments. I’m a bit nervous in moving our site from html to wp simply because in talking with a paypal service person he told me of a horror story that occurred with a wp ecomm site when it was hacked into.
Have you heard of anything like this?
We have about 400 items, nothing like Amazon, but we continue to grow.
BTW, I haven’t read everyone’s comments but if someone pointed this out already, pardon me. If a newer person than myself is here they probably ought to know it’s Magento vs. Magneto. I am looking at that option as well.

I’m with Carrington, WP-commerce is a real disaster!
Is there a shop that can do multilanguage?

Dermot Feb 25 2011

I’m looking for a solution to sell services online – I’m thinking PHP Purchase. Just wondering does anyone know if it does triggered e-mail?

Christina Mar 07 2011

Someone recommended wpStoreCart. Stay away. The coupons do not work, it forces you to register before you buy even though you are using paypal, it has a default of 10 items per category, that cannot be changed (had to hack that), and only one option for payment. Support is very slow too. Might be okay for 1 – 10 items. My client has about 100. We are looking for alternatives.

lyndsay Mar 09 2011

Thanks for this article, it’s been really helpful as I am just about to do my first e-commerce site on wordpress. :-)

Anthony Mar 09 2011

Have to agree with everyone else about WP-eCommerce, it is full of bugs and support is non-existent. I been using eShop, which is good, but not ideal if you have a lot of products. In addition, you cannot use Google Checkout with eShop, which is a shame.

][ce][-][awk Mar 16 2011

I am looking for a “free” ecommerce/cart plugin that can handle visa/MC and paypal for the checkout to be run under WP 3.1 or Joomla 1.6. Is this even an option in reality or should I just give up now? I only want to have under 100 products with digital downloads (maybe). I have installed DukaPress on WP 3.1 and I really like it thus far but I wish it had a credit card option for payment. Any insight on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

It’s useful and good one.Thanks lot

Troy Halliday Mar 17 2011

OK so the long and the short of it is ………… don’t use a Woordpress plugin. I have built shops using Opencart which is a free shopping cart and some of it’s spin offs(ended up returning to Opencart as development halted on the other carts). I was going to build my shop on one of the many plugins but so far I am not hearing anything that sounds good. As my site will have a complete template overhaul I am not sure I want to invest the time in designing and hacking my way through the code just for it to end up a waste of time.

Seems like the moral is if you want a shop use a proprietary shopping cart software. One that has been around for a while with a good support network/forum.

But thanks for the article and the comments you have probably just saved me days of work.

Taurus Mar 22 2011

I see everyone has their view point on the plugins weather free or purchased can we all agree on one that actually gets the job done I’m interested in wp and e-commerce I’m learning it through so help me decide before. I head down a dead end road

kumar Apr 04 2011

i used e-commerce its not workable always facing problem in cart shipment

anyone tried

seems fully e-commerce theme in just $79/
pls comment

Julie Apr 08 2011

Do any of the free ones allow for discount codes? I have eShop plugin and I am not seeing where customers can put in discount codes.

Justin Sainton Apr 09 2011

@Julie – WP-E-Commerce allows you to create coupon codes.

Rick Noel Apr 11 2011

Great post with huge value in the comments. Thanks for sharing. Probably saved my business weeks of effort going down a free “sink hole.”

Does anyone have a preference of the two paid options reviewed – PHPurchase (now Cart66) versus Shopp? We are shopping for a WP ecommerce pluggin to add ecommerce to a website for a local floral business based in the US, so shipping is not relevant and purchases are single currency (USD)?

Andy Donovan Apr 12 2011

Check out it’s going to be good, free version coming ion a few weeks.

pamela Apr 29 2011

Just wanted to thank everyone who has commented. My shop runs on WP and WP-E Commerce currently but NOT FOR LONG! Please heed all our warnings that this pluggin is FATAL! I have been working with it for 9 months and it has major bugs and torturous limitations unless you want to rewrite the code. Their code is such a mess and hard to find what you need to fix it but even when you hack it to make it better, once the upgrade comes it BREAKS EVERYTHING! I am struggling to get the simplest answer from them now about how to make my product pages show multiple images. It worked before the upgrade but now even they are at a loss….and it took AGES for me to get someone to talk to me.

Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY from WP-E Commerce and Gold Cart.

What a great article. Good to hear everyone’s experience. Again, sadly I have to advise, steer clear of wp-ecommerce!! After paying for gold cart and premium support, I have yet to get a response after waiting over a month. Multiple problems – issues with every upgrade release. I repeat – Do not touch it with a barge pole! Plenty of others out there seemingly more reliable.

Keith May 13 2011

The article caught my attention and the comments here are great. I’ve tried ecwid for a site and it seems ok, but not great. Based on comments here I’m going to look into a couple of the other suggestions like Shopp and Shopify.

Agree with other comments that it would be nice to find a consensus on a couple of good options. I guess there are too many products out there trying to serve too many needs. I also agree that an article that does a chart comparison would be a great resource.

Thanks for the article and hosting the comments.

Linda May 15 2011

I’ve spent ages reading all the comments and have found them all very useful. My wordpress site is now useless after an e-commerce upgrade and not being very techie wasn’t sure if it was the theme which never did what I wanted it to do, or the shopping cart. Surprise surprise I’m using WPecommerce (post Instinct)
Think I will invest in ‘Digging into WordPress’ with Chris Coyier, and get to know WP 2010 inside out.
Then decide on ecwid, or shopify.
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post their experiences, they have probably saved me weeks of frustation.

Shahar May 16 2011

Re: “Checkout by Tribulant Software”

I have used it and found:

1) It has some really difficult to fix bugs that cause things like double orders, order hijacking (completed order is assigned to a different user).
2) The support is terrible
3) Upgrading is useless once you’ve had to re-write large sections of the plugin.

Please check into it very carefully before you use it, it caused me lots of problems.

Shopp should be on the worst list in my opinion. You can read more here if you like. Just my 2 cents.

Nigel Robert Minchin May 20 2011

I have to add to the long list of wp-ecommerce plugin nightmare stories. I got my php expert to rewrite the Sagepay module as it appeared to only be part written, so the handshaking was not implemented. Lots of other issues. A true nightmare. My client’s site cannot be upgraded as it’s highly modified (to actually work!) and not compatible with wp3.

Try Prestashop and use WordPress for the blog…..

Brett May 25 2011

I personally like the Shopp eCommerce solution becuase it has a lot of great features plus you may add-on a lot of other choices. I haven’t tried the other ones but I am perfectly happy with Shopp.

Great Article,


Andy Donovan May 28 2011

We also had a nightmare using the Shopp plug-in for a few of our customers but the last straw came when helped them out fixing their Sagepay payment module and they still wanted to charge us for additional support. Eventually we thought the only way we could offer our customers a reliable stable solution is if we built one ourselves.

Well I can now announce that after months of development and many late nights we are launching Jigoshop. The feature packed free version will be on on Tuesday 31st May the Premium version should follow over the next few weeks.

It would be great if you’d give it a try and let us know how you get on. It may finally be an eCommerce solution that actually works.

Sandy May 29 2011

I hope that no one laughs at my question but can Magento be used with a WordPress site? I recently began using Cart66 and I’m beginning to think that my store is going to be much bigger than it can handle. All of the manual tasks that have to be done with Cart66 (i.e. manually sending emails with order status, copying and pasting packing slip info, copying and pasting addresses onto shipping labels) is becoming way too much for me.

However, the rest of my website is WordPress so I will have to use a WordPress plugin for my shopping cart. Is that correct? Yes, my tech IQ is pretty low :-(

Kerwin Jun 01 2011

Came up here because of the wp-eommerce nightmare, guess im not the only one having this.

Decided it would be better if I start from scratch n willing to go for a paid solution or go for a full ecommerce site but my client is only selling a single product with differnt categories so nothing too much but then again wordpress’ ecommerce plugins are still immature.

Looking at ecwid right now.

Richard Jun 01 2011

Have you looked at the integration of other dedicated software to get what you need? Cart66 is primarily the cart, and MailChimp/others do what they do best. No one plugin should try and do it all.

Elizabeth Jun 05 2011

Magento does not integrate with WordPress and unless you’re a very savvy tech person with nothing else to do, I’d suggest you stay away from Magento. I spent 18 months trying to set up shop with Magento and had some success but ultimately failed. Magenta has some serious security holes and my account was hacked twice. Upgrading is very difficult especially if you’ve done any customization work, even if done properly in separate folders, etc. Mine was a one-woman shop — I did the installation and maintenance, the theme customization, plus all of the store work — photos, descriptions, inventory plus customer service, order fulfillment, etc. It was impossible to do it all. I’m back in the market for an easier, more manageable solution.

Before moving to Magento I gave WP e-Commerce a good try but had to abandon it due to bugs and lack of support. I thought maybe after 2 years I’d they them again. As others have said, though, just stay away.

Shopify looks appealing as do other per-month dedicated ecommerce solutions but at this point I simply can’t afford $25 a month; besides that only gets me the base level of Shopify (and competitors) and doesn’t give me all the functionality I need.

I hope others keep sharing their real-life experiences (in addition to the spammers). I’m going to try some of the other plugins mentioned in the original article and will report back.

shane Jun 19 2011

Hi, the main impressions I’m getting from these very informative but equally disparaging posts is:
stay away from Wp e-commerce;
most Wp plugins have their own set of problems to be overcome;
there are new e-com plugins coming out on the market so there may be hope!

I’ve developed one website using the free WP Simple Paypal Shopping Cart plugin and it was mostly issue-free. You basically add a little shortcode to each of your product pages/posts which adds the Add to cart/Buy button and that’s mostly it.

You can have the Checkout as a stand-alone page or a widget in the sidebar. Once you checkout, you’re taken directly to Paypal’s website so you don’t have to worry about security.

On Paypal’s site, you can use your PayPal account to pay if you have one, or use your credit card details and pay as a guest (so you don’t need a PayPal account).

As long as your needs are relatively straightforward, it’s a good option. Good for small businesses with limited product options. You can view the plugin here and see an example of it working here

Linda Jun 19 2011

Message for Kerwin

Hi, just wondered how you got on with ecwid?
Any feedback would be good.

Jacob, why would I even look at Shopify when the cheapest package is $29/month (compared to $0/month for WP e-commerce).
And that Shopify package limits you to 100 products as well! Hardly a competitor to WordPress.

for Julie, dont u see there is eshop discount coupn customization setting panel on ur wp-dashbd? yes, there are.

Garfield Griffiths Jul 07 2011

I hate to jump in on this WP ecommerce thread this late..but no one mentioned osCommerce here (Magentos big brother)

So i will throw our new plugin into the ring.

We hope to fix the ‘not a good enough eCommerce” plug in issue within 2 weeks. We have created and are in final beta testing of a fully featured WP ecommecre plugin that integrates the (we think) legendary osCommerce shopping cart seamlessly into almost any WP theme.

Would love to get the groups feedback when we release. (Beta copies are still available, PM me)

Garfield WP Online Store

Jean-Yves Jul 13 2011

My humble suggestion, if you are going to be serious about e-commerce, then get a full scale shopping cart, either SAAS or hosted yourself, but stay away from plug-ins. Most cart now, like corecommerce, 3dcart, ultracart to name a few can be used with html link or be installed in a sub-directory (pinnacle cart). In a sort of about way, it’s kind of unfair to present ECWID, and not all the other shopping cart that can bring a solution.

Thank you so much! very helpful guide when I am shopping for a nice plugin for wp.

Aengus Aug 01 2011

Perfect timing, just when i looking to purchase a plugin. I will pick one of these badboys. Cheers.

Kathy Long Aug 02 2011

I tried Shopp. It’s a great product, but the customer service is dismal or non-existent unless you pay an extra premium fee for it. If you think you might need help, you might want to try one with better customer service like Cart66 (aka PhPurchase), another great plugin some say is even better than Shopp.

I unfortunately have to jump on the WP eCommerce sucks bandwagon, nothing but disappointment with the plugin.. bought the Gold and what a waste of money, I should have taken my girlfriend to dinner instead.

What’s most depressing about this thread is no consensus about anything being a decent solution on WP for small stores. Really, no one has found anything that most of us could live with for small shops? What about WP eStore ( — anyone used that? I saw a site using it that I liked the look of, but no idea about the backend functionality aspects.

Mickael Surtour Aug 07 2011

Thank you for this very informative article. Most of the time people comments to ask question but rarely take the time to just say thanks.
Since it really helped me: THANKS ^^

take care.

I just setup shop, support said Bluehost with ssl was fully compatible with shop so I paid for a year’s hosting $250 and got the plugin $50.
I had a problem and time was slipping away so I purchased a support ticket $40 or $45 something like that.
The reply for my paid for support ticket was
“I’ve confirmed that this is a known bug. Unfortunately, there is no patch for it currently.” Ect ect
It won’t work as described in wordpress 3.2x It does work just not very well
I did test the demo shop before buying and it looked good but it has issues with wp 3.2.

Maybe a wordpress plugin is not the way to go

It’s great make live easier.

SHOPP – Great plugin, awful support, truly awful…..

Nice article BTW and thanks for posting the Ecom stuff….

pelicanpaul Aug 24 2011

Interesting to see this article. Here we are in 2011 and the great e-commerce is full of these buggy plugins and weak solutions. Was hoping for better as I am researching the state of things. I built large complicated e-commerce sites with inventory integration and all this crazy configuration stuff for 10 years. I would say to anyone that at this point… there are no cheap solutions to real e-commerce. Most of these plugins just integrate with paypal. You do not need a feakin plugin the integrate with pay pal! Just show the product and send them to pay pal with a link!!!!

Kathy Long Aug 24 2011

I’m back after some testing. I tried Cart66 and didn’t feel it was suited for stores with many products as it does not have dynamically generated category pages. It would be a nightmare to maintain those manually on large sites. So I went back to Shopp. Turns out there was a bug in their request support form which kept me from asking for support. I reported the problem. They called me and helped me through my issue. Now I have Shopp up and running and am loving it. I’m sticking with it this time.

George Ortiz Aug 27 2011 offers awesome themes for the WP eCommerce plugin. WP eCommerce used not use custom post types until about 6 months ago when they switched over in their latest release. I think this smooths the integration and definitely puts WP eCommerce back up there at the top for WordPress eCommerce plugins.

I have been struggling with WP e-Commerce plugin for a couple weeks and it SUCKS. Their forums are filled with strife and they are missing really obvious functionality (like, you can’t put small to xlarge in the right order, it is ABC order unless you mess with the php) .I am going to try Ecwid or this JigoShop this guy keeps plugging. If I wanted to invest $ I would probably try Cart66 (PHPurchase) or Shopp.

kevin Sep 14 2011

I like the eshop it’s the best free plug in, i previously used e-commerce but I have to perform a lot of hacks. thanks for the list

James Sep 19 2011

SoftPay Solutions has a secure plug-in that is hosted on PCI compliant servers. It takes 3 lines of code to embed the plug-in to a web page. You can accept payments on your website using an Authorize.Net gateway account and you don’t need to worry about PCI compliance because they host the plug-in for you. The software is an invoicing system that supports recurring billing and even has a simple shopping cart.

Demo the plug-in at:

Michelle Sep 24 2011

Wow! Thanks so much for this article and all of the comments. My head is spinning, but I have taken notes and will try to figure this out. I really appreciate everyone taking the time add their reviews.

Benjamin Sep 24 2011

MarketPress is pretty solid.

I’m with everyone else please, DO NOT USE!!! WP eCommerce! It will have you pulling your hair out, so if you like your hair please stay away!

Carlos Sep 28 2011

While I loved the wp e-commerce because of its functionality, unless you are a PHP guru, be warned. Their support sucks big time. I bought the Gold cart and needed support and am still waiting after almost a week. The program has a ton of bugs that if you are good with PHP you can fix. Don’t expect them to do it! I read somewhere getshopped or getfucked. In one of the 3 sites I built, it went really smoothly, the second one as I said, still waiting for support and the 3rd… well being re-invented on another e-commerce solution.

Dennis Sep 28 2011

I have to agree with the first guy Jacob. WP-Ecommerce is kinda buggy.. I put one shortcode and it caused a 500 error..

got it working so far.. Wish me luck

Please don’t forget the fabulous Zingiri Web Shop…

pelicanpaul Oct 07 2011

I have been researching this Word Press ecommerce and helping someone with the terrrrrible WP_Ecommerce plug-in. The best one is MarketPress. Very solid and the right features for small-time stuff. $39 you cannot beat it. Also has a way to convert from WP_Ecommerce.

Mehdi Oct 16 2011

Thank you for this very informative article. Most of the time people comments to ask question but rarely take the time to just say thanks.

Carrie Oct 18 2011

Thank you very much for this information! It helps to narrow down which plug in will be optimal for my wordpress site. Again, thank you!

Hmm, Cart66, while good, is still continuing their development phase, which is frustrating for people like us with up and running carts. Up to today, we’re asked to submit ideas, and then vote for them. Why can’t they get a complete product out in the market before selling it?


The amount of comments is so helpful, thanks to all. I have been developing sites with WP for small businesses for a while, and starting a new project requiring a shop. From everything I read, wp ecommerce is off my list. I want to stay with the WP platform, 1 – because I love it, and 2 – because I know it.

The further down the list of comments I get, the more I am thinking oh dear, there is no reliable, workable option for e-commerce with wordpress.

I am used to working with themes i buy from Themeforest, so I am going to try one of the new kids on the block and buy a theme with Jigoshop plug-in and hope that someone has finally come up with the solution everybody is waiting for.

Will report back.

ECWID Dude Oct 20 2011

I use ECWID exclusively these days on WordPress/E-commerce requirements. Can’t speak highly enough of it.

There are some features it lacks, but that is only due to how young this platform is. They send out platform updates frequently and have an EXCELLENT support community.

To me, having adequate support is the single most important factor for any platform.

Helen Oct 26 2011

I also use Ecwid and find it absolutely great for wordpress although I don’t think I am using the right theme which is how I found your site.

Leslie Nicole Nov 03 2011

So glad I read the comments here! I’m currently using E-junkie. It works fine if you only have a few products, but I’m looking for something more sophisticated.

Right now I’m considering either Shopify or WooCommerce.

To the person that said “Why would I bother with Shopify when WP is Free” – oh my, let me tell you time is money! customer support and frustrated customers is time and money and lost revenue. Also, there are hidden costs in WP to think of like where are you going to host your digital files? That will cost money if you sell digital downloads. You still have Web hosting to pay for even if it isn’t much. AND what about when your site gets hacked because WP is so vulnerable? Throw in a few hundred to get your site cleaned and watched – plus the loss of confidence / loss of sales / Google slaps while you get back up. It may seem triival, but when you are trying to run a business, the time to keep your theme upgraded, plug-ins updated, Wp updated and watch for security threats take ttime!

I I love my WP theme, but I’m thinking of keeping it for the blog and going with Shopify.

Tasia Rose Nov 17 2011

Has anyone looked into FoxyPress?

FoxyPress is a free plugin for WordPress that allows quick and easy integration to your FoxyCart account. FoxyPress is built with YOU in mind, and majority of the features are based off of forum and project requests.

Whether you are managing your orders or selling subscriptions to physical or digital content, FoxyPress has it covered.

To see FoxyPress in action check out the demo:

Questions? Comments? Check out the forum:

Can any of these support a foundation for a multi seller ecommerce site? It’s for a start up and eventually I would move to a custom cms but to begin and get it going I wanted to use WP..

Profesor Yeow Mar 04 2013

I recommend Cart66 Plugin, very flexible and free.

sheshnath May 31 2013

Good collection of plugins and all are amazing I am going to use WP-ECommerce plugin for designing site for my one of client.

bantenia Jun 02 2013

how about woocommerce?

Pranjal Jun 22 2013

Exactly! this article can be updated with WooCommerce in the list!

There’s a simple reason for that. Ready?
Woocommerce… SUCKS!

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